About Those Things I Said I'd Never Say or Do as a Parent ... Oh, Well

Marriage and parenting are two of the most idealized life experiences. There are so many elements of growing up -- and raising people to grown-ups -- that we don’t consider. And when we do consider them it's almost always with an air of "Oh, I’ll ...more

Autism's Past, Present, and Future: An Interview With 'NeuroTribes' Author Steve Silberman

Steve Silberman is not the first writer to invest a significant chunk of his life in a book about autism. But he's the first whose book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, does right by autistic people, and those who ...more

An Open Letter to Typical Parents on the First Day of School

Dear Typical Parent, Hi there! I saw you this morning at the bus stop, taking pictures of your kids in their new clothes with shiny backpacks and haircuts. My son was the little guy with a hole in the back of his shirt where he ripped out the ...more

3 Helpful Tips For Navigating Target's New Genderless Toy Section (a.k.a. Our New Dystopia)

As you've surely heard by now, either via news reports or your homophobic aunt ranting on Facebook about how this is yet another sign of the end times, Target has announced they are no longer labeling their store toy aisles by gender. No more pink ...more

I Failed at My Summer To-Do List, and I Couldn't Be Happier

Summer vacation is gone. Like, seriously. Gone. I remember in May, before summer even started, I wrote out my daily schedule that I was planning to have throughout summer, along with what all I would accomplish both personally and with my ...more

How I'm Helping My Kids Build Confidence

We're teaming up with the Representation Project (of which I have always been a fan) and their new #BuildConfidence initiative, to talk about how we, as parents, can celebrate, inform and empower mentors who model positive self-esteem and body image. This is my take. ...more

Should You Join the PTA? The Answer Might Surprise You

My first introduction to the PTA (or Parent Teacher Association) was through my mother's typewriter. Click, clack. Click, clack. My mother, co-president of the PTA, had volunteered to type up the recipe submissions for "Koala Kitchen," a cookbook put together and sold by the PTA as a fundraiser for my elementary school. ...more

I Used My Experience As 'The Fat Kid' To Teach My Kids About Body Image and Kindness

We were driving the other day when my mind got blown. Kids never fail to freak me out in all kinds of ways. Here's what went down. ...more

Meal Delivery Services

A few weeks ago I jumped on the latest trend and signed up for a meal box delivery service! ...more


Guess what.We survived the first week of school!It was a rough week - athletics for Cee each morning at 6:30, school for Jay at 7:15, me to work by 7:30. Soccer two nights, and as a result we are all worm smooth out.We did have a fun time playing outside tonight - it's getting a smidge cooler, and it felt so good with the little breeze we had.Take 1: Take 2: And...scene. Here's to the weekend! ...more



Friday Fandom No.3

 Welcome to Friday Fandom!   ...more

The Sound of Music Quiz: Enter Now!

It’s time for The Sound of Music quiz! If you love it as much as I have through the years, you shouldn’t have any problem answering every single question! To enter, just answer the questions below ....more

All Good Things Must Come to an End

We just got back from 5 glorious days in Portland. Doing a little bit of hospital-ing, a little bit of sight seeing, a little bit of shopping, and a whole lot of eating. Oh, the eating.The purpose of our trip, as always, was a visit to Shriner's hospital for our yearly check in ....more

Passing on the Torch to the Next Generation of Runners

Traveled to Madison, Wisconsin for a half marathon race with my friend Nicole. Post-race, all smiles at the weiner mobile. The afterparty was at the most picturesque location on the banks of Lake Mendota ....more


Igor is on the plane making his way back to Ukraine. Tyler is on a plane heading back to Columbus from the airport in Atlanta. I feel…exhausted ....more

Stories You Will LIKE: Why Special Sucks, Speaking Literally, and Gazing at the Stars

Time to share some stories. Sometimes I relate to a “special” theme; sometimes its just about being a mom and living another day to tell about it. Here’s a few of my favorites I stumbled upon ....more

Red Flags #5 and #6 That You’re Dating an Asshat!

My online #AsshatRecovery tutorial is up and running on my relationship site and I’m now taking clients who would like to ditch their Asshat and find real love. Pop over and have a look. In the meantime you can pop over to read Red Flag #5 and #6...more