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Dylan (l) and his big brother, Lane    ...more

“Looking Handsome” in the Princess Room

Let’s begin by saying that DC does not like to keep anything in his pockets. He will put his cell phone and wallet in his pockets; but they come out the second he gets inside the house…… nothing else. So much so that about a year ago when I asked him to put his gum wrapper in his pocket so he could use it when he was finished (instead of handing it to me straight out of his mouth or sticking it to the console in my car), he immediately threw away said piece of gum and hasn’t had a piece of gum since; all because I asked him to put the wrapper in his pocket.Planning ahead:...more

Frequently Asked Question

The most common question I’ve heard since I came out as an autistic person is, what was it about you that made you seek an autism diagnosis?I’ve struggled to answer this because I feel like it contains several different questions and I’m not entirely sure which one a person is asking me when they ask it. (You might take note that struggling to answer a question because I am somewhat paralyzed by having to choose from all the many answers that I could give… is part of being autistic!)...more

David s law (cystic fibrosis )

Cystic fibrosis students need your help. We have been working on a hopeful fed law called David s law. This law would give these students lots of freedom in public schools through out america .. The parents would be able to return back to full time work with out having to go to the school many times per day because of a issue due to the Cystic fibrosis please help us make this happen read more at ...more

You will be amazed at how your feel after reading this! #FakeUpworthyTitle

I used to write really crappy poetry.Well, when put that way, it sort of sounds like I USED to write really crappy poetry but now I write AWESOME poetry!Yeah, no.It means I used to attempt to write some kind of weird poetry and it was shitty and it sucked and now I don't do that anymore, much to the relief of everyone who accidentally read it when they came here to see what was new....more

Cinderella, Santa, Haunted Houses and other “Scary Stuff” (or: Vacation debacles that worked out somehow)

A few years back…. well, probably more than just a few, we took a trip to Lake George. I remember going there as a kid. I remember Story Town, which we discovered when we arrived was now just a small part of The Great Escape Amusement Park. I remembered the North Pole that was quite a drive from Lake George, but worth the trip. Specifically I remembered that in Story Town there was a Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage ride. My son was a Cinderella fanatic. He was obsessed, still is at 22. “Citronelle” was one of his very first words....more


You may or may not remember that I made a passing mention, in a This & That post last fall, of reading and relating to a post on the blog Musings of an Aspie....more

New discovery in autism and language development differences

Why do some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) go on to develop good language and conversation skills but others don't? That's a question scientists wanted to answer.Researchers at the autism center of excellence, which is part of the UC San Diego School of Medicine, studied 60 infants and toddlers with ASD and 43 that did not have it (control group).They used natural sleep fMRI methods to look at the kids' brain activity while they listened to excerpts from children's stories. ...more

ADHD decreases at higher altitudes

I live in Colorado so I found this very interesting.Higher altitude states have lower ADHD rates. In Utah, for example, the rate of diagnosed ADHD is 50% of states at sea level.And for every one foot increase in elevation, the likelihood of being diagnosed with ADHD decreases by .001 %.Why?1. Higher altitudes mean more dopamine production. Decreased dopamine is linked to ADHD.2. It could also be partially due to regional disparities in diagnosing ADHD....more

Give Me Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt: Or (The day I Remembered and Life Kicked In)

Getting my son strapped into the special needs shopping cart is a challenge. Thrilled to have not one, but two, at our grocery store, I have to trick my son into getting in. He'd rather have the red fire cart. Caroline's Cart, however, is made with a high back, safety straps, a brake, and features that keep my son facing me and unable to grab at the groceries lined up all pretty row after row. Though he can not touch anything, he can look. ...more