My Daughter Is Walking Her Own Path

While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. She is a total introvert. In many ways, her anti-social behavior breaks my heart because ...more

Work at Home? Check Out These Tips!

I didn't choose to become a work-a-home mom almost 10 years ago, but it's turned out to function as a great fit for our family. I've had readers ask me how I manage to do it all and make time for my family. The ugly truth is: I don’t do it all. You ...more

No Boys in the Pink Aisles!

We went in the forbidden pink aisles. I managed to snag the family car and escape, with both boys, to Target. We wandered the aisles with a strict list and stopped only to ooh and aah over every Christmas Tree. We sang carols and walked through ...more

Letting Go of Expectations

The first snow presents challenges. Which shoes to wear? Coat? Is it going to melt? With the morning's fresh covering of white, I made decisions fast and furious to get to the bus. I grabbed the heavier coat, stuffed some mittens in the backpack, ...more

Do Your Kids Know These Things From the 80s?

Before streaming, DVDs, or CDs, there were the '80s. Back when using your tape recorder to make a mix tape off the radio was cool. A time when real people worked at the radio station, and you could call and dedicate a TOTALLY AWESOME song from ...more

Why I Hate The Elf On The Shelf

I'm not happy about this post. I love mocking ridiculous things, but I feel most comfortable poking fun at stuff I like. Things like my college football team, my kids' quirks, my brother's ability to get free stuff from anyone he meets, and how my mom identifies herself by name when she leaves me a message. "Oh, hi Amy. This is your mom. Susan." My favorite target is myself. But today I turn my disdain outward, to a society that complains about consumerism and too many commitments, but spends $30 dollars for the privilege of managing the "magic" of a cheaply made stuffed elf during the busiest month of the year....more
I don't believe the initial intent was that Elf on the Shelf was a naughty elf.  I need to pull ...more

How to Say Thanksgiving Grace

Editor's note: Mata, BlogHer's longtime and much-loved contributing editor on religion and spirituality, passed away in May of 2013. I can think of no better tribute than re-running this post she wrote in 2009, on giving thanks. -- Julie ...more
On Thanksgiving and before every meal.more

Don’t Let Thanksgiving Dinner Be Your Last Meal

Don't Wash Your Turkey. It Could Kill You! You know what's even a worse Thanksgiving fail than politics at the dinner table, salt in the pie instead of sugar, or being stuck in #Snovember? Salmonella. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year. That's 48 million people. 128,000 hospital visits. 3,000 deaths. Whoa. ...more

dad fashion & nights apart.

I suppose you may have had your fill of me, so I figured I'd break it up with some way more attractive men's fashion, or in this case... DAD fashion as I like to call it (I'm still going to try and make it a "thing." It's going to be like "fetch" but better). ...more

Pour Your Heart Out: The Thankful Edition

I didn’t join in with the 30 days of thankfulness on facebook this year. I knew it would become just another thing that I felt like I had to do every day. And that I’d end up being flip and saying things like “I’m thankful I finally found chocolate-covered Lays at Target!” Which, I really was thankful for yesterday(maybe not so much today when I swear my pants are already tighter because of them) ....more

Alarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Family traditions…everyone has them. Some are sweet and heart-warming - the kind that elicit an “AHHHHH” when you share with friends. And some are…well…just different. The kind you tell ONLY your closest friends in fear of being labeled as crazy or strange. Regardless of the nature of the tradition…it’s something your family holds dear. Ours is one of those DIFFERENT traditions. Prepare yourself…this could get messy! ...more

Gathering my thoughts

We sat on the floor and played UNO tonight. This photo isn’t from tonight, but the scene has become commonplace this fall, with Abbey at the dance studio two different nights each week and some Sundays. We bring books and UNO and Zingo, and some nights I run out for milk, worrying all the while about getting back by the end of class ....more

Easy Pilgrim Hat Place Cards for Thanksgiving

While I loved my Thanksgiving place cards from last year, we are having a lot more people over this year, so I wanted to do something different. I've seen a few different ideas floating around for Pilgrim hat place cards, and I really loved them, but most of them seemed way too involved, and would require me to actually go buy a bunch of things.So, I thought about how I could make some cute Pilgrim hats without having to purchase a ton of supplies, and without spending a ton of money on any supplies I would need to buy.And I came up with these. They're both easy and affordable--even if you don't have any of the supplies on hand, they still won't cost much at all.Here's how I did it...Continue Reading ...more

Life Lately, Vol. 3

Things going on lately:(You posted again, mom? WOW! Let me check my Feedly for an update.)I've been going to the gym at 5:00 am to get some much needed mommy time/endorphin time that starts the day off right for me ....more

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is this week and there is so much to be thankful for…wonderful husband, four amazing kids, snugly pup, loving family, caring friends, a cozy home. ...more


My heart weighs heavy tonight. Unfortunately, I’m not a race expert. I’m not a legal expert ....more

On Race, the Deafening Silence and #Ferguson.

All the world needs is another blog post on #Ferguson. I know. I know ....more

Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears Activity for Kids

Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears is one of the books I wrapped up for our Christmas Book Advent Calendar, so I thought it would be fun to create an activity to go along with it. This book is special for me, because a lot of the drawings look like photos my grandfather (that’s him in the photo above) took when he worked for Boy Scouts of America in the 1950s. My grandpa was in charge of the troops in much of Alaska, and many of those troops were made up of Alaska Natives, so he got to know them well ....more