Understanding National Foster Care Month

 By Dr. Nancy Heath, Program Director, Human Development and Family Studies at American Public UniversityMay is National Foster Care month. During this time, we are invited to celebrate the compassionate people who take on the joys and burdens of being foster parents, and the children whose lives are forever changed through the fostering experience....more

I am yours... A poem for my mommy

  Even though I didn't grow within you,I am yours....more

Lessons Learned from Children While Waiting on Hold

On the phone at work today, I found myself stuck on hold for nearly half an hour with a social service agency in a county about 300 miles away.  What surprised me was the recorded message that played over and over.  Actually, it was quite cleverly done.  But what I heard sent a chill up my spine.The recording consisted of the voices of children, both girls and boys, of various ages, many of them extremely young.  One by one, they told their stories in a single sentence each:“I am not a punching bag.”“I need a place to call home.”...more

Mother's Day is Around the Corner and Ethiopia is on My Mind- an adoptive mom's perspective

As Mother's Day approaches my heart grows heavy because as an adoptive mom this holiday is bittersweet.You see adoption is born out of loss.  Two of my munchkins lost their first mothers before I earned the right to be called their mom.   So, while I love all the mother's day sentiments hung in all the stores and broadcasted all over the media I can't help but think of my children's birth moms and the loss they endured to share that title with me.  So, in honor of them I would like to take a moment and share our first adoption story....more

Saving Race

I sit. I eat chocolate, too much. I drink wine.I cry during the news but can't read the paper.  I sleep, not well. I fear, but hold on to hope.I replay the recording in my head from the day we met with the adoption agency and said we didn't care what color kid we were wanting to adopt. “Your son could have African American features, are you prepared to raise an African American child?” ...more

Crane Estate Engagement | Ipswich MA

Crane Estate EngagementEmily and Todd and Liz and I met at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA, for a Crane Estate engagement session. Showers were in the area, and skies were ominous, but we capitalized on the drama in the skies with our photographs. Further, these two were so relaxed and at ease, they laughed and played and had a great time, making it fun for not just them but for us as well. The Crane Estate has special meaning for Emily, as her parents were married there!...more

Adoption Day

It's hard for me to fathom that as of 12 years ago today, a judge declared me a mom.  Life since then has radically changed, mostly for the best.  Some of you will read and declare with eye brows raised, mostly? Yes mostly.  There are things that I miss about being care free and not having to worry constantly about another human being other than myself.  The staying up all night and sleeping all day, drinking and taking off for the weekend.  You think that would have ended when my thirties went out the door but I was still doing it up until my son came into my life....more

Embrace The Snuggle

Embrace the snuggle. Those are the three words that keep ringing through my ears. The ears that my youngest nugget has a hold of. Softly holding them. Giving himself comfort. While we snuggle. My little ear holder....more

Pappy Gone?