We Need to Change the Conversation About Parents Murdering Disabled Children

Michigan parent Kelli Stapleton recently pled guilty to poisoning her autistic teen daughter Issy. According to police reports, Kelly lured Issy into a van, "drugged her, lit the grills and left the van to get more charcoal while her sleeping ...more

Get the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences This Year

Even though school has just started for some, Parent-Teacher conferences are just around the corner. Here are some tips that you can use as a parent to have a more effective parent-teacher conference. As a teacher, I loved this time of the year. ...more

Does Your Life End When You Become a Mother?

Last week was quiet. Like freaky quiet. The house was calm. There were no slamming doors or elephant-like stampedes down the stairs or shouts of "Get out of my room NOW!" No one complained about someone else breathing their air or farting in their ...more

Our Teens Have a Drinking Problem...

My family is drowning. Specifically, my kids. I would like to save them, but I fear I am just making the situation worse. Anyway, they haven’t asked for my help but instead continue to want more. “Mom, can you buy more vitaminwater? I like the ...more

Where Is My Poop, Mommy?

Over the weekend, I was finishing up some dishes while my two-year-old daughter played quietly in her room. Without warning, she burst into the kitchen and asked me a question that would send any reasonable parent of a potty training toddler into a ...more

Dear Parent of Typical Children: Teach Your Child About Disability

Your children watch and learn from you, every day, every moment. They listen to your words, imitate your actions, follow your cues on how to behave in new situations, and mimic your example on how to interact with people they meet. And they will learn, from you, how to understand disability. ...more
mryjhnsn Thank you! -Momomore

Should Parents Get Sued for Their Kids' Crimes?

Last weekend, I caught my daughter and a friend in a tree house in someone else's yard when the tree house-owning family was not home. "You're trespassing!" I yelled at my girl. She told me the neighbor's second-grade son had given them permission to be in the tree house when he wasn't home, and her friend had persuaded her it would be okay. I don't approve of her playing the follower when it comes to screwing up. Just because she didn't think of it doesn't mean she didn't do it. My anger launched a longer talk about taking personal responsibility even when a fallback excuse exists. ...more

5 Ways Working Moms Can Get Involved at their Kids' School

It is back-to-school time! My sweet little man is going into first grade, and I learned a lot about school involvement during his first year in kindergarten. As a working mom, it is tough to always know what is going on at his school, but I have found ways to stay in the loop. ...more
These are all great tips!  I feel the working mom guilt often when my daughter wants me to come ...more

day-to-day China (so far)

There are some things we are getting used to over here that I want to remember and write down before they don't seem so new to us anymore. I carry two cell phones everywhere I go.Since we're only going to be here for a short time Dave got me a little Chinese cell phone that I use to text, call and WeChat, but I cannot type on that thing to save my soul! ...more

Baby Girl Clothes For Sale (0-12m)

I'm selling all of the clothes Raegan has outgrown(0-12m), so if you or anyone you know are expecting a baby girl soon, take a look and see if this interests you....more

Tendril Tuesday – Let Your Hair Down Expo with #Hairfinity #lyhdexpo

Tendril Tuesday is Back!!! I have a new co-host, Gabby of Strawberricurls. Go check her out ....more

Using an Interval Timer for Cleaning

The truth is, I can do almost anything for a few minutes. ...more

Peace in the Midst of Unresolved Things

Today my husband reminds me that we can have peace in the midst of unresolved issues. Our family loves to resolve things. We love resolution! ...more

Mom's Night Out

As I briefly mentioned last week, I made the 14 hour drive from St. Louis to Maryland with our two dogs and a car-seat-hating 7-month-old. Why would I put myself through that again? ...more


I was running (okay, walking) Saturday evening (wait, was it Saturday? I think it was Saturday. At least I hope it was Saturday ....more

Chocolate Cola Cake:Thirty Handmade Days

Best. Chocolate. Cake ....more

Read this Book | You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

I don't leave many reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. They basically have to be either the best thing I have ever read or offend me to the point that I feel a civic duty to warn others. Anyone can write a book, but very few people can weave a narrative that will actually reach into the reader and make them feel ....more

Honey Maid Does it Again! #NotBroken

Today is National Stepfamily Day and Honey Maid has done it again! They have launched their newest ad and I am a fan. I have written many, many things over the years about being a stepmom ....more