On the Power of 'You Can Do It'

I recently interviewed for something pretty major (crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that I get it), and during the process I was inspired to take this little blog of mine in a slightly new direction. Sure, I’ll still be sharing my parental ...more

10 Excellent Chapter Books For Young Readers

There are no words to express the joy we felt when our 6-year-old son learned how to read on his own last year. Books have always been important in this house. (With a writer mother and an editor father, it's no surprise.) The Youngster has been read ...more

No, He Really Can't Have It. Please Don't Sabotage My Child's Special Diet!

My son Leo is on a medically managed diet. Which is easily manageable, as long as we plan ahead. Every so often, though, we find ourselves in social situations with dietary complications, and encounter folks who dismiss our, "I’m sorry, he can't eat ...more

Parenting Redux: 12 Things I Would've Done Differently With My Kids

I am grateful for all that I have: amazing kids, wonderful husband, rewarding career, outstanding community. And I don’t regret things in my life. But I know if I could, I would go back and do some things a little differently. As a mother of a ...more

Being a SAHM Is My Financial Contribution to Our Family

I'm certain I'm one of those stay at home moms you would hate. I complain about my kid regularly, about how I don't have much time for myself, and how I shouldn't be spending money on this or that. Hate me if you like, but while I confess to my ...more

We're Fighting Over the Kids' Screen Time. Is There an App For That?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My wife and I totally disagree about our kids and screen time. She is the Tough Mom, and basically thinks the iPad will eventually melt their brains. I’m the Relaxed Mom (a.k.a. I like my iPad!), and I think it’s totally fine -- and even educational --for the kids to Minecraft and iPad to their hearts' delight. How can we find a happy medium? Signed, Steve Jobs’ Black Turtleneck ...more

Grieving My Father in the Excruciating In-Between

"I love you." "I love you too." Last Sunday, when my dad and I had our last good visit, we said these words. As I crossed the parking lot to my car, I realized that he hadn't said what he usually says when one of us is leaving after a visit: "Be careful. I don't have any extra children." ...more

Breastfeeding: Been There, Done That, Not Doing It Again!

I consider myself intelligent and sufficiently educated. I know the laundry list of stated benefits to breastfeeding. I know it's the best. But, I don't want to do it. I'm scared. ...more

Boy of Six

Boy of Six Could I move through time or space Travel in and out of day I could not yet find the place to ...more

The merry-go-round of nothing getting done

So first, watch this bit from John Oliver, because he says it better than I ever could.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGY6DqB1HX8OK, all done? Heartbreaking, right? Now then.It is exasperating beyond belief to me that the only time anyone says anything about mental health issues is right after another shooting ....more

My Top 10 Aldi Favorites

Do you have an Aldi where you live? I've been aware of this small grocery store chain for years and years now, but I only started shopping there within the past two years or so. And the savings have been staggering! ...more

European MFME--part 1

Have I mentioned how much I adore my mom? ...more

Homeschool Week 7: Plants Make Their Own Food Like This

It was a pretty mellow week this time around. No real big projects or videos to do but as always still a lot of work to do. Louie Language Arts: This week we dove into the letter "Ii" ....more

Our Journey to Bringing Mez Home

This journey started in June of 2012. The new pastors of our church had adopted 2 children from Ethiopia, and were in the process of adopting 2 more. Listening to them talk about the boys in Kolfe orphanage and reading their blogs online, I started feeling the need to sponsor a boy from Kolfe. ...more

Bad Ass Babes | Ada Lovelace

I love a good bad ass woman. A woman who goes out into the universe and makes it a better, more interesting place. I’m not talking about women who are bad ....more

“Who, Which, Except” Movie Quiz: Thursday Night! by Ree

Tomorrow night, I’m having a whole new kind of movie quiz here on PW Fun & Learning! It’s a “Who, Which, Except” quiz, and rather than explain to you how it works now, I’ll just let you drop by tomorrow night and give it a whirl! It’s a fun format and I think you’ll catch on instantly ....more

Charlie Cookie Jars! by Ree

I’ve received the cutest photos of the Charlie Cookie Jars that have made it into folks’ homes. Once I have a chance to gather them up, I will post them here, because they are hilarious. Charlie next to someone’s cat ....more