When Your Schedule Ruins Your Schedule

I like things neat and tidy. I live inside that box. As a homeschool mom I should have learned to let this go a long time ago. For a rule follower, list follower, in-the-box follower, I can be flexible sometimes. I can't yet consistently roll with the flow, though. When things aren't fitting inside my box, I feel anxious, get short-tempered, and contend with feelings of failure. Can anyone else relate? I am getting better though, and it seems as if what kills me is actually what ends up making me stronger. If I can just. adapt. to. change. ...more
JamiMullettBova Thanks, Jami! This is one of those times when I know what the truth is but my ...more

Chinese New Year, Without the Stereotypes

The Year of the Horse begins on Friday, January 31. In honor of the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, celebrations last for two weeks in many Asian societies, and there are parades and festivities in U.S. cities with large Asian American communities. While it’s all fun, there’s also an ugly element that raises its head during this season, and it looks like this: Image Credit: Party Cheap Watch Out For Stereotypes ...more
.HapaMamaGrace Glad to help slay stereotypes! Happy New Year to you as well! #YearoftheHorsemore

6 Tips for Teaching Handwriting to Young Children

A child's success in handwriting depends on their fine motor development. Fine motor muscles are the muscles in our hands and fingers that are responsible for the small muscle movements used in cutting, drawing, and writing. ...more
I'd' also add ripping newspapers, connecting the dots with pens/markers/etc, and teaching kids ...more

Learning Chemistry, Physics and Math in the Garden - Part 1

Agriculture is science. If you're growing something - whether flowers in a pot on the windowsill or vast fields of vegetables - you've got a ready-built classroom....more

Oh to be needed....

Once upon a time, I had time for myself.  Now, my toe nails need some love.  My hair is neglected.  I can’t take a shower without an audience. Proof that somebody needs me....more

My Homeschooling Story - Part 1

Like so many before me, I never officially planned on homeschooling. I had always imagined that I was going to be a stay-at-home mom, living in a small city, sending my kids to the closest public school. I wanted to volunteer in their classroom. I wanted to sit down with them and eat an after school snack while we worked on homework. I was going to be June Cleaver, minus the pearls. And the make-up. Aaaaannnnd the perfectly kept home. Okay... so maybe I wouldn't be June Cleaver, but you get the idea....more

My Homeschooling Story - Part 2

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed elementary school! I have great memories of spending recess with my best friends, yummy smells coming from the general direction of the lunch room, story time in the library, and art made with construction paper and lots of white glue. I have a few memories of being picked on, as well, but they are dim compared to the all the fun ones....more

Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Crafty Homeschoolers

I do love Pinterest.Show me a woman who doesn't like Pinterest, and I'll just show you a woman who prefers Wanelo.  I've found that Pinterest is for people who need ideas, and Wanelo is for people who need to buy those ideas.  Ben showed me Wanelo once and I said, "Heck, I could make that." To which he replied, "And that's why you are on Pinterest."...more

5 Tips for Parents with Science-Loving Kids

By Dr. Francesca Catalano, Faculty Director, School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at American Public University...more

Homeschooling Product Reviews: Curriculum & Books

We are going on to finish our 6th year of homeschooling, and we have used quite a few homeschool curriculums by now.  When I first got started, I was pregnant with our 3rd child, had just moved an hour away from where we thought we were going to raise our kids so we had a big fat ZERO community around us, and I had never homeschooled before....more

Great Mario Coloring Pages Free For Mario Fans

We all have played super Mario or Mario bros at some or the other time in our life. After all, it was exciting to play those different Super Mario versions that have been released time and time again. It was fun being with Mario and be a part of his adventures, trying to save Princess Peach and one could spend hours playing those cool Mario games that get challenging with every level. However, you sure are going to need great skills and all your speed to increase your score, or you could get trapped or even get killed by Goombas that come your way. ...more

First Day of Spring Activities

I will always be a member of Enchanted Learning (link!!)...I found them about 10 or so years ago, and I have used their ideas constantly!So here are some fabulous ways to incorporate the first day of Spring into your learning!Egg Carton Tulipshttp://members.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/easter/eggshelltulips/Tulips.shtmlTulip Acrostic Poem...more

Self-Doubt and Homeschooling

As we near the official time Bella would attend kindergarten I being to feel anxious and have a little self-doubt. With homeschooling, I know this is a natural feeling, one that will never go away but hopefully lessen....more