10 Ways to Earn 'Cool Aunt' Status

It’s no secret that I love being an aunt to four beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew, who range in age from almost 4 years old to 19 years old. They each provide me diverse conversations, activities and memories to cherish. While my husband ...more

8 TV Shows to Binge-Watch While On Late Night Baby Duty (Or, Right Now)

Last week, I chatted with some colleagues about the television shows we’ve been watching. One of my co-workers is due with her first baby in a few short weeks and therefore looking for something to watch during those 2 a.m. feedings. She took notes ...more

The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Do What You Want

I watched her seamlessly round up her four children as they splashed, swam, and dove in the pool. ...more

10 Life Skills Every Teen Needs Before College

The youngest of our five is about to be a sophomore in high school this year. And as I was reminiscing about how fast these last 15 years have gone for her, I realized that I only have a few more years left to make sure she is ready to take those ...more

I'm Proud To Have Raised Such An Amazing Daughter

The first time I realized that my daughter was actually mothering me, she was all of 7 years old. We were at a summer pool party thrown by my ad agency's creative director—a mom herself, who loved kids. She was swimming with my daughter Lillie, who was playfully splashing her. "Take it easy," I called to Lillie. "That's my boss!" ...more
Sounds like you raised a great person!more

9 Is The New 13

My daughter is putting a big damper on my plans. I had this whole escape plan drawn out: The moment she turned 13, I would pack my bags and leave motherhood behind, going to an exotic island of some sort to sip margaritas and pina coladas for dayssssss. ...more

Don't Be Selfish By Having a Child-free Wedding

This summer, my husband and I have approximately 10,000 weddings to attend. OK, that's an exaggeration, but it definitely feels that way. In and of itself, our plenitude of weddings are a good thing. Drinks! Dinner! Butter cream frosting! The only problem with all these weddings this summer is that the vast majority of them don't include an invitation extended to our offspring....more
Crock of crap - people can have any damn type of wedding they please. After all, THEY are not ...more

How A Farm Table Made Me Fall Back In Love With My Kitchen.

Everywhere you turn it seems as if everyone has gotten the farm table memo. From Restoration Hardware, Arhaus and World Market to IKEA, Pinterest and beyond, these pieces of rustic furniture perfection have infiltrated kitchens and dining rooms everywhere. Moreover, they all seem to have gotten the stately, stunning and grandiose kitchen memo as well, a memo that has yet to find its way to me ....more

Easy Boredom Busters and a Summer Fun Kit Giveaway

This post is part of a series as a compensated #CapriSunCrew ambassador. I love the lazy days of summer. Funny how that expression doesn’t seem to translate to kids ....more

Fun on the 4th of July


4th of July!

Good morning, I hope you had a great holiday weekend! We sure did! Friday night we got together with family to watch fireworks! ...more

Please Don't Give Me a Push Present, UNLESS...

I found the topic of push presents, or push gifts, to be rather materialistic in nature.  I, still, can't quite grasp the idea that a woman should receive some fancy trinket or bauble because she has given (or will give) birth to a baby, which, more than likely, SHE wanted in the first place.I say these things as a mother of one and currently expecting my second.  With my first pregnancy, I enjoyed it rather immensely and I was just so excited to be having a baby that gifts other than what we needed for the baby never even came to mind.  I carried and delivered a baby because that is what I wanted to do.  No one forced me to have a baby.  I wasn't doing it out of guilt or obligation.  I was having a baby because it was a dream of mine for as long as I could remember....more

Space Alien Coloring Page

How are you doing so far this summer? Do you need a few coloring pages for an on-the-go busy bag? Pack a box of crayons, some blank sheets of paper and this space alien coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg ....more

The US Won and I'm Bummed (A Life Reflection)

I’ve had a soccer ball at my feet since I was four-years-old. Suffice it to say I am an avid fan and could not wait to watch the Women’s World Cup final tonight. What I didn’t expect was to be struck with an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the moments that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat....more

Miggy's Music Monday

I honestly can't remember exactly what year it was--which only ads to the old lady reminiscing vibe I've got going here--but somewhere around 2002 or 2003 was the year I dubbed my rock 'n roll summer. ...more

how i burned my leg on the 4th of july

have you ever seen a cuter firecracker? oh lord...there isn't an outfit this gal can't pull off. not to mention, that even when she's sick, she still pulls off a few looks for the camera.no seriously...in all sawyer's 8 months, i've never seen her this unhappy ....more

Review: The New K’NEX Mighty Makers Line

It has been a while since I saw a STEM toy marketed to girls that really caught my eye, so I am thrilled to tell you that the new K’NEX Mighty Makers line makes the cut! Even the small set we were sent to review has real engineering components (a windmill that spins) and takes careful thought and planning to build. The set also teaches about different types of leaves, and has instructions for making models of each leaf type using K’NEX ....more