Remembering My Mother

Remembering My Mother Do you believe in angels? I do!...more

The Care and Feeding of Fathers

About a month ago I came home from work to find my father sitting in my driveway running his car.  It took him awhile to roll down the window to talk to me because he had forgotten how and I had to shout out directions again on how to operate it.  Once the window was down, he told me “they” and he gestured to the back and very empty seat “are paying me to drive them around town. We are going to visit the Hunts.”...more

The best Nana.

Mom was the full time caregiver for our children.I never had to have a stranger care for my kids.Not once.This was very important to me.Mom didn’t want her grandbabies with strangers either. ...more
Denise It's all true.  I  still have those little reports.more

My Christmas Ornament Obsession

I LOVE Christmas. It really is the most glorious time of the year (except for that perfect Fall day with a bonfire and changing leaves… or any day where I’m splayed out on a beach with a frosty drink in my hand).Like many of you, our little family went Christmas tree shopping over the weekend....more

This is more or less how it was

December's Nablopomo theme is more/less, which lends itself to more or less anything. We attended a second family Thanksgiving dinner today, and I ate more food than was necessary.  I wish I'd eaten less. We had more or less the same people there, but next Thanksgiving there will be another little one (my nephew's wife is expecting in the next couple of weeks.) ...more

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I wish the same for you and for the world. Blessings....more

First Blog Posts

When Visiting Elderly Parents This Thanksgiving, Take Time for THANKS

As we gather together to give thanks this week, don’t miss the opportunity to check in on elderly loved ones. While phone calls throughout the year are important, seeing mom and dad in person can be the best way to assess physical and mental issues.Give thanks this year by assessing how your mom and dad’s needs are being met:...more

Grandma and the Christmas Skeletons

It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m helping my mom package some dolls she’s sold on eBay while the boys try to coax their aunt’s pet snake out of the woodchips carpeting the bottom of his terrarium.  I see a large skeleton still hanging on my parents’ kitchen curtain rod (I come by mytaking-holiday-decorations-down procrastination honestly), and I tell the kids to go check it out because they have a weird love affair with skeletons....more


Daily Prompt: Perspective by michelle w. on November 20, 2013...more