Peaches and Cream: A Healthy Version

I love peaches. Just the word "peaches" makes me think of summer orchards in the country, full of plump, sweet peaches, ready to be picked and eaten. I consider myself one lucky girl when it comes to peaches, since I live in Georgia and near South ...more

5 Ways to Make Quick Pickles

As Alton Brown says, “If you’ll just take a little time to learn a few basic procedures, not only the whole produce section, but the whole world, will be your pickle … and good eats.” It’s true: Quick pickles all sort of follow a pattern. You’ll be ...more

How to Make the Perfect Cobb Salad

Many of the fresh summer veggies that are usually spilling off my kitchen counter at this time of year have yet to make an appearance, because it's been so darn cool this summer (at least where I live!). But has that stopped me from creating ...more

5 Healthy Breakfasts You'll Love

Do you hate eating breakfast? Then don’t come over to my house. This meal will often have me making 12 servings of oatmeal, two or three dozen eggs, three loaves of whole-grain bread, a one-kilo tub of yogurt, or 24 whole-grain waffles, plus ...more

3 Ways to Transform Traditional Pesto

One of the most simple, delicious sauces is a classic pesto. Traditionally, pesto genovese, which is named after its originating home in Genoa, Italy, is a simple sauce made from nuts, cheese, garlic, basil, olive oil, and salt. While pine nuts are ...more

Low-Carb Jalapeño Bacon Biscuits

Everyone loves those Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, right? Today's recipe is a kicked-up version of those—with just one quarter of the carbs. According to their nutrition facts, each Red Lobster biscuit has 16 grams of carbs, whereas each of my biscuits have only four grams total carbs, and just two grams net carbs once you subtract the fiber. After making today's batch, I had to physically restrain myself from eating all of them, so be prepared to have your willpower tested once these come out of the oven. ...more
LadyGourmet Thank you!  They are addicting, to say the least.  I have a hard time stopping at ...more

12 Salad Dressings That Will Transform Dinner Forever

As I create recipes for my blog, I keep tabs on all the salad dressings I've made with a little document that includes the ones I use most. These dressings are the ones I come back to time and time again, because they are flexible and tasty. Once you have these dressing recipes under your belt, you can transform endless salads! All the following recipes will dress a salad of 4 to 6 servings. ...more

Melting Witch Decorated cookie

Halloween is always a great time to make some funny things in the kitchen. This cute cookie, a tribute to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, is one of my favorites. ...more
These are so cute and original!more

This Is Actually Great News For Chocolate Lovers (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Who doesn't like chocolate? That creamy goodness with its wonderful texture and amazing taste is really hard to resist. Well, I don't think there are too many people who can resist it and if you're one of them you definitely belong to a minority! I can honestly say that chocolate is my favorite sweet and I always felt guilty when I ate chocolate because I thought it was bad for me....more

You Know What The Best Cooking Is? Leftovers!

Okay so maybe leftovers aren't the best "cooking" per se, however they shan't be wasted!...more

Low Carb PUMPKIN Pancakes

Have I mentioned that I LOVE pumpkin?!?! ;)I seriously believe I could eat a lil pumpkin with just about every meal (especially in the fall), & I've never met a pumpkin recipe I haven't loved. As I've said before, I'm so glad that pumpkin is a low carb food....more

S'mores Candy Corn Marshmallow Treats (aka Marshmallow Gremlins)

I can’t remember the last time I made rice crispy treats, that sticky, crispy, sweet marshmallowey (yep, that is a word in my kitchen {smile}) goodness I loved when I was a kid. So when I saw these candy corn marshmallows at my local grocery store, I just knew I had to make some....more

Mexican Chicken Chili

This Mexican Chicken Chili was the perfect end to our day. It was so simple to make and absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for the right addition to your Sunday football food lineup this is your dish!!Check out the recipe here

Breakfast Deviled Eggs


From scratch or homemade?

So my sister-in-law started me down another cooking philosophical rabbit hole (which I think we will call cuisinological conundrums from now on). My brother and I don’t speak often, not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t need to. I’m there for him and he’s there for me, when the chips are down....more

Mushroom and reduced red wine sauce for steak

A steak needs a friend sometimes. Something to elevate it from a simple piece of meat to a gourmet Michelin starred glory of a meal. Luckily this is pretty easy, although you must have the patience to let the sauce get really reduced and sticky, but you can achieve this in the time it takes your steak to cook and rest!Ingredients...more

Garlic mushroom cheeseburger

Handsome and I don’t often eat out, but when we do we are frequently unimpressed with the food that ends up on our table. When we want a pizza, we now make our own instead of having one delivered. But a burger used to be our go to order when eating out. We always enjoyed a good juicy burger wherever we went, except we have found there wasn’t a good take out joint near us, where we could just grab an amazing burger and eat it in front of the TV, if we were being particularly lazy one evening....more