Six Subversive Story Books

My husband loves Pete The Cat. He recognizes it is not fine literature and that the "message" is a little clunky, but he doesn't care. He wants my daughter to remain calm and happy when she confronts the unexpected, and so Pete The Cat's unflappable spirit in the face of dirty shoes pleases my husband, who is much gentler and more forgiving than I. ...more

Prepared but pooped

Y’all, I am tired. Tired. And it’s all my Mom’s fault.The woman is a workhorse. When she knows something needs to get done, she methodically plans, schedules, works and the chore is done. Like, days in advance. ...more

Here we go again

I'm in the middle of Graduation Week for #2. Many of you have asked how she’s doing; while I appreciate your love and care for her, that is completely the wrong question. She’s fine. She’s young. She’s resilient. The better question is how is the mom holding up? And the answer is: it depends.Like, when I’m sleeping, I’m good. No worries. Yay for six hours of dry eyes!...more

No More Public School Tax for Homeschoolers

We just got our mid year County Tax estimate and I am not staying quiet anymore. Even though we have lived in this house for 12 years and I knew we paid the school tax, I never questioned it. Our children did attend public school once but it was only 3 years. Now that I am homeschooling our 4 boys. Why should we have to pay this $700 every year?! Imagine how many other things we could do with that money, for the children....more
Anna Attard " The 2013–14 state budget includes $40 billion in General Fund resources for ...more

My Children are Teaching Me!

Well I've been a mother for 11 years now and I've changed a lot. I feel like my children have taught me a lot. Some things are more important than others. Little talks about their day are more important than watching TV together. Family game time is more important than dishes and laundry. Making train tracks and playing race cars or legos is more important than blogging, Facebook or reading emails. My boys need my attention and when I decided "THE MESS CAN WAIT" it made a huge difference. When Jacob was a baby I constantly picked up after him. ...more

They keep changing the math

In my nightmares, I am sitting at a too-small desk, faced with a series of computations. I have to solve for x...but I have no idea how to do the work....more

5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Homeschooling Newbie

We’re coming up on the end of May now and the official end of our school year. Despite my initial nervousness, my daughter has done great and has continually surprised me throughout this journey....more


MOTHERS…..Today is Mother’s Day and so I find it appropriate to celebrate Mothers on this day….but the truth is we should be celebrating Mothers everyday…..For Mothers are the ones that shape a child’s life the most…..Mothers are the ones that simply take what God has given to them as a gift and proceed to shape their life throughout their lifetime…....more

What is so threatening about the "gifted" label?

What is it about the "gifted" label that creates such controversy?...more

Kids say the funniest things...

I was getting the boys out of the bath the other day and Jaron put both his hands of my face as I was drying him off and said "I love your face". Again tonight in the van I leaned my seat back to reach the boys and Jaron said "I love your beautiful face". If he only knew how much I love his face....more