Playroom Organization for Moms Who Hate Pinterest

If you’re looking for a color coordinated wall of bins, or a toy bin label printable, you've come to the wrong place. I buy my bins at Walmart, and I don’t actually know what a printable is or why we would call it that. Isn't anything on your ...more

My Kids Are Good Kids

Seated at the fancy Grand Hotel, in Mackinac Island, MI, I started to sweat. A slight panic attack lurked in the back of my mind as I glanced down at the fine china on the table, the massive assortment of silverware stacked around the place setting, ...more

Help Little Ones Learn at Home

Gigi, my five-year-old, wants to know everything about... EVERYTHING! Questions, questions, questions. all. the.time. I love her inquisitive nature and her thirst for knowledge, but boy can it be exhausting answering every question she has. So in ...more

Why Every Parent Needs to Make a Will

It's not something we like to think about, parents or otherwise, but it is a serious and imperative document to establish once you have kids. The #1 reason people put off making a will is the cost associated with it. I'm happy to tell you that you ...more

We Weren't Silent During #NMOS14

Thursday at 7 p.m., thousands of Americans gathered together at vigils in memory of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the other people who have lost their lives in incidents of police brutality. As those crowds drew together to observe a ...more

6 Ideas to Prepare Young Kids for the First Day of Preschool

The first day of school is kind of a big deal, especially for preschoolers. Leaving the comfort of home isn't easy, but it’s a huge milestone for both kids and parents. Prepare for the first day of school by creating an exciting, positive experience at home. It's important to help kids feel confident and ready to tackle a new experience. Follow these tips to prepare for a great first day of school: ...more

On Food Allergies and the First Day of School: She Was Okay

I breezed through the first day of school like an old pro today. I dropped my first grader off outside his classroom then made my way to kindergarten. My brave little girl sat stoically in her seat as I said my goodbyes. I threaded my way through the kindergarten parents clustered around the donut table in the courtyard. Sniffling while their little babies said the pledge of allegiance for the first time behind the closed doors. My carefully averted eyes giving them privacy and refusing to allow their emotions to affect me. I didn't stop for a donut—or a tissue. ...more
I went through and still go through the worries everyday with Holland's severe allergies. It's ...more

5 Tips on Raising a Strong-Willed Child

I'm totally smitten by my daughter's gumption, independence, carefree spirit, and determination. I've witnessed her solve problems all on her own. I've shared the thrill of her figuring out how to put on her sandals while being able to successfully secure the strap all on her own. I've seen the love and care she gives to all of her friends at school. I've observed how confidently she expresses herself to her teachers, family, friends, and us. I know all of these wonderful traits will take my little girl far in life and I feel so honored to be able to tag along for the ride. ...more

School Days 2014

For the redheads, the summer has officially come to an end....more

I finally took the plunge

And here's where my epic pessimism comes in.Remember how I've been talking about pursuing photography with a little more determination? Mhmm....more

Fort Friday

It’s Friday! How about some fort (treehouse) inspiration today?! Saw this indoor treehouse on Homedit I always love these little lofts people build in their homes – from Apartment Therapy LOVE this treehouse from Modfrugal And this beautiful treehouse from Natural State Treehouses And you can even buy plans for this one...more

#Chingonafest Fridays: Myrah Duque

Welcome to WEEK 17 of #ChingonaFest Fridays on Aspiring Mama. If you’re new to the blog, here’s the link to the my Latina Dimelo column that sparked the conversation that’s still going strong. The premise is this: I want to raise my daughter to be a Chingona — on purpose, Las Tias and cultural backlash be damned ....more

Hello There, Friday!

I'm not in the mood to waste any time, so let's get right to it -- the weekend awaits! back-to-school I can't believe O starts preschool school in a little over two weeks! He'll be going two days a week and I will be working in his classroom on one of those days ....more

New study: Fitter kids have different white matter in their brains

First, let me say that this new study doesn't prove that exercise raising IQ. But it does provide support to the idea that being fit makes kids smarter.Researchers at the Univrsity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign looked at the brains of 24 kids (ages 9 and 10). They discovered that the fitter kids had more white matter, which  likely indicates a better-connected brain.Still, the study isn't definitive proof that being fit makes you smarter. It could also be that obese kids have different brains - that it's the fat affecting the brain, not the fit....more

Flash Back Friday

Do you remember this cute style? Its honestly one of my favorites. Its great for when you are growing out bangs ....more

Searching for Joy

I’m going away for a few days. My body and soul can’t take any more noise. I need quiet to balance my...more

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to sell my twin brother, in kindergarten?!?!

It was the first day of kindergarten. My grandmother dropped us off at the front door and I still remember my begging her to take me back home with her. It's not like the school would miss me, there were tons of other kids waiting in line AND none of them had a twin I do ....more


There are lots of questions we ask ourselves when we're wondering if we're ready to become parents. Am I financially stable? Am I the right age? ...more