Why I Told My Daughter She Didn't Have to Go to College

"I'm not sure I want to go to college," my daughter said to me. I guess the look on my face made it pretty clear what I thought of that, and she hastily amended it with, "For the first year, I mean." "You want to take a year off?" I clarified. "Yeah. ...more

Nope. No Sugar. None.

Dear well-meaning, loving, kind people who offer my daughter sweets, I would love to give my daughter cake just as much as you would. I would love to give her cheesecake on my birthday. I would love to give her more than one tiny bite of one ...more

Please Don't Give Up on My Kid

I can hear it in the exasperation when we speak on the phone and you carefully craft your sentences, trying not to let on that you have no more solutions and have run out of patience. You’ll never say the words out loud, but I see them there behind ...more

Oops! I Said "It" Again

Let me just start with me acknowledging that that some people are not going to like this post. The more I share on my blog about my mom-fails, the more people comment to me online about how horrible my parenting actually is. I fully recognize ...more

Yep, You're Gonna Fart

As women, many of us pride ourselves in our composure, femininity, and grace. I like being the woman of my husband’s life. In his mind, I do not pass gas, I am patient and kind, smart and quick witted. I am his wife and his best friend. We are ...more

How to Transition from the Crib to the Toddler Bed

Sleep expert Heather Turgeon, co-author of "The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night's Sleep—Newborn to School Age," will fix your family's sleep problems in this space as she does in her home consultations. Turgeon's solutions are nonjudgmental, kind and—best of all—based on science. ...more

Why Is a Single Mom Facing Deportation For Fleeing From Her Alleged Abuser? #StandWithNanHui

The case of a single mom found guilty of child abduction is calling attention to the intersection of domestic violence and immigration law, and how both may be failing women. Earlier this week, a central California jury convicted undocumented single mother Nan Hui Jo of kidnapping her then one-year-old daughter, when she escaped from her boyfriend and the child’s father, Jesse Charlton. ...more
Unreal. Thanks for writing this, Grace. Pretty much every judgment I hear about in cases ...more

Why Can't You Have a Normal Job, Daddy?

Why can't Daddy have a normal job? How do I answer that? What is a “normal job?” To a nine-year-old, a normal job would be one where Daddy was off on Saturday and Sunday, the days she is off of school. A “normal job” would be one where he is home this afternoon so she could stay at home with him, instead of having to go to a baby shower with me (knowing her friends will not be there, but will be home with their dads). ...more
StrollerSavvy I'm sure you can relate!  The hours are so tough.  :-(more


Kentucky got snow dumped all over it last night. I've mentioned before that we just don't get this kind of snow here. We got it twice this year ....more

On the "snow" down

I've been on the down low with blogging this past week but surprise, surprise........we have been snowed in again. ...more

Let's Get Lost

During the odyssey of moving, things will, invariably, get lost.This is a fact that is just bound to happen.  You just can’t pack a life into little boxes and expect your life to stay the way you remember....more

Where I am

This post may make me sound like a straight up selfish attention seeking monster, and I've had it in my drafts for awhile because I'm not sure if there is a great point, wisdom or anything someone could take away from it. ...more

Term 2 Reports

Today we got the kids' report cards and I happened to be reading them just as Jordan called from work, so I said I'd email him to tell him what they said.It was only after I typed the following and clicked send that I realized the magnitude. "Uneventful report cards. Same old regular awesomeness as every term" was all that I said.You see, our children are bright, motivated, intuitive both cognitively and socially, and are flourishing in school in every way possible ....more

An Easy Homemade Granola Recipe

Granola is one of my favorite foods. So great as an afternoon snack, with yogurt and fresh fruit in the morning, or even drizzled in honey as a sweet treat. We made personalized little batches of granola recently with Liv’s friends ....more

up the mountain we went ...

over chinese new year, we jetted off for a short getaway to the snow to get away from the incessant heat and spend some time with the family. it was my first time to niseko and the last time D went, he was a swinging single with his mates! so needless to say this was going to be so different from his last trip!! ...more


When life gives you a snow day, make snow people! Even if there isn't any snow in sight, the sun is shining brightly, and it's 46 degrees, always make snow people. Derby Diva, Sock Monkey, Snow Day Blues Brother ...more

Spring Ready.

I am so excited for spring! I can not believe that it's already March. March in Arizona means that we're currently experiencing weather that most people get during their summers ....more

Worry Less So You Can Live More

Exchange your worries for delight in God...and God's delight in you. Worry Less So You Can Live More by Jane Rubietta shows us surprising, simple ways to feel more peace, joy, and energy. Isn't that something we all need?While nothing struck me as life changing, due to the fact that I've studied worry and God's word before, I do feel that Rubietta gives us a glimpse into her own life worries and how she herself overcomes them ....more