Remarrying and Blending Families After Divorce

The early days of the "blended family" projectSunday morning Benjamin came padding into my room -- make that "our" room -- around 7. "Mom," he said. "I was looking out my window and I saw a ... wait, what are those birds that are all red?"My brain ...more

The One Nosy Question That Can Send a First-Time Mother Reeling

When are you going to have another baby? I get this question quite often lately from everyone from co-workers to family members and even the check-out lady at Target. It's just small talk, and I understand that completely. It's one of those ...more

What Do I Tell My Daughter About Sandra Bland?

To my Little Magician: We’ll read this together when you’re old enough to understand. Motherhood has been an incredible adventure, but I have always been haunted by the guilt of bringing you into this world -- a world that has not been very kind ...more

Summertime, and the Kitchen Is Easy (Or It Will Be With These Dinner Tips)

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm too lazy to cook dinner for my family this summer, plus it's too hot. Any ideas? Signed, Kitchen Is Closed  ...more

After Devastation and Loss, My Rainbow Baby Is Here

Dear Ruby, If you would have told me a year ago that I would go a day without crying, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told me a year ago that I would laugh without guilt, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told ...more

Tackling the Big Questions of Tiny Humans at Bedtime

Bedtime always brings unexpected treasures. Not only is it the promise of sleep after what is always a too-busy day, but it's also an extra long hug from my son or a whispered endearment from my daughter. In that twilight before the day ends for my children, I often find space to relish our time together.It's a pause to take a mental snapshot of what I hold dear. However, bedtime is not always hugs and quiet; sometimes, the kids have another idea, using that time to remind me of their extraordinary ability to throw me a curve ball. Tonight was one of those nights. ...more

How the Totally Tubular Moms of the '80s Got Parenting Right

Thinking back on the '80s, I can’t help but smile. It was the decade. Big hair, flashy clothes and a whole lot of attitude! I feel fortunate to have been teen during one of the most pivotal times in history. But it wasn't the kids of the '80s who made this era great. Hells to the no! It wasn’t the music or the movies or even the idols we worshipped (I’m looking at you, Madonna!). True, those things were great, but what really made the '80s gnarly were our mothers. ...more

It's Official: I'm Vocally Fried

Recently I read Ann Friedman’s salty piece in New York Magazine on "vocal fry," a way of talking in which you draw out the end of sentences or words with a low, raspy, creaky sound that comes from the back of throat. Like "upspeak" and "valley girl speak," vocal fry is a speech pattern or vocal tic -- apparently unique to women -- that seems to make the person using it (i.e., the young woman) sound immature, dumb, small, and not confident. ...more

Putting the landing gear on helicopter parents

Are you a cheerleader or a coach? When our children are little, we are their cheerleaders, praising them for their efforts to learn new skills and to try again when they don't succeed the first time....more

bluewater days 2015:

By Monday afternoon, lots of the cousins had arrived (though all of them were the "older" cousins). William and Fritz were thrilled to catch some tadpoles in Bullfrog Pond with Jane and Mary. William named his "Slippery Fish" and wanted to bring it home with him, until cousin Charlotte squished it between her chubby hands in an overzealous display of affection ....more

Remember When...

Remember when you were young and you were obsessed with babies? You would sit on your best friends living room floor with the JCPenney catalog opened to the baby section. You would pick out your baby from the adorable baby models and then go through all the gear and pick out their crib, stroller, high chair, bedding, car seat, and more ....more

Make Back to School Books to Ease the Transition

As a pre-k teacher, with a background teaching kindergarten, I’m often asked how to ease transitions between school years. Whether it’s moving from preschool to kindergarten, or moving up an age group in preschool, I’m always happy to help with back to school tips....more

10 Reasons Why the Best Time to Start a Career is AFTER You Have Kids

I know it might sound counterintuitive, but just read this post to the end and see if maybe it’s not as far-fetched as you originally thought.  The reality is that so many women feel an enormous amount of pressure to get their careers to a certain point BEFORE ever thinking about having children. They wait and wait because there’s a sort of unspoken, yet widely held belief that once you have kids, your professional life is as good as over....more

Ranch 2015 Day 8

**Reminder: I will be chatting live from 10:00 to Noon MST, ...more

A few things of possible interest and a giveaway

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Caroline. She had a great day and, based on the way she crashed out late Monday afternoon, may already be in the process of growing three more inches. I will tell you that we bought her a new pair of cowboy boots for her birthday and had to go exchange them for a size and a half larger than she was wearing a month ago ....more

The Rope Givers

I've been pondering a picture which, as I jot these words, hasn't actually been captured with a camera yet, but I pray that it will EVER remain in my heart.Last week I wrote about my Man and I feeling at the end of our rope with house bother and stuff…I was wrong though, we were not quite...more

Twelve Days of Summer with my Twelve-Year-Old: DAY SIX

On the sixth day of Summer(mas), my middle schooler gave to me: respite from my complaining——————————————...more