The Trouble with Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow announced on her website Goop last Tuesday that she and her husband of ten years, Chris Martin, of the band Coldplay, were splitting up. Her post,"Conscious Uncoupling," got so many hits that it crashed her website. There was the usual public response of sympathy and derision, in equal measure....more

Gwyneth Doesn't Relate to the 'Average' Mom - but She Doesn't Have To

(Credit Image: © TLeopold/Globe Photos/ ...more

5 Things I Have to Say About #CancelColbert

Last Thursday night,#CancelColbert seemed to be just the latest brainchild of Suey Park, creator such hashtags as #NotYourAsianSidekick and #BlackPowerYellowPeril. ...more
I appreciate your post. I realize this may sound incredibly naive, but I have never heard ching ...more

A Mirror-lined Nursery

While most internet wags are spoofing or critiquing the upcoming April cover of Voguemagazine, featuring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, another photo, released from the shoot, taken by Annie Leibovitz, has caught my eye....more

Disney Cage Match: Frozen vs. Brave vs. Tangled

Yesterday, on Facebook, I found out just how serious we all are about our modern Disney movies. While the older cartoons get ALL of the free passes, our developing society now requires more social conscience in our films, and we are absolutely right to demand it. In that vein, Disney has come out with several kickass princesses in the past few years. Could they do even better? Sure! Is it nice to take Merida, though, and compare her to Cinderella to pat ourselves on the back about how far we've come? Yes, let's do it. No problems detected....more

There's Something About Lupita

Aries New Moon On Sunday!

We start off the weekend under the influence of the Pisces Moon. Sensitive, mystical, Neptune ruled, Water sign Pisces highlights our caring and empathetic side while also awakening any escapist tendencies under the surface. Stay grounded, make note of any dreams that can be used in the creative process and be kind and compassionate. (But remember, if a story, a promise, a gift seems too good to be true – it probably is) Stay real. Next up, energetic Aries!...more

The Day I Got a Retweet From Prince

I've had some pretty amazing fangirl moments in my life.  In 6th grade, I met Selena after what would be her final Alamodome performance.  When I was a cop in the Air Force, I was chosen to work Avenged Sevenfold's security detail during their appearance at our base exchange. They later gave my entire shift tickets to their show and backstage passes to hang with them.   ...more
That's awesome! I, too, grew up with The Purple One and Purple Rain is still one of the ...more

I did not see that coming.

I'm kind of going back and forth on the whole GOOP "conscious uncoupling" thing. I mean, obviously, it is terrible in like a thousand ways, and yet, it's always pretty bad when people get divorced. Isn't it? I don't know. I've never been divorced. I have friends and family who have divorced, and even when their marriages were terrible the divorce was still hard. The aftermath was still un-fun. So. How to feel about a sanctimonious pill who is getting divorced but can't even use the word, because it's so what? Pedestrian? I don't know. I don't know. ...more

Generation Y: We Are Young Not Stupid

Youth via Pinterest...more