Yes, You Can!

I’ve been working from home long before we had children. I started in 2007 when I opened up my own design company with my husband and set up our home office. There I was, free of the daily commute, Skyping into client conferences instead of ...more

5 Parenting Rules I Have Already Broken

Isn’t amazing how many things you tell yourself you won’t do when you become a parent? I often made notes of other parents around me doing some pretty crazy things to get their kids to behave or how they raised their children. I sat in judgement ...more

Road Trips Don't Have to Feel Boring!

A road trip is the best way to introduce your children to the wonders of the world. Few experiences can be as entertaining and as educational at the same time. However, being stuck together in the back seat can be quite a challenge for most kids. ...more

Really, It's Okay!

When I got married, I went the way of many girls. First comes love, then comes marriage, and so on. I was 19 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. So I did what I thought I probably should do: Bore children and stayed home to take ...more

Yep, We're Going to Disney

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something, it suddenly seems to pop up everywhere? It makes sense I guess; things you never paid attention to start sticking out once they’re already on your mind. ...more

Extremely Stupid Reasons a Parent Will Fire a Childcare Provider

Childcare is a tough gig. Twelve to thirteen hours a day, five days a week, providers work with no lunch break, no smoke break, and on most days, overtime with no pay. There are no benefits, such as health insurance, unemployment, 401K or disability, unless the provider pays 100% of the premiums and pays a higher rate because she has no group to join for a group rate. On top of all of it, providers have to put up with the very worst behavior from clients, because if they don’t, they risk being fired without pay. ...more

Terrified of Having Twins? Advice From a Twin Mom

There will be easy days and there will be hard days. How you respond to them makes all the difference. People will ask you what you want for baby showers and the like. Ask for gifts of meals, help around the house, or with holding babies so you can sleep or shower. And diapers. Trust me, you won’t regret it....more

Say "Candy Hearts!" Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Props

Create your own unique Valentine's Day photo booth artwork! It's the perfect activity for a creative Valentine's Day card for Grandma, a fun crafting party, or those cabin-feverish winter weekends when the kids start going crazy by 10 am....more

Kitchen Vintage Valentines Printables

Like I said earlier, I am OBSESSED with decorating for Valentines Day all through my house. The kitchen is one of the rooms we spend the most time in, so it had to get covered in love too! I looked all over the web and found a bunch of super cute vintage valentines in a kitchen theme ....more

The island of orphaned farm animals & more…

The girls are both at school today (well they were, then one came home sick!) and I’ve amazingly had a few spare minutes so I figured I’d sit down and try to write a blog post! Terrible intro huh?! Lets try again… There’s lots...more

Do cats have a messiah yet?

I learned an important lesson today: if I ask "Am I going to get sick?" at the end of a blog post, then I'm jinxing myself. Short version of my day today: The good news is that both kids are all better and my husband wasn't on work travel so he could come home and take care of us. This wasn't one of those sicknesses where you can do fancy things like "sit up" or "have a conversation" so we're all lucky he was home ....more

How Being a Field Mom Made Me a Better Preschool Teacher

When I applied for the Illinois Farm Families Field Mom program back in 2013, I hoped that my experience would enhance my teaching as a preschool teacher. I learned even more than I thought I would! Did my experience help me as a preschool teacher? ...more

The Cure for A Horrible Day

Have you ever been punched in the stomach with so much force that your tongue gets stuck in your throat, then someone dumps ice cold water down your back? Yeah, me neither. But, in this moment I feel like I could relate. ...more

Can We Have Meaningful Dialogue about Vaccinating?

 Photo by Brian Hoskins  I’ve been...more

Secret Traverse City Weekend

Robb and I spent the weekend in Traverse City to celebrate his 31st birthday, we didn't do anything for his big 3-0 last year since Jovie was itty bitty so we made up for it this year. It was hard (and unusual) for me not to post to social media about our little getaway, because it would have ruined a little secret I was planning to pop in on my friend Corinn's baby shower on Sunday! It was such a blast! ...more

Easy Valentine's Crafts for Kids

Last year my preschooler and I had a fantastic Valentine's party with yummy snacks and fun toddler crafts.  We decided to try again this year with a new homeschool group I set up and while I didn't go all out with the snacks this time and no one ended up coming, my girls and I still had fun making Valentine's crafts on our own to decorate our home with....more

lamp makeover with spray paint * how to spray paint a lamp

You may have remembered seeing these lamps around and me promising I was going to do something with them! I found the pair (always a plus to find 2!!) at Ross and they were marked down to $16.99 each, how could I pass them up? I wasn’t crazy about the taupe-ish color because purple just hasn’t been one of my favorites, but I figured some spray paint could take care of that ....more

The Blizzard of 2015

Well, we survived the Blizzard of 2015. It was a long, long day but the electricity remained on and so did our heat, and for that we were extremely grateful. When it was all said and done, I'd say that we got about 27 inches, but it's hard to get an exact amount since there was so much blowing and drifting ....more