He's Army Strong, Mom's Still in Training

As a child, I remember reading about the Declaration of Independence in history class and quietly smiling to myself, thinking...THIS!...this is why my family is here. "Mom, I want to enlist into the military." But I cannot think of too many ...more

How Should You Talk to Your Kids About Hemp and Marijuana?

"I really want to hang up my weed leaf tapestry in the basement," said my main mansky, Cransky, as we stood in the kitchen amongst piles of moving boxes. "So hang it up." "But it's got a giant WEED LEAF ON IT AND THERE ARE CHILDREN LIVING ...more

I'm Not Perfect... and It's Okay

Y'all know I like to keep it real around here, and lately I have been finding myself wrapped up in guilt for a lot of the parenting choices I make. Deep down I know I am a good mom. My child is loved, she is never hungry and has a roof over her head ...more

The Marysville School Shooting Happened in My Town

"Mom, there's been a shooting at MP. Someone is dead and we don't know who the shooter is." I was just leaving my Zumba class Friday morning when my son called me with those words. MP is Marysville-Pilchuck, one of two high schools in our town of ...more

Don't Let Poor Kids Ruin Your Halloween!

Have you heard about the wicked wealthy witch who wrote a letter to Slate's Dear Prudence advice column complaining about her 1%-er neighborhood being overrun by mini vans full of less fortunate 99%-ers out to pilfer her mountain of full size ...more

Why You Shouldn't Innocently Call Your Daughter "Honey Boo Boo"

If you know me in real life, you know that I don't watch much TV. If you don’t know me in real life, you know that the only TV I do watch is Criminal Minds. (Apparently I like to keep myself up at night with visions of serial killers hiding in my closet.) ...more

10 Easy Ways for New Parents to Save Money on Baby Items

Finding out that you are expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and happy events in life! And even when you find out how much this little bundle of joy is going to cost you—the average cost of raising a child is about $245,000—it is still worth it because nothing compares to holding that sweet little baby in your arms. There are some things that you can do though, to save a bit of money: ...more

Polls Show Support for Early Education. Will Voters Agree Nov. 4?

On November 4, voters in many states will decide on ballot measures for early childhood education, and recent polls report that most Americans support making preschool more accessible for all. The surveys show that voters in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Georgia view early learning as a priority at both the state and national level. Image Credit: First Five Years ...more

All Saints Day


Halloween 2014, Unknown to Protect the Innocent

We have arrived.Halloween 2014.Yes.Like the meme says "At 12 midnight, Bam! Christmas carols everywhere!"Let's not get ahead of ourselves.I was fortunate enough to meet up with one of my oldest & dearest, favorite friends ever...Karen. ...more

Oh just lots of things.

I always love how a few of my friends do get togethers....more

I Love Halloween

Jenny blogs IN OTHER WORDS at  www.jennykanevsky.wordpress.com and has written a mystery novel Chosen Quarry  featured on her web site www.jennykanevsky.com...more

Five on Friday

Happy Halloween! Today is a rainy cold day for us here, but we'll still brave the rain later for some trick-or-treating. For now though, we're spending the day dry and warm inside ....more

Lost in Space

It was already a bad week in the space business, with experts continuing to investigate what caused an Orbital Sciences Corp. Antares rocket carrying a Cygnus cargo craft to the International Space Station to falter just seconds after launch on on Tuesday. Range safety officers sent auto-destruct commands to the rocket, which caused significant damage to the launch complex in the subsequent crash and explosion.At the time, the saving grace was that no one was injured or killed ....more

Happy Halloween 2014!

.My darling AK was born half-goth, I'm pretty sure of it....more

A Young Jodi Foster?

This week I spent two days in bed with back pain and spasms necessitating heavy-duty muscle relaxers and pain meds. Then when I finally felt coherent enough to write a blog post, my computer spazzed out on me and I had to take it to the computer shop two days in a row. ...more

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

With cute kids like this, it makes me really wonder what our first boy would've been like at nearly 4 years old. I'm certain he would've picked an awesome costume and loved all the excitement. Andrew, you are missed, as big as this bumble bee mama can miss someone ....more

Halloween Happenings

We're running a day ahead of everybody else for Halloween! ...more