Mindful Thoughts 'A Widow's Song'

A Widow's Song'...more

10 Secrets You Don't Know About Peter Pan

This Thursday, December 4, NBC will attempt to duplicate the success of their 2013, live Sound of Music broadcast by airing a 21st Century version of a 20th century classic.  The live telecast of Peter Pan stars Allison Williams (Girls) and Christian Borle (Smash), with voice-over by Minnie Driver (About a Boy), and something we all need more of in our lives, a singing, dancing Christopher Walken. ...more
Very interesting! And I'm apprehensively looking forward to tonight.more

NaBloPoMo December: Day 1 (Call Me Al!)

http://authormcaldwell.wordpress.com/Great way to kick-off this month's #joy theme. This song always reminds me of my best friend K and I dancing around the local supermarket of our college town. Whenever I hear it, I just have to start moving and smiling.Do you have a song that does that for you?   ...more

Blog Roundup - November 2014

Here's what happened at The Cocoknot Theori last month.http://bit.ly/thecktblogroundupnov2014...more

A Thanksgiving Moment

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and we’re really thankful for some of the opportunities we received this year. Here are some of the moments we are thankful for:...more

Review: Wolf in the White Van by John Darnielle

I count John Darnielle among my go-to muses; a prophet of dread who delivers lines like, “I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow, I hope it bleeds all day long” with enough sincerity to make you feel the slippery trickle of blood down your own cheek. He’s the front-man for the prolific indie-folk band, The Mountain Goats. When the release date was announced for his first novel I itched for its arrival like Darnielle craves Lovecraftian doomsdays in his songs....more

"Crazy" Women

I was watching the AMA awards a few nights ago, and admired how Taylor Swift makes  ...more


From my blog, Take It Easy published 24 November 2014...more

Rising Hip Hop Talent Terrance Hunt Has New Music Video That Schoolboy Q Fans Will Dig

Rising Hip Hop talent Terrance Hunt’s has a new music video for his single “Mary J” that Schoolboy Q fans will dig. Hunt experienced a traumatic event in the form of a car accident at the age of 11 that led him to create poetry whose verses were then dropped to beats. For this reason, Hunt’s ability to express pain, love, and everyday life in his lyrics, not only comes naturally but powerfully. Because of this, “Mary J” has an infectious flow and witty lines....more