Homemade Green Tortillas With Spinach and Cilantro

These tortillas have some spinach for color and a bit of cilantro. It's just the right amount of surprising flavor. You must try and see for yourself.  ...more

20 Food Blog Trends That Need to Die in 2015

Honestly, people, we don't know why we even bother. We do the very hard work of reading all the blogs and spotting all the hackneyed trends for you, and for what? We've officially lost the war on stripey straws, mason jars, quinoa, and pumpkin spice. ...more

How to Go Vegan in 9 Easy Steps

SURPRISE! The blue-haired hippie is a vegan! Who'd have guessed it, right? There are a number of reasons why people go vegan, which is a post for another day, but in this one I'm going to assume you already have your reasons and are ready to take ...more

Use Extra Christmas Candy to Make These Fudge Recipes

My husband and I rarely eat dessert but if you opened our pantry you'd find yourself facing a whole shelf of candy. We rarely eat it but if we ever get a late-night craving for Skittles, Nerds, jelly beans or Swedish Fish, we're covered. Don't get me ...more

Grandma Olga's Fresh, Hot, Delicious, Homemade Tortillas

Back in 1995, when our Chief Travel Correspondent was only about five months old, her great grandmother Olga came to stay with us for a bit. I can't remember how it was decided, only that she "liked to clean." I think it was maybe "compelled to clean." Nevertheless, our windowsills were, in fact, spotless for the weeks of her visit. ...more
This Texas girl can't wait to try these!!!  Yum!more

6 Homemade Spins on the Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means it’s Shamrock Shake season. If you’re too embarrassed to hit the McDonald’s drive-through—you may have food blogger cred to maintain, after all—we’ve rounded up six recipes to help you get your fix. From boozy to healthy, BlogHer’s food bloggers have you covered. There are even recipes for Shamrock Shake-inspired cupcakes and a layer cake. ...more
That looks delicious! I love the shake that McD's does..oh yumminess! :)more

The Best Way to Celebrate Seuss Day? Greens, Eggs and No Ham!

Happy Seuss Day! Today's the birthdate of Dr. Seuss, the wildly creative American author who taught so many kids to love reading. If you have kids or grandkids in elementary school, they're probably having some fun activities to celebrate the day. I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan, and when I taught elementary school, our cooks would serve the kids Green Eggs and Ham on this day, made by mixing eggs with green food coloring and then scrambling them with ham. ...more

Rainbow Spiral Cookies

Hello March! No other month mixes me up like this one does. The roller-coaster temperature fluctuations guarantee I'll be inappropriately dressed wherever I go, and my circadian rhythm gets totally out of sync (thanks Daylight Savings Time) ....more

Chocolate Cinnamon Quesadillas

Gathering Spring Greens

I was listing some paintings on Ebay today and ran across one of my favorites.  This painting was inspired by a walk in an ancient forest in Oklahoma and by a Waterhouse painting.  The painting was one done as I lead the class through the process of painting a portrait in my adult oil painting class.  Instead of putting my subject inside a building as Waterhouse did, I moved her outside, into the forest and gave her a job to do.  She has been out gathering spring greens and herbs.  ...more

This Vegetarian Mediterranean Wrap Might Just Be the King of All Sandwiches

All hail the sandwich, the King of Lunchtime.Is there anything better than a sandwich? Consider its simple perfection: between two slices of bread, you can put just about anything you like.Cheese. Meat. Veggies. Put ‘em on the sandwich.Sandwiches are portable. No need to bring a fork and knife into the equation; just dine with your hands. They’ll feed a crowd or just you. Their versatility is unmatched....more

Grow your own garlic

Homemade Pizza Sauce

Pizza is becoming a regular around here. We LOVE it....more

Espresso Doughnuts with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Coffee and doughnuts are one of the sacred food duos....more

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, & Quinoa Burgers (v, gf)

Hoooolllllllyyyyyy crrraaaaappppppp. Just when I think life can’t be any more crazy, it gets crazier. When I think I’ve got SO MUCH on my pate that I can’t even find time to do everything right now as it is, I add more ....more

Basil Pesto Focaccia

Focaccia has been on my baking To Do list since… umm forever. ...more

Introducing Veggies to Vegi-Phobes

IT’S NOT EASY....more