Sometimes Your Dreams Don't Come True

We all spend our youth daydreaming about being movie stars, astronauts, or maybe Nobel Prize winning scientists. We wax romantic about what it will be like when we are rich and our retweets reach the thousands. Usually our friends and family encourage us and tell us that those dreams are realistic, whether they actually believe that or not. I guess for some people such high aspirations are certainly obtainable. The world does have celebrities, astronauts, and Nobel Prize winning scientists....more

Please Get Off Kim Kardashian's Ass

I swore I wouldn't acknowledge the Kim Kardashian photo shoot. While I was completely mesmerized by her very shiny, oily, oddly HUGE shelf?? of a butt, it wasn't that big of a deal to me. Say what you will, but the Kardashians - largely led by Mama Kris - have made a lot of money because sex sells. And by sex, I mean sex (literally) and I mean all the other things that go with it. Crazy Hollywood stories and nights....more

Andy Cohen Dishes On Dogs, Diets And Delights of Real Housewives

I confess. When it comes to guilty pleasures, watching Andy Cohen let it all loose on his Bravo TV shows earns a bravo from me. His irreverent attitude toward celebrity icons coupled with his wit is addictive....more

Taylor Swift ain't got nothing on me!

Melissa Logsdon: Actress/Comedy Writer...Songwriter? Taylor Swift is a songwriter and a good enough songwriter I suppose, but most of the songs she writes focuses on the young and/or hipster-like people. Give her like 20 yrs. and she will be singing to a different tune I'm sure. In fact, I'm working on a song for her for when that time comes. Believe me, it will be here a lot sooner than she thinks! The song is called 'Feels Like 42', it's not done yet but I will share with you what I have so far: 'Feels Like 42' by Melissa Logsdon ...more

Oh My! The Day I Met George Takei

November 3, 2014 will go down in history for me. It was the day that I met George Takei—in person, shook his hand, and took a picture with him. I was on the phone with my grandmother while heading to the T station when I saw him. I immediately told my grandmother that I would have to call her back and ran after him as he went inside the building. My heart was beating 100 miles an hour and I was trying really hard not be a crazy fan girl....more
I love his facebook posts! Seeing him in the old Star Trek is still great to see. Love him!!more

Once Upon A Time, Season 4/Episode 8 Recap: The Episode Where Regina And Robin Totally Did It

 We begin today's Epic Two Hour Episode in Arendelle, where the Snow Queen is seen hiding the Magical Hat of Overwhelming Power in an extremely shallow hole in the ground (apparently...more

Stream of Consciousness blogging: Hating cancer

I’m a fan of People magazine. I have many in-real-life friends who understand my fascination with that website and magazine. For years, my home page was the newspaper website. The day I was laid off, I changed my default home page to ...more

Not All About That Bass: I Never Asked to See Your Ass…ets

Somewhere along the line, the world got the impression that I wanted to see its ass…ets. I’m not sure how it happened, perhaps it was how I stared, for just a bit too long, like a curious cocker spaniel, or by my somehow inadvertently conjuring all the corporeal spirits to this world, but there have been more than a few hands full of naked bits wagging in my face lately.And not the kind I want to see....more