Can We Survive a Low-Tech Summer?

For the past few years, I have debated the benefits of letting my kids use technology during summer vacation. Most of the time, we are an unabashedly tech-friendly house. My kids have e-readers and laptops and our house probably has a few too many ...more

New House Rules!

Ridiculous in light of more important rules we need around here, but hey, a girl can dream. Funny thing is, we don't actually even HAVE any official household rules. It's on my list to thoughtfully draft some one day soon. I probably would have done ...more

One Time I Was in the Shower...

I peeled an orange in the shower. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it really happened. There I was, in the shower, minding my own business, when Tiny-Small burst through the door yelling, “I’m hungee, Mom! I’m hungee!” I told her I’d be out in a ...more

A Letter to All the Babies I've Loved

Dear baby, Over the years, your face has changed—not just from the sweet rounded cheeks of a newborn to the angular face of a seven-year-old, but from face to face, of all the babies I have been privileged to know and hold. Your eyes have ...more

Oh Dear... My Daughters Are Kissing Each Other

It all started when the girls came downstairs with a guilty-ish look on their pixie faces. I'm praying that they will always carry such transparency in their eyes, but I'm not hopeful. "What'd you guys do?" Eden {5} looked at Ellie {7} for a ...more

Special Needs Kids Can Love Supper Camp, Too

Summer is here again, and you might be wondering what fun activities you can get your child with special needs involved in. Depending on the level of your child’s abilities, you might consider sending him or her to the local seasonal camp at the nearby park. Many cities have parks and recreation departments that offer affordable camps and activities for the children in the community during spring and summer. And yes, there are a number of camps designed especially for children with speech, academic and physical delays, which can provide a great experience for your child....more

8 True Things About the First Year of Motherhood

Recently, I have seen a few articles about post-delivery that people may find surprising. The articles tend to list scary things such as wearing big pads after birth and bleeding for an eternity. All of these things are true, but I have found that the year after birth brings its own bag of surprises. Don’t be surprised when you wake up every day and your body hurts. Pre-baby I felt no pain, and now something hurts every day. No joke, the Icy Hot is my best friend. ...more
BlogHerFamily Thank you for the feature!more

10 Things Parents Shouldn't Say To Non-Parents

Lately, I've seen some articles (this one in particular) about how people with kids are tired of hearing certain things from people without munchkins. I know, I know, we don't get it. But maybe, possibly, you're forgetting what it's like to not have kids. There are different stresses but stress none the less. ...more
Great post!  And how refreshing to find a twenty-something who actually realizes that one does ...more

It's not over yet.

All of a sudden I feel like summer is over. I guess because I am preparing for our back to school feast,...more

Pioneer Pride Up in Here

I woke up this morning and googled Pioneer Day Utah because I really didn't understand if we were celebrating the day Utah became a state, or the day Brigham Young said "This is the place" or the day the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. I am 37 years old and I never really got it.(The answer is C, by the way.)We went to our ward Pioneer Day breakfast at the park where we celebrated our foreMormons by eating pancakes the young men cooked and playing tug-o-war and three legged races. I think there were more games but my girls ran off into the depths of the park and I couldn't find them for about fifteen minutes and after that I was sweaty and sorta swear-mouthy and so I headed home.Funny, I complained about walking home from the park, which is--across the street, with a stroller containing a crying baby and two young girls who also complained about riding their little bikes up a slight incline and also that the bottles of orange juice the ward supplied were warm ....more

Ross Dress For Less Giveaway

OOH fun! I LOVE a good treasure hunt, which means I love shopping at Ross Dress for Less! A brand new store just opened here in Bend, Oregon where I live, so I was able to go to the grand opening and see all the fun stuff ....more

Pulled from the Truth Box – Week 34

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” ~Philo of Alexandria After 21 years of self-destructive inner-battles, I finally admitted my biggest secret to myself and to the rest of the world. That day, and the day my son was born, were the two most incredible and wonderful days of my life. Here on Single Dad Laughing, I started what I call “The Truth Box.” I asked you all to anonymously share a difficult secret that you’ve never told anyone ....more

Doing the ‘big chop’ to start my natural hair style

Well I did it. I chopped it off. I’ve long been wrestling with the issue of whether to rid myself of my chemically treated hair and grow it natural ....more

BlogHer 2014: San Jose

It’s the first year for my daughter, a brand new blogger. It’s also a first for my Goddaughter, visiting for the summer. I’d say we started off our first BlogHer with the right attitudes, don’t you think? ...more

How He's Won My Heart For Sixteen Years

He wooed me with his grand affections for me, but he's kept my heart these 16 years with his affections for Christ....more

Jeans Shopping With My 11 Year Old Son

I fell into a panic last night that our Ethiopia trip was coming up so soon and I was not ready, so rather than blogging I spent time last night ordering 24 bottles of nail polish, 10 soccer balls, 300 balloons, rocket balloons, bottles of bubbles, and jump ropes....more

7 Quick Takes Friday – off at Edel edition!

I can’t believe that after all these months, the Edel Gathering is finally here! I’ll be updating on Instagram and Twitter, and you can follow the fun by checking out the #edel14 hashtag. 7 Quick Takes will be hosted by...more

in the studio :: studiojru week

Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! July is flying by. It's already the last Friday of the month! ...more