6 Great Tips to Help Exercise Happen After Baby

The other night Dave and I were chatting with a group of friends, and one couple, who is expecting their first baby, asked us what the hardest part of adjusting to new parenthood was. It's a tough question, but I said that the most difficult part for ...more

Parenting Is Work Regardless of Your Job

Lately, I feel like articles about stay-at-home parents are exploding: How they're working, too. How it's difficult to get anything done with kids around. How you have no privacy. The lists go on and on.  ...more

To All My Single Ladies: A Letter From a Young Mom to Her Single Friends

Dear friend, I know we haven't talked in forever—like 8 months. I know I forgot to send a birthday card. I know you see my blog posts and wonder how I have time to blog when I keep failing to call you for a phone date. I know it seems ...more

Thanks for Your Concern, Now Please Parent Your Own Child

When my son was about six or seven, he took swimming lessons from one of the moms we had met at the local park. She had taught several of the kids we knew how to swim, and we figured that she could help our son overcome his fear of the deep end of ...more

What on Earth Is a Birth Plan?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Having a baby today is so much different than it was 20 years ago. When I was was pregnant 20 years ago, two birth plans existed: Vaginal delivery or cesarean. There wasn't a choice between the two. A ...more

Stop Giving Me Gifts, People!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I just threw a big party for my kid and got way too many gifts! People who didn't even come to the party are still dropping off presents. Is this the etiquette now? Am I supposed to be buying birthday presents for children even when my kid can't attend the party and we have RSVP'd "no"? This seems like overkill. Don't we all have enough stuff? Signed,Too Many Gifts __________________________________ ...more
I know a mom that asked people to give gifts for donation for her kid's birthday. Not only will ...more

I Regret Circumcising My Son

A study was recently released that showed infants feel pain just like adults do, only they feel it more severely. Researchers put several sleeping infants through MRI testing, and poked them in their sleep. These pokes were not sharp enough to wake the babies, but were definitely sharp enough to register in the baby's brain. In fact, the severity of the poke registered in the baby's brain the same as a poke of four times that force registers in an adult. ...more
But what about the fact that it will keep him protected from many sexual disease, not to mention ...more

The One Question You Must Stop Asking Your Kids

It’s unpopular but fair to say parenting today has become a helicoptering debacle. With tidal wave force, we’ve ushered in a new child-rearing style that probably isn’t doing our kids any favors in the life prep department. We’ve become nearly obsessed with our children’s diets, friends, grades, sports, and activities. And any category in which they are falling short is quickly redirected or remedied by us: their loving, devoted parents. ...more
I love this. Asking how it went gives them the perfect platform for an unfiltered, un-prodded ...more

Hitting the High Notes

Today's in-the-car-alone-at-6am-nobody-on-the-freeway-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-and-dance-like-a-fool songs- You should have heard me try to hit those high notes. On second thought, you really shouldn't have. I may have had a pack of dogs following my car.I love 70's music.That is all ....more

Lucy's Birth Announcement

It was so hard to choose pictures from Lucy's newborn photos for her announcement. I would have sent out a photo album with 100 pictures if I could but I figured people may not be as obsessed with my kids as I am! I knew I wanted a photo card with lots of pictures and something feminine and Kaylee from Dusty Prints, Etc ....more

We Had The [Groupon] Time of Our Lives

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Getaways for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous Just like you, we live crazy busy lives ....more


I'm learning something about myself: One of the worst things you can tell me is to "just rest" or "just relax." I spent much of yesterday timing contractions and/or cramps and calling my doctor's office, then putting my feet up while my parents watched the boys for a few hours and I tried to will contractions to stop....more

7 Reasons For Making The Same Menu Every Week This Summer!

I was thinking about this summer and my hopes for it....more

Ways to Help and Cool Stuff

Post includes affiliate link. Enoch (15) with his cousin Elijah (15). These two boys have been inseparable ....more

Vandals, Christian Kids, & Musical Theater

Photo Credit:KATU News If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know my kids are involved in Christian theater. What you may not know is Journey Theater Arts Group has four locations = four shows to produce each Fall, Winter, and Spring. Instead of highlighting my own kids’ show*, I’d like like to tell you a story about the happenings across town ....more

Sending Out a Summer S.O.S.

I just dropped my kids off for their last full day of school. Tomorrow they get out at 12:25 and then they'll be all mine for the summer.... All mine... ....more

#toneitup | your questions answered - PART I

hi hi hi! okay...so we are in week seven of the #bikiniseries and i've been compiling your questions. i think i'll do it in two parts...or else it could get suuuuper lengthy...and i still need time to eat my nightly popcorn.(have NOT been able to kick that habit.)let's get to it.what is Tone It Up?okay! ...more

The Stupid Shit Childless People Say

 Before I get too much into this post, let me start with a confession: I was one of those annoying, know-it-all, gonna-tell-you-how-to-raise-kids-when-I’ve-never-had-any-kids asshole kind of childless person. I was known for such great hits as:...more