Use These Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in one day? I get you. I totally do. Time management is a tricky thing. When I started on my work-at-home journey, the biggest struggle I had was time management. I don't have regular working hours. Sure, I ...more

I Can't Remember My Son's First Words

First, let me say that I love my son. He has brought more joy to my life than I could ever have imagined. Good, now that we have that straight, I must confess. I don’t actually remember all of my son’s firsts. Nor do I have video documentation ...more

Can We Survive a Low-Tech Summer?

For the past few years, I have debated the benefits of letting my kids use technology during summer vacation. Most of the time, we are an unabashedly tech-friendly house. My kids have e-readers and laptops and our house probably has a few too many ...more

New House Rules!

Ridiculous in light of more important rules we need around here, but hey, a girl can dream. Funny thing is, we don't actually even HAVE any official household rules. It's on my list to thoughtfully draft some one day soon. I probably would have done ...more

One Time I Was in the Shower...

I peeled an orange in the shower. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it really happened. There I was, in the shower, minding my own business, when Tiny-Small burst through the door yelling, “I’m hungee, Mom! I’m hungee!” I told her I’d be out in a ...more

We All Want to Raise Strong, Brave Girls

First of all, just writing that title made me go “AHJHJKJgajgdajsgdjhagdhja” because we all want this for our daughters, don’t we? We all want our daughters to grow up brave and empowered, able to stick up for themselves in an unpressured environment that, frankly, does not exist. And that’s really the root of all of this, isn’t it? The world is a rollercoaster. How do we help our girls ride without puking? Is there an antidote? An emotional Dramamine we can prescribe to keep them from feeling sick as they go up and down and upside down and backwards? ...more
My girls are still pretty young (4.5 and 22 months) and this is something I am starting to think ...more

Beyond Disneyland: California Destinations My Autistic Son Loves

"We love it when our guests are happy!" That's what the red-coated Monterey Bay Aquarium official told me, as she and I stood next to my son Leo, who was blissfully sprawled out on the the floor looking up at a tank full of sparkling anchovies. I had just explained to her that Leo was enraptured rather than upset or injured, and I hoped it was OK for him to be on the floor since his sisters and I were ringing him and he wasn't in anyone's way. Autism acceptance as guest relations policy. What a wonder. What a gift. ...more

Special Needs Kids Can Love Supper Camp, Too

Summer is here again, and you might be wondering what fun activities you can get your child with special needs involved in. Depending on the level of your child’s abilities, you might consider sending him or her to the local seasonal camp at the nearby park. Many cities have parks and recreation departments that offer affordable camps and activities for the children in the community during spring and summer. And yes, there are a number of camps designed especially for children with speech, academic and physical delays, which can provide a great experience for your child....more
Great to see kids just being kids, no matter the ability. Everyone benefits.more

My Zone 9 Organic Garden (June 4, 2014)

Here is what caught my eye on June 4, 2014 in my zone 9 organic garden. Heirloom black tomatoes Knockout roses in a line Tomato in process Artichoke blossom almost open Just opening artichoke blossoms Parsley blossoms (is also a butterfly host plant) Houston skies over my house, we are having daily thunderstorms in 2014 after hot humid days. copyright 2005-2009 The Thinking Mother ...more

The Kids Are All Right

Modern parenting is in crises. We are raising a generation of selfish, lazy, arrogant, self entitled losers. British nannies seem to be subject matter experts. ...more

Free eBook: Focus on Special Needs

{Read my disclosure policy} Freebie for Special Needs Homeschooling Right now HEDUA's eBook Well Planned Homeschool: Focus on Special Needs is FREE through July 31st! Especially created for families with special needs children, Well Planned Homeschool: Focus on Special Needs comes alongside you with specific tips for homeschooling a special needs child, encouragement for the journey, and the reassurance that you're not alone. Click here to get your copy! ...more

I have pink eye.

So much time keeps passing between my posts that when I think about updating my blog I think, what's the point? It's like skipping episodes of an action packed show and then having someone sort of explain what you missed (but really, my life isn't like an action packed show so that was a terrible analogy).I realized that last week my kid had a minor case of pink eye and I just chocked it up to an eye cold. He had a slightly runny nose so it just made sense to me ....more

Eight Weeks


Toys Stavish Boys Like: Vol 2- Construct + Nanoblock Giveaway

As a boy mom, I’m always looking for new toys that will keep little hands busy and brains working. Like most toddlers and preschoolers, Xander and Noah love to construct. From boxes to canned foods they can and will stack just about anything! ...more



Introducing, Young and Rad (Review)

Hey friends! I was recently asked as a blogger if I'd be interested in working with the up and coming children's clothing line company Young and Rad- they send me items and I share and review them with you! As always, my reviews are honest ....more

Family Beach Night, Boy Mom Style

We try to have a family beach night as often as we can. Family beach night basically means as soon as we finish dinner, we bike over to the beach closest to us and spend about an hour on the beach. Which in Miller boy terms, means an hour of WORK ....more