The Voice of Doubt

Philip is a terrible bird watcher. While the rest of the group advances along the path, my son plops down in the middle of the trail to play with rocks.  ...more

I Won't Let My Daughter Hang Out with Boys

What would you do if your child asks if he/she could spend a few hours at a friend's house without any adult supervision? Would it matter if the child he/she was hanging out with was of the opposite sex? As a mom of a 15-year-old daughter, I have ...more

"Wow, Mama! I Like Your Boobies!"

My youngest tries to cop a little feel. Until recently, she'd be sitting on my lap for a snuggle and before I knew it, she'd have her hand pulling down the front of my shirt to peek in, her fingers reaching in. Or during story time, her head ...more

I Lost a Part of My Breast to Breastfeeding

I believe in breastfeeding. I’ve seen all of the stats. I’ve read all of the research. I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, if I am able. ...more

I'm Going Back to Work and My Kid Made Me Feel Okay About It

So, I'm going back to work. Full time. ...more

My Son Interviewed Michelle Obama and Yes, She Was All That And A Bag of Chips

Yesterday, my son was part of a gaggle of reporters—seven children between the ages of six and 12—who had the amazing opportunity to interview Michelle Obama in the White House. The special event was just one part of the 136th annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. Outside, it was all bright, colorful chaos—but inside, the kid reporters waiting for the First Lady were laser-focused, going over the questions they'd prepared in advance … and taking in the centuries of history displayed on the walls around them. ...more
Brilliant! First of all Zack, Congradulations!! I am sooooo proud of you!!! What an incredible ...more

Mommy's Daily Scorecard: 5 Key Performance Indicators I Suck At

If you've spent any time in corporate America, you may have heard the buzz word Key Performance Indicator or KPI, which is a fancy way for statistical types to measure the overall success of an organization. Fun stuff right? Today I am identifying KPIs that are most important in evaluating my performance as Mommy. I believe this will give me better insight into the performance initiatives that will help me improve. (Insert sarcasm here.) ...more

How Much Do Braces Really Cost? I'll Tell You.

When the twins were six, we started talking about whether or not they'd need braces. It was an interesting topic for me, because I've never had them. I was excited. By the time they were nine, we knew the direction we were headed in, so I called a few orthodontists in Texas to get an idea of the process and cost. Here's what I didn't expect to find out—it's a secret. It's like Fight Club. Seriously....more
Would you expect a diagnosis and costs over the phone for other services.  "My stomach hurts how ...more

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Dear kind and spicy friends, I took 817 pictures of this soup and I COULD NOT capture the deliciousness of this creamy chicken tortilla soup. Whatsoever. Please believe me when I say that this soup is the mother of all tor-tilla soups ....more

All Accounted For.

When I was little I remember my parents making a big deal over having a good attitude....more

Girls, Girls, Girls!

When I gave my heart to Mr. Wonderful, I also gave my heart to his two teenage daughters...and once again got a front row seat to the intriguing world of teenage girlhood. ...more

The Ways I'm Surprised by Motherhood

Yesterday I announced on facebook that my kitchen is in a magazine. An hour or so later, I posted this: Silas, stirring the marinade, "I'm glad Jesus gave me the right Mommy and Daddy." Words like that cover a multitude of sins around here....more

Common Core, Standardized Testing and How We Got Here

There is a revolution of sorts underway in our educational system here in the United States, but it isn't one that everyone is excited about. This revolution isn't one that is coming at the urging of educators, it isn't coming at the behest of concerned parents, it is coming from the top down this time. This revolution is one that, if you have children in school, teach or have any exposure to the world of education, you are most likely already aware of, at least in some capacity ....more

If you won’t say it about a boob job ….

Oh gracious did I see the best video this morning about what you should and shouldn’t say to adoptive families. We have heard all of these questions before and although I always know what the person is asking, it’s still hard to hear these questions and it’s even harder when these are asked in front of your kids. I’ve written before about positive adoption language, but this video is just too funny not to share ....more

Crocodile Stitch Cushion

I recently finished this little cushion....more

A Walk in the Park

A view from the track at the park closest to my office. Last September, I committed myself to 9 months of giving up my daily hour lunch break in order to shuttle Jax from pre-K (which is a half day) to daycare. This was the only way he could attend pre-K, and it’s a decision that I’m very happy to have made (because he LOVES his pre-K class and teacher) even though it seriously inconveniences me in the middle of the work day and uses up a lot of gas! ...more

how to paint fabric chairs

Yes, you read that right. I PAINTED some upholstered chairs. I had seen it done here first and then here and tucked it away in my maybe-want-to-try-one-day projects, and then I came across a pair of these pink velveteen chairs on a local ad for $30 ....more

Does Writing Checks Improve Lives?

Megan McArdle tackles the central thesis of Thomas Piketty’s new book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Piketty says that the biggest problem facing the world economy is income inequality. To solve that problem, Piketty suggests a huge tax on the wealthiest group of Americans, which would be then redistributed to the poor. Would this solve problems? ...more