We're All Equally Horrible at Parenting!

One of the super fun things about motherhood is the way everyone has a better idea of how to raise your child than you do. Whether you’re being lambasted on Facebook by Judgerson McGillicuddie when you post a picture of your 11-month-old eating ...more

Yes, You Can Enjoy It!

We all know life isn't always unicorns and rainbows. We all have good days as well as bad. There are days when my life seems so perfect that I wouldn't trade it for any other. And by perfect, I mean a clusterfuck; faults, flaws, and hurts ...more

How to Teach Children to Be Kind Online

In Kindness Wins, Galit walks the reader through ten online habits to teach and model. She strings together the practical guidelines with engaging real-life anecdotes and ends each chapter with a timely article to read and conversation starters for ...more

Letting Them Have Some Freedom

Ben gave me a 20-week Fitness Challenge which will take us right through summer and hopefully become so habit forming that we never stop doing a little something every day that is good for us. Together, we have walked and ridden bikes and even ...more

Lower That Mask, Momma

Dear momma friend, What would happen if we dared to lower our masks? If we stepped out in courage and dared to strip away the fake, the lies, the shame, the disguises. What would happen if we put away the fears and dared to be honest? To be ...more

POTUS Says Fighting for Family Issues Is Our Responsibility, Too. He's Right.

"Women's rights—whether that's equal pay, whatever the case might be—it's not just for women. When women benefit, everyone benefits." ~ Towanda Long, Queenocracy.com, waiting to participate in #ObamaTownHall...more
Second that! and second that over and over! All power to women! Thank you BlogHer and SheKnows.more

Guess What, Moms? I Don't Care How You Define Parenting

Helicopter moms vs. free range moms. Spank or don’t spank. Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. Cry it out vs. co-sleeping. I don’t care how you define your parenting and the choices you make for your child. I really don’t. I could give two shits less what you do. Why should I? Your choices have no effect over my child or my family. ...more
Starting *tone*more

Day of Silence: What If Someone Had Stood Up for My Trans Daughter?

"Slurs," my husband told me angrily over the phone."They're commenting on her pictures with slurs."...more
MavenOfMayhem Tracey B. make sure it is a school that no one knows her it will give her a chance ...more

Easy Wednesday

Is the week passing by too fast? Easy Wednesday post might slow it down for you just a bit, one photo at a time. It is a picture post that will be waiting for you every Wedneseday, trying to take your mind off for a tiny little bit and help you recharge ....more

Paw Patrol and Family Diversity

I should blog more about cartoons and how they are shaping our young children.It's being done in a subtle way if you ask me.  I've moved on since Ian's fascination over Peppa Pig has faded and now a days Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob have taken stage center.One of the things that kind of pinpointed the impact these programs were having on Ian was when we brought home Albizu (our puppy) and he asked me,"Why doesn't Albizu talk?""What???"...more

Everything’s Going to Be OK

By seeing a glimpse of life, we connect. This film series focuses on knowing Everything Will Be OK. Raising a child special needs is parenting ....more

Easter Sunday 2015 Recap

Easter Sunday was a wonderful celebration this year. Gpa and Gma hosted at their house and in addition to both our awesome families being there Kara and her little family joined the fun too! Even tho Zeno looks like he didn’t enjoy his first Easter in the picture above, trust me he did ....more

It's the Freakin' Weekend

Baby, I'm about to have me some fun.First, a gift. From Busy Phillips' IG account to the world: I MEAN, COME ON. Heavenly ....more

mulberry spring summer 2015

inspired by english garden summer day, mulberry's latest collection is darling! (see video here) thought i was totally done with my alexa and then i saw this cute little backpack!! what a cutie!! ...more

5 Minute Chicken Curry with Spicy Sauteed Greens (Gluten Free, Low FODMAP)

This is something that is a consistent hit with our entire family, which actually really surprises me (especially the spinach) but I will take it! It's not the fanciest but its is FAST, which is key these days. I have also found it freezes quite well.5 Minute Chicken Curry with Spicy Sauteed GreensServes 4-6~ 4 cups shredded chicken*32 oz plain whole-milk yogurt (Low FODMAP: use lactose free yogurt such as Green Valley)1 T cumin2 T curry powder1 tsp salt5 oz fresh spinach or kale2 Tbsp of oil or butter or combo (I like 1 Tbsp butter and 1 Tbsp garlic oil)1/2 - 1 tsp Tabasco sauceSalt and Pepper Directions1 ....more

Braided Half Up | Prom Hairstyles

BONUS VIDEO! Be sure to check back here this coming Wednesday night, to see a bonus family video! It’ll be a Room Tour of Daxton & Paisley’s room! ...more

Make a Simple Holder for Felt Letters

This time I'd like to complement the felt board idea from last time by adding a simple DIY holder for the felt letters you may have made for your toddler....more