No Shame Here!

If you want to jump right into the belly of the parenting beast in 2015, just mention the words screen time: a term that only emerged in the last few years to encompass all of the electronics in our lives and how much we use them. ...more

Do You Make Your Kids Hug?

I absolutely adore my children’s relationship with one another. They may not admit it, ever, but I know they are each other’s best friend. My daughter is nine and will definitely not admit it, but when I act like I don’t know who my son is or ...more

Fading Memories of Adoption

We looked through old papers tonight, pages of them, some in English, most in Spanish, documents pulled out of a torn white envelope, each one signifying some step in the adoption of one of our three children from Nicaragua. In the papers were ...more

Sometimes Toddlers Teach Lessons

I lost it today at lunch. Like, frickin' lost it. I knew it was happening too. I could feel my frustration reaching a boiling point. I kept thinking, "Kelly! DON'T DO IT!" But I yelled anyway. Then when my toddler started laughing at ...more

It's Because of Everything, Because of Nothing

Over the past few years, the following things have been offered to us as possible "causes" for the behavioral problems we have experienced with our seven-year-old son, Harper. Most of the time the suggestions have been made in love, purely out of ...more

No, You Really Can't Give My Kid Sugar

Dear well-meaning, loving, kind people who offer my daughter sweets, I would love to give my daughter cake just as much as you would. I would love to give her cheesecake on my birthday. I would love to give her more than one tiny bite of one little Swedish fish for Valentine’s Day. I want to say yes to her, and I want to say yes to you when you offer to give her a bite of your delicious pastry....more
lindasblogs I'd probably stop being friends with someone if I felt I had to lie to them to ...more

Why I Told My Daughter She Didn't Have to Go to College

"I'm not sure I want to go to college," my daughter said to me. I guess the look on my face made it pretty clear what I thought of that, and she hastily amended it with, "For the first year, I mean." "You want to take a year off?" I clarified. "Yeah. I just don't think I need to start right away." I chewed my lip, considering my words carefully. ...more
I actually want my daughter to take a year off before going to university. Not that I have said ...more

Asthma: Kids with Cat Allergies

Notice your little one sneezing a lot around the family feline? It could be a warning that the kid will need an inhaler before making it to double digits. Image: anomalous...more

A letter to Lottie

Dearest Charlotte,You are growing up so much....more

Baby Boy Baby Shower + What I Wore Blue Lace #babyfoley2015

Last month my awesome sister in law Annie and my mama hosted a baby boy baby shower to celebrate Ernie Zeno. Little man is so loved already. So blessed for our village of friends and family who came to celebrate with us at our clubhouse ....more

What Scarlett Wore featuring TeePeeTots&Co

I'm all about wearing comfortable and practical clothing on Scarlett and although I'm known to dress her in trendy little fur vests and dresses the articles of clothing that I like to invest in are the ones that are comfortable and durable because they're the pieces she will be wearing most days. It's just an added bonus when I can find comfort and durability that comes in adorable trendy little patterns! I have found all of this in TeePeeTots&Co, an adorable (and local) shop from Calgary ....more

MORP and how much fun teenagers are

In honor of the fact that my two teenagers are kicking off their sport seasons this afternoon, I thought I better do a little ode to teenagers here because I really like them a lot. I've said it before but I'll say it again...I had no idea how fun the teenage years could be. ...more

Autism and Legos should be partners...

Or should I say, Fragile X and LEGOS should be partners?(I guess that depends on the audience who is reading this.)So I thought it was just my daughter who was obsessed with LEGOS because of her Fragile X Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder causing things like Obsessive Compulsive Behavior or perseveration or attention to details to keep her life in order, but I was wrong.All kids love LEGOS.Yes, I know that.But, almost any parent on earth who has a child who has some Autism-related struggle knows all about LEGOS and the obsession they have created for our children.I can't tell you exactly what it is.They just are drawn to LEGOS.Brother, who doesn't have as many Autistic tendencies as Sister and Baby do, has never really been into LEGOS so much.I don't really like LEGOS because my feet and my vacuum have a unhappy relationship with them. I have learned to shuffle while in Sister's room though.When we started having Sister see a therapist I was worried she wouldn't do well...until he showed her his collection of LEGOS!It was instant admiration and friendship.Ben (her therapist) has been able to connect with her because of the LEGOS he has.One of the coolest things he's done for her (and others like her) is utilized LEGOS to help them identify the feelings they are feeling.I was so impressed by this idea, kicked myself for not thinking of it myself, and then asked him if I could put it up on my blog so that others had access to it!Voila!He said yes and sent me the files! Happy to Angry faces in transition Happy to scared faces in transition Please just make sure, if you use them, to keep his name on them.I just think it is a great idea and I am so glad that he is willing to share his creativity.That's my UP today—another useful tool in our home for our kids ....more

So what?

Five Random Things1. PJ is very into money lately. He will cut you for a penny ....more

Milk and honey tees – A giveaway!

First, let me just tell you that there is a (small) (minuscule) (probably almost infinitesimal) chance that we could get some snow late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning and I happened to see it because P and I are big weather nerds who regularly check the forecast like three times a day. And then I casually mentioned this chance of snow and Caroline happened to overhear and, bottom line, if it doesn’t snow then winter is DEAD TO HER. It’s all been for naught and one huge disappointment ....more

A Zanzibar Spiced Coffee Recipe

We were completely jet lagged when we arrived. After a midnight bus ride from Canal Street in New York on the Chinatown Express to 14th street in Washington D.C., where we took a taxi to Dulles airport and slept for four hours on plastic benches before flying ten hours to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, cue an eight hour layover before arriving in Stone Town, Zanzibar five hours later where we learned that the hotel we’d booked online was overbooked as were all of the hotels and guest houses in town that night, we were in desperate need of a pick me up. Dragging our rolling luggage behind us over dusty cobblestone streets, we came upon an ocean view cafe ....more

I’m all washed up

In the last couple of months there’s been a fair amount of media attention about body cleansing. How often should we shower? What’s the norm? ...more

Frozen water

Beck sat on the hardwood floor of the kitchen and stared out the glass window pane adjacent to the sliding door, watching the snowflakes that fell from the gray sky and landed softly on a thin blanket of white that now covered our grass. He stared intently, breathing steadily through his open mouth, momentarily mesmerized by the quiet scene before him, as if he had never seen snow before in his life.And the truth is, he hadn't much seen it before. As much as I could figure, since he was born last summer he had witnessed himself only two snowfalls.Still in my scrubs although I had been off work since noon, I slipped on my thick sorel snow boots and my husband's large gray hooded sweatshirt, pulling the hood over my head to keep the falling snow from soaking my freshly washed and dried hair ....more