When Your Baby Grows Up

It's the night before the first day of school. Everyone's in good spirits, some more excited than others, but it's good enough. My youngest sat in bed, cuddling his little blue bear, “Baby.” I smiled as I remembered the first time I gave him that ...more

Now Is Not the Time for Intentional Parenting

I stood at the white picket gate in the backyard and felt it rising in me, from even deeper than the pit of my stomach. That unwanted feeling that I have become more familiar with than I ever wanted to be. Shame. I had snapped, again. I barked at ...more

Should an 18-Year-Old Have Been Cited for Waving a Rubber Penis Out a Car Window?

If your kid was charged with waving a rubber penis out of a car window, how would you feel? First, I am not saying what he did was right at all. Small children could have seen this, and I'm sure it offended people. Personally, I would have laughed if ...more

I Yelled at a Stranger's Kid and I'd Do It Again

I've wanted to write about this for a while, but I've been sitting on it to decide whether or not I still felt justified in my actions, or if I was having a moment of poor judgment. Now that I'm a few weeks removed from the event, I'm going with the ...more

It Won't Always Be This Way... Promise.

Pregnancy: Almost overnight, the life I know becomes a mix of morning sickness, strange food cravings, and raging hormones. A few months in, even getting off the couch requires a serious effort. My back is killing me, my feet are starting to look ...more

10 Reasons Moms Can Be Happy About Back to School

As the blogosphere overflows with back to school posts, frankly I'm tired of reading about it. I'm tired of reading about moms crying into their whiskey laced coffee mugs because Johnny started Pre-K. My kids haven't gone back yet. In fact, orientation is today, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not happy as a pig flopping around in his own excrement about it. ...more
Yay! Someone who is definitely living life! I have five children & I love school terms! Mind you ...more

Why "You Look Like Your Mom" Is the Worst Thing to Say to a Teen Girl

It happens often. When I'm out with my daughter, someone invariably exclaims, “Well, aren't you just the spitting image of your mother?” Outwardly, my daughter smiles. To the stranger, she seems thrilled to be given the comparison. To this mother's eye, I notice a faint twitch beginning to form behind her grin. Or maybe it’s just a bit of nausea coming on. Either way, she's clearly not pleased....more
@DOWNSINTERIORS BlogHer  12 seems like a million years ago so I can't remember if she was happy ...more

Pregnancy: Signs You're Ready To Have Your Baby

The last days of your pregnancy are, how do I say it, AWFUL! They drag on in slow motion while you uncomfortably, well, drag on. You simply cannot wait another day to meet that little bundle of joy that you’ve been dreaming about for nine months. You also can’t sleep, you can’t eat, and you can’t do simple things like put on pants or get into bed without an ass kicking from your sciatica nerve. Nope, you can’t wait to shoot that tiny human out of your baby maker. Here are 12 ways you know that you are really ready to have that baby. ...more

To the Brink and Back

The “D” word.I said the “D” word.Disruption. Despite my reservations, I let E go down for a week and a half-long visit with Bmom and his bio siblings. I couldn’t come up with a better reason for him not to go than “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” and couldn’t explain beyond that, so I caved. Next time I’ll know better, but you know what they say about hindsight. ...more

How We Spent our Summer Vacation: Part One

We did so many things during our vacation that I can’t fit it all into one post! I’ll highlight a few of the more interesting or useful destinations and attractions we encountered along the way. For once, our vacation planning worked out well! ...more

To make some extra money, why not use all of your ...

To make some extra money, why not use all of your knowledge and resources in helping others save money the way you do? It would be well worth it to spend some money on a "consultant" (such as yourself) and gain the massive savings you would help them find. Advertise yourself in church bulletins and grocery store pull-tab posters ....more

When Should You Look to Professional Help for Your Troubled Child

All children have struggles: that's just part of growing up. However, some children have an easier time dealing with life's stresses than others. There are so many circumstances, and no child's situation is the same. Because life is hard, some children need assistance dealing with their challenges. If you're worried, take a look at these five indications that you should look to professional help for your troubled child....more



Ha! But just think of all the things she could hav...

Ha! But just think of all the things she could have made with those straws!! That was a missed opportunity right there, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it ....more

Haha!! I just read an article called "we dont...

Haha!! I just read an article called "we dont play with our vulvas at the table." I think it was on the Scary Mommy site!Don't you just LOOOOVVVEEE how kids retell stories? Not to mention that they go on, and on, and on, and ON AND ON AND ON ON ON ON STOP TALKING ALREADY!!!love kids ....more


*HUGS* ...more

Here's to hoping!!

Here's to hoping!! ...more

Thank you for sharing your much needed perspective...

Thank you for sharing your much needed perspective with me :)One day, one challange at a time*hugs* ...more