Don't Forget These Things!

I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business. For me, it happens so often around these parts the ...more

Oh, Easter Egg Coloring!

This past weekend I facilitated the coloring of Easter Eggs with my three and four year olds. The ordeal unfolded much like the way training an Angora rabbit to use a lint roller might. As with everything, it was a learning experience. I’d like to ...more

5 Reasons Large Families Rule

I have read several articles lately about the downsides of coming from a large family, and I must say that after reading the first one, I was ready to write THIS post to set the record straight. I realize that everyone’s family experience is ...more

Don't Give Live Animals As Easter Gifts

Live animals don’t belong in Easter baskets. As adorable as baby bunnies, chicks, and ducks may be, they aren’t great gifts. They require an intense level of care and have life expectancies of up to around 20 years.  ...more

Thanks, Judy Blume!

The book Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret by Judy Blume, who recently celebrated her 77th birthday, is the reason behind my first “sex” talk with my mother. I don’t remember how old I was, maybe eight or nine when I read the book, but I do ...more

I Never Wanted To Be Just Like My Mom

I spent my youth trying to be anything other than my exuberant mother, who often started up conversations with strangers and thought nothing of flaunting her body in tight clothes. Perhaps it's a daughter thing—the desire to be separate from one's mother—or the arrogance of youth, but I remember constantly scanning for all the ways our bodies were not alike. ...more

5 Things Your Babysitter Wants You to Know

Aside from child care during the day for working parents, the next most stressful decision when it comes to the care of your child(ren) is the choice of a babysitter. ...more

Self-Care Isn't Selfish

I bought a tin of Marcona almonds, which are fried in olive oil and sprinkled with salt, priced at $8 for four ounces of nuts. That same week, I treated myself to a manicure and overpriced pressed juice. I regret nothing. These are minor indulgences, which remind me of my former life, back before I became a mom. More importantly, I've chosen to keep them as part of my life now, toddler and all. It wasn't always this way. ...more
YES! Thank you!more

Desert Storms

We had the two days of sprinkles and rain a week or so ago that are allotted as normal for a desert year... Which was wonderful and refreshing, but does mean that for two days we couldn't hang clothes outside. Elias likes to help put the clothes in our combined washer/dryer machine and, this time, put his dirty shoes in it as well ....more

Planning a Reserve Field Trip + Geeky Educational Link Up 4/2/15

It’s time for another installment of our Geeky Educational Link Up! This is your chance to share the geeky ways that you use to make learning fun. Meagan from More Than A Coupon Queen Jess from Benoit Academy Andrea from Waldorf Salad & Cottage Fries Kassondra from Motherhood Community...more

Easter flowers

I am preparing to host a few of my family members for Easter dinner. The Little Nies spent the last few days helping me make these flowers which I am planning on using for the centerpieces. Oliver got paint on (ruined) a shirt, Nicholas painted about 30 leaves with about 13" of paint, and Jane painted a few flowers and then...more

Planning a Spring Baby Shower

My best friend is having a sweet little baby girl this July and I am helping to co-host her shower. ...more

Meaningful Moments: March

I have to say, sweet friends, making it a habit to practice daily, purposeful gratitude of the beauty and joy that surrounds life right now has been such an unforeseen blessing. An incredible change in perspective. Attitude ....more


Doing Spring has sprung…or it did about a month ago here in Phoenix. And by spring, I mean it stayed in the 70’s, because anything lower is definitely winter weather. So for the past month we’ve been going to the park a lot and just trying to get out more in general ....more

Fashion Thursday: Edition Happy Easter

This will be my last post of the week because I’m going to be busy enjoying Easter with my people. But I wanted to leave you with this song which has been one of my favorites all year long. It is especially appropriate in light of Easter ....more


Interestingly, we have yet to take pictures of the inside of our new home. When we arrived we instantly began bringing our stuff in from the van which quickly turned an empty space into one of moderate chaos. This has only increased since we picked up our storage trailer yesterday ....more

Throwback Thursday – 4/2/2015

June 23, 2009… Here was a picture of a major storm we had here in De Soto, Iowa. There were wind gusts of 50-70mph for over two hours, and this is our trampoline– AFTER we pulled it off the roof ....more