Travel || What To Do In Charleston, SC

I have a few cities that we've visited lately that I want to tell you all about, so I'm starting a new series:...more

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one upping Alexander

For my recentish 32nd (!!!) birthday I asked for Simon to be okay with the dining room being painted white (it was a terribly depressing shade of angry sky blue and since there are no windows in the dining room it was dark and yes, depressing) and then asked that he actually paint the dining room white himself. Low maintenance wife.I also asked for three months of exercise classes (barre, specifically ... it's very difficult - for me, at least) because in addition to being low maintenance I'm also a super fun individual ....more

Garden Dinner Birthday Party and Craft Night

My bestest friend, my soul sister, turned 31 recently. To celebrate we had an intimate backyard dinner party and craft night with some of Lacey’s...more

on top of the world, river rafting, a sunset walk and String Lake -- the end of Jackson Hole

We took the tram up to the tippy top of the mountains. Ok, not the very tippy top because sure, there are taller mountains...the Grand Teton to name one right next to us, but boy we sure felt high up! ...and we relished in that beauty. (That is marker on Lucy's chin ....more

Bird's the Word

I am losing. My ever. Loving ....more

Tackling the Big Questions of Tiny Humans at Bedtime

Bedtime always brings unexpected treasures. Not only is it the promise of sleep after what is always a too-busy day, but it's also an extra long hug from my son or a whispered endearment from my daughter. In that twilight before the day ends for my children, I often find space to relish our time together.It's a pause to take a mental snapshot of what I hold dear. However, bedtime is not always hugs and quiet; sometimes, the kids have another idea, using that time to remind me of their extraordinary ability to throw me a curve ball. Tonight was one of those nights. ...more

Football and Life and the Big Picture

"This is a defining moment," I told my son, Peyton, as I took his hand. ...more

Summer Grilling with Little Tykes

School may have started back for some, but summer is far from over! One of our favorite things to do during the summer is grill out! The boy were thrilled when Little Tykes sent us this Sizzle N’ Serve Grill! ...more

Conquering Landmasses of Housework

Life is a balancing act. For a mother, whether working in the home, out of the home, or as a keeper at home, that balance can easily become overwhelming. What do you do when the mountain of laundry becomes too high or the chasm of dishes too deep? How do you best serve your family under such extreme conditions? As I climbed the peak and plunged into the abyss, I formed this list....more