Stop Minimizing Molestation

Some people are downright gleeful that the Duggars’ aren’t so perfect and are celebrating their "fall from grace." Did I miss something? We are talking about a young man who molested young girls, right? Who cares how it makes his family look? What ...more

What Does That Even Mean?

A few days ago a young, newly married, Facebook friend of mine posted an article entitled Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids by Amber Doty. In this article, Doty discusses her policy of always prioritizing the needs of her husband over ...more

Their Stories Matter Too

Being a mom blogger, I read countless stories about the antics of toddlers and the pain of watching babies grow into rambunctious tweens. I’ve written my fair share of 10 Things I Want My Child to Know articles and how being a mother has changed ...more

5 Types of People I Hope My Children Never Become

Throughout my life, I have had both the pleasure and displeasure of meeting all different kinds of people. And in doing so, I have figured out the type of person I hope to be, the types of people I want to associate with, and even the people I try to ...more

I Couldn't Buy My Daughter Anything New

There's a superstition among Jews that you don't have a baby shower, think of baby names, set up a nursery, or really do anything to prepare for a baby. It's considered bad luck for your baby. It's counting your chickens before they hatch. ...more

Josh Duggar Shows Why We Should Not Minimize Molestation

Some people are downright gleeful that the Duggars’ aren’t so perfect and are celebrating their "fall from grace." Did I miss something? We are talking about a young man who molested young girls, right? Who cares how it makes his family look? What about his victims? ...more
I had to speak up today on my blog. Not enough discussion about what we are saying to VICTIMS in ...more

Parenting Is Work Regardless of Your Job

Lately, I feel like articles about stay-at-home parents are exploding: How they're working, too. How it's difficult to get anything done with kids around. How you have no privacy. The lists go on and on. ...more
Well said! Thank you for this! Couldn't agree more and it's good to see I'm not alone. \U0001f600more

6 Great Tips to Help Exercise Happen After Baby

The other night Dave and I were chatting with a group of friends, and one couple, who is expecting their first baby, asked us what the hardest part of adjusting to new parenthood was. It's a tough question, but I said that the most difficult part for me was definitely feeling like my old life was over and there was this vast unknown of what a "normal" day as a mom looked like. Not to mention what a normal week, month, year, etc. would entail. Needless to say it's a huge life change and can be a little overwhelming. ...more

Somewhere Between Krispy Kreme and Arby's

Well, my UP is quite simple today.This happened: So you see our three kids in this picture? Do you notice that 2 of the 3 are smiling?Yep!This was a party with some of my fellow cast-mates at Tyne and Cam's home (pictured left).Our kids have never met these people.Our kids have never been to this house.They did fabulous!Sister even talked with them and asked them questions and told them things about herself.It was so awesome!Brother didn't scream or run or freak out! He did spill a lot of pretzels on the floor, but I'll take that!Baby didn't fall apart ....more

method Laundry Detergent

As a mom of two girls…a big concern of mine is stretching a dollar by making their clothes last longer....more

S’mores Cookies

This past weekend, I combined two of my favorite things—baking and camping—into an...more

Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

Oh my goodness I needed to read some Jen Lancaster. It seems like everything I have been reading has either been a super heavy topic or it’s long or it’s serious nonfiction. I’ve read everything she’s written up to about 2012, so I went out and bought...more

It Was An All-American Day

We celebrated our Memorial Day today, and it was a fabulous day indeed. The weather was a bit cool, but it was so clear that you could see for miles and miles. The beauty of the world we live in was on show today.We started the morning at a farmer's market ....more

Inside Out – Trailer, Activity Sheets, and More!

We are counting down the days until Disney Pixar’s movie Inside Out comes to theaters! Thanks to a special preview event during the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, the kids and I have been telling our friends to mark their calendars for the film’s release on June 19th. Inside Out features brilliant storytelling and […] ...more

Naomi Year One: Half A Year Old

This little angel turned six months old about two weeks ago. Mother’s Day to be exact. We did a little photoshoot that day and I couldn’t bring myself to share her photos until now....more

Mother's Day Necklaces

I like celebrating the grandmas. It takes some of the pressure on how I'm feeling about the whole loaded day. I like to channel my energy into celebrating the grandmas ....more

Sail Away


Sunday FUNday Link Up #126 + Features

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. Fellow moms! ...more