Thing Ramen Noodles Can Teach Parents

I recently got to introduce my son to one of my favorite college food staples: Ramen Noodles. I watched him marveling at the length of the noodles, giggling as he dangled ribbons of noodles over his mouth, waiting to catch them and slurp them up in ...more

Please Teach Your Kids About Disability

Your children watch and learn from you, every day, every moment. They listen to your words, imitate your actions, follow your cues on how to behave in new situations, and mimic your example on how to interact with people they meet. And they will ...more

Say No to Visitors, New Moms!

Until I had my son, it had never occurred to me that the first days, weeks, and months of being new parents would be sheer hell. I mean it. I don't envy any of you who are currently trying make it through the first two months of parenthood. It's ...more

Breastfeeding Ended My Body War

When I was 13 years old, I saved my money to order TBRS from a catalog. TBRS. Total Body Reshaping System. At 13, I was already sure my body needed to be totally reshaped, starting with my boobs (because I had none). Over the next 10 years, I raged ...more

Did I Lose Myself to Motherhood?

I remember the first time it happened: It was shortly after Theo’s birth and I was still in the hospital. My mother and husband were in the room with me when the nurse came in to do something—maybe weigh him or help bathe him or check his vital ...more

Can a Mom Survive Bottled Up Energy and Giggles at Dinner Time?

Do you ever just FLIP OUT on your kids for no reason other than they're being TOO happy?! Cause I have. Yep. I'm not proud of it. I just simply don't understand it. They will be absolutely content with each other at the dinner table, cracking each other up, not hitting or not not-hitting-but-kinda-hitting, not tattling, not asking me for anything, just genuinely enjoying each other's company while I quietly eat my own slice of Papa Murphy's Take 'n Bake white pizza. ...more

It's Hard to Be the New Mom at School

It's September. The flip flops have been unceremoniously discarded in the corner, the bathing suits and beach towels safely stowed until next year, and the air is crackling with the excitement of this new school year. For us, it’s been extra special, as the kids are in their first year of public school after being cyber schooled for the last five years....more

10 Things You Need to Stop Saying to Gay Parents

So I have read a few funny posts lately about "if Latinos said the things white people say" and if "Asians said the things white people say." Also, things you shouldn't say to a lesbian or a gay dad, and I decided to add my own list of things you shouldn't say to people. Specifically gay people. Even more specifically gay parents....more
#2 doesn't bother me but #4 does!!!!!!!more

Fall Comfort {Fashion}

Congrats to Erin (volley 2301) for winning last week's giveaway from Evelyn's Shoppe! Don't worry if you didn't win, though. You can use the code EVELYNSSHOPPE20 for 20% off your entire purchase today only!...more

Fall Front Porch Inspirations

Here it is the first day of the fall and I’m still baffled at what the rest of my… ...more

One Hard-Working Dog

One day last week my husband had jury duty and needed to be downtown at 8am....more

Gone Fishing

Ok, friends…it’s going on 2 years now since I really went all out on a birthday party for my kids. Mainly because when you have three boys…that equals three parties every year that all have to be some sort of boy theme. And you know what? ...more

At Big Springs on the Cusp of Fall

Yesterday we took the kids up the canyon to see the first of the fall colors. It had been raining all day and the clouds were hanging low on the mountain tops. It was a glorious, sliver-and-gold, late-afternoon in the high desert.While Christopher and Iris stayed close to the car, Anson, Ever, Erin and I went on a short hike ....more

Crazy Packed Social Fun Exhausting Weekend

It's Monday, which means we survived the birthday weekend. We are not, by any means, extravagant birthday-celebrators. ...more

7 Tips to Being a Confident Mama

Have you ever felt like you were failing as a mama?...more

farewell summer

for growth and for beauty. ...more

NAIBA and my first ever author signing

This past weekend was a whirlwind. In a matter of 48 hours we packed up the kids, hopped into a spaceship minivan, headed down a train, onto a plane to DC to see dear friends, family, and my We Need Diverse Books™ team members at NAIBA 2014 for our first ever WNDB author reception with fantastic book sellers who value diversity, followed by a Sunday morning filled with lots of coffee, conversation, four hour flight delays and then-- back on a plane, down a train and back into our minivan with a twinge of sadness for a weekend that went by way too fast as such weekends tend to do.NAIBA was incredible. I was already looking forward to reconnecting with my incredible WNDB team members Ellen Oh, Lamar Giles, I.W. Gregorio, and Renee Ahdieh but I also got to meet fellow WNDB team member Meg Medina for the first time [and may or may not have squealed a little too loudly when I hugged her because she is 250 degrees of awesome] ....more


That picture is from a series we took tonight to include in an email to Dan, who is gone for 11 days in Arizona and Utah for the Grand to Grand Ultra. In updating him on what he’s missed of Ada in the last few days, I realized I owed an update here as well, but for months. Ada is still pretty fearless, so long as she has her earmuffs ....more