Sometimes Toddlers Teach Lessons

I lost it today at lunch. Like, frickin' lost it. I knew it was happening too. I could feel my frustration reaching a boiling point. I kept thinking, "Kelly! DON'T DO IT!" But I yelled anyway. Then when my toddler started laughing at ...more

It's Because of Everything, Because of Nothing

Over the past few years, the following things have been offered to us as possible "causes" for the behavioral problems we have experienced with our seven-year-old son, Harper. Most of the time the suggestions have been made in love, purely out of ...more

We Want You to Know These Things

If you’re not a member of the autism club, there are a few things that us card-carrying members would like you to know. It’s a pretty exclusive club and we realize it can be tough for those who aren’t on the inside to appreciate and understand us. ...more

I Wish I Never Told Her To Hurry

She turned sixteen yesterday. She's no longer the sweet chubby-faced baby I knew so well. I knew every inch of her, in the knowing way of mothers, from the curls that swooped around her curving ears to her fat little toes I kissed each ...more

Are Tree Change Dolls an Answer to Many Problems?

I'm so excited about the Tree Change Dolls! A mom has been removing the face paint on Bratz and turning them into realistic looking dolls in hand-knit clothes. This combines so many of my concerns as a parent: reduced consumer waste and a positive ...more

The Lessons an Unplanned Pregnancy Taught Me

I had everything under control, and then my pregnancy test turned positive. I was 21 years old. It’s a situation that virtually every woman has imagined herself in or avoided being in countless times over, so it’s probably easy to empathize with. Imagine being two months out of college, unmarried, no health insurance, no savings and a packed schedule of job interviews. You’re standing alone in the bathroom, and the positive pregnancy test your mother urged you to buy is lying on the sink. ...more

How to Deal With Your Midlife Crisis

When you hear about someone going through a midlife crisis, you usually think of that stereotypical scenario of some guy in his forties impulsively buying a sports car and dumping his wife for a younger woman. ...more

The 10 Most Embarrassing Aspects of Pregnancy

As women, many of us pride ourselves in our composure, femininity, and grace. I like being the woman of my husband’s life. In his mind, I do not pass gas, I am patient and kind, smart and quick witted. I am his wife and his best friend. We are equals. However, when pregnancy enters the picture, all that flies out the window. ...more

7QT: Theo’s Birth Story

-1- Theodore Patrick Hines 2/18/15 at 2:55am 8lbs 6oz 20.5in -2- On Fat Tuesday, I was eating paczki...more

he's here.

At 4:11 pm on...more

The Fitting Room

I’m leaning against the clearance rack when Justin Timberlake’s voice fills the store. He’s singing about his suit and tie, which seems appropriate since my daughter is in the fitting room trying on semi-formal dresses....more

Life is Better With You

This is for you. For all the good things we do as women for our families, friends and strangers. For running after someone’s escaped pet, and baking cookies the night before. We are seldom told the difference we make in someone else’s life.Pour yourself the beverage of your choice, put up your feet or put on your dancing shoes.  click to read more ......more


"A massive flight of sooty seagulls collided with shore side structures from Pleasure Point to Rio del Mar during the night. Residents in the Santa Cruz area...more

The Revival.

This week went by really quickly, right? I'm not complaining, but sheesh! Anyhoo, I'm happy to be hanging out with the lovely folks at Kate Motaung's for Five-Minute Friday ....more

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things {Spin Cycle}

Why do I feel like bursting into song as I’m writing about my favorite things? I certainly like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but they are not necessarily my favorite things. These are a few of MY favorite things, written in no apparent order ....more

February: the calm after the storm

So, apparently in the world of homeschooling, January can be hell. And I think I would have to agree. After 2+ weeks without a routine in the same setting as where school happens, finding our way back to structure and routine was somewhat of a challenge ....more


Because I needed to read this today (and maybe you do, too): Psalm 10 1...more

Cookies (nom nom nom) for a good cause

Little Kid is winding up her first year of selling Girl Scout cookies. I am not sure I have talked about her joining Girl Scouts before but it has been a fun experience for her so far. She is a third generation Girl Scout and both her Gramma and I consider our scouting years a very formative experience in our lives ....more