Yankee Candle Release Peeps Bougie for Easter 2014 {New Perfume} {Home & Fragrance}

Yankee Candle have found a new household scent to perfume their limited-edition bougie for Easter 2014. Turning to the beloved Peeps for inspiration, you will be able to smell the yummy yellowness of Peeps Marshmallow Chicks, incredibly said to be made with "with pure, natural extracts"......more

Bill O'Reilly throws serious moon-sized shade to Lady Beyonce. And maybe this time, he's right

Oh big whoop, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have anything nice to say about AfricanAmerican pop stars. This time he has pushed his hate-odometer to the socially acceptable standard for black women, Lady Bey herself, or Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter, or Jay Z’s baby mama – or whatever they’re coining her today....more

Thank You Anne Rice, Thank You!

As an avid book lover nothing makes me happier than when I discover a new book in a favorite series is going to be released in the next year. Unless of course I discovered one of my favorite authors has returned to a series that I love after stating very publicly they will not write any more books in that series....more

Gwen Stefani & red lipstick therapy

I know, it sounds silly. But it works! Well, at least it does for me.I was, and am still, in a fashion rut. I just feel lazy when it comes to getting dressed, doing the laundry, styling my hair, etc. I want to blame the winter but it started before the deep freeze settled over us....more

Weekend Moon: Gemini & Cancer!

Start your weekend early on Friday March 7, 2014. A Mercury ruled Gemini Moon can make us chatty and social. We will be compelled to communicate – some way, somehow, it can be fun for us and/or just busy – or both. With dual faceted Air sign Gemini, variety rules.  ...more

Young Women Find Their Voice – By Frying It

Here is a topic that is really interesteeaang. If speech intonation could reverberate in written media that last part would have sounded like a buzzing engine of some sort. Or like a croaking frog. Or like a hidden speech strategy that allows me to gloat standoffishly while you hopefully wait with exuberant anticipation for what I will say next. By letting my sentence fizzle out with a raspy hum I might signal that I’m a true authority on the subject matter....more

My Obligatory Oscar Night Top 10 Recap!

Last night was the 2014 Academy Awards show and I personally felt it was better than it's been in the last few years.  Here are my top 10 highlights:1.  Ellen Degeneres as host....more

2014 Oscars Fashion Recap: Best Dressed, Prettiest Trends

The Academy Awards red carpet saw three major trends in 2014: ethereal gowns, bold and simple statements, and grown-up glamour. Images: ZUMAPress.com Read on to see all the red carpet dresses and trends! ETHEREAL ...more
Julie Ross Godar Karen Ballum  I LOVE Lupita's dress. I like most of the ones on here except I ...more

New Moon in Pisces This Weekend!

Pisces intuition and creativity powers up, in a gentle way, with the New Moon on Friday evening 2/28/14 EST and Saturday morning 3/1/14 PST. The Sun is also in this sensitive Water sign and when both luminaries are together, the Moon phase is “New”. This type of Lunar energy is good for starts and beginnings of any kind. So, take the time to plug into your spirituality and inner conversations. Listen, take notes and make use of this dreamy, imaginative time. Go deep. Create something new! ...more
Denise Me too!  It will take Mercury a few days to get up to forward speed, but yes, we made it ...more

If Major Social Media Sites Had Kardashian Personalities, Which Would They Be?

When I started blogging at Pecked To Death By Chickens 5 months ago, I was on Facebook and that was it.  As I have luxuriated in the blogosphere, I have dipped my toe farther into the social media water.  It gets a little confusing with so many different outlets and trying to figure out the best way to prioritize....more