Did You Have a Mari-juana Christmas?

I am wondering if I truly am old fashioned, behind the times, and/or a product of a law-enforcement family? I am still surprised when I learn of open and liberal use of marijuana by young adults and their parents…even though it is still illegal here in Connecticut....more

Who Keeps Messaging Me? An Angel? Departed Loved-One? God?!

Have I totally lost it? Or have I officially been messaged —repeatedly now—by an angel, a departed loved one, or even God?!...more
I read the rest from your blog post.  Signs are definitely prevalent.  I may struggle with my ...more

The 56th Grammys and Natalie Grant: Why She Really Left

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards show took this place this past weekend and it created a lot of drama, on and off stage.  I'm hip to the pop culture jive and I had considered watching the Grammys until I heard about the "weddings" taking place.  This turned me off completely; not solely because they were couples of all kinds and I support traditional, Biblical marriage, but because this is a music awards show and not a place to further your politics.  But because I wanted to be able to form an educated opinion about the events of the evening, I watched the clips later....more
FreshHelen  Thank you for reading and commenting!  I like your moniker, FreshHelen. :)more

2014 GRAMMYs Fashion Roundup: Best, Worst, and Most Daring!

Nobody arrived in an egg or dressed up as a fairy-tale character -- the most daring thing about this year's crop of GRAMMY gowns was a some low neckline or two. Gold, red, and black ruled the red carpet, but I loved the gorgeous blue of Alicia Keys' gown and the white lace of Beyonce's, and as for the neckline and sheerness, respectively -- hey, it's the GRAMMYs. (I was less of a fan of Paris Hilton's bedazzled sidebutt, though.) ...more
Yes, WomenLoveTech, She completely freaked me out. She was like death in that weird outfit and ...more

Breaking News: LEGO Fails Girls (Again)

Oh LEGO. You’ve gone and done it again.In April 2012 representatives from your company met with SPARK.  After that meeting I had such hope that there would be change in your approach to toy design. Admittedly, I let things slide. I got busy and stopped paying attention for a while so I didn't know where things stood. Then today I saw this:...more

Princess vs. Barbie

We have lots of princess dolls at our house.^^ Thank you to my Mother-in-law for that storage idea ^^My girls ask for them as gifts. They save their allowances to buy them. They love their princess dolls....more
Mulan rocks too, although I can't remember if she is a princess or just a Disney girl.  I was a ...more

My Retro Journey


Scorpio & Sag – What a Combo!

On Friday January 24, 2014, the Lunar orb is solidly in the middle of the sensitive, sensual, sizzling 8th sign of the Zodiac. A Scorpio Moon can render us focused, fierce and fearless. You may want to ratchet down some of the accompanying emotion and intensity to save room for tapping into the natural seductive energy of this Water sign. Use it to get what or who you want....more

Jennifer Lawrence, Our Latest "It" Girl: 5 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not Her

 Warning:  Following content contains a more than average dose of sarcasm:...more

Buro 247's Editorial Disaster Underscores the Lack of Diversity in Fashion

If you haven't heard about Buro 247's recent editorial debacle, let me get you up to speed. Two days ago, the online art and fashion magazine posted an article on Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor-in-chief of GARAGE magazine. Accompanying the article was an offensive photo of Zhukova sitting pretty atop a black female mannequin chair. Image from Huffington Post...more
chitownfashionista Thanks for clearing that up! Definitely news to me...more