7-Quick takes

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum 1. Noah and Rosie are both continuing to compete in cross country. ...more


Baby has been changing a lot lately. That last two months she has become a new kid. Not just because she is getting taller ....more

A Preemptive Pixie...

This morning, I went in for a haircut. A "preemptive" cut, so to speak. Because news on the street is that my hair is going to fall right out of my head ....more

Bunk Room Reveal

I’ve been talking about this bunk room for so long, I’m sure you all thought it was a figment of my imagination huh? Well everytime I see it, I wonder if it is! It turned out just so dang cute, and even better than I imagined it would ....more

Lucy's 2nd Birthday!

Dear me. ...more

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest: The Daylight Edition

Sometimes you just have to say Screw It and go to the amusement park (even when you are supposed to be packing and painting and cleaning your house because you are listing it to sell). Elitch Gardens...more

Chicago Sights: Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

For the 32nd year, Facets Organization is putting on the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival at various locations in the city and it’s going to be awesome. This is one of those things that I love about being a homeschooling... The post Chicago Sights: Chicago International Children’s Film Festival appeared first on Houseful Of Nicholes ....more

What is this bleep show happening with my face?

The toddler shows me a picture of me that she has just taken with my phone. Who is that person? That's can't be me? ...more

Quiz: What Kind of Dreamer is Your Child?

The kids and I just got done taking a super fun quiz in celebration of the Disney movie Tomorrowland that helped us to reveal what kind of dreamers they are and what career fields they may be interested in pursuing! The quiz is designed by a child psychologist expert for kids, ages 6-11, and […] ...more