FF - I heart DubSmashWar Round One

It's here! DubsmashWar Round One has begun! Well, kind of - Team Carter has their submission up, but Team Shield is radio silent... hmmm... hope this doesn't mean Loki is misbehaving again...Because this war is also raising money for charity, they've asked that people not embed videos for the duration. So, please click on the link below to view, then come back here to discuss. I'll wait...*cue Jeopardy music*Videos are up on Crowdrise, official host of DubSmashWar...more

The Rejection of My Favorite 80’s Boy Band…By My 3 Year Old

Yesterday my almost 4 year-old son was a passenger with me on the way to Wal-Mart when I cranked up some New Edition. Figuring that these fierce early 80’s beats and 13-year-old falsettos would appeal to him, I indulged my inner fangirl.I started off with the first New Edition song I’d ever heard: ‘Cool It Now’. I was at Hugo’s roller skating rink when I first heard them singing about how their ‘lite wings have changed’.30 years later I thought that sounded a little weird and Googled it. It turns out that ‘life brings a change’....more

Should Adults Read YA Fiction?

Bachelor in Paradise Twitter Roundup: Was an Eliminated Cast Member Also Involved in Textgate?

Looking for a Bachelor in Paradise fix before tonight's episode?  The next best thing to watching Bachelor in Paradise is seeing all the reactions on Twitter from the cast and Bachelor Nation on what went down and putting it in a Bachelor in Paradise Twitter Roundup.   There's always plenty of fodder each week and this week was no exception.  People had plenty to say about "Textgate", Sam the Sea Witch and DarthJoe drama, the return of Mikey T., the arrival of Tight Shirt Justin, Cotton Eye Joe on After Paradise, the new Bachelor and, of course all the love!...more

Why Do I Love Murder She Wrote? It's a Mystery

I've always felt that my tv watching habits fit outside the norm. When my co-workers sit around at lunchtime and analyze the latest episode of Bachelor/American Idol/Latest Primetime Network Drama/Housewives/Kardashian Barf/Sports Whatever, I have nothing to do but analyze my broccoli....more

FF - I heart Killjoys

No, I don't mean killjoys in the spoilsport, sourpuss, stick-in-the-mud kind of way (though I've answered to those appellations once or twice). I mean KIlljoys, the latest space opera offering from the folks at SyFy (aka Skiffy). The first season just came to a close on August 21st, and I'm hoping against hope that we get a second season....more

Dear Anna Duggar, Like You, May We Inhale Grace

Dear Anna Duggar,...more
Quite the discussion is taking place ...more

Full Moon in Sensitive, Sentimental Pisces 8/29/15

The “Full” stage of the Moon intensifies the characteristics / energy of the Astrology sign it’s in. So, while the Moon is in Water sign Pisces this weekend, think: emotion, creativity, hazy reality, imagination. If you have something important to do, stay focused. Be discerning. If things seem a little vague, you may want to delay any decisions....more