It's Time to Learn the Truth: Things My Kids Need to Learn

My twins turn six in February. To me, that still isn’t “big kid” time. For some reason, I consider seven to be “holy shit, who are these big rotten kids in my house” time. ...more
OMG Yes!!!! My almost 5 year old boys are here, doing exactly this. I think it's a twin thing, ...more

Are My Christmas Card Photos a Lie?

I have a confession. The Christmas cards currently lying on our kitchen table, half addressed and still needing stamps -- while lovely -- are a lie. Okay, maybe they are not completely a lie. They just don't tell the whole story. ...more
Last year we sent out Christmas cards with the "bad" pictures we had from previous year's ...more

Searching for the Baby Jesus

I laugh at the Baby Jesus every year when we pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic. We have an old popcorn tin full of Christmas toys. We have a Charlie Brown set with his little Christmas tree. We have all the characters from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, including the misfit toys and Chuck's favorite, Yukon Cornelius ("Looky what he can do!"). ...more
I adore this.more

The Challenges of Multiples

Boy and Girl Child are fraternal twins. They were born, via c-section, at 33 weeks. Boy Child is 30 seconds older than Girl Child. They were due September 8, I had them July 24. They were breech position, facing each other, fists up....more

Waiting Game: Month 8 of a Multiple Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy, I've been aware of risks associated with carrying twins. No one has shied away from what could happen to my body and what would happen to my body. My wife and I wanted to start our family, and from our first appointment at the fertility clinic - we were warned that any treatments we used could result in multiple fetuses. We even had to sign paperwork acknowledging that this information was communicated to us!...more

Reach For The Stars And Keep Your Feet Grounded

My son came for lunch this weekend like he does every weekend. His two little children and his lovely wife in tow. As we sat down for lunch he said “Ma, I quit my job.” As a concerned mother, I inquired what had happened. He had a plush job, he was doing very well for himself, he traveled places all the time, I could tell he was making a lot of money and he seemed happy. But what he told me left me surprised. “I am missing on their childhood (pointing to his kids). I need to be there for them. Don’t worry, I have a new job....more
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Early Potty Teaching Twins

Corbin and Lynley are undergoing so many changes these days that I can barely keep up. They've both hit major growth spurts, and along with that growth are some major developments, like: clearer speech, picky eating, using eating utensils, tantrums, wanting to be in my lap 24/7 and showing interest in bathroom business. We have many teaching areas that we need to tackle, but it can't all be done at once! One that we'd like to begin now is potty teaching....more

Mommy Adventures

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I have decided to start a blog and join the 21st century with all the other Mommy Bloggers out there. I don't know if my blog will become popular, but it will help me get my thoughts out, even if no one reads this. :)...more

Life in large families

I have one child. That's it. Because I have one child, studies tell me that because he is the eldest (and the only), he will be very mature before his time, as he primarily interacts with my husband and myself. Recent research also indicates that if he were born female, he would have an even higher likelihood of success than he does now. ...more

Take Two Children Out to Dinner in 25 Easy Steps

Every Thursday, my husband works late, and I take our daughters out to dinner. We usually go to a fast-food place that I probably can’t plug on the internet. (But I will give you a hint: America’s favorite carbohydrate is part of the logo). I seem to suffer from a specific brand of Mommy Memory that fades the details of our weekly debacle. Each time, I hold onto the naïve expectation that this will go well. I’ll keep you posted if it happens. Until then, this is usually how we roll: 1)    Pick up children from daycare....more
I couldn't have said it any better!  Because, honestly, who hasn't promised a Shetland pony at ...more

You might be the mom of many small boys if.....

... several times a day you catch yourself saying "get your hands out of your underwear, it's NOT a toy!" have ever said "DON'T CLIMB UP THE FRIDGE!" superglue motorcycles can quote Cars Movie word for know all the words the Thomas the Tank Engine Songs...refer to your children as small, medium and have a car, dinosaur and a skateboard in your purse at your doctor without any kids...more


something super surprising that i’ve discovered since we announced that we were expecting was all the negative mommies out there. not to say that the vast majority of women that i’ve encountered haven’t been amazing or sweet or provided helpful tips – but there’s also a group hidden in negativity that you don’t find until you, yourself are expecting. so, what does that look like?...more

Finding Freedom From The Comparison Trap

Comparison. This word has the power to suck the joy out of motherhood. I experienced it for the first time shortly after I had my firstborn. While I was in the thick of feeling clueless as a first time mom, I started to research what I should be doing during each stage and when I could expect him to hit various milestones. As friends had babies around the same time, I found myself comparing my baby’s progress with theirs. Comparison....more