Top 20 Reasons We're Grateful for Food Allergies

Grateful? For this annoying, often terrifying condition that disrupts our family and threatens our kid's life every day? Well, yeah. ...more
Takes insight to turn a perceived negative into a positive.more

Who Makes it Special?

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I picked up the label "special." Not me, no, the label was for my special needs child. This is what we call it now. Retarded, held back, different, slow, freak - we're moving past those awful stereotypes; those terrible words. Now, we're special, and when things are special, life changes. There is no going back.Divorce and single parenting strikes many families when a special needs child is born. When I thought the one closest to me would help me, rally around me, I found myself alone to parent two children....more

It's Like People WANT Me to Slap Them

I love my mom. I love my dad. I love my sister-in-law. I am sure that everyone who is telling mom that my niece, Gozer the Destructor (AKA Betty Jr), doesn’t need testing for autism is saying it with the best of intentions.I am still gonna slap the piss out of everyone who thinks Gozer does not have Autism because she is “too social”, and thus no point in testing her for it.  ...more
Thank you so much for your post and being aware and doing what you can to advocate for your ...more

Bittersweet Birthdays

Tomorrow my baby turns ten. Like any Mom, I love watching my children grow and become these amazing little people. And like any Mom, I also just want them to stay little forever. However, unlike some (most?) Moms, I actually get sad on my son’s birthday. Birthdays for the past few years with Brian have felt bittersweet to me. ...more
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Fireside Chat with The Autism Mom

I had a child in 1993.  He was little and had blond hair that was curly and I loved him fiercely.  Suddenly he is 21 years old.  He seems little and still has curly blond hair and I still love him fiercely, if not even more than that.He is a great kid.  Expressive, sensitive, emotional and friendly.  He isn't afraid to speak his mind and he basically is very honest in those opinions and not afraid to call something exactly what it is....more

In all Matters of Being an Advocating Mother

I recently came across a headline from a BlogHer syndicated post, and it broke me a little. Admittedly, I let it. I let the word midget sink into my heart and take I allowed the offense. But I have to be honest... it's hard not to do.With the idea that dwarfism is the last disability to mock or exploit, we... parents, friends, family... have a fight ahead of us. As a parent. A writer. A human. I aim to educate about words that endanger our children and their right to be seen and heard as equals....more
martinkadeluxe I think this is something we all have issues with from time to time. We all have ...more

To the restaurant owner that gave a $5 discount for a 'well behaved child'

I understand that you tried to do a good thing. I understand that you earn a living based upon the pleasant dining experiences of your patrons. I understand that a 'badly behaved' child makes your staff's jobs that little bit harder. When you gave the family a $5 discount for dining with their 'well behaved child', you made their day, but you made my life that little bit harder, and heres how:...more

This Time, I Had To Say The Word : Autism

It's rainy today, and it matches my mood.The school called me yesterday, or more specifically, the guidance counselor.We have a problem, she said. And I listened....more

Minority children with autism developmentally regress more

New research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in May 2014 indicates that black and Hispanic children with autism tend to developmentally regress more often than white children with autism.They define development regression in this case as loss of language, motor or social skills - usually after the child seemed to be developing normally for some time.The study used medical (and demographic) info on 1,353 preschool-age children with autism in Canada and the U.S....more

The Greatest Gift I Received on Mother's Day Was a Driveway

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and after opening my presents, the kids and I decided spur-of-the-moment to drive half an hour down the road to a movie theater that was having a special Mother's Day retro-screening of Titanic, a favorite movie for both me and Anna, and one that David might be able to sit through. ...more
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