3 Fun, Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

I love this time of year.  Spring.Okay... so if you live in many parts of the country, we're still very much in winter.  BUT... the frozen land is starting to thaw and there are signs, however slim, that spring is upon us. ...more

Easy, Elegant Appetizer: Caprese Stacks With Prosciutto

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. We dined out one evening while we were recently in Florida and my husband asked the chef to create a new appetizer by adding some pan-seared prosciutto to a tomato mozzarella salad ...more

3 Easy Cookie Recipes to Make With Kids

I don’t often need an excuse to bake. I love the smell of cookies or bread baking in the oven. It seems to draw everyone in the house to the kitchen island and away from their phones, computers and electronic pad thingies. I grab a mug of milk for ...more

New Study: The Anxious Vegetarian

Another day, another study, this time finding that while all other studies have found the contrary, the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that vegetarians had more health problems than meat eaters.  According to CBS's coverage, ...more

How to Make Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

It’s the go-to party food, the something-went-wrong-with-dinner salvation meal and one of the most requested gluten-free recipes of all time.While there are gluten-free frozen pizzas, premade crusts and box mixes on the market, I’m all for ...more

Just 4 Ingredients: DIY Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese’s peanut butter eggs are the absolute best!  Everyone has their favorite Easter candy, and peanut butter eggs are mine.  As a kid, my Easter basket was stocked with the chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled candies.  I loved them then, and I love them now....more
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The Cult of Organics: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

At a playdate with a group of mothers, I once horrified an impossibly hip, young mom by telling her I refused to eat organic food because it was too expensive and that I felt I wouldn't be buying a better product. The look of shock on her face made me wonder if I had suddenly experienced a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. After glancing down to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone (and to check that Justin Timberlake wasn't lurking behind a bush), I tried to calmly explain my position on organic versus conventionally grown food. ...more
Here is the thing. Genetically modified food contains truncated proteins and, like trans fats, ...more

Mascarpone Spinach Pasta

I'm guessing quite a few people starting thinking about comfort food when April 15 comes every year, and for everyone who can use a little culinary diversion on Tax Day Eve, I'm recommending this delicious-sounding and comforting Mascarpone Spinach Pasta from Macheesmo for this week's Meatless Monday pick. ...more

Comida de casa chilena / Chilean comfort food

Muchas veces les he contado de la influencia que mi abuela y mis tías tienen en mi cocina. Yo no sabía cocinar antes de venirme a EEUU, pero una vez que empece, descubrí que tengo todos los sabores que caracterizan nuestra sazón chilena en mi cerebro, dado que es lo que crecí comiendo con ellas. No menciono a mi mamá porque ella siempre cocinó diferente, a ella le gusta hacer cosas nuevas y exóticas: curries en los 80 por ejemplo en Rancagua… ....more

8 Creepy Easter Cakes To Haunt Your Dreams

Ahem hem hem. Kill da waaaabbit Kill da waaaabbit Kill da WAAAAAbbit.... With fire, if you please ....more

Ten To-Die-For Desserts For Easter

Ten desserts that will rock your Easter dinner. The post Ten To-Die-For Desserts For Easter appeared first on The Kitchen Magpie ....more

Bacon Tacos

Move over Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato Sandwiches…there is a new kids on the block! ...more

Organic Kettle Corn

Delicious buttery, sweet popcorn! You remember loving this as a kid right? Now that all the research on GMO has come out, it's hard to fully enjoy this tasty treat without feeling guilty (at least for me). That's why I've come up with an organic kettle corn that is healthy and doesn't require the use of a microwave (I've been microwave free for almost two years and I love knowing that none of our food is cooked with radiation)....more

Potato Stacks with Garlic and Fresh Thyme

I remember being excited that Easter was going to be celebrated on the latest possible date this year. I was looking forward to green grass, spring flowers, and warm temperatures. ...more

Beet Infused Bloody Mary

This Beet Infused Bloody Mary is earthy, rich and gorgeous in color! Drink up your veggies at your Easter Brunch! One of my favorite...more

Chicken and Pesto Panini {Gluten-Free}

A creamy and flavorful panini made with chicken, pesto, cheese and mayonnaise. A tad more sophisticated than the grilled cheeses I lived off of in college...more

Slow Roasted Cumin Lamb & A Middle Eastern Easter Menu

Cellophane-wrapped baskets brimming with pastel-hued eggs and Cadbury bunnies, sneakily positioned on my dresser mid-slumber. Usually a little card signed by the Easter Bunny himself. That was Easter for me as a kid ....more

Sausage and cheese stuffed pretzels

I keep telling myself that its almost the weekend. ...more