Can differences divide?

This summer our girls attended Girl Scout day camp.  This was their 3rd year there.  It is a great full-day camp that runs for 9 days in the hills of Berkeley in Tilden Park.  What was especially nice this summer, is at this camp our girls can reconnect with some of their friends from the town we used to live and moved from over a year ago.It's taken me a bit to digest the first week of this summer camp and why I'm sharing now in late September....more

Blending a Family

November is National Adoption Month, a topic I’ve definitely been pretty aware of for 12 years now.  Blended families are becoming a new kind of norm, with grandparents taking on guardianship or adopting their grandchildren, families living together and changing dynamics of communities....more

Dear Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother, Happy Birthday to our little girl who turns 5 today.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since little Sophia was born into this world. Firstly, I want you to know that our Sophia is a beautiful, spirited, loving little girl who is much loved by her family and friends.  Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is noodles of any kind.  She loves to play with her older siblings who dote on her and adore her. ...more

52 Weeks of Sisterhood (and Brotherhood): Roots

This photo? My cup runneth over.Each time I look at this photo I smile. And then I pause. And I have a moment. And then I smile again....more

The Oscar de la Renta Adoption Story

Like for many, the news of Oscar de la Renta's death was a heavy loss, not only to the fashion world, but to humanity. As I heard piecemeal news of his life and legacy, I learned something new. Read more. Kristina @orphantoadoption...more
MirahRiben Perhaps taken in the context that De la Renta was asked if he felt his pending ...more

{Foster Care} 14 Things To Do While Waiting for Your First Placement

So, at this point I think waiting is the hardest part of the whole process. Probably because everything is actually finish so all your doing is.... waiting :/....more
Great post! Best of luck to you!more

Adoption and rude people

Our 12 year old son is adopted. We adopted him when he was 6 years old. ...more
We have two adopted (12 and 9) and three biological children (7, 6, 4). Sometimes we counter ...more

Should a Mother Lose her Child because of One Mistake?

Close your eyes and imagine this:Imagine that your beloved father dies suddenly and in your grief, you make a mistake. You drink too much and sleep with an old friend.Imagine that you become pregnant form this and, understandable, your significant other of 7 years is upset, but you really want this baby. You feel it is the last piece of your father coming though and you want to name this baby after him....more
Please, please, please, give this baby back. You know it is the right thing to do but someone in ...more

Is Adoption Really Loving Someone Else's Child?

Adoption is a large part  of my family’s life story, thus a well-meaning comment really took me by surprise. Read more. Kristina @orphantoadoption...more
Very well said!more