Grilled Peach, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Salad Pizza

To make myself happy, I put out some food and decided I would make a simple dinner for the family that I could use for my guests as well. I had thought about making a basic pizza, as we love pizza and really have not had one in a while, but then I ...more

The Best Way to Cut an Avocado

Do you have an OBSESSION with avocado like I do? Ever since I was pregnant it has definitely been one of my favorite foods! Not only because it's delicious but because of the numerous health benefits it offers. Avocados are rich in vitamin A, B, C, E ...more

What to Do When Herbs Take Over Your Garden

So, I have to tell you all about my new favorite kitchen accessory. It was a gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. These Ball jar freezer cubes are ahhh-amazing!!!  ...more

A Child's Look at the White House Kids' State Dinner

Grillin' Out Veggie-Style Black Bean Burger.  "What! You Don't Like Tofu?" Stirfry.  Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette.  These are just three of the 54 recipes that made it into the 2014 Kids' State Dinner at the White House on July ...more

The Secret to Crispy Sweet Potato Fries!

Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit and go for sweet potato fries instead of its less colorful cousin. The problem, though, is that they generally don’t get all that crispy. They just kind of lay there.  ...more

How to Menu Plan With Veggie Boxes

The last few years, I've been subscribing to different veggie boxes or complete weekly menu boxes, to see what works for me. When I lived in my student town, there were different possibilities to subscribe to organic veggie boxes. To me, the biggest disadvantage was that it was a monthly subscription. Where I live now, there's a very similar system, but you can decide each week if you sign in for next week's box. I like that system a lot—but when I got pregnant, I jumped off, too tired to work out weekly menus based on what was in the box. ...more

Pickles 5 Ways

As Alton Brown says, “If you’ll just take a little time to learn a few basic procedures, not only the whole produce section, but the whole world, will be your pickle … and good eats.” It’s true: Quick pickles all sort of follow a pattern. You’ll be pickling pretty much anything you want in no time at all! ...more

Rustic Tomato Zucchini Pie with Cornmeal Crust from Completely Delicious

Here's another perfect Meatless Monday recipe for anyone with a surplus of zucchini—and if you also have fresh garden tomatoes, that will only improve this Rustic Tomato Zucchini Pie with Cornmeal Crust from Completely Delicious. Annalise says the ingredients are flexible; you can use any seasonal veggies for the filling made with vegetables, ricotta, and herbs. And don't worry if your pie-making skills are not that advanced; this recipe has fantastic instructions for making pie crust in the food processor. ...more
@orderinthekitch BlogHerFood Thanks, glad you like it.  Annalise is an amazing cook!more

Our Tour de France

The French often say, “There’s no need to leave France – we have everything here!” While it’s easy to brush it off as chauvinism, it’s true — for a country that could fit inside of Texas, there is a huge diversity of climates and terrains in one, single country. You can find everything in l’hexagone, from the windy shores of Brittany (where we’ve huddled around the fireplace, wearing sweaters in Augusts of yore), to the sunny south, where beaches are clogged with tourists and the few locals that choose to stay in town, to bask in the abundant sun of the Mediterranean. After living in France for a while, I sometimes get the feeling that the country never gets a break on the summer weather ....more

Easy Overnight Sauerkraut Recipe

My mom has been making sauerkraut for as long as I can remember. It was a staple in our house growing up and it is a very common recipe made by Russian and Ukrainian folks. The traditional version takes several […] Click on the above link to view the rest of this post ....more

A country I'm not feel very comfortable red

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Care Package Ideas for College Students

A new post from She Wears Many Hats. If you have a college student you’d like to surprise here is a list of care package ideas to brighten their day. Well, our daughter is now happily settled in for her first year of college ....more

Russ & Daughters Cafe; Act II

Taken by Shulie Madnick on the iPhone I have reminiscently written about the Russ and Daughters shop...more

Cheesy Cauliflower Recipe

This cheesy cauliflower recipe makes a one dish, skillet side dish. Made of cauliflower, bacon, onions and more, it is a favorite of cauliflower recipes. Have you ever noticed that there are some vegetables that just take on the flavors of whatever you prepare them with more than others? ...more

Brown Butter Peach Cobbler

Brown butter makes the world go round. Brown butter in cookies...more

Recipe: Oats & Honey Bars with Cranberries

Quick no bake granola bars that are perfect for getting your kids to help in the kitchen, featuring oatmeal, organic honey, cranberries, and a sprinkling of sea salt. I love honey. In a million different ways ....more

Basil-Garlic Rubbed Pork Chops

I saw this recipe on the Food Network and decided to give it a try. I blended together the marinade then let the chops sit in it for about an hour before cooking them in my grill pan. They tasted fantastic! ...more