Moms Are Better Than...

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 25 years. Recently as our nest grew empty, I have started to wonder what it is that I'm qualified to do for my second act. Upon reflection, it seems that I'm actually quite prepared and able to fulfill the job ...more

Selfish Mom Moments: Got 'Em?

I love being a mom. I love it more than I ever thought I would. But sometimes, I have selfish mom moments. Today I am home with two sick babies. And while I am thankful that I can be home to take care of them, this is not how my day was supposed to ...more

Oh, the Things a 17-Month-Old Can Teach You

It's amazing to me that in the short 17 months Hoke has entered our lives he has taught me so much. We all go through life covering up our feelings, talking about things behind each other's backs, lying and backstabbing. Life would be so much easier ...more

Dealing with the Pain and Loss of Miscarriage

I wish I could share some happier news with you. ...more

Know an Amazing Teacher? Nominate One for a HUGE Prize!

Chances are you know a teacher worth a million bucks—real and metaphorical. You may even be that kind of educator. With a nomination by October 5, that money—the grand prize in the Global Teacher Prize competition—could be in her ...more

How To Adopt a Kid Without Signing Papers

Several of you asked, "What's the story behind your kid who doesn't look anything like the rest of you?" I made a phone call, asked permission, and am now laying it all out there. The short answer to the question "How To Adopt a Child Without Going to Court" is by omission: When the birth parent doesn't give a shit. Simple enough? ...more
prleebee my other kid's really deserve all the credit. They were the ones that had to compromise ...more

5 Ways Homeschooling Made Me a Calmer Public School Parent

For our family, the daily schedule looks a tad different this new school year. A couple of years ago, we decided to homeschool our youngest daughter. Last year, we kept both girls at home. Sending them back into the public school system was not a decision we made lightly. As a former teacher, I have been known to be on edge about our kids getting the education I believe they need. Now, however, my stress level is way down in regards to the hours our daughters are spending under the academic guidance of others. ...more

Blogger Anna Whiston-Donaldson Turns Grief for Her Son Into Humble Magic

Writer, blogger and mother Anna Whiston-Donaldson—whom I first knew as Anna See, from her blog An Inch of Gray—landed herself the kind of internet fame we've all come to fear. She lost her son, Jack, when he was just 12 years old, in 2011. ...more

natural ornaments, a leaf corsage or two

We don’t have as many changing leaves as I would like here in Texas, but I can find some autumntastic examples...more

A visit to the land of friendly people and healthy food

Over the weekend, I got to go on a mini-vacation all by myself. We considered taking the whole family, but with the baby's crazy strict elimination diet it would have meant having to drive so we could transport all of her meals and drinks. As fun as that sounded, my wonderful husband insisted that I go visit my friend on my own and he would stay home in the House of No Gluten and Endless Princess Playtime with the girls ....more

September Favorites

October already? What?Time seems to be going by in such a whirlwind, I can't even believe it.With September coming to a close, I wanted to recap some of my favorite things from the past month.These photos Finishing my Gallery Wall These little boots for Palmer Running my first 10km race and crushing it! ...more

Frozen Birthday Party

My friend, Ally, has serious talent when it comes to party planning....more

Five Words To Help You Survive Dinner Time

Dinner tonight: Roasted...more

I don't want to be a sexy pirate

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It takes place in my favorite season, I love seeing all the children dressed up in costumes, the candy is plentiful and everyone is happy. My wonderful husband takes our son trick-or-treating and I dress up and hand out candy at the door. But here's the thing:I don't want to be a sexy pirate....more

Hola, Kindergarten

We are now a few weeks into Kindergarten and getting our feet under us. It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns but I think we have weathered the transition pretty well. I worried about him going to a whole new environment…like more than I usually worry ....more

louisa: 3 months

Our sweet baby girl is three months old! It seems like I just had her but also feels like forever ago! It's happened with every child, but I'm surprised every time at how fast it goes ....more

[Fall Bucket List] Nature Walk

This weekend we got to check something off our Fall Bucket List that I have been DYING to do for a while! We actually...more

Soccer Saturday (On A Tuesday)

We are about a month into Josie's town travel soccer season. ...more