New Ideas for Your Elf on the Shelf!

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means a few things in our household: 1. Delicious, delicious foods will be enjoyed 2. Browsing through Black Friday ads and the start of Christmas shopping 3. Reese, our Elf on the Shelf, is returning!!! ...more

No Gifts?!

Here’s a brain teaser: A girl receives an invitation to a birthday party. The invitation specifically states “no gifts, please”. Should the girl:a) run out and buy the perfect gift for the birthday girl; she’s no Scrooge  b) show up at the party ...more

My Daughter Is Walking Her Own Path

While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. She is a total introvert. In many ways, her anti-social behavior breaks my heart because ...more

Work at Home? Check Out These Tips!

I didn't choose to become a work-a-home mom almost 10 years ago, but it's turned out to function as a great fit for our family. I've had readers ask me how I manage to do it all and make time for my family. The ugly truth is: I don’t do it all. You ...more

No Boys in the Pink Aisles!

We went in the forbidden pink aisles. I managed to snag the family car and escape, with both boys, to Target. We wandered the aisles with a strict list and stopped only to ooh and aah over every Christmas Tree. We sang carols and walked through ...more

'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Left Out Some Stuff

Like most new moms, I bought the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. It introduced me to an entirely new vocabulary with words I'd only heard clicking through shows on TLC — episiotomy, amniocentesis, Pitocin. Image: velmegunar...more

Facebook Is Destroying Christmas for Me

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I am so sick of reading posts on Facebook like, "I've already finished my Christmas shopping! Gifts are all wrapped, too!" It's not even DECEMBER yet. What's with all the bragging about getting the holiday crap done before Thanksgiving is even over? I know Facebook is all about self-promotion, but this feels like too much. I would leave FB once and for all, but I like to stay in touch with friends and family. Any advice on not letting the eager beavers get me down? Signed,Shove It, Showoffs ...more

The Day My Blog Ruined My Life

Okay, maybe it didn't ruin my life, but my misuse of social media threw me into a terrible controversy at my kids' school. Today's post is about irony. Well, irony and how I messed up my life and the lives of a few others. And how I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. I sit here thinking, analyzing and obsessing about the events that transpired a week ago and set in motion an unbelievable shit storm. As some of you know, I'm a health and development educator for adolescent girls. In fact, I have a whole presentation on cyber-safety and how girls should always be very careful about what they post online. But right now, I'm sitting here, stewing in my own shame. I imagine I'm feeling much like the 15-year-old girl who insisted she knew what she was doing when she texted her boyfriend a boob-shot that went viral. She intended it to be only for his eyes. ...more
Catootes  People can be so crazy, taking things out of context and using it for their gain, ...more

A Boy and A Band

We took the boys to an East Village bar last weekend to watch my brother’s band. The fifteen year was sceptical of the oldies singing the Clash and Joan Jett. The twelve year old perched on a stool dead center in audience and loved every minute ....more

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate

Disclosure: I was sent an incredible box full of sunshine to facilitate a...more


Today is day 26 of the NaBloPoMo challenge.  It is all the day before Thanksgiving here in the United States.  But for the specific area I live in, the weather is going to be the major topic of concern.  After all, a winter storm watch has a way of bringing our attention, especially when it is the first projected major snow storm of the year....more

{ 25 Days of Christmas Joy }

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la…Hey wait, I have an idea! While you’re out there being merry and jolly, choose also to be generous and kind ....more

turning 30 with thanfulness.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday....more

If you're debating between half-day and full-day preschool, read this

If you've been debating whether to put your child in preschool, or whether to do it part-time or full-time, read on. New research indicates that full-day preschool is associated with increased readiness for kindergarten.In this study, the researchers looked at 982 predominantly minory 3- and 4-year-olds in 11 Chicago child-parent centers that run both PT (3 hours/day) and FT (7 hours/day) programs.The full-day kids were 4 years old for this study.The results after a year were that the full-day kids had higher scores in 6 subcategories compared to the part-day kids:...more

Chicky Bick

This is Chicky Bick. He (she?) is my children's best friend. They love him....more

Not Just Words but Thanks From the Heart

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I can't help but reflect on the things I am grateful and thankful for. This is mine and my son's fifth celebration of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and like I mentioned on my previous post about our anniversary, we arrived here in the U.S. two days before Thanksgiving of 2010. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in my home country, the Philippines, so this is something that is entirely new to us.Nonetheless, we know how to be thankful and have always been thankful and grateful of the things we were blessed with ....more

Minute Spinach Artichoke Dip!

Need a last minute party appetizer or dip? My easy, fast spinach artichoke dip has only five ingredients and can be used as a regular dip with corn or pita chips… It’s divine on crackers and can even be used as a sinful tasting creamy wrap, quesadilla or sandwich filling. Here (pictured) I put it on a whole wheat tortilla with a few slices of deli chicken for lunch, yum ....more

Remember the Cutest Veggie Tray for Thanksgiving

This afternoon, I remember my favorite Thanksgiving Vegetable Platter....more