Puberty Changed the Relationship I Had with My Dad

While my father can’t sing like Christopher Plummer from The Sound of Music, the nasal tenor of “Edelweiss” on the radio welled up inside my throat like a time portal, taking me back to when my dad used to sing it to me at bedtime. Why, I ...more

Follow These Handy Tips and Flying With Baby Will Be a Breeze

ONE | Fill the Diaper Bag with Essentials - I made sure I packed that thing with everything but the kitchen sink. These are just a few of the key things to make sure you have. ...more

New Moms: Save Money with These Helpful Tips

You’ve heard the stories. How raising a child from birth to 18 years of age will cost the average family $245,000. The expensive gear you absolutely need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The childcare, the formula, and the zillions of ...more

Teachers Offer Insight and Advice You NEED to Read

I have always wondered what teachers *REALLY* want to say to parents, but can't. I get the impression they feel worried about telling parents the truth since these days some moms and dads are quick to blame the teacher for problems with their ...more

Pop Happy Bubbles, Sleep Well!

I realized that what she needed was to go to bed with happy, positive thoughts going through her head that would hopefully override the fearful ones. So we started Happy Bubbles. Every night after she was tucked in bed, we would "pop" happy bubbles ...more

Important Lessons Learned During Easter Egg Coloring

This past weekend I facilitated the coloring of Easter Eggs with my three and four year olds. The ordeal unfolded much like the way training an Angora rabbit to use a lint roller might. As with everything, it was a learning experience. I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned with you so that you might adjust your own egg dying session accordingly. ...more
"There WILL be crying and pouting."  I don't do egg dying, but my guess is that at my house, all ...more

17 Important Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business. For me, it happens so often around these parts the hospital stay is like a mini vacation with room service and everything. Shall we treat it as such? Why not. ...more

Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?

The New York Time's Motherlode had an article recently about the parenting trend to have someone occupy your child over Skype or FaceTime in order to free you to do other things in the house. Think of it like babysitting from afar. Like really really afar. ...more
stirrupqueen In no scenario could I envision a Skype based babysitting service a good thing. ...more

Technological Angst – and I’m a Rebel… Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel with Coffee

Last day of March? Man, I really need to stop blinking. Time flies when you’re having fun – and even when it’s not so much fun ....more

Nobody’s Cuter Than You – A Giveaway!

So in one week – just one week – y’all are in for such a treat. I cannot even begin to tell you. Because in one week, my dear friend Melanie’s new book releases, and IT ....more

Today and everyday at 4:12pm.

It's become the sweetest part of our day. Liam wakes up from his nap and, no matter what, wants to see "Wane Eh-wee-utt" first thing. Red-cheeked and warm, he wipes his eyes and asks, "Put baby girl on floor?" and prances around her, giggling at her many expressions ....more

American Idol – Top 9

Tonight is 80’s week. This is promising!!! As a product of 1973, I loved the 80s and I have high hopes for this to be a great night ....more

The Purple Dilemma

Back in the days of our newlywed bliss, Sam and I bought bicycles. Nothing fancy, just practical mountain bikes that we rode all over the town of North Pole that first summer we had them. And then we had Becky and didn't bother to get a baby seat for a 3 month old and the bikes sat ....more

The Spring Came Suddenly Quote

Spring is sprung! xo- ~ h ...more

This, That, And The Other Thing

Too sleepy to write much more than a quick update tonight. ...more

Everything I've Learned Is Useless

The third time it happened, I knew. This "opposites" thing that is happening with the daughters born eight years apart is going to be that something that pushes my everything. The Big Kid follows rules, almost to a fault ....more

Parenting Moments

Moments in parenting when you think to yourself why did I just do that. This Saturday morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. There was a man making balloon characters. He made our son an alien and our daughter a crown. After we left we preceded to our next destination.  Minutes later a balloon then popped on our daughter's hat. She began to cry with little tears running down her face. My husband turned the car around and back we went. I took her back into the restaurant and the man fixed her crown. As we got back into the car I found out our son had a balloon pop on his alien....more


Oh, Mondays. Why must you be such a surprise? I know you're coming, I'm just never quite prepared for you.These two, though - they make Mondays look good! ...more