I Lost a Part of My Breast to Breastfeeding

I believe in breastfeeding. I’ve seen all of the stats. I’ve read all of the research. I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, if I am able. ...more

I'm Going Back to Work and My Kid Made Me Feel Okay About It

So, I'm going back to work. Full time. ...more

But We Grew Here

And then he said: Let’s sell the house and move to a new one. My life has not been the same since. What was my husband thinking? Fast forward seven and a half months to our accepted offer. This moving thing was really happening. What were we ...more

Who Is that Woman with My Son?

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a ...more

A Little Ice Cream Before Dinner Never Hurt... RIGHT?

We live in Maine and this "eternal winter" is making my kids stir crazy which is in turn making me run out of ideas to keeping them from driving each other up the wall. I'm already hanging from the ceiling. So when I found out a few days ago that ...more

SURVEY: What Would Your Dream Work/Life Balance Look Like?

We all feel the stress of too much to do and not enough time—and possibly the most time-pressed of us all are parents with full-time jobs. Some companies are attempting to address these work-life challenges to make more productive employees who stick around longer. Sabrina Parsons, the CEO of one of these companies, will be featured in a segment of Al-Jazeera America's program America Tonight on Monday, April 24. ...more
My company has a "Work Your Way" policy which is quite nice - no set hours but most people ...more

Kirsten Dunst, I've Got Your Back

Kirsten Dunst recently got blasted for some comments she made about gender roles and just because someone doesn't agree with her, does not mean Kirsten is "kind of dumb about it."  But according to Erin Gloria Ryan in Jezebel, Kirsten is indeed "kind of dumb about it" since she apparently favors traditional male and female roles within a relationship. ...more
HugoMMRabson iamwoman2013 prairiewifeinheels  @blogher I like your mother! :)  It comes down to ...more

Flipping Off the Voice of Doubt in My Head

Philip is a terrible bird watcher. While the rest of the group advances along the path, my son plops down in the middle of the trail to play with rocks. ...more
viaChristinah Thanks. Was surprised to have it happen again so soon. Laughed, though, to see the ...more

This is life. Do what you love. (?)

Remember when The Holstee Manifesto was really popular? I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this.  ...more

Parenthood - My Thoughts on the Bravermans, Part 1

I love this show. Mark and I marathon watched it on Netflix and got caught up and just finished the most recent season with the rest of America. I have so many thoughts and often want to write reviews of the episodes like I used to with American Idol ....more

Because of Him

This weekend is already wonderful, and the rest is going to be filled with family and food. Two of my favorites!I have a confession, most religious movies are too cheesy for me. Gasp ....more

Adventures in Haircuts

Let's get back to normal around here. I have some feelings about a haircut experience yesterday. The girl who cuts my hair generously takes care of my guys too.  It's a lovely arrangement because she does a great job, and the salon she works at is right next to the Children's Museum so I usually make their appointment and then we go play afterward....more

Eggs and Royals

We have had a lot going on around our house this past week. ...more

A Saturday morning scene

It's early… not that early but normal waking time for a school day. It's one of those rare Saturdays around here where we don't have anything to be up for in the morning - no gym, no t-ball, Daddy didn't have odd hours where his sleeping didn't match normal sleeping hours. It's one of those mornings we don't have to be out of bed right away but the littles of course don't understand this kind of morning ....more

Video: Tips for moms pregnant with number two

Back when I was pregnant with Ricky, I had no worries or qualms about taking care of him. Logistics didn’t scare me, baby care didn’t rock my world, never sleeping really wasn’t a big issue. Now that I’m pregnant with baby number two, I’m realizing that while caring for a baby hasn’t changed, we’re going to have to adjust ourselves a bit…that is to say, I’m very lucky that strategic planning is one of my strengths. Because strategic logistics are a must when you have multiple children....more

Why we celebrate this week – Day 6

We’re getting so close to the end of the Holy Week series! Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday is tomorrow and we will celebrate ...more

Mother's Day preview

Every day when I come in to work at my daughters' school, I take the long way from the front office to the special ed classroom, just so I can go down the 2nd grade hallway past Genevieve's room. I don't often see her face then, but I walk right past the large kid projects that her teacher hangs in the hallway. Because they always include original writing on some sort of theme, these art projects are endlessly entertaining.The other day after school, Genevieve excitedly told me to look for the big Mother's Day project her class had been working on ....more

Good morning

Happy Saturday! ...more