I Just Need 21 Days For This to Stick (Beyoncé Told Me So)

It was our great philosopher in a bowler hat, Boy George, who said it best when he sang: Time won't give me time. It's one of those hard truths working mothers (hell, all mothers!) know too well.And for us WAHMs ... listen. The juggle is real.  ...more

In Adoption, Love Means Never Having to Say You're Grateful

“Thank you for being my mother.” “Yeah, thanks.” “Thank you.”  ...more

The Day I Met My Son

Yes, you read that title correctly: I now have a son ... This story started a long time ago. Decades. It begins with my sister. She and I never really got along. As a child I idolised her. She found me annoying. She was popular, gorgeous and ...more

One Mom's Honest Reaction to Her Son Coming Out as Gay

Originally written on October 7, 2015. I had no answer to the question. I didn't think I'd need one. So let's backtrack a little bit: A little over 15 years ago, our first, beautiful baby boy was born. We couldn't wait for him to talk. Then ...more

My Version of Motherhood

Editor's Note: Writing -- whether it's for long pieces or a quick-hit NaBloPoMo post -- is all about dedication. It takes a real commitment to sit, focus, tune out the world, and put your stories on the page. This post was about setting a timer for ...more

Do You Really Need to Know Why They're Crying? (Spoiler: Nope.)

New parents have it rough sometimes. Babies cry -- a lot. I've often found myself thinking it'd be so much easier if my little one could just tell me why she's upset. Then I could fix the problem and everything would be wonderful, right? Wrong. ...more

5 Ways 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Got Me Thinking About Cross-Cultural Thanksgivings

Recently, I watched the new CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which features Rebecca, a Jewish American woman visiting her ex-boyfriend Josh’s extended Filipino American family for Thanksgiving. While it’s completely over-the-top (the hip-hop video segment!), it was hilarious....more
Laura Kosloff Thanks for chiming in! I'm glad it makes sense.more

What Kinds of Therapies Actually Help Autistic Kids?

At two-and-a-half, my autistic son spoke more often than several other kids in his regional center-funded speech and language class. Two years later, several of those kids talked non-stop, whereas my son continued to speak only occasionally, and mostly kept his own counsel. We parents of those kids constantly compared notes, as parents of autistic kids often do, about the differences in our kids' speaking abilities. Which different therapies and interventions were our kids receiving? How did they make a difference, and why? ...more
The three paragraphs about ABA are very wrong. We sometimes focus on compliance because that's ...more

The Civil War trailer is here!

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, the Captain America: Civil War premiered during Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Who’s side are you on? And what do you hope makes it into the movie? ...more

A Decade Of Rambling And Also Fancy (Numbered!) Lists

We just got home from spending a few days at Universal Studios in Orlando, and I think it was one of my favorite family trips ever. For one thing we love riding rides and rollercoasters and basically participating in all the theme park activities, but I especially loved being outside for a few days. Granted, I was walking around in replicas of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade instead of, you know, nature, but my goodness it was nice to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air and see a little bit more of the sky than I normally do ....more

A Few Things Before We Disperse For The Holiday

- This sweater. It's long, it's slouchy (I'm in a size large - I size up often for a more relaxed look) and it's honestly one of the most comfortable soft pieces of clothing I have ever owned. AND it's only $48 AND if you use code RAVEN15 you get %15 percent off ....more

November Happenings

Just what we've been up to in November... Even though we tried our best to celebrate Halloween, Claire and Maggie were really sad to miss out on trick-or-treating because we were at a wedding in West Virginia that weekend. Some friends saved the day by giving us the extra candy they were planning to take to the dentist's candy buy-back party (they were going out of town and had to miss it) ....more

Massage as Self Care, Because Being a Parent Takes a Toll

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. When I first met John about 12 years ago he had never had a massage. Not even once ....more

Happy Day of the Turkey to you!

I know. It’s not actually Thanksgiving yet. And at our Thanksgiving meal it really isn’t even going to be the Day of the Turkey as Caroline used to call it when she was little, but rather the Day of the Turducken ....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be taking a little break from this white space to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with yours! I may even drag out the old maternity pants just so I can eat extra helpings on Thanksgiving! ...more

Make Us Thankful

My dad had a theory that you could measure how Baptist a person was by counting the number of times they said “Just” while asking the blessing before a big meal. Like this would score pretty high on the Baptist-o-meter: (with every head bowed and every eye closed) Lord, we just ask that you just […] ...more


I have a few traditions on Thanksgiving. Not many - the menu, recording the Macy's parade so I can watch it and fast-forward through all the crappy pop music, commercials, and talking heads to see the twenty minutes of balloons, floats and high school bands I'm interested in hidden among all that junk...more

The Enemy of Gratitude

Guest post by Arlene Pellicane What’s the enemy of gratitude? In one word: Indulgence. When our kids ask us for a new train set, video game, or doll, and we march straight for the cash register, we are teaching them something ....more