I made a Meme... I think.

I took a picture of Ollie the other night and EVERY time I look at it I start laughing.You might remember it, because I posted it on Facebook and Instagram. In the instant I took the picture, Ollie TOTALLY looked like the character Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.So, I left it on my phone. And giggled every time I saw it....more

Flo loves 50 Shades of Grey!

Today I will share yet another Flo video. Flo is from Progressive and I am aggressively spoofing her! In this video, Flo feels like she needs a change, as usual, from being...well...Flo! She has trouble putting her request into words, so she decides to sing about it instead! An old Madonna song helps her along as you will hear.... xoxo Melissa...more

Can You Smell What I'm Cookin' For The Rock? My Big, Glistening, Sweaty Review of "Hercules"

Image courtesy of ParamountI saw Hercules on opening day. I know. Contain your surprise....more

The Reality Show That Spoke To My Soul

Remember her as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on “The Simple Life”???image via vh1 ...more

The Dating Experiment: Putting Method Into The Madness of Dating

The TV show Married at First Sight is really nothing more than a reflection, albeit sensationalized, of the abject misery of the current dating scene and our desire to do something, anything, to make it better. In today's society, it is not at all surprising to me that 60 psychologically healthy people would sign up to be married to a stranger....more

TO HOT TO HANDLE - Why I refuse to Accept Short Shorts into Fashion

Trends by definition are fad, an of the moment look or style that defines a fashion season. Or in some cases, redefines it. As a city stylista, (yes, I just made that up), I try to never follow trends, but rather, start them or wear them at their lowest peak of mass market wear. A few exceptions? Anything mint, stripes and as much as I hate to admit it, Birkenstocks although I've had mine long before the summer every fashion mag under the sun featured them as a must have item....more
right Coastiewife321 uggh is right! glad you're with me on my opinion!more

The lady in the ketchup commercial

Who doesn't love ketchup? My friend made a Heinz Ketchup commercial for a contest submission and decided to give me the role of the wife who sends her husband out for Heinz Ketchup...of course he brings back ketchup but it is not Heinz!!!! It's a cute commercial and I wanted to share it with you just because.  Melissa:)...more

The President's DJ

Today I'm bragging! I'm bragging about my cousin Mel who I like to call the "First DJ of the United States of America". "Kuya" (big bro) Mel and I are first cousins, his mom and my dad are brother and sister (two of 12 siblings)....more

The Comedy Kitchen Promo (Lisa Vanderpump)

Wow!! I already have a celebrity endorsement for my show, The Comedy Kitchen. It's Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!! Ok, ok...it's just me pretending to be her, but that still counts right?! Please check it out and share it with those you love who love to hate RHOBH!!!! Oh the scandal!!Melissa...more

Time to Shine! – Leo Sun 7/22/14

The Sun rules the 5th sign of the Zodiac and you can tell. With the influence of the “Sun King”, we all should feel upbeat, magnanimous, a bit more dramatic and drawn to the spotlight regardless of our actual Astrology sign. Leo urges us to be generous, attention seeking, creative and full of a lion’s pride. When the Sun struts into this regal Fire sign, expect to have some fun for the duration of its stay....more