It's Time to Learn the Truth: Things My Kids Need to Learn

My twins turn six in February. To me, that still isn’t “big kid” time. For some reason, I consider seven to be “holy shit, who are these big rotten kids in my house” time. ...more
OMG Yes!!!! My almost 5 year old boys are here, doing exactly this. I think it's a twin thing, ...more

Are My Christmas Card Photos a Lie?

I have a confession. The Christmas cards currently lying on our kitchen table, half addressed and still needing stamps -- while lovely -- are a lie. Okay, maybe they are not completely a lie. They just don't tell the whole story. ...more
Last year we sent out Christmas cards with the "bad" pictures we had from previous year's ...more

Searching for the Baby Jesus

I laugh at the Baby Jesus every year when we pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic. We have an old popcorn tin full of Christmas toys. We have a Charlie Brown set with his little Christmas tree. We have all the characters from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, including the misfit toys and Chuck's favorite, Yukon Cornelius ("Looky what he can do!"). ...more
I adore this.more

"Just let them loose, why don't you, lady?!!!!"

A gray-haired lady quietly but audibly fumed, through gritted teeth, at me, "Just let them [my 2 1/2 year old twins] loose, why don't you, lady?!!!" at the grocery store today....more

Why this Spring Might Just be the For-Frozen-Ever

It's been a long winter, friends.  A looooong, frozen winter.  One for the record books.  And, as if by the unfolding of some divine comedy, this extreme polar-vortex-in-the-Midwest winter has lined up perfectly with my time as a stay-at-home mom.  With three-year-olds.Two of them....more

Important Things My Kids Say

If you've been around for more than five minutes,you probably know I'm pretty straightforward. My best friend of 26 years would tell you that, a new friend I just made last week would tell you that. And they'd both be putting it nicely. I have no time for couching words, or passive aggressiveness, or any confusion whatsoever. Is it a positive? Is it a negative? I don't know. Depends on the situation, I guess. I'll let you know statistically in about 50 years....more

Things I did wrong today

I do a lot of things wrong every single day, as a parent and a person. Lest you think my days ever go any different, I thought I'd break this one down for you. AHEM. Things I did wrong today:1) I made the girls make their own beds. (Like they do every damn day. Not sure why today it made me the meanest mommy, but there you have it.)...more

Secure In My Love

We've been working so hard at teaching my two-year-old to listen and obey....more

Surviving The First Year As Twin Parents

A couple weekends ago we celebrated Emersyn and Mckinley's first birthday! We threw a little party and invited a few close friends and family.A couple weekends ago we celebrated Emersyn and Mckinley's first birthday! We threw a little party and invited a few close friends and family....more

The Five Stages of Driving Home at Bedtime with Children

 We've all been at this place before. We had a little too much fun at Grammy's, or the park, had a late dinner, and are now watching, in fear, as the clock winds down to Code Red, the point at which your children turn into sniveling, screaming, overtired little monsters.  You must get them home, but you know it won't be pretty.I'm here to walk you through the chaos, and provide some (questionably) helpful suggestions* to get you and your family home as safely as possible.*This is not real advice. Duh....more

Zoo Craziness at My House

It's nearly 9 pm, and I am working against a fast-approaching grading deadline. Yet, what I desperately want to do is to seek the warmth and refuge underneath the covers of my bed. If you knew half of what my day looked like, you would, too. ...more

Parenting Twins: A Narrative

Dulce and Natalina want to watch a show....more

DITL - 2014

Since I've had this blog, I've done a DITL every Valentine's Day. Looking back at one photoed day, in its entirety, for each year, is a trip and a half, to be sure....more