Finding Nemo and Ed the Chimp

Who wants those old, big, needing-always-to-be-rewound video cassette tapes? We do. Compared to the DVD, the VCR works better for my son. The tape goes in, it plays until I push stop or it ends and there's no skipping, freezing, or most importantly, choices like special features or language. We scoop up old VCR tapes at sales and thrift stores, giddy at the hidden treasure we've found. ...more

To Speak...or...Not To Speak

To speak...or...not to speak?I am beginning to  believe that may truly be the question.The posts, the articles and lists are endless.Four, Five, Seven, Nine, Ten...even Fifteen..."Things You Should Not Say to Special Needs Parents".Google it, they are not hard to find, they are trendy and plentiful.Granted many of the lists overlap, but still they are there. Enumerated verbal offenses, typed up neat and tidy ready for consumption, ready to be taken to heart....more

Disney, Disney and more Disney………………..

Many of you know that DC has a complete, over the top, obsession with all things Disney. This obsession began when he was probably 6 months old. He loved to watch those Disney Sing-A-Long videos, over and over again....more

4 Things People With Disabilities Want Us to Know

When was the last time you used the word "disability"? Did you feel comfortable using it?My friend's sister was in a car accident a few years back - that was the first time I ever had to use the word. Because of a certain whiplash injury, the part of her brain responsible for vision had a little bleeding. She had vision problems right after the accident.They said she was "lucky" because that was the worst that happened to her.Days after her surgery, she still couldn't see the way she used to and I was told, "Her disability won't be permanent."...more

How to Become A Star on Times Square

Submit a photo to the National Down Syndrome to the 2015 Times Square Video Project. One photo per child is permitted. The deadline is July 22, 2015. The video compilation runs in coordination with the NDSS Buddy Walk® in New York City. ...more

To My Beautiful Lumen on Father's Day

When my ex-husband Keith and I decided to divorce, I thought my chances of having a second child at my age were no more.  When I reminded myself that there are other ways to conceive a child besides the conventional way, within a marriage, with a husband, I thought about my life and how I hadn't taken many traditional routes, hadn't done things in orthodox ways, and didn't altogether comprehend the lure of the mainstream....more

Sometimes a smile is all that we need

Compassion comes in many forms and at times just the smallest thing – a glance or a smile can mean more than the grand gesture.I was away and not able to participate in the May 20th #1000speak and due to some unplanned/unforeseen issues going on at the moment, I thought I wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate this time around….....more

This is me.....

I will start by introducing myself. I am a wife to the most wonderful man there is, I am also the mother of two wonderful children. Jade our daughter is 11 years old. She is the light of our lives. She is an achiever, she is so helpful and fun. Rowan our son is 9 years old. We live in South Africa. Rowan is what I call our "work in progress". He was diagnosed with ADHD as well as ODD....more

18 and life to go.

A few days ago, Dawn Gagnon wrote an article for the Bangor Daily News about a family with a 19 year old autistic son named Michael.  Michael, like my daughter Hallee, is autistic.  Michael's parents are moving out of Maine in order to provide their son with the support and opportunities he needs that aren't available to him here. To say that this hits close to home is a huge understatement for me....more