For Gracious Sakes It's About Time!

So, today is the first Monday of August.  I love nothing more than turning over the calendar to a fresh new month!  I love to make to do lists and give myself monthly goals to achieve.  Not that I achieve them.  Some I do.  Most I do not.  That doesn't stop me from making my lists though. ...more

Life is a Beach

There is nothing (and I mean nothing) like the silence when people you adore leave the house after a good visit, and you are left all alone. In a family our size, this happens with regularity, and I’m still not used to it....more

Back To Good Daily Habits I Believe

Got back about midnight or early Sunday morning from the family reunion over in the Silver Valley.About 50 family members. The relatives that lives around Courd'Alene were the closes. A second cousin came form around Vancouver Washington and she drove the farthest.I've never spend much time in the Silver Valley area....more

My Closet is Never Empty


Empty-Nest Syndrome Can Hit You When You Least Expect It

I didn't freak out when I turned 50. I liked the surprised reaction when I told people I was 50, as if I couldn't be so old. It was a proverbial milestone. Mostly I still felt young. Menopause was a breeze that year, and eh, presbyopia—reading glasses can look sexy. I just got used to turning 50, liked it even, when the unthinkable happened—I turned 51. It was like the day after a party and you wake up with the beginning of a hangover that lasts forever. ...more
I want to hear the next instalment! ps I am 51 this year too, bummer!more

Maintain Control When Life Sends You Spinning

 How to Control the Big Spinner of Life!Remember that playground equipment known as the Big Spinner or the Merry Go Round?...more

The Farmer's Life For Me!

When I started this blog and entitled it, "The Flown Coop," I never imagined I might actually own chickens or have a legitimate coop on my property. I chose it to illustrate the fact that my husband and I were entering new territory; the one with no kids in it as they'd all "flown the coop." Such a clever title....more
I'm quite envious of your adventure.  My husband and I have been considering taking a similar ...more

So We Bought The Farm: Now What??

 So we bought a farm.  After a year and a half of searching for the perfect piece of property with the perfect home on it, in the perfect location, we bought a farm. For those of you who have not met me personally, this may sound just fine. But for those who know me well? My response to you when you stare at me quizzically, is, "I know, right? What about me screams farmer?" Fifty-five acres of WTF?...more
lol hahahaha. We want to buy some property with like 5 acres and have a mini-farm but sometimes ...more

Something a small as a blackberry taught me this ...

Picture a busy street. One crammed with four lanes of commuters cruising along at 55 mph. Add the bike lanes. Add the sidewalks.  What do you see? Is your imaginary sidewalk empty?  Or did you see the runner? Did you see the children walking with their parents? Did you see the dog and his owner? Did you see the woman in the wheelchair sitting peacefully beside her companion? What do you think of the things that you see? Or do you, for that matter, think at all....more
So lovely.more

Happy Mother’s Day To My Son

 (Vintage Angel Boy) Because, of course, without him, I wouldn’t have a Mother’s Day at all....more