Puberty Changed the Relationship I Had with My Dad

While my father can’t sing like Christopher Plummer from The Sound of Music, the nasal tenor of “Edelweiss” on the radio welled up inside my throat like a time portal, taking me back to when my dad used to sing it to me at bedtime. Why, I ...more

Follow These Handy Tips and Flying With Baby Will Be a Breeze

ONE | Fill the Diaper Bag with Essentials - I made sure I packed that thing with everything but the kitchen sink. These are just a few of the key things to make sure you have. ...more

New Moms: Save Money with These Helpful Tips

You’ve heard the stories. How raising a child from birth to 18 years of age will cost the average family $245,000. The expensive gear you absolutely need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The childcare, the formula, and the zillions of ...more

Teachers Offer Insight and Advice You NEED to Read

I have always wondered what teachers *REALLY* want to say to parents, but can't. I get the impression they feel worried about telling parents the truth since these days some moms and dads are quick to blame the teacher for problems with their ...more

Pop Happy Bubbles, Sleep Well!

I realized that what she needed was to go to bed with happy, positive thoughts going through her head that would hopefully override the fearful ones. So we started Happy Bubbles. Every night after she was tucked in bed, we would "pop" happy bubbles ...more

Important Lessons Learned During Easter Egg Coloring

This past weekend I facilitated the coloring of Easter Eggs with my three and four year olds. The ordeal unfolded much like the way training an Angora rabbit to use a lint roller might. As with everything, it was a learning experience. I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned with you so that you might adjust your own egg dying session accordingly. ...more
"There WILL be crying and pouting."  I don't do egg dying, but my guess is that at my house, all ...more

17 Important Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business. For me, it happens so often around these parts the hospital stay is like a mini vacation with room service and everything. Shall we treat it as such? Why not. ...more

Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?

The New York Time's Motherlode had an article recently about the parenting trend to have someone occupy your child over Skype or FaceTime in order to free you to do other things in the house. Think of it like babysitting from afar. Like really really afar. ...more
stirrupqueen In no scenario could I envision a Skype based babysitting service a good thing. ...more

Easter Mantel Decorations

Oh, spring! Glorious, glorious spring! I am so happy to feel the warmth of the sun on my face again! ...more

Minted {Giveaway}

Friends I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to freshen up...more

Weekend Wrap-Up and the Easter Festivities Begin!

This weekend, we packed with all sorts of fun stuff! To start with, baby W #3 got it's first item...the 4moms mamaRoo! I played with it for far too long after setting it up ....more

first nursery purchase + goals & meals this week

I made my first girl-nursery purchase this weekend! :) I loved these 50% off prints from Hobby Lobby/Lindsey Letters: The white one will go in the nursery and the black one is currently hanging in the dining room. :D It's hard to believe April is almost here! ...more

... we're gonna have us some fun.

I hate to throw TOO much spice into your otherwise inevitably humdrum Monday but mom bloggers gotta mom blog about spicy things and sometimes they've gotta a weekend to recap with photos and captions. Extra spicy. You were warned ....more

DIY “Frozen” Building Activities for Preschoolers

We recently turned our building center into a Frozen-inspired wonderland. Okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but we did make into a place for the...more

How To Make Your Own Stamps

I’m involved with some art journal groups this year. I haven’t kept up with the weekly prompts, but I am doing some of them and maybe I will catch up eventually. I see many of the artists in my groups using stamps in their work and I wanted to do some stamping too, but I also knew I wanted to make my own stamps so I figured I might as well learn how to do that for my art journal pages ....more

To Blog:

So I'm a little behind. So much so I am going to have to make a list of things so I don't forget. Epic Vacation Marathon Mia's theater Bode's baseball New Nephew I'm on it....eventually ....more

Hope that Follows Sorrow

One thing I miss terribly about homeschooling is reading aloud to my kids. Last month I realized this really isn’t a difficult problem to solve, I simply need to carve out time to read before they leave for school. I always want to make the most of time spent reading aloud so I choose my […] ...more


Welp. Today's clean eating just went off the rails. Yes sudden massive unquenchable need for cream led me to find the only cream in this house for my coffee .. ....more