Is Adoption Really Loving Someone Else's Child?

Adoption is a large part  of my family’s life story, thus a well-meaning comment really took me by surprise. Read more. Kristina @orphantoadoption...more
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The First Days Home With an Adopted Child

Read more. Kristina @eastwestchic...more

{Foster Care} Officially Foster Parents!

The time has finally come. We are officially foster parents…whoop whoop! We have finished all things that we had to do to get our house opened.It’s actually really funny because I remember earlier this month, I was talking to my husband and it seemed like we had so much to do. And I just wasn’t sure if we were going to be opened this month. But now, I can’t figure out what I was worried about....more

Facing Infertility and Embracing Adoption

I googled this phrase before adopting and didn’t find the answer I was looking for. So here’s the magic formula I wish someone had given me years ago – a big dose of humility. I know several couples who have complained or cried or tried to minimize their sadness about their inability to conceive. I’ve been there too. I spent many a night in tears about the unfairness and injustice of not being able to have a child. Add to that the majority of my waking hours were spent as the attorney of sometimes less than stellar parents....more
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How To Adopt a Kid Without Signing Papers

Several of you asked, "What's the story behind your kid who doesn't look anything like the rest of you?" I made a phone call, asked permission, and am now laying it all out there. The short answer to the question "How To Adopt a Child Without Going to Court" is by omission: When the birth parent doesn't give a shit. Simple enough? ...more
If there weren't people like you in the world, ready to stand up for injustice and care for the ...more

Control or Give Control

We went through a season where my husband and I found ourselves instinctively attempting to control our children’s behaviors. We were exhausted from battling outbursts and receiving calls from school. With each outburst, we made an unspoken assumption that one of our children was not capable of making sound decisions and therefore needed more control from us, tighter boundaries to help learn and form a moral compass.  In many ways, attempting to keep him close to us was the right choice.  It helped us facilitate a deeper attachment and connection. ...more
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An Adoptive Mothers Guilt

  Mothers Guilt, ever heard of it?If you never heard of it awesome, run away before it plagues you! There is the normal Mothers Guilt of...more
I totally agree! As an adoptive parent there is a lot of guilt (even if unnecessary). Thank you ...more

Living to have a Baby

How do you know when an adoption...more

The Most Important Thing You Never Knew About Your Baby

When my son was fifteen months old, my husband and I were invited to my best friend’s wedding in Jamaica. It would have been cost prohibitive to take my two kids along so I planned to leave my son and his older sister in the care of their grandparents and favorite babysitter. I was proud of myself for coming up with such a great solution.photocredit...more
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I’ve been thinking recently about preparing for a new baby.When I was pregnant with Menininho, I couldn’t buy much or set up a nursery because I knew we were moving across the country just weeks after he would be born. I bought a yellow blanket and a frog rattle, and that was it until we were settled in our new home.When J came we were in a tiny apartment, so he slept in our room. No nursery....more
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