The 'Fake Nerd Girl Concept': Just Stop Already

I understand that there are certain times when it is best to just ignore jerks with asinine arguments. I know it is best to just stop drawing attention to them, and to just let it go. However, such accusations have a strong impact on me, and other female nerds in the fandom community. I have been called some pretty awful things in the past, but the terms associated with “Fake Nerd Girl” just really make me ache to my very core....more

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Fandom

Being the child of two nerds gave me a major advantage in life, as I have learned and experienced things others did not get to. I have been attending cons since I was about five years old, which meant “summer vacation” was synonymous with “San Diego Comic-Con.” I received my first computer (built by my father) when I was one. The first game I ever played was “The Bear Game,”which was number 1 on my old DOS. I still remember that gray-on-black text with fond memories. My life lessons started there, and only increased as I got older. ...more
natalied6579 Hahaha! You most certainly are not.more

Capricorn Moon – Wild Ambition!

Perhaps not "wild" - but it could be really intense. The Capricorn Moon this weekend, March 14 and 15, 2015 can mean it’s time to be in charge, time to get things accomplished, time to work hard – all with the deliberate and dutiful movement of this Earth sign. Its serious, focused energy pushes us to step to the front, assign tasks, give directions, be The BOSS!...more

10 Best Feminist Moments on ‘Parks and Recreation’

My favorite show Parks and Recreation has come to a close. As I bawled throughout the entire hour-long series finale, I was reminded that one of the main reasons why I loved the show was because its main character, Leslie Knope, was a loud and proud feminist. I can’t think of another show on television that celebrates girl power and female friendships as well as Parks and Rec. Here’s my ranking of the show’s 10 best feminist moments, in chronological order....more

Relating to the Dual Identities, Emotions and Hidden Strengths of Spock

Thinking about Leonard Nimoy's death, I realize that his best-known character, Spock, had a great impact on my life. Star Trek was on every day after school, and my parents would let us (three daughters) watch it, and that alone was kind of formative — Star Trek's Japanese-American character, Sulu, was one of the few images in pop culture of people who looked like us. Women were smart, capable and sometimes even in charge. The ship’s crew was probably as diverse as TV would get. ...more

Home/work: some ramblings about Margaret Tait

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the ways in which women inhabit space creatively and the ways in which women (are allowed to) inhabit creative spaces. I have been turning this over in my mind (‘like an oval of soap turned between two hands’) since first seeing Margaret Tait’s Place of Work and, more recently again, after reading Katherine Angel’s wonderful piece Gender, Blah, Blah, Blah in the LA Review of Books last month.Below is a reworked extract from a recent piece I wrote for university about the ‘sexuate’ or gendered language of avant-garde filmmaking practice....more

On Superstition: Magpies and Self-fulfilling Prophecies

In many parts of the world people are superstitious about the magpie as a bringer of ill-omen or a predictor of fortune. Yeats (1922) refers to superstitions including the magpie as follows: ...more

Spock Was My Touchstone in the Loneliness and Confusion of Growing Up with Asperger's

Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday, February 26th. From all accounts, Mr. Nimoy was an excellent human being and will be sorely missed. However, it is the loss of Mr. Spock that I grieved for. ...more
This felt so personal. Thank you for sharing this. I connected with Spock but just because I had ...more

Cross Stitch Basics for Nerds

I follow a line of crafty ladies. My grandmother possessed an old fashioned skill set that included quilting and crocheting when it was done out of necessity, not for recreation. My mom learned from her and is known in our community for 40 years of crocheting (she is also the owner of a craft and antique shop).I like to think I have learned a thing or two from such exceptional role models and I am always trying new crafts. I'm not a clever DIY-er and rarely have the time to make pretty things....more