I Didn't Lose Myself in Mothering; I Found Myself

Fall makes me reflect a little more on motherhood than any other time of the year. Maybe it's how the cooler temperatures remind me of my pregnancies with their long sleeved, empire waisted tops that never seemed to quite cover my basketball shaped ...more

Moms Are Better Than...

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 25 years. Recently as our nest grew empty, I have started to wonder what it is that I'm qualified to do for my second act. Upon reflection, it seems that I'm actually quite prepared and able to fulfill the job ...more

Selfish Mom Moments: Got 'Em?

I love being a mom. I love it more than I ever thought I would. But sometimes, I have selfish mom moments. Today I am home with two sick babies. And while I am thankful that I can be home to take care of them, this is not how my day was supposed to ...more

Oh, the Things a 17-Month-Old Can Teach You

It's amazing to me that in the short 17 months Hoke has entered our lives he has taught me so much. We all go through life covering up our feelings, talking about things behind each other's backs, lying and backstabbing. Life would be so much easier ...more

Dealing with the Pain and Loss of Miscarriage

I wish I could share some happier news with you. ...more

I Am the Walking Dead and Other Reasons I Won't Miss the Baby Phase

Now that my little guy is about to turn one, I find myself relieved to close the door on the baby phase. Not only do I look like a cast member from the Walking Dead, but I act like one too. I'm exhausted, mentally and physically. At this point I would have to be insane to consider adding a third to the clan, but because I'm obsessed with babies, I change my mind on a daily basis. ...more
MG2SANITY You're welcome!more

What Time Do Your Kids Go To Bed?

We are not what one would call strict bedtime enforcers. Or maybe it’s more of: “OK, one more book” and “Yes, you can finish that chapter you’re on" and "OK, just finish the picture and then …” Image: woodleywonderworks AKA, we’re suckers. I get a lot of, “What time do your kids usually go to bed?” and I’m always, like, "Uh… well? It depends." And it does depend. ...more
Daughter is ten. I start the bedtime routine as early as 7:30, if she's had late nights, or as ...more

A Letter to the Mothers of Girls from the Mother of Boys

To the mothers of daughters from the mother of sons, As mothers we have similar goals, regardless of gender. We want our children to have happy, healthy relationships, both physically and emotionally. We want them to go out into the world prepared to make educated choices and calculated risks with a healthy dose of caution thrown in. We want them to look at the world around them and see a place that has both good and evil, while understanding it is the choices they make that make a difference. We want them to know more love than fear. ...more
Thank you for being a good mom, regardless of the gender of your child.more

The Cardboard Box is in the "Toy Hall of Fame"

Did you know there was such thing as a "Toy Hall of Fame"?And would you have guessed the cardboard box had a spot in it?Yes, it does!...more

Only One Life…

Today my dad turns 65. And on Sunday our pastor read a poem by C.T. Studd that I want to share here as I pause for a moment to thank God for my dad. There are many reasons I respect and love him, but.. ....more

Get The Behavior You Want…{Review}

I totally never read parenting books. Ok that is a lie. I read...more

Mommy, Is it True Introverts are Rude and Mean?

"So here’s what I have to say to the quiet, stay-at-home, Meg from "Little Women" introvert: Get over yourself. Why do I have to learn how to handle you? Why do I have to hear about your inner workings? ...more

*UPDATED* lds word searches for kids

a few months ago, before the april general conference, i posted a set of 3 lds word searches for kids. they included topics such as latter-day prophets, books in the book of mormon, and the articles of faith. i made these because my oldest was getting into word searches and i couldn’t find very many lds-themed ones ....more

Baby Plum is 5!

Sweet Baby Plum turned 5 last Thursday. It was a super-busy day, but we managed to squeeze in as much fun as possible. We played at Chuck E ....more

Better Watch Out!

This past weekend we we shooting with the two Japanese guys who are currently over from Japan to implement some Toyota training. Apparently in Japan they don’t have access to guns. Only police have them ....more

*UPDATED* october 2014 general conference activity guide for kids

it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… my ultimate guide to general conference activities for kids post has finally been updated for october 2014! after experiencing some technical difficulties, it’s finally done, and just in the nick of time! i’ve been preparing our general conference activities for the good part of today and use this same resource to find the best of the best out there! ...more

Proving Once Again That I Am Terribly Uncool

I'm relatively certain that I long ago obliterated any impression that I might be even a tiny bit cool, but just in case, let's finish the job right now. On a night when the Pirates were in the playoffs for only the second time in a very long time, I had a ticket to see Nick Carter and Jordan Knight in concert. And I'm admitting it ....more

What’s Happening

Here’s my latest vlog, with news about what’s happening in October with Fit & Healthy with Coach Kathy....more