I Lost a Part of My Breast to Breastfeeding

I believe in breastfeeding. I’ve seen all of the stats. I’ve read all of the research. I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, if I am able. ...more

I'm Going Back to Work and My Kid Made Me Feel Okay About It

So, I'm going back to work. Full time. ...more

But We Grew Here

And then he said: Let’s sell the house and move to a new one. My life has not been the same since. What was my husband thinking? Fast forward seven and a half months to our accepted offer. This moving thing was really happening. What were we ...more

Who Is that Woman with My Son?

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a ...more

A Little Ice Cream Before Dinner Never Hurt... RIGHT?

We live in Maine and this "eternal winter" is making my kids stir crazy which is in turn making me run out of ideas to keeping them from driving each other up the wall. I'm already hanging from the ceiling. So when I found out a few days ago that ...more

Do You Trust Your Teen Alone with Members of the Opposite Sex?

What would you do if your child asks if he/she could spend a few hours at a friend's house without any adult supervision? Would it matter if the child he/she was hanging out with was of the opposite sex? As a mom of a 15-year-old daughter, I have had no problems over the years of letting my child spend time with her friends, boys and girls, so long as I knew the parents and if a parent was present while my daughter was with their child. ...more
I am the mother of teen sons. As a teen myself, a couple of decades back, my best friend was a ...more

What's In My Diaper Bag: Toddler Edition

Happy April! The sun is shining bright and it's finally warm! Can't wait to take a walk around the 'hood once Sofia wakes up from her nap. Lately, she hasn't been much into sitting in the stroller. Yesterday evening, our own little mini-Hulk continually thrust her entire body forward in an effort to break though the straps. Obviously the stroller won and she was pissed. We plopped our dog in the there, Sof held the leash, and everyone came out a winner. ...more

My Mother-in-Law Won't Apologize!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I've recently had some upset with my MIL.  Although I have apologized for my part of the disagreement, she is incapable of saying the words, "I'm sorry." What's the deal with people who can't say I'm sorry—like ever?!  And how do I restore good family relations when she won't do her part to smooth things over and move forward? ...more

Spring Break {twenty fourteen}

I awoke Tuesday morning with such a feeling of calm it was almost foreign to me. My children woke me, like in the good old days. I was actually happy to hear their voices instead of a digital alarm clock ....more

My Peeps

I present to you: the face of pure Easter joy. Though that picture does accurately sum up his almost-3-year-old attitude that has surfaced in recent weeks, it does not represent the way he was actually feeling about his Easter party at school yesterday. There were eggs filled with candy and other random crap toys, there were stickers, there were cookies, there were crafts.. ....more

Amarcord – A Fellini Feast

Last night I was invited to a fabulous Fellini feast, the opening night of “Amarcord” – a dance performance based on Italian Film Director Federico Fellini’s 1973 film of the same name. The title “Amarcord” is taken from the local … Continue reading → ...more

How To Install A Plank Wall

It is still hard to believe that this is the same space!...more

Just An Added Bonus

#word. photo from my fitness pinterest board Since getting serious about getting fit, I've been noticing a lot of people talk about Shakeology on instagram. I saw all these women in amazing shape rave about the shakes and how it has given them mass energy and helped propel them into losing weight ....more

DIY: From an old t-shirt into a no-sew summer top

I have been busy sorting out our closet... and then the girls arrived from school. They started rummaging through the clothes, grabbing items they absolutely cannot live without ....more

Party Animal

Lottie turned TWO!!!!! On a chilly evening in April, the Nielson's donned animal masks and celebrated Charlotte turning two. I have over 15 different animal masks and let each of the Little Nies choose their favorite animal to be for the whole evening....more

Good Friday.

I have so many thoughts swirling my mind and heart this Easter, and hopefully I will be able to pen them soon....more

Easter traditions and basket ideas

So Easter is this weekend! ...more

Five on Friday vol. 13

So quickly these weeks go by, I can hardly keep up!! I feel like this time of year gets a little more hectic and time just sort of gets away from me!ONE It's baseball season!! If you've been reading here for a while then you probably know that I'm not much of a sports fan, except for baseball!! ...more