Pisces Sun 2/18/15 - Imagination, Creativity!

Solar energy enters this compassionate, intuitive, emotional Water sign making the next few weeks a good time for our imagination to shine. Piscean characteristics are heightened, meaning the subconscious is very important.  It can be great for anyone associated with the arts - new ideas for music, dance, writing might push to the surface faster than usual. Pay attention to your dreams (take notes) but remember to stay grounded and connected. Over sensitivity to adverse energy or vibrations is no excuse to drift away from reality. Be productive, be creative....more

Valentines Day 2015

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL By Now, it is Valentines Day & i am All totally Alone. Oh, no. i vy the Day of Love.  ...more

Why Beyonce's Grammy Performance Strikes The Wrong Chord

Photo: Lester Cohen/ Kevin Mazur/ Kevin Winter/ Steve Granitz/ Jon Kopaloff/ Getty Images This is how in one song, an influential musical artist like Beyoncé can propel the feminist movement forward by leaps and bounds, only to, in one fell swoop of another song, knock all of creation back to nearly the dark ages of gender (in)equality:...more

Duchess Kate and My Other Famous Pregnant Friends

Forget the Bio Oil, the most indispensable accessory a pregnant woman can have is a pregnant friend (because even if they’re being nice about it, we suspect our partners and non-pregnant friends don’t really want to hear every disgusting, tedious detail.) While I do have some pregnant friends, currently, none of them live on the A-list. Fortunately, lots of celebrities are pregnant at the same time I am. Let’s take a look at how likely I am to be pregnant pals with them:...more

Bruce's Journey: A Road Map For All of Us

Well we all have a faceThat we hide away foreverAnd we take them out and show ourselvesWhen everyone has goneBilly Joel, The Stranger ...more

14 Years of 'American Idol' and Me

I remember where I was when I saw my first episode of American Idol, and when. It was the Season One finale in 2002.I was in a hotel room in Seattle. My significant other and I were taking a rare break during one of those vacations that seems to be more about getting from one place to another than relaxing. Watching Kelly Clarkson, and knowing a star was being born?...more

On Ledisi and the Grammy Awards: Why Was Beyoncé Not Her Sister's Keeper?

In case you missed the controversy concerning Beyoncé and Ledisi at the Grammy Awards, here is my take on it, along with some thoughts about women, support and competition. ...more
RunningMama I agree - that same drive that gets you to the top sometimes makes you blind to ...more

40 Years of Laughter (and Free Therapy) From Saturday Night Live

I was eleven years old the first time I watched an entire episode of Saturday Night Live.  Hunkered down in the basement of my newly-separated Dad’s condo with my younger brother, popcorn and a can of forbidden-at-home Coke,  I sat transfixed as the next ninety minutes flew by on their old, rabbit-eared television.  I couldn’t tell you the details of the particular episode, but it was the season we were introduced to ...more

The Problem with Domestic and Sexual Violence PSAs at the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl

The fight to address violence against women is having a pop culture moment, literally trending last night during the Grammys and last week when the NFL aired an ad for the NO MORE Campaign during the Super Bowl.  ...more
I think she makes good points, but I still think the PSA's are good. It's just that they need ...more