Book review


Sick Kids and Never Ending Days

I'm Just a Mom

As you can tell by the title, I'm not a powerful or influential person.  I'm just a mom.  I'm not even one of those mom's who makes everything from scratch or who is very creative and crafty.  I'm just a mom.  I do like to cook and bake but with a frugal budget.  I hope to someday learn to sew and do more creative things.  So I hope whoever you are that is reading this, that you would like to come on a journey with a plain everyday mediocre mom....more

A Humble Introduction to the Cliff Notes of Parenting

 Well, let me get started and tell you my goals here. I bought the book Love and Logic for Early Childhood. I read the first three chapters probably five separate times and the book did a great job collecting dust on my nightstand. It wasn't until my then 11 month old baby girl began using the book as a teething toy that I remembered AGAIN I should read it.   ...more

5 Things I Would Tell the First-Time-Mom Version of Me

Whether it’s your first or your third, having a baby is life changing in ways you never seem to imagine. I was so blissfully unaware before the birth of my first child 12 years ago. I made so many mistakes, had so many errors in judgment, and really just missed out on so much when he was a baby. ...more
Love this! I am a first time mom with a 3.5 month old and all of this is spot on.more

From the Trenches

There are certain realities when you're home all day with a baby, and it's so, so easy to forget them until it's too late and you're pregnant again when you're not in baby mode. They're not ground-breaking, or mind-blowing, or even "Hey, whaddya know?"-worthy, but for what it's worth, I'm writing down the top 3 of these realities that simply can't be escaped, if you're about to tread down a similar weary path yourself one day:...more