Self Defense Products

Security is one such aspect that cannot be ignored, in the world where the crime rate is increasing with each passing day. When we take a look around we notice that there are few only who take care of each and everything related to security while many just neglect it, thinking that they are safe all the time. But someone who has the intention to harm you will never give a notice beforehand....more

Changed by Chance...Champion by Choice

I invite you to visit my website at My blog shares experiences that I will be talking about in my forthcoming non-ficiton book entitled "Changed by Chance...Champion by Choice". My latest blog is my new, short, 3 minute video that is a preview of the book. Book lauch will be August 2015. If you have been touched by any of life's cruel adversitites, this blog and book will hopefully inspire you to make the choice to be your own Champion....more

This Is The Year That He Lost The Shopping Cart

 This is the year he lost the shopping cart He's eleven, you know, and even th...more
Thank you for this reminder. There are a few things in our family line-up that need new rules ...more

My Middle Finger Therapy

Normally I try to keep it clean and pretty positive on my blog, mainly because my mom reads all my work and I take her threats to wash my mouth out with a bar of soap pretty seriously; but every year, right around this time, I give a big, fat middle finger to a pediatric developmental therapist. Yep, that's the kind of girl I am...I send a telepathic middle finger to a woman who tries to help children.And yes, there's a little bit more to the story....more
It is so good that you are sharing your experiences, both positive and negative so that others ...more

It's 11/11 And He's 11

  He's eleven today....more

Dear Good Samaritan: You Save Christmas Every Year

Dear Good Samaritan, let me start by introducing myself: My name is Courtney. My husband and I have an 8-year-old son with autism and then some. Our little boy struggles with more labels than a clearance item, I have many chronic illnesses and my husband has more metal in his body than bones. ...more
derailed thank you! and thank you for reaching out to help someone in need <3more

Family Time - The Many Joys

Family time - it sounds so simple and classic.   Cookie baking and movie watching, pool going and museum strolling.   For a large family and one with special needs, family time is a sailor's knot of complexity...  Read on...

How People Open Up Our World of Special Needs

Understanding how my son views, organizes and interprets the world is one my greatest challenges as a parent of a special needs child. Without a window into his way of thinking, I'm just like a bird flying into glass, stunned, unable to make sense of what just happened. Everyday, I look for clues to help me teach and cope. In the Little People, I have found an opening. His love of Fisher Price Little People allowed me to see glimpses of his world, his thinking, and his emotions. He creates amazing patterns and presentations of these plastic, stand-up people. ...more

The Miracle of The Alphabet Book

The Miracle of The Alphabet Book...more
When the breakthrough happen, they are amazing.more

Holiday Open House at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf benefits The Help Group 11/6/14 2-6pm

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is continuing its long-standing support of The Help Group with this year's Holiday Open House. Today, November 6, 2014 from 2pm to 6pm special small drinks in 3 holiday flavors will be sold for only $1 and all gross proceeds will benefit The Help Group. Read more here....more