Why Volunteering for the PTA Is Like Donating a Kidney

I have just returned home from our school’s first “PTA” meeting. I am feeling a bit mortified, really, at the way I behaved. I may have offended some people, and this was my first time meeting all the “middle school” parents. It's just that, having ...more

My Reasons for Enrolling My Daughter in Yoga

My daughter Emma and I attended her first toddler yoga class last week. The class was pretty much what you would expect for a course designed for 1-3 year olds. We barked as we did our downward dogs and alternated between mooing and meowing during ...more

Make an Easy, Family Costume and Stay on Budget!

Our costumes have always been homemade. The problem with homemade costumes when you're me is this: I have absolutely no sewing skills. Sure, I can re-affix a button to a shirt, but there have been several times my sweet, talented sister Jenny has ...more

Trunk or Treating? Check Out These Fun Ideas!

Have you heard of Trunk or Treat? It's often an event sponsored by a church or community group as an alternative to Trick or Treating. A group of people gather, typically in a parking lot. They decorate the trunks of their vehicles, and instead of ...more

Kate Winslet Doesn't Think Celebrity Moms Should Complain

I stumbled across this article over at HuffPost which made much of a statement given in the November issue of Marie Claire about being a working mom. ...more

Watch the Treats in Washington and Colorado: Tricky THC-Laced Candy Could Be In Your Treat Bag

This is the first Halloween since legal recreational marijuana sales began, and one thing offered by pot dispensaries are cannabis-infused edibles such as candies containing doses of THC, the chemical that gives the “high” in marijuana. Some are worried that the candies might be mistakenly (or intentionally) given to children during trick-or-treating....more
kitchenmage Thanks for covering that so well. People can be so reactionary on this matter.more

A Letter to My Son's Future Girlfriend

To the girl who will one day date my son: You are interested in someone very precious to me. My world turned right side up the day he came into my life and has never been the same since. When I look at him, all I see is a flashback reel full of baby rolls, big hugs, sweet smiles, and superheroes. Although I want nothing but happiness for him, I know he will need to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Still... it would crush me to see him intentionally hurt or used....more

5 Reasons I Want to Quit Motherhood (Sometimes)

Some days I wish motherhood came equipped with a big red EJECT button for when things get really hairy. On those days I’d just mash that sucker and watch the flaming wreckage of my crappy day plummet back to Earth while I drift ever so gently down to—well, probably down to the general vicinity of the crash site, to fix everyone snacks and collect their charred laundry. Because I'm a mom. ...more
It would be awesome if there was a pause button on parenting.  Remember that show Out of This ...more

How To Say No (Without Feeling Guilty)

Warning! We are about to enter the high stress zone - the holidays. And there is no detour - we just have to power on through....more

Leaving a Legacy: Oscar de la Renta's Adoption Story

I was saddened by the news of Oscar de la Renta's passing this week. I am a lover of fashion and already appreciated the beauty and glamour De la Renta brought to the world. And yet as I read bits and pieces of his legacy this week, I learned something new. Not only was the designer a Dominican-born American icon in the French fashion world, he was a man of substance and character....more

Heroic Homeschoolers

 We tried homeschooling and it was nothing that we had expected.  Did we learn a lot?  Yes.  Did she learn a lot?  We have absolutely no idea.  We just weren't cut out for that...http://planbust.blogspot.com/2014/10/hats-off-to-homeschoolers-who-arent......more

You Can Make Someone You Love The Best Gift Ever — at No Cost

For my birthday last year, my son and his wife gave me a one-of-a-kind typed book, printed on pretty paper and tied with ribbon. It was titled “Things We Love about Diane.”...more

Capturing everyday moments

Do me a quick favor: Scroll through your phone and find a picture of an everyday moment. Something unscripted. One where nobody is looking at the camera. It's hard to find, isn't it?...more

A love letter to the city I never appreciated, until I had to leave

It’s no secret I never wanted to settle in Seattle.  I moved here in 2003 because my then- boyfriend had a great job that he loved.  I told him I would only stay for four years, and then we would have to move to the Northeast to be closer to family.Now here I am, 11 years later, getting ready to leave Seattle – not for New Jersey, but for London - because that same job is transferring that same boyfriend (now husband) for a 2 year assignment beginning in January.We are leaving the rain for… more rain....more

5 Posts About Your Baby No One Wants to See

 If you're a parent with any kind of social media account, you're a likely offender. Your little one is adorable 24/7, it's true. However, no one wants to see these posts and no one will admit it to you. As a new mother, I too have been guilty of some of these... (okay one of these) but parameters need to be in place or you will be that annoying parent who can't stop spewing about every damn TMI moment of your kid's life....more

Mom Guilt

I was reading a favorite blog this morning called Home Yoga. The author, Chrissy Staley, was talking about mom guilt and should we, as women, feel it (of course not)....more

Scary How Fast They Grow

Last night I took the girls to Wheeler Farm for the Pumpkin Days event.  All three of the girls loved it!  Wheeler Farm is a beautiful, historic, working farm that Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation runs in Murray, Utah.  It consists of an original farmhouse, barn and restored outbuildings.  It is right in the middle of the county and is stroller friendly and wheelchair accessible.  F...more