8 TV Shows to Binge-Watch While On Late Night Baby Duty (Or, Right Now)

Last week, I chatted with some colleagues about the television shows we’ve been watching. One of my co-workers is due with her first baby in a few short weeks and therefore looking for something to watch during those 2 a.m. feedings. She took notes ...more

The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Do What You Want

I watched her seamlessly round up her four children as they splashed, swam, and dove in the pool. ...more

10 Life Skills Every Teen Needs Before College

The youngest of our five is about to be a sophomore in high school this year. And as I was reminiscing about how fast these last 15 years have gone for her, I realized that I only have a few more years left to make sure she is ready to take those ...more

7 Ways to Be an Overachieving Mom Without Doing Jack

When it comes to summer, the internet always barfs up two opposing eye-roll-worthy lines of thought for how moms should handle all the extra time with their kiddos. ...more

Thanks Dad, For Teaching Me Everything!

The first time my father saw actual grass was at the Polo Grounds in the 1950s, when his dad took him to see his coveted baseball team, the then New York Giants, play. Born and raised in the Bronx, my dad's childhood was concrete and stickball, urban adventures that matched nothing like my suburban upbringing. My dad wanted to be a father. He wanted the opportunity to continue his own learning and share what he knew with his children. ...more

I Found the Path to Get Girls to Code

“You cannot be, what you cannot see”...more

You Can Travel Travel To Europe Without Spending Your Kids' College Funds

One thing you will always hear people complaining about is how expensive it is to travel in Europe. True, flights from the U.S. to Europe can be pricey, but once you are on the ground it is a whole different story. The Euro has been slipping for months now, and it is almost neck-and-neck with the U.S. dollar, which means you are no longer paying extra just to be in another country. Even Switzerland, where they don't even use the Euro, is running close to the dollar, although this notoriously expensive country is still pricey even when the dollar is up. ...more
I'm on my way to the airport now!more

Currently / Lately

Lately, I have not been here much. I’ve been in other places. Like on tire swings ....more

How to Effectively Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction; I used to work at Barnes & Noble and I’d see books on the subject and I seriously assumed it was about attracting a mate or something. I never took one second to read the back of one of these books, and if I would have, I probably could’ve avoided many years of playing a victim and weathering storm after storm. But I don’t think I would’ve have been ready at that time in my life anyway ....more

14th birthday

Happy belated birthday to my gorgeous son. His birthday coincided with a visit from his great aunt (pictured bottom right) who was in town for a couple of days. She suggested he take the day off school and when I asked him if he wanted to do this he jumped at the chance ....more

Desire to Inspire

I am honored to be involved in this insightful video with other women who ...more

Toddler Birthday Exchange

I was recently approached by Elizabeth over at Chasin' Mason...more

Our Ultimate Super Mega Summer Hit List

We are well into our Ultimate Super Mega Summer, though it has been a rather sleepy summer as Mr. Boy undergoes treatment....more

Talking to My Child About Same Sex Marriage - We are different

I'm not a stranger to having difficult discussions with my children, even more so as they mature and face the different views and people in our culture. ...more

8 Alternative Names For Pregnancy Heartburn

By Jocelyn Cox of The Home Tome Sometimes my husband and I talk about having a second child. Then I remember: pregnancy. Which causes me to remember, among other physical discomforts, heartburn ....more

Why Parents Need to Stop Projecting Onto Their Kids

The post Why Parents Need to Stop Projecting Onto Their Kids appeared first on Sammiches and Psych Meds ....more

Beginnings, Odds and Ends

This was an exciting week. On Tuesday, my husband finished his very last day of his fellowship. It was a tough year, but he made it, he graduated with high praise and is now on real, actual vacation for the first time in a long time ....more