How To Use Disney's FastPass+

Growing up, I remember each and every one of our few visits to amusement parks.  ...more

Oh Dear. She said WHAT?

As the triplets are getting older, they are getting more and more curious. While sometimes endearing, the curiosity often leads them to trouble. At 21 months, Lincoln and Keira are now in the 90th percentile for height, so they can reach almost ...more

You'll Never Be on Time Again

I am, by nature, an extremely punctual human being. Being late stresses me out, and can actually ruin my day. Being on time isn’t just something I prefer, it’s something that MEANS SOMETHING TO ME. ...more

How To Create a Long Distance Gender Reveal Announcement

So remember when I mentioned I was pretty hesitant and totally awkward about announcing my pregnancy? Well, I like to think that I made up for it with our gender reveal. ...more

Parents, Read This Note BEFORE Prom or Graduation!

Dear "Responsible Parents," We're in the middle of Prom season and graduation is just around the corner, so I thought the time was ripe for a reminder of What Not To Do on Prom Night and/or Graduation Night. And that is: DO NOT RENT A ROOM AT A ...more

The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Working Mom

“I would never let someone else raise my children.” If you're a working mom, you've probably heard this sentence. Maybe you saw it in a Facebook post. Maybe you overheard someone saying it. Worst of all, maybe someone said it to your face....more
This is a conversation I'm interested in. There is a window where they are preschool age when ...more

Can You Even Help Your Kids Gain Independence Today?

The other day, Sam, Alrik, and I wanted to head out to the playground—and Mikko didn't. Now, the playground is literally a block from our home. Mikko is seven years old, nearly eight, and perfectly capable of amusing himself and retrieving drinks or snacks as needed in a short absence of parental supervision. But we knew we couldn't leave him home alone, and told him as much. "But whhhyyyy?" he asked. Indeed, kiddo, why? Because the neighbors might call the cops on us, that's why. ...more
rachael40711 That sounds really healthy, and like a worthy change to make from the way you were ...more

10 Things Your Kids Need to Know

As I sat in the departure area waiting to board a recent flight, a middle-aged woman sitting across from me took a call on her cell phone. It was hard not to overhear the almost immediate anguish in her voice. I garnered pretty quickly that she was getting news of a death. Her face turned gray and her voice shook as she tried to console the bereaved person on the other end of the phone. "Oh honey, you can't blame yourself," and, "I'm so sorry. This is such sad, sad news." And then, "Well, you never know, he might reschedule. Maybe he just got busy."...more
Liesl Garner Glad it was helpful, Liesl!more

v8574 goes to prom

In case you missed it, I teach high school English, and in high school, there is no bigger deal than prom (except for maybe graduation, although I think that's a bigger deal to the parents sometimes....more

U.S. Cellular Top Five

You all know that I am a recent convert to the mobile world. While I've had a cellphone for years, it was an old school pay-as-you-go basic phone. No camera, no internet ....more

Still more...

One evening during our beach week, we had a second family birthday celebration for MyBuddy who, get this, turned EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD this month. ...more

Roasted Cauliflower and Aged White Cheddar Soup

I’ve made this soup twice in the last couple weeks since I came across it, and I can’t wait to make it again! Alton Brown tell me cauliflower is quite healthy for you, so even though I enjoy it roasted, it’s exciting to find a new way to savor it. The flavors in this soup […] ...more

a perfect date.

This morning, Chris and I took our seven year olds out for a birthday date (they are only 11 1/2 months apart)....more

Two Ways to Think About It

As I listen to a Christian professor discussing what motivates his research, I'm so struck by his claim. He says, "God gives us significant insights that we then share with people to make their lives better and their appreciation of God and His goodness greater."We share our God-given insights to improve lives and to increase the appreciation of God and His goodness....more

Does your father want to have sex with you?

Mine does, and that is putting it nicely. ...more

How to Easily Make Scented Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Stephanie Oswald Scented Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe for Play: Need a quick outdoor activity that will keep your kiddos entertained and exploring? Then this is for you! This simple recipe only requires three ingredients, will not stain your sidewalk, and is perfect for some simple outdoors fun! ...more

April 25: Hunting for a Denim Shirt

As a spin off to my 'dress me' post, I feel like I need to specifically discuss my quest for a denim shirt. Because the 1969 Deconstructed one from Gap? Nope.It's a TALL, size small ....more

So, I Had a Baby.

Last Sunday night, something changed in my pregnancy....more