New House Rules!

Ridiculous in light of more important rules we need around here, but hey, a girl can dream. Funny thing is, we don't actually even HAVE any official household rules. It's on my list to thoughtfully draft some one day soon. I probably would have done ...more

One Time I Was in the Shower...

I peeled an orange in the shower. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it really happened. There I was, in the shower, minding my own business, when Tiny-Small burst through the door yelling, “I’m hungee, Mom! I’m hungee!” I told her I’d be out in a ...more

A Letter to All the Babies I've Loved

Dear baby, Over the years, your face has changed—not just from the sweet rounded cheeks of a newborn to the angular face of a seven-year-old, but from face to face, of all the babies I have been privileged to know and hold. Your eyes have ...more

Oh Dear... My Daughters Are Kissing Each Other

It all started when the girls came downstairs with a guilty-ish look on their pixie faces. I'm praying that they will always carry such transparency in their eyes, but I'm not hopeful. "What'd you guys do?" Eden {5} looked at Ellie {7} for a ...more

"Do Angelina's Adopted Kids Have Hurt Parts Too?"

My daughter can list all of the Kardashians, but somehow never noticed Angelina Jolie until Maleficent. She’d heard of Brad Pitt. She didn’t really know who he was, but knew he was very famous. She was very impressed when I told her he was Angelina’s ...more

Time: The Gift I Received After We Nearly Lost Our Son

My husband and I watched the movie About Time a few nights ago. It’s the story about a guy who can travel back in time whenever he wants, and he does so to get the girl of his dreams and the outcome he wants in certain life situations. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie, which may or may not have something to do with Bill Nighy being in it; for some reason, that guy just cracks me up. At the end of the movie, the main character comes to the inevitable moral of the story moment, and it was one that hit me square in the BIG feels. ...more

I Forgot My Son's First Words and Lied About It

First, let me say that I love my son. He has brought more joy to my life than I could ever have imagined. Good, now that we have that straight, I must confess. I don’t actually remember all of my son’s firsts. Nor do I have video documentation or an alphabetized library of scrapbooks as proof that my son did indeed take his first step or speak his first word. But, I can promise you that my now 15-year-old son is a walking, talking teen who can string sentences together and walk from place to place all by himself. ...more
I can totally relate.  My 4 year old (2nd child) asked me the same thing recently and I guessed, ...more

24 Help Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in one day? I get you. I totally do. Time management is a tricky thing. When I started on my work-at-home journey, the biggest struggle I had was time management. I don't have regular working hours. Sure, I don't have to commute, but being a work-at-home mom means I am also in charge of keeping the household running while keeping my business up and running at the same time. ...more
EmilySeamone Thanks for sharing!more

Apple revenue sets new record. But...

Apple had a good day yesterday. During the previous quarter, its third of the fiscal year, it took in $37.4 billion U.S. in revenue - a new all-time Q3 record - and made a $7.75 billion profit.Other numbers, including gross margin (39.4%), cash-on-hand ($164.5 billion) and iPhone sales (35.2 million, another Q3 record), were similarly impressive, and underscored why Apple remains at the top of the tech pile. Still, weak iPad sales - they were down 9% - showed a worrisome crack in the armor ....more

10 Things I Learned After 5 Days in the Woods with the Boys

1. Not all paddles float. 2. The longer one debates if the paddle is worth being rescued when it is 60 degrees outside and the lake is cold, the less likely the rescue attempt will succeed. 3. Diving into lake to rescue paddle 3 seconds too late is cold and futile. And wet. Did I mention cold? ...more

WTF Wednesday: Whacked-Out Searches, Vol. 2

Forgive me for the graphic ... I'm not awesome at "The Photoshop." Few things are more amusing (and, okay, downright disturbing) than checking out Internet search terms. It's like snooping into other people's computers, kind of ....more


[hohm-bod-ee] home·bod·y   [hohm-bod-ee]  ...more

When Summer Gives You Crazy & You Give It Right Back

A week ago the Facebook page for my blog...more

Creative Process: Sting, Ships and Excavating Childhood

This is an extraordinary interview with Sting at the 92nd Street Y.No idea how I missed this when it was posted last October (perhaps chemo and radiation had something to do with my mind being elsewhere, eh?), but it is a meaty discussion about the roots of the new Broadway show that Sting is doing and his creative process in putting the material together.Just brilliant stuff.Discussion about creative process fascinates me....more

Butterscotch Blankees

When I was pregnant with Owen I remember someone saying that you could never have enough baby blankets. I really took that advise to heart! We registered for and purchase so many different kinds of blankets ....more

Just a Note on What’s Happening with the Blog

Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you a quick “heads up” about what’s happening with the blog. I’m not posting a regular post today because we’re in the middle of migrating servers ....more

Fun Ways to Practice Writing Letters

Writing letters is a skill kids will work on and perfect all the way through kindergarten. ...more

I Believe in Tacos

Well hello there, strangers.Hi. I haven't been around in, oh, about a week.But I had my reasons.I just spent four days in Arkansas with most of the (in)courage contributors, and I learned a few things while I was gone, things like Don't Forget To Pack Deodorant, and If You Do, Pray For A Really Generous Roommate With A Low Germaphobe Index.Give me a little space, an extra glug of oxygen and air, and I end up figuring out what I believe in. I believe in not opening the laptop for 5 days straight ....more