FF - I heart The X-Files

They're baa-aack...And yes, technically Carol Anne and crew are also back (although our favorite spooky child is now named Madison), but I'm talking about the spectacular spookiness that launched a thousand 'shippers.https://twitter.com/gilliana/status/580418104011972609...more

True Detective Season 2 ...June Can't Get Here Soon Enough

  Vince Vaughn, among others, will be returning to HBO in True Detective this June. I am beyond excited....more

Unicorns are the Bomb

The other day, I received the following in the mail from a dear friend of mine:Why? Well, for no other reason than the fact that it’s hilariously funny AND a coloring book. I mean, coloring bad ass unicorns? What’s not to love?Then a few days later, this arrived in the mail from my sister:...more

Are You Team #FreeAdnan or Team #AdnanDidIt?

I'll admit, I'm rather late to the Serial party.Sure, I could argue that motherhood has keep me too busy to keep up with pop culture. Or that I had trouble figuring out how to download podcasts. Or that as a matter of principle, I couldn't support yet another storyline about Baltimore's violent underbelly. None of those arguments would be true, but why let that stop me?No, the truth is that I have this weird tendency to resist new shows. If I discover them on my own, fine. But if five friends tell me I have to watch/listen to something new, my stubborn streak will take over. I can't control it. Picture a chubby, brown 4-year old with an adorable gap between her front teeth pouting, arms crossed, whining "You aren't the boss of me!"...more
I don't know what team I'm on, even now! I'm for re-examining the case, for sure, since after ...more

11 Things I'd Like To See On "Once Upon A Time"

  There's no episode this week due to it being Easter Sunday, so I'm going to skip the recap and give you my Once Upon A ...more

WonderCon, yep I went--Nerdtastic!

I did it, went to WonderCon this last weekend.  Oh how I wish now in hindsight that I had purchased tickets for the entire three days.  All I can say is that it was a hell of a good time to see the comic books, the artists, the illustrators, the writers, the cosplayers and the people like me who just geeked out.  ...more

FF - I heart iZOMBIE

After watching the third episode of the new show, iZombie with hubby and the eldest, I feel it is safe to declare my love for this latest based-on-a-comic-book offering. The main character is Liv - a medical resident with the perfect life, perfect fiancé, and perfect future. In short order, she goes from this -...more

6 Reasons #WhiteGirlsRock Misses the Point of Black Girls Rock

No seriously....more
Yep, fair enough.more

What's in an age

It was just the other day that someone told me to "act my age".  Instead of shooting back a sarcastic comment,  it actually got me to thinking.  What actually is "acting my age" and who determines how I should act?  This year I turned, ugg, 54.  I don't feel 54 but then again how am I suppose to feel.  Here's the thing, I've never been 54 before so I'm not sure how I'm suppose to act.  I own my own home, have money in the bank and have been fired from my job (how that is relevant is a stretch)....more