It's Time to Learn the Truth: Things My Kids Need to Learn

My twins turn six in February. To me, that still isn’t “big kid” time. For some reason, I consider seven to be “holy shit, who are these big rotten kids in my house” time. ...more
OMG Yes!!!! My almost 5 year old boys are here, doing exactly this. I think it's a twin thing, ...more

Are My Christmas Card Photos a Lie?

I have a confession. The Christmas cards currently lying on our kitchen table, half addressed and still needing stamps -- while lovely -- are a lie. Okay, maybe they are not completely a lie. They just don't tell the whole story. ...more
Last year we sent out Christmas cards with the "bad" pictures we had from previous year's ...more

Searching for the Baby Jesus

I laugh at the Baby Jesus every year when we pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic. We have an old popcorn tin full of Christmas toys. We have a Charlie Brown set with his little Christmas tree. We have all the characters from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, including the misfit toys and Chuck's favorite, Yukon Cornelius ("Looky what he can do!"). ...more
I adore this.more

Top 5 Worst Times to Be a Mom of Multiples

A fellow mom of multiples and I were chatting the other day about how people still think we have our hands full because we have twins; but in our minds, once your kids get a little older, it's no different from any family having two children close together.And I would even argue that sometimes having two is even easier than having one. Constant playmates, more offers of help, and constant playmates (did I say that twice?) are just some of the bonuses of having your children in pairs (or triplets) as opposed to one....more

the postpartum you

one thing that i’ve been struggling with postpartum, is motivation. i didn’t realize truly how tired i was going to be and because i’m tired – i have zero motivation to do much. between caring for the girls, laundering their clothes, cleaning their bottles, and prepping their formula not much time is left in the day for anything else. and if there is time left – i use it to rest because some days are so exhausting just going, going, going. caring for twin newborns is no joke. i’m super sad that i only have about 3 weeks left of maternity leave....more

When Your Mom Friend is Living Your Worst Nightmare

I was a worrier before I had kids, so imagine what happened to my worry when I popped out two in one shot. Then double it. Then double it again. I worry about EVERYTHING. One of them has a bruise, I’m convinced it’s leukemia. I get a cough for a few days, it’s lung cancer. Someone complains of a headache, it’s a brain tumor. Basically I’m terrified that everything in my life is an indicator of cancer....more

Project 365 - Farewell to Summer

Summer may be winding down according to the calendar, but we've still had lots of warm days here in the Midwest.  Thank goodness, because my two are loving every minute of life outdoors....more

How much of you is really you?

Let me ask you that seriously. It’s a very complex and open-ended question that I can’t come to any terms with. It’s something I think about every day. I think about the things I like to do, and I think about the mistakes and successes I’ve had, and I wonder how much of that I want my boys to repeat. I may not have a bunch of money, but geez, I feel like I have an awesome life. 99.9% of the time I’m happy, and the other 0.01% of the time I’m simply angry, but I’m never depressed and I have no substantial regrets....more

So ... Now I'm a Parent?

the past 6 weeks have had me reflecting on this journey that jp and i have gotten ourselves on. we jumped on a fast moving train and 6 short weeks ago we were welcomed into a very special club of “motherhood.” i’ve been thinking of what it means to be a parent and trying to really let that feeling … that notion … sink in. what does it mean to be a parent? is that something i’m supposed to feel the minute i laid my eyes on my little girls? or is it something that evolves, and is constantly changing as life moves on? i think it’s both....more

The Challenges of Multiples

Boy and Girl Child are fraternal twins. They were born, via c-section, at 33 weeks. Boy Child is 30 seconds older than Girl Child. They were due September 8, I had them July 24. They were breech position, facing each other, fists up....more
myladylounge Oh I know exactly what you mean....mine fight ALL THE TIME! But then they can be ...more

Waiting Game: Month 8 of a Multiple Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy, I've been aware of risks associated with carrying twins. No one has shied away from what could happen to my body and what would happen to my body. My wife and I wanted to start our family, and from our first appointment at the fertility clinic - we were warned that any treatments we used could result in multiple fetuses. We even had to sign paperwork acknowledging that this information was communicated to us!...more

Reach For The Stars And Keep Your Feet Grounded

My son came for lunch this weekend like he does every weekend. His two little children and his lovely wife in tow. As we sat down for lunch he said “Ma, I quit my job.” As a concerned mother, I inquired what had happened. He had a plush job, he was doing very well for himself, he traveled places all the time, I could tell he was making a lot of money and he seemed happy. But what he told me left me surprised. “I am missing on their childhood (pointing to his kids). I need to be there for them. Don’t worry, I have a new job....more
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