The One Nosy Question That Can Send a First-Time Mother Reeling

When are you going to have another baby? I get this question quite often lately from everyone from co-workers to family members and even the check-out lady at Target. It's just small talk, and I understand that completely. It's one of those ...more

What Do I Tell My Daughter About Sandra Bland?

To my Little Magician: We’ll read this together when you’re old enough to understand. Motherhood has been an incredible adventure, but I have always been haunted by the guilt of bringing you into this world -- a world that has not been very kind ...more

Summertime, and the Kitchen Is Easy (Or It Will Be With These Dinner Tips)

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm too lazy to cook dinner for my family this summer, plus it's too hot. Any ideas? Signed, Kitchen Is Closed  ...more

After Devastation and Loss, My Rainbow Baby Is Here

Dear Ruby, If you would have told me a year ago that I would go a day without crying, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told me a year ago that I would laugh without guilt, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told ...more

4 'How To Be a Lady' Lessons My Daughters Won't Be Learning From Me

Dear Daughters The New York Times recently ran a piece about dads signing up for a special "clinic" at a hair salon to learn how to braid their daughters’ hair. The piece referenced girls on the playground, running amuck with hair that had clearly ...more

Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

"It's true love," my ex-husband said about his new girlfriend. Of course, he had spoken the same words to me. And for decades, I arranged my entire existence and created our family around that pronouncement. I also trusted my brother-in-law when he pledged a similar allegiance to me. When I first met my husband, I was surprised that he and his younger brother Jonah were more like casual acquaintances. Their parents had died years earlier and I had supposed that they would be tight, but that wasn't the case. ...more

The Baby Milestones That Matter Most

The day those two pink lines appeared, I felt the world stop moving. It was a wave of joy, fear, and squealing family phone calls. My brain was buzzing, and a giddy smile lingered across my mouth. I could hardly wait until my husband got home. He eventually walked through the door, exhausted after a 14-hour shift. The news exploded out of me. ...more

19 Difficult Questions About Parenting

There are occurrences in parenting that are puzzling to the mind. Sure, there are probably scientific reasons or results to a study that may help to explain some of these parenting phenomena, but still, moms and dads everywhere are thinking to themselves, what in the hell? Parents of little ones, do these unrelenting questions sound familiar? 1. Why do they hate to sleep? ...more

7-quick Takes

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum. 1. The girls have continued their art classes this summer. ...more

Avocado, Bacon & Corn Salad

You guys. This salad is amazing....more

Gorgeous Summer Skin

Who doesn’t want gorgeous skin in the summer? I mean who doesn’t want amazing skin in tank top and shorts weather?! It is summer…lots of time being spent outside in the warm temperatures, sunny skies, and lounging by the pool (or in my case lifeguarding our backyard kiddy pool, lol!) ....more

Grandpa Stew visit

Grandpa Stew came for a visit at the end of our neighborhood summer camp. The boys were excited to see him. We took him to Sam's, because that's what we do on Fridays for lunch ....more

Neighborhood camp

Still doing lots of catch up. Right after we got back from our big trip west, we had a neighborhood camp for the kids in our little hood. It was a week long camp, and we did different activities at different houses ....more

I Dreamed He Could Talk

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kelli McIntosh for a summer series highlighting great writers who focus on disability. It was a typical morning....more

Be Organized, Reach Goals and Have Fun with FREE PRINTABLES

I am SO excited to share this collection of printables with you. One of my favorite bloggers, Emily at My Love For Words...more

June 2015 - Part Three

Daily pictures from our days in June: Babysitting Cammie while Emily was at the doctor quickly became one of our favorite weekly activities! These girls have so much fun together! They were taking turns pushing each other in the stroller....more

My No Nonsense Post

Hi friends,Can I call you friends?...more

Parenting Project: Quiet Time Sign

Screaming, punching, kicking, calling names, throwing things at others. Our six-year-old, Miles, can be a tornado of anger when things don’t go his way. Through observations at school and at home, we’ve noticed that he usually lashes out for two reasons: to avoid something he doesn’t want to do or to gain attention when he isn’t receiving any ....more