How To Convince Parents Their Kids Don't Need Formal Preschool Over In-Home Childcare

Childcare providers everywhere have the same issue nowadays: Losing kids over the age of two to a brick building. That’s all it is really, a difference in the building. ...more

Should You Join the PTA? The Answer Might Surprise You

My first introduction to the PTA (or Parent Teacher Association) was through my mother's typewriter. Click, clack. Click, clack. My mother, co-president of the PTA, had volunteered to type up the recipe submissions for "Koala Kitchen," a ...more

About Those Things I Said I'd Never Say or Do as a Parent ... Oh, Well

Marriage and parenting are two of the most idealized life experiences. There are so many elements of growing up -- and raising people to grown-ups -- that we don’t consider. And when we do consider them it's almost always with an air of "Oh, I’ll ...more

Autism's Past, Present, and Future: An Interview With 'NeuroTribes' Author Steve Silberman

Steve Silberman is not the first writer to invest a significant chunk of his life in a book about autism. But he's the first whose book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, does right by autistic people, and those who ...more

An Open Letter to Typical Parents on the First Day of School

Dear Typical Parent, Hi there! I saw you this morning at the bus stop, taking pictures of your kids in their new clothes with shiny backpacks and haircuts. My son was the little guy with a hole in the back of his shirt where he ripped out the ...more

Fathers Are the Other Half of the MotherHood

"The problem with you women," the senior partner at my law firm said, "is that you say you want to be treated just like men.  But you don't, really.  You want something different." Image Credit: David Bleasdale via Flickr...more

A Message to the Moms Whose Kids Are Not Heading Off to College

I've seen so many beautiful photos on my timelines this week. Moms are sharing pictures of their children heading off to college. I've enjoyed seeing all the pics of packing, dorm rooms, and tearful farewells as you drop your babies off at the university of their choice. I'm so happy for all the Moms and young adults embarking on the next phase of their lives. But what about the Moms that aren't making that trip? I wonder how they're feeling right now? ...more

How I'm Helping My Kids Build Confidence

We're teaming up with the Representation Project (of which I have always been a fan) and their new #BuildConfidence initiative, to talk about how we, as parents, can celebrate, inform and empower mentors who model positive self-esteem and body image. This is my take. ...more

Uplift Families

I have always been a self-professed "word nerd." Those of you who read this blog (Hi, Mom!) know that I mention this often. I love learning new words. I love learning about where they come from and what they mean ....more

30 Paintings In 30 Days 2015 Day 1

It’s the first day of 30 Paintings in 30 Days! I am about to embark on the fulfilling, yet slightly grueling (possibly masochistic) journey of painting one painting a day for 30 days straight. I’ve warned my family not to expect dinner, clean laundry, or my attention for a while ....more


Remember the "World CP Challenge" we did in 2012? Well, now it's re-named Steptember, and team TWIN PEAKS is at it again.As a reminder, here's how it works...I intend to take on the challenge of completing a minimum of 10,000 steps per day from tomorrow, September 2, until September 29th, raising funds for Cerebral Palsy - specifically for the CP association of British Columbia.Do you know that last time YOU helped our team raise an INCREDIBLE $7400?!! Well we're asking you to open your hearts, and your wallets, to support not only my beautiful boys, but everyone in BC living with CP ....more

4 Rules For Back to School Night Success

By TER author Jennifer Wolfe Even after 25 years of teaching middle school, I still get Back To School Night jitters. There’s something about standing in front of a group of adults who are trusting you to educate their child, help them become more literate, and prepare them for their first year of high school that makes me feel just a little bit on edge. And as always, at the end of the night I usually feel great if I’ve followed my own four basic rules for Back To School Night Success: Rule #1: Smile and be joyful ....more

Chef’s Tasting at Rural Society: So Decadent!

The last time I visited the new-ish Loews Chicago hotel in the Streeterville neighborhood, I was with Liz and her middle daughter and we were too busy with the sightseeing to enjoy a meal at Rural Society, their Argentinian steakhouse. It was a bummer but I made a promise to myself that I’d get back there as soon as I could, to try it out. As it turned out, it happened even sooner than I thought it would! ...more

Show + Tell Tuesday {9/11}

Today's Show & Tell Tuesday is near and dear to my heart. I've posted about it before, but couldn't pass up posting about it again....more

Fall, Fall, Fall, let's have a ball!

September 1st. I know I'm going to sound like the most predictable person in the world but I woke up this morning and though "ahhh, I really want to bake some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins". I don't think I've ever even made those before but for some reason the realization that today was September made me want to make them ....more

Deformities Are Not Disillusions


PW Collection Shopping Spree!

My PW Collection launched today (you can see it all here!) and I’m super excited to have a giveaway to celebrate! Today, because I love ya, and because I want to thank you so much for supporting me during this whole process, I’m giving away two (2) $300 gift cards to Walmart, which can be used either online or in stores to stock up on PW cookware, dinnerware, kitchnware…anything your heart desires! The prices in the line are great, so you can get a lot of bang for the 300 bucks! ...more

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