A Story Unfinished: A Review

A few months ago, I was honored to be chosen as an “Off the Shelf” reviewer for Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City.  Y’all may have noticed by now that I love books.  So why wouldn’t I be thrilled to have the opportunity to read quality books (for free!) and talk about them here?  My first review follows.  My only compensation was the book itself, and the opinion is my own....more

Questions for Potential Adoption Placement

Sooooooo.... we are meeting S's therapist Thursday morning to ask him questions. So. Many. Questions....more

Mother's Day from an Adoptee's Perspective

When a person is born blind, they know no other way. They don't know the pain of having sight torn from them, they don't miss the sense. They may have a longing, they may wonder and wish. It's much the same for me, as an adoptee. I know nothing else, and my parents are just that: my parents. They are my everything, just as your parents are your parents, period....more
xo_strawberry Thanks. Naturally we all feel differently, but that's my 2 cents. :)more

Two Weeks

It's the night before my first (legal and official) Mother's Day, and I am overwhelmed with two feelings: love and guilt.  ...more

Adoption: Call #1 About a Child

Hello!We just got our first call about a child and are supposed to set a time to meet with her therapist and case worker next week to ask all the questions we can possibly come up with before being introduced to her. She is several years older than our age range, but I've been keeping track of her for months (6-7 at least) and was super excited to put in an inquiry about her last week.Aside from the few questions I've been mulling over, I really need your help. What questions should we ask?...more

The Heartbeat, The Challenge, The Forever

I. The Heartbeat (December 2013)I am supposed to be on a massage table right now, but instead I am stuck in snarling, creeping, bumper to bumper, relentless traffic on the interstate. Right now, someone is supposed to be kneading their elbow into my lumpy, tense, needy shoulder muscles. Instead, I am sputtering near-silent curses under my breath as a minivan attempts to creep the entirety of itself into the four foot opening I’ve left between my car and the car in front of me....more

The Waiting

THE WAITINGOur adoption was finalized two days ago....more

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families by Todd Parr

I was excited when my kid's early childhood center went Todd for a day. Brightly colored banners featuring smiley faces welcomed children's author Todd Parr. A paper statue of Otto the Dog (my favorite character) greeted guests at the front door.The enthusiasm of the parents nearly exceeded the students as we entered the music room. Todd read, drew, and danced around the floor for an hour. It was the most memorable author's event I have attended....more

Educational Accountability for Our Children Includes You

“No homework tonight Mom! I don’t remember what we did in class today. Can I play my video game? I don’t know when I’ll get my report card.” Does this sound familiar?  I know you are shaking your head as you say “yes”....more

How parents (physically) change the shape of their child's brain

I heard (part of) this fascating segment on NPR this morning about orphans' brains and how parents physically shape their child's brain.You've probably heard the stories from the 1980 and 1990s about the Romanian orphanages and how there were so many children that the nurses barely had time to hold them all. In fact, some children were left in cribs for days. In this segment, they talked about how that lack of attention can actually damage a child's brain - specifically reduced gray and white matter. These children's brains were actually smaller from lack of attention....more
Its really important when it comes to nurturing a child in an early age. The child mind is most ...more