You Know It's Time to Stop Breastfeeding When...

I recently sailed past the 19 month mark of breastfeeding Declan, and did so with a sigh. I'm grateful for being able to nurse for so long, but the truth is that I'm ready to be done any time now. I started out with a six month goal, which turned to ...more

Ever Wonder How to Attract the Cool Moms?

We met at a park. We exchanged glances, checked each other out a little bit, moved closer to each other, exchanged some pleasantries and witty banter, and eventually our phone numbers. We began some casual texting, and later admitted to running quick ...more

Teaching a Special Needs Child to Read

"UP" points to the top of the stairs. "DOWN," of course, points down. I tape words and letters to walls and balls and stuffed rabbits and birds to help my son learn to read. "P" for patient is the one I should tape to my forehead.  ...more

Traveling via Air with an Infant Soon?

Vacation planning for couples or singletons usually means shopping for new attire, packing all essentials, planning trips or outings, and checking off items on their must-do lists at the holiday destination. Travel time during flight journeys or ...more

Day Cam Forms Are... Stupid

I just spent 40 minutes filling out forms for my kids to go to Day Camp. There are forms at school, at the doctor, at the dentist, at soccer, at gymnastics, and anywhere else you go. I find it hard to believe in today’s day and age that I still have ...more

The Most Important Lesson I Taught My Daughters I Learned from Halle Berry

When I hear the name Halle Berry, I immediately think of three things: her gorgeous face, her adorable pixie cut, and her messy break-ups. She is often in the press for her impeccable red-carpet looks, her cosmetic company endorsements, and her roller coaster of a love life. However, when it comes to giving parenting advice, her name doesn't appear on any lists that I know of. Nevertheless, one of the most important lessons I ever taught my daughters is a lesson I learned from Miss Halle Berry herself. Funny thing is, I doubt that she even knows what a perfect example she is. ...more

My Brother Took a Walk and Never Returned

You never think it will happen to you, not your family. Even the most paranoid and anxiety ridden of us never truly believe reality could be this cruel. We hear the news stories, we see the families huddled together, broken and scared, desperately hanging onto their prayers. We glance at the posters briefly, if we stare too long the picture might become too real and force us to imagine the nightmare. But then somehow, out of nowhere, everything we once knew shatters as we're dragged into one of life's horror shows. ...more
I am so sorry for your family. I am hoping and praying for your family.more

Most Adorable DIY Crocheted Nursing Necklace

About a month ago, I received an email from a friend of mine who recently had a baby. She asked if I would be interested in seeing if I could make her a nursing necklace. In case you didn't know (because I had no idea before she emailed me), a nursing necklace is a long, chunky necklace made with wood beads and cotton yarn. (It can be made with plastic or other materials too, but the wooden ones are what my friend wanted.)...more

This is Beautiful You

Finally, my favorite post of the week! Every Sunday morning I take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the...more

The Hannover Caterpillar

This tiny, little guy was working awfully hard to get somewhere. I wonder how long it took him to get up onto the bench just to inch along the top. I guess just about anyone will make a climb for a great view.. ....more

Birchbox July 2014

I am always...more

ice cream before dinner.

Today we spent more than a few hours working as a family, cleaning and organizing our church. The kids helped out so much and with the best, happy hearts.I’m not sure if they ever thought it was work with all the crazy laughing and talking they were doing. Even Tallulah and River were having a blast keeping busy.I’m so thankful to spend time with my husband and kids first on outreach this morning for a revival coming up and then finishing the day working at the church ....more

Are we There Yet?

When flying into Bali last week, I had the pleasure of sitting with both boys, constantly asking “are we there yet?” Now it’s only a couple of hours by plane from Singapore to Bali, so it’s not a long way to go, but obviously, it got me thinking about my own childhood. As you might have read in a previous blog - “The Datsun is Back” - when we asked “are we there yet?” 1. No one could hear us, and 2 ....more

Teen Dating and Uncomfortable Situations

Beau & CalvinBeau has been dating someone now for – I want to say half a year now.  Maybe longer, but I am old so last week to me usually means two months ago.  Anyhow, her boyfriend is a really nice guy and I totally approve....more

Seriously, the school supply list says what?

My daughter is starting kindgardten in a couple of weeks.  Being the crazy mom I am with a full time job and taking my online class, I figured I'd better do the shopping a little bit at a time. Here are some items on the school supply listBackpack-got it last fall on clearance.Lunch bag-got it last fall on clearance.Folder-she just got a Frozen one for her birthday...more

Just Two Girls Waterskiing


My Three Big B’s

My two most favorite parts of every day, are early morning when daughter is just waking up, and early evening when we start her bedtime routine. I love waking up to the pounding of little feet in her crib followed by the squeaky “Ooo’s” and “Aaa’s” of her little voice. My husband and I always lay in bed for a few minutes commenting on how adorable she is. There is no better way to start my day than by picking her up watching her face light up with the most beautiful baby girl smiles and excited laughter. I always greet her by saying, “Hi! Good morning baby girl!...more

Photo Gallery {My favorite}

I have a lot of favorite images from my Vietnam trip. ...more