Let's Get Ready for Preschool!

The first day of school is kind of a big deal, especially for preschoolers. Leaving the comfort of home isn't easy, but it’s a huge milestone for both kids and parents. Prepare for the first day of school by creating an exciting, positive experience ...more

ABC, Easy at 123, Let's Go Back to School!

A – The Aggravation that bubbles inside of you when you realize there are too many things that need to get done for that first day of school and not enough hours in which to do them. ...more

She Was Okay at School

I breezed through the first day of school like an old pro today. I dropped my first grader off outside his classroom then made my way to kindergarten. My brave little girl sat stoically in her seat as I said my goodbyes. I threaded my way through ...more

Raising a Strong-Willed Kid? This One's For You!

I'm totally smitten by my daughter's gumption, independence, carefree spirit, and determination. I've witnessed her solve problems all on her own. I've shared the thrill of her figuring out how to put on her sandals while being able to successfully ...more

Listen Up, Parents! This Lesson Is for YOU!

It’s back to school time. Right now the excitement and energy are high, routines are new, and (most) kids and parents are happy. And then Meet the Teacher Night rolls around, and we get our first impressions of the person who will spend their days ...more

Don't Worry, It Won't Always Be This Way

Pregnancy: Almost overnight, the life I know becomes a mix of morning sickness, strange food cravings, and raging hormones. A few months in, even getting off the couch requires a serious effort. My back is killing me, my feet are starting to look more like balloon animals than the trusty appendages that once carried me through my day, and the gynecologist visits are more frequent and far more intrusive. The doctor assures me, "The last few weeks are the hardest, but Baby's almost here. It won't always be this way." ...more

I Yelled at a Stranger's Kid on Vacation

I've wanted to write about this for a while, but I've been sitting on it to decide whether or not I still felt justified in my actions, or if I was having a moment of poor judgment. Now that I'm a few weeks removed from the event, I'm going with the former. I yelled at a stranger's kid at the resort pool on vacation and I'm not sorry. I have two children of my own—and I use the term loosely because my "kids" are 13 and 16. Still, I understand that kids are free spirits, and vacation hysteria is a real thing. ...more
Get it, girl!  I'm seriously proud right now.  I've been in your situation.  I know how hard it ...more

Join Us NOW! We Can Make Life Work: For Everyone. For Every Family.

Do you ever feel like your job is taking over your life? Or keeping you from living your life? Feel like you're missing major family events, or making challenging choices when it comes to caregiving for either the young or the elderly in your family because of work commitments? ...more

August 26th 2014

This is how I feel when I get to sit on his lap too Iris.Hi so hey and hello.I have twenty minutes to write and I am sitting here rubbing my chin thinking about what I want to write but at the same time I am thinking I need to pluck some of the more coarse hairs on my chin but I am telling myself to sit here and not get distracted by those hairs because I will feel better after writing than plucking and that's just the truth.Yesterday was a big day for our family. Anson went to kindergarten for the first time AND it was Christopher's birthday. Sadly for us, Christopher is out of town (I curse you Connecticut) and missed both events ....more

End of Summer Adventures

I’m behind in posting these pictures….life happens too fast for me to keep up! The last few weeks of summer were packed with activity, though I did have the opportunity to tag along with my husband one afternoon, when he was appraising a vacant property and wanted some company. We take advantage of any – and I do mean any – opportunities for time alone, even if it involves work ....more

Blog Life: Why I Don't Work For Free

Here’s an unapologetic fact about me: I don’t work for free. This means when I’m pitched a product to review, a site to visit, or an “opportunity” that involves me posting something on my blog for someone else's benefit, I ask (but in much savvier terms): Are you paying me? And if the answer is “no,” then it’s also a, “No thank you.” Receiving gratis products in the mail can be super tempting but here’s why I won’t work for free:...more

I have said that myself lol! Twas' a sad, sad...

I have said that myself lol!Twas' a sad, sad, day when I heard that come out of my mouth ....more

No! There really is roid rage in kids on steroids!...

No! There really is roid rage in kids on steroids!! When my boy child had to be on them for a short while the doctor warned me about it ....more

Hahaha! Nice.

Hahaha! Nice ....more

Paper Plane with Landing Gear

We have a new paper plane for you to learn today! This one has its own landing gear. Start with a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper ....more

Scenes from a Hammock

As a mom of five little boys, I've learned to embrace bugs, dirt, and the fact that boys will tackle each other for no apparent reason.I've also learned, that little boys are so sweet to their Mama. Side note: Carter, who can't sleep is laying on the couch next to me and saw me finishing this post. In truth, I wrote it last week but forgot to post it! ...more

So, you've got a kid "not" going to college - me too!

One of the many things I love about blogging, that really hasn't changed in the last eleventy years, is it gives parents (like me) an opportunity to revisit a moment...that may otherwise have drifted off in the ebb and flow of nurturing a family...or a much simpler time...lost among the trials and tribulations that go along with raising teens...because TEENS! Now, we have Facebook. So, it's sort of fun to be able to reconnect with childhood friends, seeing our kids all grown up and moving onto college **sniff-sniff** how in the heck did THAT happen, because in my mind, we're.. ....more