Can Running Make You a Better Parent?

Enjoy the ride. Although many people run for heart health, weight loss, or competition, others run because it’s fun. The endorphins pulsing through your blood leave you smiling. In parenting, it’s important to have those lighthearted and joyful ...more

Yep, My Real Job Is a Stay-at-Home Mom

I've been having trouble writing lately, trouble finding my voice and trouble finding time to write in this season of motherhood. I feel myself being pulled in too many directions and struggling with self-doubt as a stay-at-home mom. I always ...more

Letting Go, Letting Them Learn

For as long as I can remember, I have been a riddled with anxiety. On the playground, I studied my tennis shoes with hopes I wouldn't be chosen for kickball. I sweated in the 40-degree weather with fear that my face would resemble a pug dog after one ...more

Let's Get Ready for Preschool!

The first day of school is kind of a big deal, especially for preschoolers. Leaving the comfort of home isn't easy, but it’s a huge milestone for both kids and parents. Prepare for the first day of school by creating an exciting, positive experience ...more

ABC, Easy at 123, Let's Go Back to School!

A – The Aggravation that bubbles inside of you when you realize there are too many things that need to get done for that first day of school and not enough hours in which to do them. ...more

Why I Wore My Swimsuit this Summer for the Sake of My Family

Recently I came across a blog post on Facebook were a mom wrote about putting on her swimsuit, pushing aside her insecurities, coming out from under the sun umbrella, and taking off the coverup to… get this… ENJOY playing with her children in the water! So simple, yet something many of us, myself included don't do. ...more
Thank you for posting this and for your courage and bravery!  Isn't it interesting that in ...more

18-Year-Old Cited for Waving Penis Out Car Window: Justified or Not?

If your kid was charged with waving a rubber penis out of a car window, how would you feel? First, I am not saying what he did was right at all. Small children could have seen this, and I'm sure it offended people. Personally, I would have laughed if it were just me and Chris in the car or even my older kids. Obviously they already know what a penis is. ...more
PrivacyCamp Did anyone get hit?more

Intentional Parenting Can Wait

I stood at the white picket gate in the backyard and felt it rising in me, from even deeper than the pit of my stomach. That unwanted feeling that I have become more familiar with than I ever wanted to be. Shame. I had snapped, again. I barked at the little face in front of me about being told to close the gate so the dog doesn't get out. I issued ultimatums that this was the last time I was getting up to help him fetch the ball from the neighbor's yard. Next time he was out of luck. I sighed that I just wanted to relax for a few minutes, and he was making that impossible. ...more
I love that you know she wasn't judging you! It's so hard when we are tired/sick.worried ...more

Can you please shut up? Thanks.

Can you please shut up? Thanks ....more

What would happen if Amy Poehler and Greg Kinnear had a baby?

Dan and I are always on the lookout for a new tv show to put into the rotation....more

Leading Moms 2014

Leading Moms is a one-day event located in Vancouver, BC, featuring inspiring talks from extraordinary moms. The event takes place on September 26, 2014 and is hosted by, Entrepreneur Mom Now, and JellyBeen, and will feature a speak line-up with key influencers in media, arts, health, business and more. Some fabulous speakers this year include award-winning broadcaster, Tamara Taggart, and founder of Cause We Care, Andrew Thomas Hill ....more

Flash Back Friday

Going back to this fun tutorial where we made homemade curlers. I know exactly where these dare. Beans hair may not be long enough to use them right now, but I am thinking I may pull them out for myself ....more

Rare Bird Book Review

It’s a mix of pain and joy now. This back to school week. Isn’t that typical of motherhood ....more

Our Very Own #SheetHappensVideo!

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft®. I have had a great time partnering with Angel Soft® for their #sheetoutofluck campaign! I've loved the opportunity to see their booth at BlogHer '14, be interviewed in a make-shift bathroom, giveaway a year's supply of toilet paper (Christina of This Woman Cooks was the lucky winner!) and now to make a little video ourselves similar to their awesome #SheetHappens videos!When the people at Angel Soft® asked us to make our own version of a #SheetOutOfLuck video I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take it creatively ....more

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 35

This week has been mostly consumed by trying to get ready to start school next week. ...more

Deep thoughts while braless

On my way home from dropping the kids off at school this morning, I stopped at a stoplight because I like to follow the law of the land and also, fatal accidents pretty much suck. The driver two cars... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

don't listen to any voices that discredit you....

don't listen to any voices that discredit you. they are lies from the enemy and they will be ultimately held accountable for their attacks against you. In the end, truth and good always win, even if not in this lifetime, they always, at the end, do ....more

Busy And Cheerful

School has begun, and my teaching duties have started into full swing....more