5 Reasons I Really Suck At Preparing My Kids for Adulthood

I've been a mother for a long time. 27 years, to be exact. I've had kids in my home for this long, since after I was halfway done raising my oldest son, I had two more, then married a man with three kids of his own. Sheesh. I should be a professional parenting consultant or something. Oh lordy, that made me spit Diet Coke out of my nose. I am not.even.close. to a professional....more
slamoutte YAY!  A partner in crime!  Thanks for commenting.more

It's Just A Table... Or Is It?

Something happened last week that made me realize that I've spent a whole lot of time reflecting on the changes Jim and I (and this house) have gone through since J left for college (when we officially became empty nesters), but next to no time (okay, no time at all) reflecting on any changes the boys have gone through in regards to the two of us and this house. Let me try and make some sense. ...more
alexandraRS A gift wrapping station! Funny you mention that...I normally use THIS TABLE for gift ...more

I Want To Enjoy My Kids, But Some Days It's Hard

"Hey, Mama, did you see that hawk?" "No," I snapped, "I'm watching the traffic so we don't die in a fiery crash." A moment lost, I know. Ordinarily, I would have enjoyed sharing this experience, a beautiful, big, red-tailed hawk soaring over the car. But I'd just spent fifteen minutes heatedly lecturing my children on the importance of preparation, promptness, and courtesy. I was in no mood for beauty....more
Sarah Day BarbTaub mom21mom2all Life is complicated - good way to put it.  I can't imagine ...more

Taking Kids to BODY WORLDS

Last weekend we went on a family date to the Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City (UT). I'd been once before, helping with a fieldtrip, and I loved it! It's so hands-on!...more

Should You "Tattle" to Other Parents?

No one likes a tattletale, least of all the English language. Any and all synonyms for the title conjure up nasty images; snitch, whistle-blower, narc, sneak, squealer – all make you want to twist your face as if you’ve smelled something rotten. So who would willingly attach themselves to such a negative moniker? I guess I’m one of those fools....more

"You Mean EVERY Day, Every Day?"

Why is it when you remind your teen to do a job that they do every.single.day, their excuse is, "I forgot." You forgot?  Like, you do this thing [taking the trash bags out of the trash cans] every day....more

Stalking your children with technology

We had a sound/video baby monitor in my son's bedroom for the first two-and-a-half years of his life. Through that little camera, I watched him sleep, kick out of his blankets, sit up in his bed, and even saw the time our cat ended up in his crib and meowed out for help when she realized she was trapped....more

I Laugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Once, when I was a teenager, there was this woman who had just gotten a two-scoop ice cream cone from one of the ice cream shops in the mall. As she was walking away from the counter and started to take that first scrumptious lick, the two scoops flopped right out of her cone onto the floor....more
maggie74 It's amazing how the little ones do that. As long as they're not hurt, that's all that ...more

Love Your Kid, but Hate Her Bestie? Here's How to Get Rid of Her.

I remember when I was growing up and I brought home one of my first best friends.  For security sake we will call her Samantha.  Samantha was a hot girl, or hoe, if you prefer.  At the time I didn't know that, I just thought Samantha was cool and I wanted to be cool.  With that objective, Samantha and I became friends....more

The risks of independent children

When I was little, I walked everywhere: To school, to my best friend's house, to the park across the street and to the park a few blocks away. Sometimes my brother was with me; sometimes he wasn't. As I got older, I walked more places: To the store to get milk, to the theater to volunteer as an usher and sometimes I just walked for exercise....more

First Week of Classes Reflection

 I just started my second semster of sophomore year of college, so I'm sharing my classes and what I thought of my first week!Check it out here....more

What Toilet-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself

Published in BLUNTmoms.Some people blame God for life’s difficulties. I don’t. I blame my 6-year-old son. He’s a darling. I love him like crazy. But his bathroom manners have a long way to go....more

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To.. My Teen!

I am always trying not to embarrass my kids.  Really, I am.  I remember all-too-well that everything my parents did when I was in high school made me cringe.  Why is it, then, that it's seems like it's a game to find me at my most embarrassing moments, and FILM them? Here is a picture my oldest son took of us at the Garth Brooks concert. He's 26 and he respects his mama, as he should.  ;)   :...more