Honey Balsamic Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Slow cookers aren't just for winter soups: Pull that baby out to use in the summer months, too! You can make the tangy, honey-balsamic sauce in less than 30 minutes, then throw everything in the cooker for a painless, easy dish. ...more

Gluten-Free Vegetable Quiche with Cashew Herb Crust

It may already feel like summer, but we have a couple more of weeks of late spring before the seasons officially change, which means you still have time to make this lovely Spring Vegetable Quiche with Cashew Herb Crust from Dishing Up the Dirt ...more

Whole Grain Rye, Spelt and Berry Scones

I've been reminiscing about last year's berry season in the country, so I did some berry scone baking on Sunday to crush my craving. At first bite, I knew I had to share the recipe on the double. Food blogs were made for sharing recipes like this ...more

What I Learned From My Whole30 Experiment

When I first heard about Whole30, I thought it was crazy and quickly dismissed it as something I would never try. It requires 100% compliance 100% of the time, and there are way too many restrictions: no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no soy, no legumes ...more

This Gazpacho Reminds Me of the Day I Discovered Spanish Food

The first time I ate gazpacho was one of these authentically untraditional (rather unusual and un-Spanish, too) experiences. It wasn't that the gazpacho tasted untraditional (or unusual or un-Spanish). But where I found it—and the spot where I sat ...more

9 Patriotic Desserts to Make for the Fourth of July

Just as every fireworks display must end with a grand finale, every Independence Day spread must conclude with an over-the-top red, white, and blue dessert. (Or, at least, that's my understanding of the official rules of this holiday.) Go with red, white, and blue colors, try some star-spangled sprinkles, or try an ingredient that pops in your mouth. ...more

He Kept Saying, "Just Stop. You're Ruining Everything."

You never forget the first time you're confronted in the workplace by an undeniable feeling of ickiness. Sometimes that ickiness directly follows someone telling you that you're not okay how you are....more

Why No One Should Be Mad at Beyoncé's Vegan Diet Business

The Internet is pretty mad at Beyoncé right now. Earlier this month on “Good Morning America” she “unveiled” that her vegan diet helped her lose weight and keep it off her self-described naturally curvy body. Granted, this is not the breakthrough of the century. We already knew that Beyoncé has been sort of vegan for awhile now....more
Well, i don't agree it rubs ALL animal activists the wrong way. I've been vegetarian for 26 ...more

Peas Rice: Matar Ke Chawal: Peas Pulav

So it was the hottest day of the year in London yesterday. People were freaking out, no one was happy with the sunshine. What do people want, I asked myself? ...more

Mango Hot Sauce

Should I say AWARD winning Mango Hot Sauce? Yes, yes I should say Award Winning Mango Hot Sauce and guess what? You're getting the recipe for it! ...more

Chinese Tea

If you ask Chinese people to describe our daily life with one sentence, the most common and popular answer might be: 柴米油盐酱醋茶, literally translated as fire wood, rice, oil, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. Tea has been a treasure for Chinese people in quite a long history. Although there are some controversies about the single.. ....more

Roasted Garlic Italian Grilled Chicken

Have y'all seen the new Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings? I was shopping at Walmart and saw several great new flavors on the shelf. I was immediately drawn to the Roasted Garlic flavor ....more

Dumpling Hut

Dumpling Hut recently opened in the Convoy area. The restaurant makes all their own dumplings in-house. I’m always on the search for good dumplings in San Diego and went in hoping for the best ....more

cheesecake squares with sour cream topping

I tend to think of this as my dad’s cheesecake, even though it’s really my grandmother’s cheesecake, based on the handwritten recipes that she gave to each of her granddaughters, wildly inaccurate baking time included. I think we each discovered the error the hard way before talking to each other (and my mom) and figuring out that we needed to almost double my grandmother’s recommended baking time. I also think of it as “the flat cheesecake.” Most cheesecakes are tall, round, and impressive ....more

The Food of Episode 2: "Protocol" – Behind the Scenes of Astronaut Wives Club with Food Stylist Emily Marshall

Who is pumped for another night of Astronauts Wives Club tonight? I am pretty excited. And to get you even more excited, here is the food from Episode 2: “Protocol” that was made by food stylist Emily Marshall for the show! ...more

Classic Bacon and Cheeseburger

Whenever I am asked what my favourite food is, I feel a little shy to say “CHEESEBURGERS!!” Because, well, I always think that people want me to say something sophisticated like “Beef bourguignon” or “Oh, just a simple dish of grass-fed beef served with a buttery bearnaise sauce with a side of steamed asparagus.” And […] The post Classic Bacon and Cheeseburger appeared first on Simply Delicious ....more

Stuffed Pepper Tuna Melts

This low carb...more

Chicken a la King

Chicken is definitely my favorite meat ingredient. I love that it is so convenient to use and versatile enough to be enjoyed in many ways. Chicken, especially boneless and skinless breast parts which are of little fat, can, however, prove tricky ....more