Maybe We Speak Different Languages

Sometimes I think my toddler has selective hearing. I guess this is what being two-and-a-half means. She hears what I'm saying but doesn't care. She knows what I want her to do (or not to do), but thinks to herself, "Yeah, really don't care, Mom! ...more

A Breastfeeding Mother's Fear: Will My Baby Fail The Weight Check?

Butterflies in my stomach, inability to sleep.  Hope that I would make the grade, nerves that I would not. Anxiety about being blamed for something I was ignorant about. Trepidation about being judged, eager for praise, terrified of being ...more

You're a Great Mom

Credit: 4 Months Baby Feeling Happy photo by Shutterstock. Dear Momma Who Just Went Back to Work, ...more

10 Things I Didn't Expect From Motherhood

I read a slew of books during pregnancy. I loved finding out the size of my baby every week in relation to food/fruit dimension. I also had a book dedicated to “teach” parents about the first few years of toddlerhood. And here I am. Two years and ...more

You Can Survive the Weekend. I Promise.

Those first few days and weeks of your divorce are a most confusing and agonizing time. You are troubled by the process, the emotions, the finances, and of course, how to carry on with the rest of your life. However, probably the most dreaded of ...more

An Open Letter of Love to All Moms

Dear new mothers and soon-to-be-mothers and maybe even mothers who have been mothers for a long damn time, I’ve decided to write you all a letter based on things I’ve learned since becoming a mother. I have four children; the oldest is 10, and the youngest is 18 months old. Although I haven’t been a mother as long as many other mothers, I think I’ve earned a place to be able to share some advice that should help you not only be a better mother but perhaps will also bring you some inner peace....more
Very lovely! Great reminders about being judged and not judging. I will file away the part about ...more

The Comparison Trap: Why We Compare Our Children to Others

I work a few times a month at a non-profit dental clinic for children. Just last week, I saw a sweet 13-month-old boy who could already say about 20 words. That's more than my own son who is almost two. When I came home, I was telling my husband about this little boy, when he stopped me mid-sentence and asked, "Why do you keep doing that? You're always comparing." ...more

Celebrating the Mother Figures in My Life

I was lucky to have many mother figures present in my life when I was little. Each of these phenomenal women helped to make me the mother I am today. ...more

The Dentist

Yesterday I took Nicholas to the dentist....more

Chinese Style Gift Boxes And Very Fun, Completely Cute, Make Me Smile Gift Tags

These little packages make me so happy. They were fun to fix up. I had a last-minute-lunch with friends a couple of weeks ago and the last-minute-idea that it’d be fun to take gifts along for my girlfriends ....more

When Mother's Day is Hard

This Sunday will be my second Mother’s Day since my mother died.When Mother’s Day is hardEvery day has felt like Mother’s Day since my mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease in May 9 years ago.  Honoring and protecting her became my life’s work during her illness....more

Motherhood & Friendship

Every once in a while, life brings you an unexpected new friend and it’s a breath of fresh air. ...more

A letter to my oldest daughter on her birthday,

(This is a throwback from last year, and one week before Mayday's birthday this year.) To Maeday, on your 8th birthday: ...more

The plague of frogs

I got home late last night at almost midnight. Gulley made the late night run to the airport to pick me up because nobody’s cuter than her and she shares my tendency to be a night owl. When I walked through my front door I could have cried with joy over being home and felt like I barely had the energy to wash the airport off me, but then I climbed into bed and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning and generally not sleeping ....more

before i forget.

I told my kids that River is not supposed to be in my class at church since he wasn’t old enough. They happily reminded me that he is now three. On a blog post a couple weeks ago, I wrote that Sophia was nine ....more

Weekend Recap and a Scare

Our weekends really don't end on Sunday. Joe's days off are Sunday and Monday. So this post comes a little late....more

No more bad cop {I quit the fashion police}

About three weeks ago I did something revolutionary. Something so far out of my comfort zone I still get the sweats when I have to deal with it. Yet, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made...I quit the fashion police.Three weeks ago, my voice hoarse from yelling at the little humans in my house to get ready for school, I realized that we were fighting over the most bullshit of reasons ....more

What crazy people do (dining room before and after)

One thing that crazy people do, I think, is to go to hardware stores on the day of their son's first communion to buy 1x2 boards....more