I'm Not Perfect... and It's Okay

Y'all know I like to keep it real around here, and lately I have been finding myself wrapped up in guilt for a lot of the parenting choices I make. Deep down I know I am a good mom. My child is loved, she is never hungry and has a roof over her head ...more

The Marysville School Shooting Happened in My Town

"Mom, there's been a shooting at MP. Someone is dead and we don't know who the shooter is." I was just leaving my Zumba class Friday morning when my son called me with those words. MP is Marysville-Pilchuck, one of two high schools in our town of ...more

Don't Let Poor Kids Ruin Your Halloween!

Have you heard about the wicked wealthy witch who wrote a letter to Slate's Dear Prudence advice column complaining about her 1%-er neighborhood being overrun by mini vans full of less fortunate 99%-ers out to pilfer her mountain of full size ...more

Yep, We Love 'Em, and Here's Why

When I say I love a list, I'm definitely not talking Grocery or To-Do. (Those are illegibly scrawled on scrap paper you inevitably throw out so you feel less guilty about forgetting everything on them.) I'm talking the new wave of Internet ...more

Parenting Kids With Disabilities: How to Get Through Tough Times

When parents like me talk about our kids with disabilities and intense support needs, we have to be thoughtful. We need to make it quite clear that our kids are much-loved and very awesome human beings. We should never, ever state or imply that any ...more

Help! My Friend Wants Me to Lie as a Job Reference

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I run a small internet-based business and over the years have had several employees. Recently, a good friend of mine asked me if she could use me as a professional reference. She has been a stay-at-home mom for about twelve years and is having a hard time finding a job. I want to help her, but I feel uncomfortable about lying. Is there any way this can be considered a "white lie"?Signed,I'm Not Her Boss...more
No way. No no no. No!  For heaven's sake, I'm a convicted felon and would never lie about it. I ...more

How Do You Help Your Kids Hold On To Their Cultural Identity?

My husband is a Gujarati of Indian descent born and raised in Africa. Like me, he grew up in a household where his family’s cultural traditions, food, clothing and language were a source of pride and engrained in his childhood years. ...more

Would You Enjoy Working for $5 an Hour?

Over the years I've worked a lot of crummy jobs. I've worked a lot of low-paying jobs and jobs that paid all right but worked me to the bone. I've been undercompensated; I've done jobs that were above my pay grade because I would work for less than I was worth. And I wasn't happy, but I can honestly say that I'm happy now. I only make $5.00 an hour, and I am happier with that than ever before....more
Ellen Kolb That's a beautiful way to put it, "My worth and yours? Incalculable."  I agree, even ...more

{Morning Thoughts}

Some discipline is better than no discipline. Happy Thursday, brave ones ....more

She Pushed Me

“Hey, she pushed me!” “Ashley’s using my hairbrush!” “STOP IT!” “Get OFF of me!” That’s how my sister and I talked to each other when we were growing up–the way sisters do. Now that I’m back home from a fantastic Adventure Girls trip to San Francisco, I’d like to report that my sister pushed me. […] ...more



Carving The Pumpkin

We are feeling very smug and proud of ourselves because this year - LISTEN UP EVERYONE- this year we remembered to carve our pumpkin! ...more

Scarf Swap.

You guys. I found the PERFECT swap for me - a scarf swap! I didn't originally follow The Perfect Catch Blog...more

Encouraging Devotions: Trust

Read “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:3-4 (ESV) Reflect When I worked as a youth ministry volunteer we would occasionally go on team building trips together. Time for the staff to get away, to dig into the Word, plan for the upcoming year and get to know one another ....more

The Best Kind of Escape - Girls Getaway in the Smoky Mountains (sponsored by Visit Sevierville, TN)

We have done this for the past eight years - My college girlfriends and I make a priority of having a reunion and remembering we are more than mothers and wives, teachers, nurses, business women and keepers of our homes. ...more

Punkin pickin

On the last day of fall break, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies ...more

More Quotes and Words That Resonate With Me

Oh the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person: having neither to weigh thoughts or measure words, but to pour them out. Just as they are-chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness, blow the rest [Read On] ...more