Can Unschooled Children Go to College?

One of the reader questions submitted was: “Do you worry your kids will want to go to college and wonder why they can’t?” I am going to unpack this question a little bit, because to me it carries some common misconceptions about unschooling. For ...more

The One Question You Must Stop Asking Your Kids

It’s unpopular but fair to say parenting today has become a helicoptering debacle. With tidal wave force, we’ve ushered in a new child-rearing style that probably isn’t doing our kids any favors in the life prep department. We’ve become nearly ...more

We're All Beginning a New Chapter

"I don't think I am handling this very well," I admitted to my husband. It all started last week. I went to the high school to pick our daughter up from an event. Since she and her friends began driving, I haven't had to retrieve her from school ...more

4 Tips For Letting Your Toddler Help

It was 2:00 on a busy Saturday afternoon, and we had spent the day knee and elbow deep in the mud as we worked to install a new water line to the animal shed. We hadn't even had lunch yet, so I was in the kitchen trying to quickly shred some turkey ...more

6 Great Tips to Help Exercise Happen After Baby

The other night Dave and I were chatting with a group of friends, and one couple, who is expecting their first baby, asked us what the hardest part of adjusting to new parenthood was. It's a tough question, but I said that the most difficult part for ...more

Raising Successful and Ethical Children Without Religion

Increasing numbers of parents are choosing to raise their children without religion in the United States. And studies show that raising children to think critically improves their capacity for reasoning, empathy, and educational achievement. But secular parents often struggle to provide answers for children’s never-ending questions. ...more
Back To Life Back to Life, I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, even when I was in Sunday ...more

10 Reaons I'm Glad I'm Done Breastfeeding

I breastfed my son until he was one year old and while I am so happy that I did, I am equally happy to be done. There are of course the sweet bits that I will miss, but a full year of making someone's food with my body was plenty. Here are ten great reasons to celebrate weaning. ...more
Lol to most of it...but what's with the coffee and wine moratorium? Both can be safely consumed ...more

The Incomparable Christy Turlington Burns Will Premiere Sneak Peek of New Every Mother Counts Documentary at #BlogHer15

Today I'm thrilled to announce yet another amazing "get" for the #BlogHer15 keynote speaker lineup: Social activist, model, and entrepreneur Christy Turlington Burns!  ...more
How exciting!  Wish I could attend, but looking forward to highlights of the event!more

Summer in Arizona

When we come to Arizona and stay at GrandMary and Boss Nielson's house, all the Little Nies sleep in one bed (minus Lottie). Nicholas is hiding under the blankets next to Ollie. It's really hot outside, but comfortable and cool inside....more

All the Stripes Twisted Tank

I am so glad to be joining in on Laura's Twisted Tuesday pattern tour today! Laura of Titchy Threads has two fun patterns out where the side seams are twisted around to the front and back of the garments, and the results are just so clever and cool....more

Baby Shower

In our end of the school year madness (still mid-madness btw!) I forgot to share pictures of the baby shower I had at my house for my sweet friend a couple of weeks ago! I didn’t do much to decorate – my friends and I decided to keep it simple, but I found this adorable […] The post Baby Shower appeared first on The Sunny Side Up Blog ....more

Odd Mom Out...for real

Tonight has been a night. Between realizing I left my diaper bag in my driveway and then locking my keys in my car I am having a moment. Which is why I find the newest show Odd Mom Out completely relatable this evening ....more

The 3-minute Documentary

It is late and I am tired after our first full dress rehearsal of Mary Poppins...BUT!!!I have to share this with you! You just have to watch it!Our friend and neighbor did this documentary to share his talents and to help spread awareness about Fragile X Syndrome.I want to write so much more about it and the last couple of days, but, I'm tired!You can watch Coray's video documentary he put together by clicking HERETrust me, he really knows how to make a good film! So proud to be the subject of his film that he entered into this competition!Oh! ...more

Bike Safety for Kids – 4 Tips Every Parent Needs

Although many of us grew up spending a lot of time on two wheels, a lot of kids today, just aren’t as comfortable on... The post Bike Safety for Kids – 4 Tips Every Parent Needs appeared first on Bring The Kids ....more

How will we stand the wait?

We did it! Today we signed a purchase agreement on our new home! Of course, it is contingent on the sale of our current home, but still ....more

Cabinet Measuring and Finishing the Scripture

On May 4, we headed to our new house to meet with the cabinet guy. We discussed options with him and he measured the house for all of the cabinets and vanities....more

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent: I Have Needs Too

All parents have needs, but for some of us who parent children with disabilities, those needs might be harder to meet. Some of our kids require extra medical attention, or extra supervision, or extra appointments to see different specialists and therapists. We might have little time for ourselves and to met our needs ....more