Really, It's Okay!

When I got married, I went the way of many girls. First comes love, then comes marriage, and so on. I was 19 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. So I did what I thought I probably should do: Bore children and stayed home to take ...more

Yep, We're Going to Disney

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something, it suddenly seems to pop up everywhere? It makes sense I guess; things you never paid attention to start sticking out once they’re already on your mind. ...more

Some Assembly Required?

I’m not sure how I dodged this essential parenting rite of passage for so long, but somehow this Christmas, my daughter’s fourth year leaving out cookies and Scotch, was the first time I had to assemble a toy. On that fateful morning, I re-heated ...more

Make These Fun & Educational Valentine's Day Discovery Bottles

This past week I decided to make some Valentine's Day themed discovery bottles for my babies. Discovery bottles are a great way for infants and toddlers to have a fun sensory experience and some playful learning. These simple DIY toys will ...more

Kids Can't Walk Home Alone

Should fear of Child Protective Services taking our children affect the everyday decisions of parents? Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, parents in Silver Spring, Maryland, now find themselves under investigation by CPS for allowing their children, ages ...more

I'm Not An Embarrassment To My Kids Even When I Ride The Subway In My Underwear

Last weekend I participated in a Los Angeles ritual, the No Pants Subway Ride. I had a blast hanging out with some of the most free-spirited people in the city. I happened to be the very first person to arrive at Union Station, rocking my bright blue bikini underwear, a hoodie sweatshirt and ankle boots in 60 degree weather. ...more
Bikini underwear are no different than a 2 piece bathing suitmore

Can You Work From Home After Baby? Yes!

I’ve been working from home long before we had children. I started in 2007 when I opened up my own design company with my husband and set up our home office. There I was, free of the daily commute, Skyping into client conferences instead of physically being there, and usually blissfully getting through the day without having to apply makeup. Work and life felt balanced, and I felt happy....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Thanks so much! Sounds like a mom who knows!more

Midlife Crisis? My Husband Feels Trapped By His Life!

For many of us of a certain age, the midlife crisis is a source of tired jokes and stereotypes. We think about sports cars and younger women, drastically changing our appearance or just plain running away. I've often ribbed my husband, telling him he can't have a midlife-crisis car because we had a midlife baby instead. ...more
Heavy. But why is she placing the fate of her and her daughter into HIS hands?! She's waiting ...more

52 Adventures | Jumping Around at the Secret Dunes

We discovered a little piece of heaven, not too far from our house. No longer do we have to drive to the coast to play in the sand!! You can barely call these dunes, but the sand is soft and warmed by the sun and perfect enough for jumping and digging ....more

I remember as

I remember as a young child building forts with my younger brother and the other kids that were at my babysitter's house. We would take every blanket she owned and turn her living room into one giant fort. Each kid was given their own space to turn into their own little space and in those moments, that's what childhood was all about ....more

Whitney Wears: 1940s Makeup / How to look like Peggy Carter

Finally! I ran into some setbacks (this was a new type of video for me, so lighting and setting it up was totally different), but here it is! (If the link doesn’t work, check back in an hour!) As promised, here’s the full list of makeup and tools that I used in the video ....more

My childhood bullies contacted me on Facebook

“The day a guy picks you up is the day I die. Oh, and your mother’s a skank.” ...more

How Do You Know When You're Having an Orgasm?

Despite being 23, I looked about 12 when I first started teaching high school. My classes were filled with Latina girls who outlined their lips in black and penciled their eyebrows into the thinnest possible lines. The boys sported homemade tattoos and wore colors, bandanas for the gang of which they were purportedly members. A few students were pregnant, some with their second child. In addition to these kids, the regular lot, my classes always included a large percentage of special needs students....more

(Potty) Mouth Wide Open

“Take it easy there, Sailor,” my husband will say to me when I start swearing. He says this, that is, unless (a) our daughter is present or (b) he’s not feeling very generous with me, which is most of the time honestly. He doesn’t like my potty mouth. He doesn’t even like me to euphemistically curse, which I find really funny.“I can’t say Fudge around Emmy?” I’ll ask, smirking. “But, it’s not even a bad word.”“It is if that’s your intention for saying it,” he’ll respond. “Tone is powerful. Words are powerful.”“Seriously? Then what the fuck am I supposed to say?”...more

sunday's child.


Inspiration Sunday

Image source Throw me a vote on Top Mommy Blogs? You know the drill by now. Just click the juggling chick and you've voted ....more

my dog and this sky

When I wake up each morning, I wake with a wave of excitement. What I'm excited about I'm sure, but it's there, every single morning. Probably I've got an anxiety disorder....more