The Unlikely Friendship of My Mom and Mother

Statistically, foster situations happen when one or both parents are completely incompetent for one reason or another. My mother wasn't incompetent, just overwhelmed. My father was an alcoholic who beat my mother. He was always in and out, sometimes gone for days (jail, most likely) and even months. Then one day, he didn't come back. He was just gone. I was five-years-old the last time I saw him. He said he would meet me on Friday at the bus stop. He wasn't there, and I felt devastated. ...more
Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing. Truly an amazing story.more

To the Brink and Back

The “D” word.I said the “D” word.Disruption. Despite my reservations, I let E go down for a week and a half-long visit with Bmom and his bio siblings. I couldn’t come up with a better reason for him not to go than “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” and couldn’t explain beyond that, so I caved. Next time I’ll know better, but you know what they say about hindsight. ...more

When a Couple become a Family | 8 ways to be Emotionally Prepared for Parenthood

Are you emotionally ready for parenthood?The recent tragic news of the death of one of the world’s most beloved actors and comics, Robin Williams, has left many of us reeling and wondering why people take their own lives. His battle with drink and drugs and the ‘black dog’ of depression is well-documented and sadly is not as uncommon as we may believe....more
JillR Hi Jill, We absolutely are a work in progress!  I'm reading The Conscious Parent at the ...more

You know you're an adoptive parent when...(4 things adoptive families have in common)

My brother is adopted.  My nephew is adopted.  Three of my cousins are adopted.  It was a normal part of “how you got kids” when I was growing up.  I got married at the tender age of 42 and the fertility sh...more

Hard Telling: Sorting Out International Adoption

It's interesting that, on the one hand, the U.S. government is tied in knots about children seeking refuge on our southern border and, on the other, is facilitating the adoption of thousands of children from dozens of countries by American families....more

An adoptee's perspective on adoption

I didn’t write this to spark controversy but the subject and the way I’ve approached it may bring it on anyway.  Other viewpoints in the comments are welcome.  Here we go....more

She's here

I wrote a piece before of the agony of waiting to adopt, not just for the adopting parents, but for all the extended family.  As a family unit we dreamed, yearned, and grieved. That is over.  And she is here.In June that beautiful, perfect, tiny little girl that we had dreamed of and prayed for and agonized over arrived.  No special fan fare.  No trumpets.  No parting of the clouds with a choir of angels.  She arrived in the usual fashion, and it was perfect.Now, our family is whole....more

“Do Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Kids Have Hurt Parts?”

My daughter can list all of the Kardashians, but somehow never noticed Angelina Jolie until Maleficent. She’d heard of Brad Pitt. She didn’t really know who he was, but knew he was very famous. She was very impressed when I told her he was Angelina’s partner. "Wow! She’s with him? I’ve heard of him!” She was even more interested in the story when she heard about Brad and Angelina Jolie’s adopted kids. ...more
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Two Best Friends Looking To Adopt

My male best friend and recent ex-boyfriend and I are two best friends looking to adopt from the U.S.A. I have high functioning autism and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), anxiety, depression which I'm medicated for as well as Auditory Processing Disorder and Mild Mental Impairment. We're both kind, nice, sweet, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, sweet and honest as well as caring....more

The Paradox of Letting Go in Foster Care

Foster parenting contains, by its very nature, a strange dichotomy. On one hand, you're expected to love and care for a child as if it was your own. On the other hand, you're expected to let that child leave your home after weeks, months, or years - whenever the circumstances are deemed appropriate....more