About Those Things I Said I'd Never Say or Do as a Parent ... Oh, Well

Marriage and parenting are two of the most idealized life experiences. There are so many elements of growing up -- and raising people to grown-ups -- that we don’t consider. And when we do consider them it's almost always with an air of "Oh, I’ll ...more

Autism's Past, Present, and Future: An Interview With 'NeuroTribes' Author Steve Silberman

Steve Silberman is not the first writer to invest a significant chunk of his life in a book about autism. But he's the first whose book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, does right by autistic people, and those who ...more

An Open Letter to Typical Parents on the First Day of School

Dear Typical Parent, Hi there! I saw you this morning at the bus stop, taking pictures of your kids in their new clothes with shiny backpacks and haircuts. My son was the little guy with a hole in the back of his shirt where he ripped out the ...more

3 Helpful Tips For Navigating Target's New Genderless Toy Section (a.k.a. Our New Dystopia)

As you've surely heard by now, either via news reports or your homophobic aunt ranting on Facebook about how this is yet another sign of the end times, Target has announced they are no longer labeling their store toy aisles by gender. No more pink ...more

I Failed at My Summer To-Do List, and I Couldn't Be Happier

Summer vacation is gone. Like, seriously. Gone. I remember in May, before summer even started, I wrote out my daily schedule that I was planning to have throughout summer, along with what all I would accomplish both personally and with my ...more

A Message to the Moms Whose Kids Are Not Heading Off to College

I've seen so many beautiful photos on my timelines this week. Moms are sharing pictures of their children heading off to college. I've enjoyed seeing all the pics of packing, dorm rooms, and tearful farewells as you drop your babies off at the university of their choice. I'm so happy for all the Moms and young adults embarking on the next phase of their lives. But what about the Moms that aren't making that trip? I wonder how they're feeling right now? ...more

How I'm Helping My Kids Build Confidence

We're teaming up with the Representation Project (of which I have always been a fan) and their new #BuildConfidence initiative, to talk about how we, as parents, can celebrate, inform and empower mentors who model positive self-esteem and body image. This is my take. ...more

Should You Join the PTA? The Answer Might Surprise You

My first introduction to the PTA (or Parent Teacher Association) was through my mother's typewriter. Click, clack. Click, clack. My mother, co-president of the PTA, had volunteered to type up the recipe submissions for "Koala Kitchen," a cookbook put together and sold by the PTA as a fundraiser for my elementary school. ...more

On The Other Side of 30!

Earlier this month, on August 11 to be exact. I turned THIRTY! #LeosRule! ...more

Love to Cook, Hate to Plan Weekly Dinner Menu

Week of August 30 - September 5 Another busy week here with at least one activity every night (some nights two)! It's not the most exciting menu, but again, at least it's a plan! The one bright spot? ...more


Connor: The first three weeks of school are behind us. Connor loves homework and takes it very seriously. He also "plays" school ....more

The Titanic Vacation

I could make a ...more

Apparently We’re Moving to the US

Yep. Why you ask? So we can meet the Hobby Kids of course! ...more

The Day We Carted The Albums Away to Make Room For You

Those vinyl albums I had… the ones I dutifully gave to Goodwill, when we lived at Arden… they took up so much space, and we needed those crates to store the Playmobil toys for the babies that were coming… It’s all digitized now… on CDs… they’re so compact and take up no room at all. ...more

10 Things Other Parents Need to Know About Epilepsy

I am kicking off this new series...more

LEGO Star Wars and Droid Tales: Fun for the Whole Family

Star Wars™ has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m not just trying to wax poetic with that saying. Having been born close to when the first movie (Episode IV) was released, I have loved the Star Wars franchise since I was a very small child ....more

Win all eight Harry Potter films on DVD!

Would you like to relive the magic of the Harry Potter movies? How fun would a Harry Potter movie marathon be? Or, maybe you enjoyed the books for summer reading and now want to catch up on the cinematic version ....more


It was unusually warm in our dimly lit room room. I felt the breeze, in the late hours of the night, gently stirring the air surrounding us. I stared blankly at the solid cherry wood doors of the closet ....more