Follow These Handy Tips and Flying With Baby Will Be a Breeze

ONE | Fill the Diaper Bag with Essentials - I made sure I packed that thing with everything but the kitchen sink. These are just a few of the key things to make sure you have. ...more

New Moms: Save Money with These Helpful Tips

You’ve heard the stories. How raising a child from birth to 18 years of age will cost the average family $245,000. The expensive gear you absolutely need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The childcare, the formula, and the zillions of ...more

Teachers Offer Insight and Advice You NEED to Read

I have always wondered what teachers *REALLY* want to say to parents, but can't. I get the impression they feel worried about telling parents the truth since these days some moms and dads are quick to blame the teacher for problems with their ...more

Pop Happy Bubbles, Sleep Well!

I realized that what she needed was to go to bed with happy, positive thoughts going through her head that would hopefully override the fearful ones. So we started Happy Bubbles. Every night after she was tucked in bed, we would "pop" happy bubbles ...more

Down Syndrome: Don't Apologize for My Son's Existence

"I'm sorry," the man said during a business meeting. For the first time I could remember, someone apologized to me for my son having Down syndrome. I've heard a lot of interesting comments as a parent, but this was the first time someone apologized ...more

What Do You Miss About Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy is rough. It's hard on your body, it's hard on your emotions and it's just plain hard. But it's also an absolute beautiful time of life and one that, once you're out of, you kind of miss. Today, I'm focusing on the good parts of pregnancy, and sharing what other moms miss about being pregnant. "Me time. It's few and far between now that my baby is my number one priority!" –Katie R. "Eating whatever I wanted, and blaming it on 'cravings.'" –Claire D. ...more

Read This Before You Give a Bunny or Chick for Easter

Live animals don’t belong in Easter baskets. As adorable as baby bunnies, chicks, and ducks may be, they aren’t great gifts. They require an intense level of care and have life expectancies of up to around 20 years. ...more
Great post! People need a post like this about feeding of stray cat and not getting them fixed.more

5 Reasons Our Large Family Was the Coolest on the Block

I have read several articles lately about the downsides of coming from a large family, and I must say that after reading the first one, I was ready to write THIS post to set the record straight. I realize that everyone’s family experience is different and I honor all families no matter what their size, but I have a totally different feeling about big families. Even if you didn’t have the best home life, you have blood relatives who understand you and your life experience and who can understand the things that have helped you to become the person you are today. ...more
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Cereal Glazed Donuts

Years ago I had something that changed my life. I had a raised donut that was glazed and then covered in cereal. CEREAL ....more

Kick Your Knees UP and smile!

Oh, today has been such a busy one!Packed with all kinds of fun things.Callbacks for Mary Poppins were this morning and I had a blast! I am amazed at how much I am enjoying theater! Even callbacks are fun!This was my token picture I took at the red light on my way home because I forgot to take one while at callbacks ....more

February 2015 - Part Two

Here's a few more pictures of what we did in February: Opening gifts! She wasn't sure what to think! Loving all of her new presents! ...more

Come on Idaho, you’ve got to get it together

This week, Idaho, the state where I grew up, had yet another misstep in basic human rights and dignity. This one evolved around the lyrics to a country song by Little Big Town. Their new song, “Girl Crush” about a women envious of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, was pulled from a Boise radio station because listeners vehemently complained about the lyrics “promoting the gay agenda.” Here’s a snippet of the lyrics: The song wasn’t about same-sex love ....more

Master Bedroom Reveal

It's complete. Well, it's been complete for a while. I just forgot to take pictures until now....more

Things I Wish I Knew Before My School Fundraiser Gala

Image Credit: Ryan Hyde, Flickr It’s the event of the year, and everyone at school is talking about who’s going, who’s not, and where the best pre-parties and after parties are. No, it’s not prom, it’s the annual school fundraiser gala. Once an event for ritzy private academies, this annual dinner and auction is now commonplace for many public schools ....more

A Science Birthday Party!

I've been meaning to post some pictures from Colin's science themed 6th birthday party! It was so much fun!!While we tried to steer Colin in the direction of having his party at a location other than our lovely home (because it's on the small side and because it just seems easier to have it somewhere else), what he really desired was a birthday party, at home, with a science theme.And because he's so cute, well, we just couldn't say "no"!Also, my in-laws are scientists (a huge WIN when your kid wants a science party). Lucky for us, they were totally on board for helping to make this party a success!My father-in-law started the party with a science show ....more