The Teacher, the UK, and the Donation

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for....more

Disability, Sexuality, and Faith

It has become quite obvious that my fifteen year old special needs daughter and a boy in her social club have a little romance going on!  I doubt if they've ever even uttered one word to each other but when they are together he gets right up in her face and takes her hands in his.  Then they dance and run around together, hand in hand!  It's just so incredibly  adorable! ...more
Your questions are wonderful. I hope you find answers that you feel are right for your family. I ...more

Children of women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy are two-thirds more likely to have autism

Pesticides have been implicated in a variety of birth defects for a while now, but this new research using data from the California Pesticide Use Report found a strong link to kids born with autism or developmental delay.Researchers from the MIND Institute at the University of California-Davis tied autism risks to how close a pregnant woman lives to fields and farms where chemical pesticides are applied. In fact, it increased the risk by two-thirds!The most commonly used pesticides were organophosphates, and pyrethroids were second. Carbamates were also included....more
Sometimes studies reflect, finally, what many mothers know. It's a challenging place to be. When ...more

College Graduate to Welfare Mom - How Could This Happen to Me?

Look, over there. See them? They must be on welfare. It's the middle of the day; the cart is full of soda and chips. Maybe they could lose a few pounds? I mean, really. Can't they just get a job? From college graduate to welfare mom, I am now one of those "people." ...more
I was a young widow with two boys and had to go on welfare. Back then food stamps were like ...more

Sports Give Moments of Control

The U.S. ties with Portugal. It's tough in those last seconds of the game, giving up the win when you thought you had it. Sometimes I think I have the day all wrapped up. Sometimes, a lot of the times, I am wrong. ...more

Epilepsy & Diet: How we are working to control Seizures

I always admire those willing to delve into diet to help the body and soul. It is not an easy ...more

Please Don't Lick the Car: Lines I Can't Believe I've Said to Get Through a Day

Mothers say the darndest things. My plate piles high with a delightful combination of "special" experiences. What comes out of my mouth makes no sense at times - even in context. The following lines actually came out of mouth in order, (I hoped) to move forward, save my son from hazard, or get through the day. A few days ago, a woman said to me, "Mothers with special kids are chosen and very special." She looked at my son with such endearment, I wanted to ask her if she'd like to rent him for awhile. Women started writing and talking about the odd and curious profession of motherhood....more

Ellie's Graduation speech: aka....SUPERLOVE!

Ellie's Graduation speech: aka....SUPERLOVE! Ellie calls Tess her "Superlove". She says this is because they are not only sisters, they are "best friends" which means they have double the love, hence...SUPERLOVE!This past Saturday Ellie graduated from Vinalhaven High School as Valedictorian and gave one of the best speeches (in this mom's humble opinion ;) ) I have ever heard. She also insisted on sharing this special moment with Tess. Her Superlove. She also gave her Valedictorian Stole to Tess as the stole was to be given to the person in your life who has influenced and inspired you.Below are some pictures of Ellie and Tess on stage during her speech, as well as the video link to Youtube and the transcript of it below that.  Please feel free to share! :) Youtube link:...more

How Getting Hit in the Head with a Cup is a Good Thing

When others take care of my son, whether for an afternoon or a few minutes, I'll often get how wonderful he was; the challenges manageable. When someone stands witness to a cup hitting my head, I've gotten the statement: He never does that for me. Seems he always does it for me. After the rage, self-pity, and depression subside (I'm talking seconds); I applaud - a true sign he is growing up. ...more

10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

Before adopting two awesome kids who came into my life through foster care, I had this idea in my mind that the whole ordeal would be kind of like what happened in Annie. We would just be handed a precocious, well-adjusted child that we would rescue from their dire straits through love and perseverance and possibly a few well-timed choreographic musical numbers. The truth is that it’s infinitely more complicated than that, although it is equally thrilling and wonderful—minus the giant mansion and, sadly, Punjab. We could all use a little Punjab in our lives. ...more
AdoptUSKids thank YOU for continuing to advocate for adoption from child welfare! It's so ...more