How College Drop-Off Turned Me into One of 'Those Moms '

August 23, 1998. The date will remain forever scorched in my memory as the day I became one of those mothers. The kind the rest of us whisper about when she leaves the room to get more tea. The kind who gives a bad name to motherhood. I wasn't one when I left my own driveway, but by the time I reached Burlington, Vermont, I was a full-fledged wack-a-doo. A June Cleaver with bi-polar disorder and a twitch beneath my right eye. ...more
Love this story. I have coffee all over my computer. i can so see myself in this article!more

Empty-Nest Syndrome Can Hit You When You Least Expect It

I didn't freak out when I turned 50. I liked the surprised reaction when I told people I was 50, as if I couldn't be so old. It was a proverbial milestone. Mostly I still felt young. Menopause was a breeze that year, and eh, presbyopia—reading glasses can look sexy. I just got used to turning 50, liked it even, when the unthinkable happened—I turned 51. It was like the day after a party and you wake up with the beginning of a hangover that lasts forever. ...more
We always want the best for our kids. You must be proud of the job you have done raising them ...more

Making The Empty Nest a Little Less Empty With FaceTime

Sundays are becoming FaceTime Days in our household. Apple could set up a shoot in my home office and my daughter’s dorm and feature us in a commercial highlighting how FaceTime brings together parents and their college freshmen. Sniff, sniff. Wipe the tears. ...more
I am not sure what we would do without modern technology. We use WhatsApp. One son in France and ...more

First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

First Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner ...more

The end of the twin era...

I always wanted twins until I got four children at one time....more

Against My Every Maternal Instinct

We quickly hugged and kissed on a narrow sidewalk alongside a busy street in Cusco, Peru. There was only a moment to bid farewell to our 20-year-old daughter Julianna, who is spending 4 months in South America. We savored our last day together with a leisurely hike to an Incan site followed by a long lunch. Then all of a sudden, our precious week together was over, and it was time to say goodbye. All at once, as we kissed and hugged, Brian and I were rushed into an airport taxi and my baby girl, with a large backpack and all, ducked into a small taxi. Just like that, she was gone. ...more

My very first blog! Wtf even is a blog?

Okay, I've always wanted to start a blog, for the last few weeks. I'm really not sure what a blog entails, but I know I'm way to wordy in my FB posts. I've often felt uncomfortable  (that last word alone, was way too long)  with my long winded diatribes. I feel like I have a lot to say, about pretty much nothing. But if you're wiling to listen, I will ramble on and on about nothing! You in?...more

Ancestry Day in Raleigh NC

Here's how I spent my Saturday (other than the 3 hours driving - 180 mile round trip) but I must say - I really do enjoy genealogy conferences. tomorrow I'll figure out how to insert pictures in my BlogHer posts - but for now - just follow the link to my blog.Kalen...more

Boys Can Cook!!!

What a wonderful dinner I just enjoyed. Here is my post for NaBloPoMo and Writing 101 - I am thankful for my family. ...more

True or False: We Can’t Host an Exchange Student Because Our Children Are Too Young

Potential host families sometimes have the following reactions when we talk to them about hosting an exchange student:...more

Why I love my hairstylist...

I married into my hairdresser, much the way I'd married into four children when I married my husband nearly 21 years ago. Apparently, the hair salon my children visited regularly was part of the marital agreement, but it agreed with me. (My premarital hairstylist lost my confidence when she constructed a bird's nest atop my hair for the wedding day.) The four children became five, and we populated Hair Hunters every six weeks with a stack of library books in hand....more
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Own 'The Change'


Building on yesterday's post, let's talk a bit about self-esteem.  In the last generation, a belief has been built that self-esteem is something that can be bestowed upon a child.  Again, when did we forget? When did we forget that self-esteem is built by accomplishment?  When did we begin to believe that empty praise builds self-esteem? Recently there was a news story about NFL player James Harrison returning his children's participation trophies.  He believes that a trophy should be earned.  Good for him!...more