Did I Lose Myself to Motherhood?

I remember the first time it happened: It was shortly after Theo’s birth and I was still in the hospital. My mother and husband were in the room with me when the nurse came in to do something—maybe weigh him or help bathe him or check his vital ...more

Get Involved This Year!

It is back-to-school time! My sweet little man is going into first grade, and I learned a lot about school involvement during his first year in kindergarten. As a working mom, it is tough to always know what is going on at his school, but I have ...more

Be a Great Sports Parent!

I'm a firm believer that youth sports provide a platform for learning many life lessons. Sports programs, for the most part, help young minds grow, expand, and develop kids' confidence and talents. ...more

We Need to Change the Conversation About Parents Murdering Disabled Children

Michigan parent Kelli Stapleton recently pled guilty to poisoning her autistic teen daughter Issy. According to police reports, Kelly lured Issy into a van, "drugged her, lit the grills and left the van to get more charcoal while her sleeping ...more

Get the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences This Year

Even though school has just started for some, Parent-Teacher conferences are just around the corner. Here are some tips that you can use as a parent to have a more effective parent-teacher conference. As a teacher, I loved this time of the year. ...more

Family Demographics Are Changing ... and So Are Our Children's Economic Opportunities

We’ve all heard about the growing numbers of breadwinner moms (40 percent of all U.S. households, in case you were wondering), but American families are diversifying in more than one way, and recent studies show that those changes aren’t just affecting our culture: Family structure may have a huge impact on the next generation’s economic opportunities. ...more

My Daughter Wants Everything I Never Wanted and I'm OK With That

My 11-year-old daughter’s new favorite TV show is “Cake Boss,” a reality show about a bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, that makes the most extraordinary custom cakes for all occasions — especially wedding cakes, which are among their staples. Day after day, my daughter devours episode after episode, spellbound as the bakers decorate these wedding cakes: layers of vanilla and chocolate, roses and tulips, and two figures on top who uncannily resemble the real couple. Nevertheless, I’m not prepared (although I should be) for her question: “What kind of wedding cake did you and Daddy have?” ...more

There's No Such Thing As a 'Typical American Family'

The perfect American family is an idealized image. Mom, dad, boy, girl and probably a beloved and loyal family pet in there too. Father is the breadwinner. Mother is the loving nurturer who probably stays at home. This mold is reinforced by movies, TV shows and books. This family model is the nucleus of our nation. And much of our laws and policies and moral values are formed around preserving family. Welfare was first introduced as a way to encourage couples to marry. Health care benefits, tax incentives, they are all formed around incentivizing a static idea of family. ...more

7QT: then she says, “No!” but, like really sassy-like

-1- Took the kids to the park yesterday morning. There was a preschool using it (it is technically theirs). I was told I couldn’t use the park at the same time the school was using it for “safety reasons.” I get it ....more

Rare Bird: A Review

Love and loss are forever entwined....more

A Letter To My Ex on the 10th Anniversary We Never Reached

Dear Ex, Today would have been our 10th wedding anniversary, but we didn’t make it. I look back on my life and it is crazy to me to think that I met you only a few years shy of half my life ago. I was still just a kid; playing house in a grown up life ....more

Catch the Moment Week 37

Wow, we are nearing the 100 days left of the year point! ...more

What If I Had Never Moved? {Spin Cycle}

When I was twelve years old, my parents announced that we were moving. Dad had a new job, and so we were packing up and moving to the ‘burbs. Just as you would expect a moody sixth grader to react, I instantly resented my father for taking a new job ....more

Making Fun Family Memories

We really enjoyed our adventures in the...more

I can’t believe this happened.

My Accidentally-Knocked-Up-Kitty gave birth to her kittens too early yesterday. Too much sad. Way too much sad ....more

Love at Sea

First draft.We spent last week on the coast.We're lucky to have friends who are generous with their inherited beach house and other friends who are as equally generous with their company. I have written in the past about how much we enjoy our yearly pilgrimage to Orange County where tide-swimming Mormons seem to congregate for the summer.And it's funny how we recognize our Mormoness before we properly meet. But anyway.This year Christopher and I were accompanied by the best of chaperones, flubbery-cheeked dolphin baby Iris Eve ....more

How To Make Simple Stained Glass Mosaics

There are many projects that get started and ... pretty much just get started. Look, it's not that I'm not a finisher; it's that life gets in the way ....more

Life Lately

A random update in the name of typing as my therapy:First/best thing: Mom is visiting us again, as one final time together before I return to work. This round she will be here for twelve days and holy man, it's always ridiculously amazing to have her here with us. Being able to keep Porter at home with mom as I walk Truman to school, or pick Cecelia up from Lori's, or run errands....it's just so much easier with her help, obviously! ...more