Not All About That Bass: I Never Asked to See Your Ass…ets

Somewhere along the line, the world got the impression that I wanted to see its ass…ets. I’m not sure how it happened, perhaps it was how I stared, for just a bit too long, like a curious cocker spaniel, or by my somehow inadvertently conjuring all the corporeal spirits to this world, but there have been more than a few hands full of naked bits wagging in my face lately.And not the kind I want to see....more

Cheap Chic

Saving money on everyday purchases seems to have attained a great deal of popularity these days.  I suppose this is really nothing new; I have fond memories of my parents pasting Triple-S Blue Stamps (from Grand Union), S&H Green Stamps (from Daitch Shopwell) and Plaid Stamps (from the A&P) into little books that were stored in a kitchen cabinet next to the refrigerator.  And then there were always coupons to clip from the pull-out sections in the Sunday newspaper....more

Merry Christmas - Shitter's Full

MelissaLogsdon amazing! :) Tell me who else you're dying to see on #WATNmore

I Want To Be Like Kim Kardashian.

Just kidding I don't; if you do more power to you, I won't judge. It's taken me a long time to appreciate my features and what makes me, me. However, there are a lot of influences out there that can make us all self-conscious. On social media and magazines we are prone to seeing one standard of beauty which is white, thin, tall and long hair. Black women and women of other ethnicities are not revered. And when they are, they maybe "exotic" looking or of mixed race. ...more

List Monday

5 Reasons Your Relationship Advice Annoys Single People

I’m sure you’ve read all the recent posts, seen the comedy bits full of memes and gifs, and watched the recent celebrity interviews related to the topic of being single and/or childless. We singles and marrieds with no kids (or not enough kids for your taste) are tired of the questions about why we’re still single or still childless. We’re tired of the assumptions and we’re tired of the unsolicited “advice"! ...more
allison.arnone Thanks for your support. I checked out your tumblr and I really like your site as ...more

Interstellar: My Movie Review

 I love science fiction, and have since I can remember. Saturday nights at my house were spent with a huge bowl of popcorn and Star Trek on the TV....more

Here's The Truth: Kim Kardashian Didn't Break The Internet, We Did.

The world is talking about it. All of social media is still in shambles.You know what I'm talking about....more

Have You Seen Kim Kardashian's Golden Globes?

I did not realize Kim Kardashian's butt broke the Internet. Late to the party, that's me. ...more
looks like two glazed doughnuts next to each other. It didn't break the internet. It gave the ...more

I’m NOT a Bad B* - I’m a Queen. Being Jaded and Mean Is NOT Cool.

Despite my affinity for that A$AP Rocky song, my penchant for watching Basketball Wives and my more than occasional use of the B-word {I’m working on that, folks.}, I have a problem with this whole “Bad B****” obsession....more