Oh, That First Year of Motherhood

Recently, I have seen a few articles about post-delivery that people may find surprising. The articles tend to list scary things such as wearing big pads after birth and bleeding for an eternity. All of these things are true, but I have found that ...more

Stop It, Shut It, HUSH!

Lately, I've seen some articles (this one in particular) about how people with kids are tired of hearing certain things from people without munchkins. I know, I know, we don't get it. But maybe, possibly, you're forgetting what it's like to not have ...more

The Flying, Healing Gift I Received When We Nearly Lost Our Son

My husband and I watched the movie About Time a few nights ago. It’s the story about a guy who can travel back in time whenever he wants, and he does so to get the girl of his dreams and the outcome he wants in certain life situations. I was ...more

Use These Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in one day? I get you. I totally do. Time management is a tricky thing. When I started on my work-at-home journey, the biggest struggle I had was time management. I don't have regular working hours. Sure, I ...more

I Can't Remember My Son's First Words

First, let me say that I love my son. He has brought more joy to my life than I could ever have imagined. Good, now that we have that straight, I must confess. I don’t actually remember all of my son’s firsts. Nor do I have video documentation ...more

Bullying Doesn't Just Happen at School

"I had cat scratches on my wrist one day, and a girl started a rumor that I was suicidal. So a lot of people wouldn’t talk to me, or they would just tell me to kill myself."...more

My 12-Year-Old Was Blackmailed for Nude Photos Via Kik Messenger

As a mom, and a communications professional in the technology space, I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about kids use of social media. Predators lurking on Facebook, bullying happening via Twitter, and even suspicious activity occurring on Minecraft. ...more
We never allow a child to have  a tablet or smart phone. We watch when children go online. We ...more

Should Training Bras Be Sexy?

My sweet little thing is turning 12 in a month, and this girl is changing! Not only emotionally, but physically. A couple of months back, her friends started wearing training bras, so needless to say she needed to get one too. The funny part is, I happened to be excited, whether I believed she needed one or not. I was happy she came to me and asked. It was something I didn't do. ...more
I've always thought "training bra" was a misnomer. Either you're going to get breasts or not, ...more

Worth it.

Utah has seen its fair share of forest fires this summer. Mr. Nielson has an app on his phone which pinpoints exactly where fires are...more

More Thoughts on Teens and Driving

After my older son had his permit and was driving daily with supervision a long discussion on the homeschool high school chat list was had. I felt verified by the other's experiences that we made the right choice.One of the biggest problems was waiting until after the teen went to college when the teen lived at the dorm and sometimes out of state and far away was they were not able to do much driving with the permit! Thus if they had at 15, 16, 17 or 18 while living at home, gotten their permit they would have had more experience with practice.Some parents said that after they crammed the license in during summertime, if they lived in dorms they did not send their kid to college with a car and so the practice was not really happening after the license was granted either ....more

Boat Races 2014

So it came and went again. Hydroplane Races 2014 has concluded. It has always been a weekend I look forward to, as I grew up attending from year one of my life ....more

WHOOPS! Busted by a Total Stranger

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I asked the question: “Knowing that I might use it in a blog post, what is the most embarrassing thing a stranger has ever caught you doing?” Just as I suspected. You guys rocked my laughing world with your hilarious replies. Here are all the ones for the second batch Continue reading: WHOOPS! ...more

July – 20 Wishes Link Up Party + Bonus Target Giveaway

Welcome to the monthly 20 Wishes link up party! If you want to know why we started it you can read so here. Please feel free to join us, there’s no such thing as being late to this party! ...more

Memory Keeping Made Easy {Rendi Review and Giveaway}

Sometimes, when the dishes are done and the kids are miraculously enjoying a book together...and your kitchen counter is cleared off enough to bake a few dozen cookies, you step back and realize that you are making memories with your kids. Memories... To read the entire post and enjoy other features, please visit the GraceLaced ....more

Little Free Libraries in Seattle

Six months ago, we moved to this neighborhood and I wrote about my joy in finding a little free library nearby. At the time, this concept was new to me. Since then, I’ve discovered our neighborhood is full of these Little Free Libraries, and it does help to build a sense of community in the neighborhood ....more

And as for yesterday…

So we left Houston yesterday around noon and made our way to Bryan/College Station. We drove into town, unloaded our car at Honey and Big’s house and then decided to go see Nena. And it was only after we all piled back into Gulley’s car that we realized her battery had decided to stone cold die ....more

August Homemaking Challenge – A Clean Kitchen Every Night!

(Nope, not my kitchen. But I wish it was...) Does a sink full of dirty dishes make you groan most every morning? Are those pesky ants of summer finding plenty of crumbs to carry home on your kitchen floors and counters? ...more


Hello friends! ...more