Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Tart

Soft and creamy filling with little bursts of salt on top of a perfectly crumbly shortcrust base.  ...more

This Year's Turkey Rival: Roasted Acorn Squash

Sorry turkey...I'm just not that into you. Don't get me look fabulous, but you're still rather boring. So this year, you'll have to share the Thanksgiving spotlight with these much tastier roasted acorn squash. Besides, the vegetarians at ...more

Italian Caper Deviled Eggs

What's better than a deviled egg? Another deviled egg. They should always come in pairs, right? My new goal in life is to come up with enough recipes to make a deviled egg cookbook. You read it here first. No stealing my idea. Mine. Dibs. Shotgun. I ...more

Savory Make Ahead Stuffing

This savory potato stuffing recipe is an old fashion family recipe, updated with a few healthy twists... ...more

"BEET" the Cold with a Beet, Carrot, Apple, and Ginger Soup

Nothing beats the chill of fall air and combats a seasonal cold-virus like a steaming hot bowl of soup, brimming with immunity boosting ingredients.Besides the delightfully toasty temperature and delicious flavor, this soup is high in vitamins and ...more

5 Thanksgiving Foods Your Kids Will Talk About in Therapy

Ah, Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving. ...more
I was a somewhat picky eater as a kid. I'm far less picky now. - Karenmore

Thanksgiving Side-Dishes That Will Make Your Heart "Beet"!

Turn the "beet" around and add some healthy and unique beet side-dishes to accompany your favorite holiday entrees. ...more
I made the last one, Rosemary Roasted Beets & Carrots. I love beets but wanted to try something ...more

12 Food Politics Terms All Food Bloggers Should Know

Every food blog post doesn't have to cover serious issues. But somewhere, amidst all the beautiful food photos against weathered wood backdrops and carefully written instructions guiding readers through a recipe, there needs to be room for and awareness of food politics when blogging about food. ...more
Genetic modification and selective breeding are not the same thing. Selective breeding ...more

Cheat Coconut Chutney

Despite my failed dhosa/ tosei... I am happy with coconut chutney... my CHEAt coconut chutney ;P ....more

Sunday Sweets For Kids & Kids At Heart

Confession Time: as much as I love all the Sweets I feature, it's the kids' cakes that thrill me the most. From favorite childhood characters: (By Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes) ...more

Braised Lentils with Spinach

I’ve gone...more

Cranberry Orange Scones Made with Leftover Cranberry Sauce

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers--killer turkey sandwiches, bowls of stuffing and mashed potatoes, and of course, cranberry sauce. I know cranberry sauce is served as a sort of condiment at the Thanksgiving table, but I think it really belongs at breakfast. I LOVE adding a dollop of cranberry sauce to plain yogurt or to a bowl of oatmeal with almond butter in the morning ....more

Poblano and Potato Chicken Tacos

Poblano and Potato Chicken Tacos, A tasty and different way to mix up taco night! If you are looking for a holiday recipe, this is not the place today. You won’t find any fancy leftover turkey recipes here ....more

Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Bake

This Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Bake is a quick and easy dinner that everyone will love. A spicy, cheesy casserole, great for busy weeknights, that is pure...more

Recipe Roundup

RECIPE ROUNDUP Hello friends. I have been enjoying a vacation with my family and unplugged from the internet and social media. It was nice ....more

40+ Mouth-watering Scones

40+ Mouth-watering Scones Finally, I reason to get out of bed! Enjoy the Scones recipes! An InLinkz Link-up The post 40+ Mouth-watering Scones appeared first on Call Me PMc ....more

Easy pumpkin bread

A simple pumpkin bread that you can you can customize to your tastes - add your favorite chips or top with luscious glaze to make it extra special! Best of all, it's made in one bowl! My husband told me that a few fast food chains are finally starting to catch onto the pumpkin bandwagon ....more