It's Official: I'm Vocally Fried

Recently I read Ann Friedman’s salty piece in New York Magazine on "vocal fry," a way of talking in which you draw out the end of sentences or words with a low, raspy, creaky sound that comes from the back of throat. Like "upspeak" and "valley girl speak," vocal fry is a speech pattern or vocal tic -- apparently unique to women -- that seems to make the person using it (i.e., the young woman) sound immature, dumb, small, and not confident. ...more

My Child Is Loving Sleep Away Camp But I'm Miserable Without Her

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My daughter left for sleep away camp a week and a half ago, and I am nauseous. I am just so sad. I feel like a part of me is missing. And I am paying for this experience! ...more
Depends which kid. No just kidding. Really, just kidding!more

7 Parenting Lessons I Learned From Watching 'Inside Out'

Pixar's newest offering, Inside Out, is pretty darned amazing for the way it suits all ages, offering not just fun, but food for thought. While the audience is privileged to see what's going on in the head of the main character -- an 11-year-old girl named Riley -- her animated parents are not so lucky. They have no idea that Riley is in deep, deep trouble, tumbling head over heels into a bottomless pit of loneliness and indifference. ...more
Sally White Moving sucks period, and especially with little ones. Local parks are a great ...more

Friday Fandom No.4

  Welcome to Friday Fandom! ...more

Crunchy, White Tissue

12 Things I Would Have Done Differently With My Kids

I am grateful for all that I have — amazing kids, wonderful husband, rewarding career, outstanding community — and don’t regret things in my life. But I know if I could, I would go back and do some things a little differently. As a mother of a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, I would love to learn some wisdom from parents who have already sent their teenagers off to college — so maybe I can avoid a few of their mistakes in my quest to be an overachieving working mom. ...more

Pretty Pretty Princess

So it seems like everywhere I look lately I see articles about what not to say to your little girls.  Don't mention that you have issues with your weight.  Don't tell them they are pretty....more

Team Suck - For the Win!

Last week one of my fantastic coworkers finagled a way for our team to go bowling together. She and I were incredibly excited to get the time away from work to do some team building - even though we both suck at bowling. We suck at bowling so much, that we happily dubbed our team, Team Suck....more

Dear 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Self,The year is 2015 and today is your 26th birthday. You're a decade older now, with a decades worth of experience to report back on.It's possible that at this very minute you're sitting on the couch sobbing. Trying to express to Mom how hurtful some of the girls at school are, especially one girl in particular....more

Another reason to fear the blue light

I am typing this post three hours before my bedtime. I normally do not work on blog posts at night (I write the majority of them in the mornings on the weekends), but it has been a busy weekend, so I am writing this one a few hours before I go to sleep. It is a Monday post, but that is not the deadline that I have in mind. My deadline is actually to be done with my computer an hour before my bedtime. ...more

Friday Fandom No.3

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