Ray Rice Cut from Ravens, Penn State Sneaks in News: Why Do Our Football Teams Feel Invincible?

Today the Baltimore Ravens announced the termination of Ray Rice's contract and the NFL suspended him "indefinitely." Why? Video of the February 15th third degree assault against his now-wife was leaked and shared on TMZ. ...more
Well said!  All of it!more

She Shoots, She Scores and Now Becky Hammon Coaches in an NBA First

Does anybody know where can I grow some balls like Becky Hammon did?! She's a WNBA star and she just became the NBA's first woman full-time assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, that means SHE'S GETTING PAID!! This is a "You Go Girl!" moment if there ever was one. This is a big step for the NBA and for women. ...more
skyekilaen Also, we must tell why it's Betty White Approved!;) however we can! BlogHer ...more

How Native American Women Fought a Racist NFL Team Trademark … and Won

Thanks to the original and current plaintiffs in the recently won trademark cancellation ruling against the derogatory Washington "Redskins" NFL team, the efforts of two generations of Native Americans, many of us women, are coming to fruit. The case was originally filed in 1992 by Native American activist Suzan Shown Harjo, who is now a 69-year-old grandmother....more
One of the best posts I've read about this, and I've read many. -Robyn blog-woman.commore

How Old to Start Snowboarding?

Kids have been learning to ski as soon as they can walk for a long time. It was once thought that young children were not strong enough to snowboard, but that theory was proven wrong...  So how soon can you put your child on a board? Looks like as soon as they can walk! Check out one and a half year old Lainey learning to snowboard!...more

Hunting: Our Pennsylvania Adventures

Hunting:  Our Pennsylvania AdventuresOne day might be different from another, but there ain't much difference when they're put together.  ~William H. Armstrong...more

Morgan Beck May Have Lost Her Mind

A little over a year ago I posted about the child custody battle between Sara A. McKenna and Olympic hotshot Bode Miller. When McKenna found out she was pregnant, Bode Miller told her “U made this choice against my wish” but then he later wanted the baby and was pissed McKenna had moved to NY to go to law school.  McKenna then had her baby son taken away from her because she had “absconded” with him IN UTERO....more
BettyFokker But such a great plot device for murder mystery! \U0001f61cmore


During the recruiting process many Student Athletes receive verbal offers by the Recruiting Coaches.  These verbal commitments are non-binding and are not recognized by the National Letter of Intent program, which is managed by NCAA....more

What I Want My Kids to Learn From Football Season

Football season is here. My husband is glued to the TV, he is constantly tracking his fantasy team, our weekend activities are scheduled around football games on TV and the house gets a little louder and more intense. Some wives might dread football season, but I love it.Why do I love it?...more

My Figure Skating Dreams

I've never really been much of a sports fan.  When I was younger, I would watch some wrestling.  I mean, who didn't like the Von Erich brothers?!  And I would tune into the Olympics.  But I really enjoyed watching figure skating....more

Competition vs Winning (graphic version), part 2 of 2 (#NaBloPoMo Day 21)

This follow-up to my NaBloPoMo Day 20 post is more an exercise in trying to communicate my points in a graphic way as much as distinguishing the difference between competition and winning....more

Now scientists can see damage to football players' brains after mild concussions

If someone you love plays football or other sports that are known for concussions, take note: there's a major breakthrough in spotting brain damage.Neuroscientists used a new, enhanced MRI approach and could identify damage to the blood-brain barrier of pro football players after "unreported" trauma and mild concussions.The study followed 29 players - 16 were football players and 13 track and field athletes (who served as controls). All 29 had the MRI-based diagnostic....more

Competition vs Winning, part 1 of 2 (#NaBloPoMo Day 20)

I have always had a love/hate relationship with professional sports.  Always enjoyed watching them and appreciate the skill and athleticism that the participants dedicate years of disciplined training to achieve, but the greed, mentality, and brutality both within the sports and what has spilt outside their playing venues has been a consistent source of debate about the industry’s popularity and intolerable conduct by so many involved. ...more