Harness the Power of Solstice to Forgive Yourself as a Parent

New year’s resolutions are great. There’s a natural momentum to a new year that packs the gym and inspires us to make our beds or refrain from watching reality TV. However, the time before the new year—namely, the Solstice—is also a ...more

My Family Doesn't Need a Perfect Holiday

As usual, I went into the holidays with Pinterest inspired dreams. I dreamed of a perfectly decorated tree and a house that Southern Living could do a feature on. Of course this was completely unrealistic for many reasons. ...more

Don't Have Kids If You Want to Be Happy

If you want to be happy, you shouldn’t have kids. That’s a fact. Or at least, Time magazine and the sociologists who conducted this study so. Parents get less sleep, have less money, and less independence. Parents have more stress, more marital ...more

No Chimney? Leave Santa a Magic Key!

No chimney? No problem! Ease those curious minds by leaving a magical key on the front door so Santa can let himself in on Christmas Eve. ...more

20 Real (and Gross) Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

I will preface this tale with a small disclaimer: If you had an easy pregnancy, you are one lucky bitch.This is not normal. Should you feel compelled to discount the torturous experiences that many of us have had, please save it for the baby book. ...more

10 Tips for Newly Single Moms

“Sit down and breathe deeply” is what I told myself six years ago, after I heard the voicemail between my ex and her business partner that clearly was not business. All I could hear were the birds chirping outside my window as my body started to go numb. I heard enough to know this was bad news for me, for us. ...more

How To Teach Your Kids About Charitable Giving

Much earlier this year, an old and dear friend, SJ, gave each of my boys a Moonjar. It’s a three-part bank with dedicated compartments for saving, spending and sharing. ...more

How To Use Solstice As A Parent To Practice Forgiveness

New year’s resolutions are great. There’s a natural momentum to a new year that packs the gym and inspires us to make our beds or refrain from watching reality TV. However, the time before the new year—namely, the Solstice—is also a powerful, sacred time. The Solstice, December 21st, when we shift from the darkest part of the year back into the ever-increasing light, is a perfect time to clear the old to make room for the new. ...more
jcubed03 You and me both!more

Merry Netflix Christmas

This year I have been a bit of a slacker in the way of decorating for the holidays. Part of it is out of practicality. Charlie is two-and-a-half and while Eddie could go ahead and NOT TOUCH all the things at that age, Charlie is more of a destroyer of all the things ....more

How you do everything is how you breastfeed: What is your breastfeeding personality?

This is #6 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”Have you ever heard the expression how you do anything is how you do everything?  Meaning, the way you are with money, you are that same way with cleaning, eating and working....more

All you can eat date night

This was the second weekend in a row we packed up Ford and sent him off to his mimi and papa's so we could have a night out. I posted a picture on Instagram saying that we were so much cooler now that we have babies and that is the truth y'all! Something about parenting as a team makes you really value that time as husband and wife, away from the kids, away from the chaos, and away from being mommy and daddy ....more

6 smart Christmas tree ideas - for small spaces

Lack of space? So crowded that even a small Christmas tree would hardly find an empty corner in your apartment? Don't worry, there are plenty versions that will take up nearly no space ....more

Leavenworth Virtual School December Field Trip to Crown Center

At The Coterie Crown Center to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lunch at Crayola Cafe Eva and I love the white Christmas trees and had to get a shot with them My 5 babies posing at Crown Center. The play area always rocks Joel is turning into Mr. Ice Skater .. ....more

a guest post about Grace, the power of prayer and an "errand"

My guest post for the month is up today on "Multiply Goodness" for our "24 Days of Giving" series. It's a little story about Grace and how she ended up teaching me a few things with her faith and it is over here: ...more

Sunday Gratitude 12.21.14

giving thanks #1551 – 1560 celebrating Katie’s birthday today Amazon Prime (thank you, thank you) nearing the end of Christmas shopping menus planned and groceries purchased for the week a lovely piano recital for Annarose and Sunshine (despite Annarose being sick) New Year’s cards that will be right on time the peace of a sleeping […] ...more

sunday's child.


My Gingerbread House Secret

I've made one proper gingerbread house from scratch in my lifetime and that was enough for me. Since then, I'm all about the kits (bout the kits, no baking) and hot gluing the suckers together so the walls don't fall down....more