Hate is NOT for Humans: The Tweet Heard Round the World

Kenji Goto, a journalist from Japan, lost his life last week. The killing was shown by ISIS as a tool to propagate hate and to use terror as a means to power and revenge. Goto tweeted regularly about his stories in the region. He chose to search for his friend, Haruna Yukawa. Yukawa was also murdered. ...more


Normal Just Doesn't Exist

Dark and very cold, I helped hoist my son into the back of the van. His mittens too large for his hands, he fumbled with getting a grip on anything to hold. A few houses down, a man was walking his small dog. We were going home from basketball practice. It was a school night. I'd have preferred to stay on the couch watching movie. This night, my son challenged me from the moment we left home. ...more

“This is mine” –just one more thing to file under “Things I should know by now”

Last week DC and I went out for frozen yogurt. Normally DC gets the “Bucket Size” with as many toppings as he can fit, hot fudge and whipped cream. I usually get the smaller size, no toppings and I throw mine on the scale quickly to see how much it weighs so I can track my points. I have to admit that most of the flavors all taste the same to me, but a treat is a treat especially if it works with point-tracking....more

Therapy for Mom...Getting Away from 'Hello, My Name is Brandon's Mom'

I've had therapist after therapist in my home.  I drive Brandon to therapy, and drive him to preschool. Many of my conversations include the words IEP, IDEA, OT, ST, LRE, presumptive placement, supplemental aids and services, ABA, and meltdown.  This is life as an autism mom....more

If you knew…. Peggy Sue..

DC is not always a fountain of information. Most of the time it is very difficult pulling information out of him. A few weeks ago, he left for his volunteer job at a local theater at 5:00pm (with his job coach, Mrs. H.). Volunteers have to arrive 2 hours before show time to put the programs together for that performance and to get their assignments for that evening. DC is almost always assigned as a greeter – he passes out the programs to the audience members as they walk in and recites his line “Enjoy the show”....more

To The Mommy I was Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, I had a baby and a toddler to care for. With diapers and wipes and highchairs and cribs and strollers to push and carseats to buckle, it was a very different season. A younger, sweet friend of mine has two little boys, almost identical in the age difference between them (and in their all boy craziness), but seven years behind us. She told me one morning, as we sipped coffee and talked about how sleep deprived she is, that she wanted a blog post from me about her stage in life, with babies and toddlers....more

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Nazi extermination of the disabled, and the day I met a survivor of Auschwitz

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz. On this day I stop to remember, ponder, and listen. I reflect upon the atrocities committed by a group of people driven by greed and a lust for power, blinded by prejudice. I pause to hear the voices that cried out, yet were silenced too soon. I will not forget them....more

If You Want to Know How to Treat a Child With Autism...

My nephew, Karson, is just nine months older than Brandon.  When they were both babies, this was a huge age difference.  When Brandon was just born, Karson was already crawling around.  When Brandon was just a few months old, Karson was walking and saying a few words.  Karson was always way ahead of Brandon, but that was to be expected.  There is a a major difference between, say, a 6-month-old and 15-month-old....more