I Just Need 21 Days For This to Stick (Beyoncé Told Me So)

It was our great philosopher in a bowler hat, Boy George, who said it best when he sang: Time won't give me time. It's one of those hard truths working mothers (hell, all mothers!) know too well.And for us WAHMs ... listen. The juggle is real.  ...more

In Adoption, Love Means Never Having to Say You're Grateful

“Thank you for being my mother.” “Yeah, thanks.” “Thank you.”  ...more

The Day I Met My Son

Yes, you read that title correctly: I now have a son ... This story started a long time ago. Decades. It begins with my sister. She and I never really got along. As a child I idolised her. She found me annoying. She was popular, gorgeous and ...more

One Mom's Honest Reaction to Her Son Coming Out as Gay

Originally written on October 7, 2015. I had no answer to the question. I didn't think I'd need one. So let's backtrack a little bit: A little over 15 years ago, our first, beautiful baby boy was born. We couldn't wait for him to talk. Then ...more

My Version of Motherhood

Editor's Note: Writing -- whether it's for long pieces or a quick-hit NaBloPoMo post -- is all about dedication. It takes a real commitment to sit, focus, tune out the world, and put your stories on the page. This post was about setting a timer for ...more

Do You Really Need to Know Why They're Crying? (Spoiler: Nope.)

New parents have it rough sometimes. Babies cry -- a lot. I've often found myself thinking it'd be so much easier if my little one could just tell me why she's upset. Then I could fix the problem and everything would be wonderful, right? Wrong. ...more
Hey, thanks so much for sharing my post! Now, if anyone has any advice on how to deal when your ...more

5 Ways 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Got Me Thinking About Cross-Cultural Thanksgivings

Recently, I watched the new CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which features Rebecca, a Jewish American woman visiting her ex-boyfriend Josh’s extended Filipino American family for Thanksgiving. While it’s completely over-the-top (the hip-hop video segment!), it was hilarious....more
Laura Kosloff Thanks for chiming in! I'm glad it makes sense.more

What Kinds of Therapies Actually Help Autistic Kids?

At two-and-a-half, my autistic son spoke more often than several other kids in his regional center-funded speech and language class. Two years later, several of those kids talked non-stop, whereas my son continued to speak only occasionally, and mostly kept his own counsel. We parents of those kids constantly compared notes, as parents of autistic kids often do, about the differences in our kids' speaking abilities. Which different therapies and interventions were our kids receiving? How did they make a difference, and why? ...more
The three paragraphs about ABA are very wrong. We sometimes focus on compliance because that's ...more

Holiday Gifts for Little Boys

For Christmas, we try to follow the 3 wise men rule. You get 3 gifts--something you need, something you want, and a surprise. For us, it makes Christmas simple, stress-free (at least when it comes to gift giving) and also helps us to remember the real reason that we celebrate Christmas....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! ...more

Grateful For Dancing 2015

We live in a crazy, chaotic world with so much going on around us. So much that we can't control. It can be overwhelming.But there's good stuff going in this world too ....more

Thankful Thursday: Thank You

To all of you reading this, Thank You. For every word of encouragement dropped in a comment, on a Facebook post, Tweeted or just thought and felt...thank you. Some of you have been with me from the beginning ....more

4 Gifts- Week 3: Read

Here we are, week 3 in our 4 Gifts series and I'm going to share with you some books that my kids would like read. Books are some of my favorite gifts to give because they can be read over and over and last forever.I've broken it down into two categories, big kids (5-8 years) and toddler. I hope these book ideas help if you are gift giving to some kids this year ....more

Bzzzz: Building Bristlebots at the Gadgeteers Club

We've been enjoying a new find:the Gadgeteers Club! A friend posted about it on a Facebook homeschooling group,and we've been making the monthly trek out to Duvallfor some engineering & technology fun.Our first time, we made Bristle Bots: They're like Hexbug Nanos, but made with a toothbrush,battery, tape, and a little motor.You and your kids could easily make one for yourselves!Stay tuned for our post of the next kit,which was a Minecraft torch.You'd better believe Mikko was thrilled about that one!Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! I've got a new sponsored giveaway from vitafusion™ and BlogHer!You can enter to win $100 just by telling me how many veggies you ate yesterday.There is no right answer, so feel free to be honest.Head on over to learn more about #onlythegoodstuff gummy fiber vitamins and to enter the contest! P.S. The Gadgeteers Club & KipKayKits are not sponsoring this post! ...more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I wanted to post a photo here of Julia with the giant 15-lb. Blue Hubbard squash she won from our CSA farm by correctly guessing its weight at storage-share pickup last week, but iPhoto is refusing to import new photos from my phone right now (siiiiiigh........), so I will instead give you this pick I snapped a month ago on a trail run near my house: the prairie vegetation, the field, the sky ....more


The day, like so many lately, was packed with commitments. I didn’t know if we’d make it to Lagniappe, which is a fancy way of saying the turning on of the Big, Bright Light Show in our little city. (By definition, it’s something given as an extra little gift, but the light show is beautiful enough to stand on its own.) By the time we arrived, parking was scarce, and before we left the car, we reminded the kids walking would be involved — lots of walking for little legs that would normally be pulling on pajamas right about the time the lights were scheduled to light up the street ....more

happy thanksgiving with love.

hi friends! are you all ready for today? are your stretchy pants out, is your turkey defrosted, and is your thankfulness list written? ...more


I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus....more