How To Moon Walk ~ As much like Michael Jackson as is possible for regular people. ~

One of MJ's most exciting creations in dance - the Moonwalk ~that backwards floaty slide that is just riveting to watch him do is alot of fun to try yourself.Disclaimer: You will very probably not look like him in 'Thriller' even when you master this.  Michael was just magic.Start standing feet together without shoes and on carpet to start out.  Now, make a 'high heel' with your Left Foot, ball of foot taking your weight, while sliding Right Foot back....more

The Best And Worst "As Seen On TV" Items And Why They're Hilarious

I love infomercials.  I used to deny it but now I’m embracing it.  How better to waste an hour of your day than watching actors pretend to be frustrated with things that rarely cause frustration?...more
For a moment there I was kinda tempted by the Dump Cake, and then I remembered.  The local ...more


I decided to list my favorite ladies who have style and grace. These ladies not only have a great sense of fashion, they are examples of how to carry yourself in a dignified manner. Here are my top 20 choices:...more


Since I am in love with LOVE, I decided to recognize my favorite couples from this past year. Each couple was chosen for their own unique reasons and should not be compared to each other. It’s all love here at Rebirth and no shade has been issued!...more

5 Secrets of Korean Drama Kisses

South Korea produces many of the planet's best television romances and melodramas these days. Maybe this is why millions of Americans watch subtitled Korean television on the internet. How do these foreign romances win us over?...more

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Christmas Edition

My kid made a picture of Wonder Woman for me.

My Relationship With Buying Things And How It Makes Me Happy… But Actually Lonely

         “Save Money. Live Better” (Walmart) “Open Happiness” (Coca Cola) “The Happiest Place on Earth” (DisneyLand)         As a fish swims in water, we in the western cultures of the United States and Canada swim in water made up of advertising.         In light of Black Friday passing and the Christmas countdown on full swing, buying gifts for friends and loved ones is at the forefront of our minds....more

Why I Was So Disappointed With The Ending of 'Serial'

I like things neat. I like things to have clean conclusions. The ending doesn't have to be positive or even what I want as an ending, but I do prefer there not to be any lingering questions. After listening to the last episode of season one of the Serial podcast, though, lingering questions may be all I'll ever have. ...more
I love radio and I used to listen CBS radio Mystery theater when I was growing up in the 1970's. ...more

2014 Women of the Year

Another 365 days has gone by! 2014 proved to be a year in which our online selves became increasingly merged with our offline lives, whether it was in the radical act of posting selfies, in binge-watching TV or streaming podcasts, or in determining what we read or how we teach our children. The common thread that connects many of the notable women of the past year is how they used their Internet lives as an extension of their work, whether they are entertainers, activists, or athletes. ...more
eughung HapaMamaGrace IndigeniusIdeas Same here! :)more

The Incredibly Cute Last-Minute Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

If you're like me, then you love cats and people who love cats. You also love cute things, and hate holiday shopping. Fortunately, I've done the footwork (paw work?) for you. These adorable kitty-themed gifts will arrive by Christmas if you order now—and if you've procrastinated to the very last minute, you can order some fun gift certificates to arrive via email. MEOW! ...more
That scarf and that comforter set!  WANT!!!more