Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

With the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, many parents experience anxieties concerning the safety and well-being of their children. And for parents of children living with type 1 diabetes, those fears and anxieties can be even more pronounced. Since children with diabetes need special care and considerations, many parents worry that their children's needs aren't being met. Full disclosure: My boyfriend was hyperglycemic since he was seven. He was almost diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was an everyday struggle, but it was manageable. But just last week, it broke my heart that one of my best friends passed away from type 1 diabetes. Until she died, I didn't even know she had it! I felt betrayed - I know, it's selfish of me, but it was how I felt....more

Healing Can Even Happen in the Checkout Lane

A woman in a wheelchair was checking out at the grocery store. As she put each item on the shelf, my son unloaded our cart in the space behind. He waited somewhat patiently as the clerk got everything in bags. Then, her card was denied. ...more

Staring down the barrel of the teenage years

My 11 year old son told me the other day, very matter of factly, that he was not going to college. I asked him what his plans were and he said he was going to follow his passion, which was rock collecting. I told him that most people do that kind of thing as a hobby, and it might be hard to make a living doing that. He asked me if I would force him to go to college....more

Calming Coping Skills

As a counselor, I know it’s important for everyone, both kids and adults, to know and use coping skills.  Coping skills are activities anyone can do to help manage difficult thoughts and feelings or challenging situations. Not all coping skills work in every situation, so it’s good to have a variety to help manage different challenges.  When I think about coping skills, I tend to divide them into 4 categories  - Calming, Physical, Distractions and Processing....more

National Dog Day: A Special Day for Dogs

It's a dog's day in the afternoon. Warm, moist, just as summer should be. As I walk, my dog trots by my side. He pants as his paws pad through the grass. His nose ready to find what only he can find. My son laughs with so much glee, he seems to elevate.   ...more


the quarter that cost a thousand dollars

a picture is worth a thousand words? well here is the quarter that cost a thousand dollars. at a cheer event (where else?) an energetic, unsuspecting boy finds a quarter and places it in his mouth (where else?) because it seems like a fantastic idea....more

Autism Plus Middle School Equals One Nervous Mom

That was David at eight-fifteen this morning, turning to tell me to hurry up so we didn't miss his bus....more
This is a good post. I have a friend who posts on She also founded a ...more

The Joker, Gibberish, and the Macarena: Emergency Tools to Keep Afloat

When I want to sink, give up, chuck-it all, or throw in the towel, I know it is time to search for a life preserver - those daily, easy-to-use tools that save me when the darkness rolls in and the tide wants to pull me out. As a single parent with one child with special needs, it is vital to my life support systems to have a safety network of tools to reel me in to shore so I can dry off, pick myself up and go on. ...more

The Ghost Of Who I Used To Be

 This has been a week of ghosts. It all started with an announcement that I happened to catch via a couple of different social media outlets....more