No Boys in the Pink Aisles!

We went in the forbidden pink aisles. I managed to snag the family car and escape, with both boys, to Target. We wandered the aisles with a strict list and stopped only to ooh and aah over every Christmas Tree. We sang carols and walked through ...more

Letting Go of Expectations

The first snow presents challenges. Which shoes to wear? Coat? Is it going to melt? With the morning's fresh covering of white, I made decisions fast and furious to get to the bus. I grabbed the heavier coat, stuffed some mittens in the backpack, ...more

Do Your Kids Know These Things From the 80s?

Before streaming, DVDs, or CDs, there were the '80s. Back when using your tape recorder to make a mix tape off the radio was cool. A time when real people worked at the radio station, and you could call and dedicate a TOTALLY AWESOME song from ...more

My Son Came Out, So What Do We Do Now?

My brilliant, quirky, wise, witty, wonderful 13-year-old son shared with me this week the fact that he is gay. And it's not a surprise to me or anyone who knows him—with his flair for impeccable fashion advice to his love of all things sparkly ...more

Nope. You Can't Punch Someone Who Complains About Your Whiny Kid

I'm a mom, but I'm siding with Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson on this unbelievable story. That's the woman who got punched in the face outside a Nordstrom Rack for asking the mother of a tantrum throwing child if she could calm her child. ...more

Would You Send a Gift When The Invitation Reads "No Gift, Please"?

Here’s a brain teaser: A girl receives an invitation to a birthday party. The invitation specifically states “no gifts, please”. Should the girl:a) run out and buy the perfect gift for the birthday girl; she’s no Scrooge  b) show up at the party empty-handed; after all, the invitation was quite clearorc) scratch her head and wonder what the phrase “no gifts” really means ...more
tea4tamara  I understand the other parents because I felt uncomfortable too, but I like the idea ...more

26 New Elf on the Shelf Ideas for 2015

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means a few things in our household: 1. Delicious, delicious foods will be enjoyed 2. Browsing through Black Friday ads and the start of Christmas shopping 3. Reese, our Elf on the Shelf, is returning!!! ...more

5 Gift Ideas for Your Picky Tween (That Aren't a Toy)

I have a ten-year-old, and man, tweens are the worst people to shop for. Are they too old for dolls and toys? Are they too young for technical gizmos and clothes? No kid wants to open a gift card. I've scoured the pitches, the Internet and the catalogs to find these five fun gift ideas for tween girls. ...more
femininecollective You're welcome.more

No Sparkly Shoes for You

I spent hours today trying to find black pants for Erin. Hours, because they couldn’t be black jeans, black leggings or black khakis. They had to be black “dress” pants that “cover the ankles.” Then we had to find a plain black headband, and plain black, closed toed shoes. No sparkles or buckles or straps. Plain, black shoes....more

Natalie Merchant Ate My Blog Post

Natalie Merchant ate my blog post.Okay, okay. Not really. But kind of. See, this is what happened: I’d planned on being a good little blogger, and had resigned myself to a Saturday night spent with my editorial calendar. I imaged there might be wine, andGilmore Girls looping on Netflix, just for added fun. I aimed big: not only that I’d not only get Saturday’s post done, but that I’d get posts planned out for the entire week....more

Everything You Need to Know About Christmas

Look at this nostalgia...more

Printable Horse Template

The basic template comes from a vintage education magazine, printed sometime between 1915 and 1918. I cleaned it up a little and put it in gray so it would use a little less ink: You don’t, of course, need to cut out the four legs separately. You can cut out one front leg and one back leg and just fold your paper or cardstock in half to get a pair of each ....more

Still a mama...

For months I have been working with colleagues who are mothers of young children, newly entered into childcare situations and suffering the germs and illnesses that come with that. These young moms come to work tired, sharing stories of how little sleep they got the night before because their child was sick.Today is my turn. Except my son is 18, well above the acceptable age for daycare. His "babysitters" are his 30-hour-a-week job at a pizza parlor and his college classes, but despite his 6'4" stature and his apparent maturity, he needed his mama last night....more

Free Printable Colouring Page- 1913 Fall Nature Scenes

Collected from a 1913 teacher help book ...more

Delicata Squash Arugula Strawberry Salad!

This beautiful, colorful salad is impressive to serve as an appetizer or side dish for Thanksgiving this week, but you can also make this and eat the whole thing for yourself for lunch, like I did. It’s a “skinny” food for sure, and full of fiber and nutrition. The yummy home made dressing is something you can make again and again for any salad ya like, and psst: You have options, here ....more

This Is Asher's Brain on Drugs

Remember those commercials (in the 80s?) of an egg "This is your brain" and then a fried egg "This is your brain on drugs", trying to illustrate the point that drugs fry your brain? Please tell me someone remembers those?! Well if in the original commercial it's an egg vs ....more

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Honestly, with how busy our family has been lately…I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t rediscovered my love of slow cooker recipes!...more

How to make Christmas tree decorations from felt - TUTORIAL

A toddler in your house? Let me show you how to make easy, unbreakable Christmas tree decorations that don't run a risk of being crushed to splinters. There is good chance you'll want to make your Christmas tree safe (and fun) for your toddler, avoiding any thin-glass or similar easily breakable ornaments ....more