Mindful Monday - Be Kind

Be kind to yourself because it is the only way that can be kind to others.To read more click here...more

Grandma Doesn't Feel Well

What to do when your grandchildren come to visit and grandma is feeling under the weather?click here to read more ...more

5 Things I Remember about Middle School that I Bet are Still True More than 50 Years Later

Middle school was a critical juncture for me. Of course, this is only occurring to me now, fifty plus years after the fact. Here are five things I remember about middle school which I bet are still true today....more

Mindful Monday - Thoughts are just thoughts

Thoughts are just thoughts and within your controlTo read more click here ...more

Spiritual Sunday - Be Doers Of The Word

Be speakers of the word and the word is Love.This post is meant to lighten your load and bring you joy today.Click here to read more ...more

September 13, 2015 Grandparent Day Ideas for Celebrating

September 13, 2015 is Grandparent DayHow will you celebrate with your Grandchildren?Here are some fun ideasClick here ...more

Spiritual Sunday - We Serve The Lord

How would your neighbours know that you serve the Lord?Words meant to bring joy and spiritual reflectionClick here to read more ...more

10 Things To Tell Your (Grand)children in August

Storytelling is important!It sparks the imagination and when you are tellingfamily stories helps children understand themselves.Click here for ideas on what to talk about in August...more

The Low Down on Elder Care Costs

The global population will shift from young to old in 2017. At that time, there will be more people over the age of 65 on this planet than younger ones under six years old.  It's never happened before, ever. ...more

wishes and horses...

Meet Oliver, the tall, dark, and duskily handsome horse of my three-year-old dreams. For me, it was love at first ride. Don't let my grumpy expression fool you. That frown was all about Dad's refusal to hand over the reins and let me gallop....more