Really, It's Okay!

When I got married, I went the way of many girls. First comes love, then comes marriage, and so on. I was 19 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. So I did what I thought I probably should do: Bore children and stayed home to take ...more

Yep, We're Going to Disney

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something, it suddenly seems to pop up everywhere? It makes sense I guess; things you never paid attention to start sticking out once they’re already on your mind. ...more

Some Assembly Required?

I’m not sure how I dodged this essential parenting rite of passage for so long, but somehow this Christmas, my daughter’s fourth year leaving out cookies and Scotch, was the first time I had to assemble a toy. On that fateful morning, I re-heated ...more

Make These Fun & Educational Valentine's Day Discovery Bottles

This past week I decided to make some Valentine's Day themed discovery bottles for my babies. Discovery bottles are a great way for infants and toddlers to have a fun sensory experience and some playful learning. These simple DIY toys will ...more

Kids Can't Walk Home Alone

Should fear of Child Protective Services taking our children affect the everyday decisions of parents? Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, parents in Silver Spring, Maryland, now find themselves under investigation by CPS for allowing their children, ages ...more

I'm Not An Embarrassment To My Kids Even When I Ride The Subway In My Underwear

Last weekend I participated in a Los Angeles ritual, the No Pants Subway Ride. I had a blast hanging out with some of the most free-spirited people in the city. I happened to be the very first person to arrive at Union Station, rocking my bright blue bikini underwear, a hoodie sweatshirt and ankle boots in 60 degree weather. ...more
Bikini underwear are no different than a 2 piece bathing suitmore

Can You Work From Home After Baby? Yes!

I’ve been working from home long before we had children. I started in 2007 when I opened up my own design company with my husband and set up our home office. There I was, free of the daily commute, Skyping into client conferences instead of physically being there, and usually blissfully getting through the day without having to apply makeup. Work and life felt balanced, and I felt happy....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Thanks so much! Sounds like a mom who knows!more

Midlife Crisis? My Husband Feels Trapped By His Life!

For many of us of a certain age, the midlife crisis is a source of tired jokes and stereotypes. We think about sports cars and younger women, drastically changing our appearance or just plain running away. I've often ribbed my husband, telling him he can't have a midlife-crisis car because we had a midlife baby instead. ...more
Heavy. But why is she placing the fate of her and her daughter into HIS hands?! She's waiting ...more

Things We’re Doing Differently

We never believed that Eli’s disposition was the result of anything other than sheer luck, but I will say that I have been shocked every step of the way, how very different our boys are from one another. They are both very happy, but they have uniquely different likes and dislikes. They have very different schedules and ideas and just, they’re just not the same ....more

6 Steps to a Great Love Letter

If you are in a relationship, you might be looking for a new way to show your partner how much you treasure them. Putting effort into relationships helps them thrive, evolve, and become an even more poignant source of joy. Rather than scribbling your name at the bottom of someone else’s words, why not write your own sweet and spicy love letter?Find a quiet place. Use a humble pen. (~Paul Simon)Wait for a good mood....more

Follow Your Enthusiasm

It was a sunny fall day, crisp and breezy. We had the whole afternoon before us. I was comparing the benefits of taking my kids to the library for another stack of stimulating books or going to the zoo. I was pretty tired from being up all night with the baby. That day, I had already spent a good six hours cleaning the play room, baking, playing, going to the park, and doing crafts with the kids.I remembered something a friend had told me, “In all things, follow your enthusiasm.”...more

4 Tips on Making Unpaid Work Pay Off (from Moms Who Have Been There)

Many moms who have taken time off when their kids are young find it difficult to jump immediately back into the working world. Interning or volunteering can offer a bridge back into work to get up to speed, build confidence, start networking or just dust off your skills. Similarly, for moms who want to transition to a new line of work, an internship or volunteer work might allow a peek into another career path to see if it’s really the right fit.Whether volunteer or interning, what should you take into account when considering unpaid work?...more


I must respond to you guys over my previous post. My inbox has swelled up with private messages, heart wrenching stories, encouragements and empathy. While it grieves me that so many of us are barely keeping our heads up in the waters of relationships, it encourages me that we are able to relate and come alongside one another in encouragement to keep one another afloat....more

A Day in the Life | Winter 2015

Time for another ridiculously detailed account of a single day in my life, and I went with a 'home day' for this one....more

"We know how to spend time together."

Today a younger couple came to our home after church and brought lunch for everybody. After trying unsuccessfully to set up a date night or mid-week lunches, the couple joked that they knew an irresistible way to spend time together. "We'll show up, and you don't have to do anything," they had said ....more

Sometimes “I told you so” is just good for the soul

DC played baseball with the *Challengers League from the time he was 5 until he aged out last year at 21.The “official” Challengers field in town is located in front of the school he attended for Birth to 3, Early Intervention and Kindergarten. Needless to say he was in this building and with many of the same teachers for a good 4 or 5 years.I’ve had my battles with the school system over the years, but none so on-going as the need for speech therapy. This battle began in Early Intervention and continued on straight into High School....more

A Life in Status- November #2, 2014

Come join the fun (and the occasional controversy) over on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a marshmallows in your coffee kind of morning. ‪#‎snowday‬ I’m not sure if each baby has actually been easier than the last or if I’m just getting more chill about this whole raising a baby thing ....more

Sunday Stash and Standouts

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