The Best Way to Cut an Avocado

Do you have an OBSESSION with avocado like I do? Ever since I was pregnant it has definitely been one of my favorite foods! Not only because it's delicious but because of the numerous health benefits it offers. Avocados are rich in vitamin A, B, C, E ...more

What to Do When Herbs Take Over Your Garden

So, I have to tell you all about my new favorite kitchen accessory. It was a gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. These Ball jar freezer cubes are ahhh-amazing!!!  ...more

A Child's Look at the White House Kids' State Dinner

Grillin' Out Veggie-Style Black Bean Burger.  "What! You Don't Like Tofu?" Stirfry.  Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette.  These are just three of the 54 recipes that made it into the 2014 Kids' State Dinner at the White House on July ...more

The Secret to Crispy Sweet Potato Fries!

Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit and go for sweet potato fries instead of its less colorful cousin. The problem, though, is that they generally don’t get all that crispy. They just kind of lay there.  ...more

Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in 15 Minutes

This ice cream is a cinch. An absolutely cinch. No cooking, no cooling, no churning, no icy lumps. It’s in the freezer within 15 minutes and ready to eat just two hours later. It’s incredibly soft and creamy while being rich and decadent from the ...more

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee

There is nothing like a cup of really good iced coffee on a warm summer day. You know you are in for a treat when the barista hands you a cup filled with liquid that sparkles like a dark diamond. Taking that first refreshing sip, the flavors slowly blossom, starting with the robust, toasted notes of the coffee beans and ending with a slightly sweet flavor that lingers on your lips. There is no need for sugar or milk; with one sip, you are totally in the moment. ...more

10 Summery Lasagna Recipes for National Lasagna Day

Just like Garfield, I hate Mondays and love lasagna. National Lasagna Day falls on a Tuesday this year—so I am practically purring with delight. I've collected 10 ideas that run from cheesy classic to super-vegan, with lots of smart variations (and even dessert!?) in between. ...more

Slow Cooker Spicy Brown Rice and Black Bean Cheesy Bowl

When it's too hot to turn on the stove, either grilling or using the slow cooker are my preferred ways to cook and keep the kitchen cool. On a hot day earlier this summer I made this Slow Cooker Spicy Brown Rice and Black Bean Cheesy Bowl, where the rice is cooked in the slow cooker with onions, canned black beans, diced green chiles and seasonings. I had the wild idea of cutting up some string cheese and stirring in the last half hour of cooking, for bites of melted cheese throughout the dish, but skip the cheese if you want a dish that's vegan. ...more

Veggie Burrito Bowl with Yellow Rice and Cilantro Vinaigrette

Better than take out, this loaded burrito bowl is packed with flavor and good for you veggies in every color of the rainbow and fiber and protein from the cumin black beans. Did you know that eating beans and rice together makes it a complete protein? ...more

Godhuma Rava Pongali Recipe - Wheat Rava Jaggery Pongal - Varalakshmi Vratham Naivedyam Recipes

If you are looking for more Naivedyam recipes then do check Poornam Boorelu, Bobbatlu, Panchamrutham, bellam Pongali, Paramannam, Rava Pulihora, Daddojanam, Javvarisi Payasam, Ava Pettina Pulihora, Rava Appalu, Pala Munjalu and Kobbari Payasam.And here's a full list of Varalakshmi Vratham naivedyam Recipes....more

Grown Up Brownies

Happy early Friday! (Also known as Thursday.) I made some amazing brownies for you....more

Giant Chewy Chocolate Chip M&M Cookie Cake (GF)

Okay, confession time. I didn't actually make a post for you guys this week. I have been too busy being sicker than a dog with this stupid cold to worry about baking cookies ....more

BLTA Flatbread Pizzas

Easy breezy summer! That seems to be the theme of the recipes I am sharing this week. This is my variation on the typical BLT sandwich ....more

Glazed Almond Butter Cake


The bumper crop of mint is in, the tomatoes are ripening quickly. I had my meat/Butcher market ground up lean turkey and lamb meat for me. Mini meatballs were going to be made using the fresh mint and tomatoes. Do you think mint and Lamb go together? Do you like Lamb? Have you tried Lamb in recipes? Lamb and mint go together in my humble opinion....more

Cheerios Protein: My latest ally!

Mornings in my house are a bit chaotic; between my husband getting ready for work, the very awakened and energized children, and me trying to fulfill everybody’s needs. I’m telling you, it’s no an... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Fresh Strawberry Dessert Sauce

It’s been a busy summer, and the weather has been perfect. ...more