Have a Toddler? Here's Your Survival Guide!

1. Learn to appreciate the word, "NO." Even if the question is, "Do you want a cookie?" your toddler will probably take this opportunity to make it clear that you are not in control. ...more

Some Great California Destinations for Families with Autistic Children

"We love it when our guests are happy!" That's what the red-coated Monterey Bay Aquarium official told me, as she and I stood next to my son Leo, who was blissfully sprawled out on the the floor looking up at a tank full of sparkling anchovies. I had ...more

Oh, That First Year of Motherhood

Recently, I have seen a few articles about post-delivery that people may find surprising. The articles tend to list scary things such as wearing big pads after birth and bleeding for an eternity. All of these things are true, but I have found that ...more

Stop It, Shut It, HUSH!

Lately, I've seen some articles (this one in particular) about how people with kids are tired of hearing certain things from people without munchkins. I know, I know, we don't get it. But maybe, possibly, you're forgetting what it's like to not have ...more

The Flying, Healing Gift I Received When We Nearly Lost Our Son

My husband and I watched the movie About Time a few nights ago. It’s the story about a guy who can travel back in time whenever he wants, and he does so to get the girl of his dreams and the outcome he wants in certain life situations. I was ...more

Is Instagram the Modern Mother’s Little Helper?

​There is a lot to thank social media for when it comes to the raising of children; the support, the information, the near constant photography. I’ll freely admit it: I’m thankful for the advent of apps like Instagram: For a mama like me, it’s a total game changer when it comes to housework. When I was young, if we wanted to share the moment that our babies took their first faltering steps across the lounge floor, we had to stick our heads out of the front door and shout at Peggy across the road to stop hanging out her washing and come see....more

Why I Don't Feel Guilt as a Working Mom

As women and as mothers, we naturally carry guilt. Some more so than others maybe, but we all do it. At one time or another, we all have something that creeps up into our lives to make us feel guilty as parents. My biggest battle with guilt comes in the form of being a working mom. While I enjoy working and wouldn’t have it any other way, from time to time I have this little voice in the back of my head that says, “You should be making the sacrifices necessary to stay at home with your child.” That little voice isn’t always so nice....more
BlogHer You shouldn't. Every individual & their needs are different. Love your family, work ...more

Times Have Changed For American Families. It's Time For Policies To Change, Too.

Ten years ago, the idea that there could be policy solutions for the stress and worry and overwhelmedness weighing down on American families was considered, by most people I encountered, to be ludicrous. Women I interviewed would literally laugh in my face at the mere suggestion. "Do you want the government raising your children?" they'd snort. Times have changed. ...more

August 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable

August's Visiting Teaching Message is The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Messiah.Messiah.It's a word I say, but not one I completely understand. I have a basic idea of its meaning, of course, but not really. I know that if Jesus Christ is the Messiah that it's some sort of set apart and special calling He has to be the Savior of the World, but I don't actually know what the word "messiah" means.I really appreciated the definition in this month's lesson ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition nothing better than a sale price

We just got home from the road trip and I have a pile of laundry waiting for me in a couple of suitcases that are yet to be unpacked. Also, we are working on the final demolition of our bathroom. In other words, there’s a lot going on here ....more

7 Quick Takes about Edel 2015, the impending doom of me traveling with a baby, and why there’s a shot of a man in a banana suit on the IP website

— 1 — The official pictures from the Edel Gathering are up! You can check them out at my uncle Kevin Geraghty’s photography site here. My sweet uncle generously offered to come out and handle all the pictures, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out ....more

Being an Adult With Sensory Processing Disorder

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Annetta Nesler for a summer series highlighting great bloggers who focus on disability. ...more

in the studio :: art

Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! I had a goal this week to finish up posting my photos from our time in England. There's probably more I could post, but I am going to finish up today with a single image from the art museum we visited in Birmingham ....more

Living With A Chronic Illness

 Awoken by the soft mewing of a newborn's cry, I turned over and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Before my feet reached the floor, shards of glass pierced through my heels. I could barely walk. This was a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.As the mother of 6 young children, I was clearly unprepared for the reality I was facing. In an instant, I was thrust into someone else's life. Someone I did not recognize....more

Hip Hop Week: Poseur

Will you help me choose what to wear to the concert? As the concert host I have to get up on stage a lot and it's always really intimidating (you know, me and a couple thousand people). So I thought maybe I could crowd-source some opinions about what to wear this time.I always like to go for flare and drama, and I sorta try to dress to the mood of the concert ....more

I have two stories. First one just let it be a les...

I have two stories. First one just let it be a lesson to everyone. We were hanging out on the couch eating jalapeno chips ....more

Moving + A New Life = Stress

Here's how I know my stress-ometer is ticking at an unhealthy pace: ...more

Taking Jenny McCarthy's Side in the Vaccination Debate

Most of Alexis' early months are a blur buried deep in the back corner of my mind, but her 9th week of life stands out. It's not for good reasons. Over eight years ago, a tiny Alexis and I ventured to her doctor's office for her two-month checkup ....more