How to Make the Perfect Cobb Salad

Many of the fresh summer veggies that are usually spilling off my kitchen counter at this time of year have yet to make an appearance, because it's been so darn cool this summer (at least where I live!). But has that stopped me from creating ...more

5 Healthy Breakfasts You'll Love

Do you hate eating breakfast? Then don’t come over to my house. This meal will often have me making 12 servings of oatmeal, two or three dozen eggs, three loaves of whole-grain bread, a one-kilo tub of yogurt, or 24 whole-grain waffles, plus ...more

3 Ways to Transform Traditional Pesto

One of the most simple, delicious sauces is a classic pesto. Traditionally, pesto genovese, which is named after its originating home in Genoa, Italy, is a simple sauce made from nuts, cheese, garlic, basil, olive oil, and salt. While pine nuts are ...more

Grilled Peach, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Salad Pizza

To make myself happy, I put out some food and decided I would make a simple dinner for the family that I could use for my guests as well. I had thought about making a basic pizza, as we love pizza and really have not had one in a while, but then I ...more

The Best Way to Cut an Avocado

Do you have an OBSESSION with avocado like I do? Ever since I was pregnant it has definitely been one of my favorite foods! Not only because it's delicious but because of the numerous health benefits it offers. Avocados are rich in vitamin A, B, C, E ...more

Burgers with Blue Cheese Sauce and Zucchini Ribbons

I am overrun with zucchini, but there are so many good recipes out there that I just keep trying to keep up with the supply my garden is producing. Here's another way to use that yummy yet crazy-growing vegetable: Make some zucchini ribbons, and use them like you would lettuce. The taste? FABULOUS! ...more
That looks really delicious; I have always wanted to try Zucchini i might have to try this.more

How to Menu Plan With Veggie Boxes

The last few years, I've been subscribing to different veggie boxes or complete weekly menu boxes, to see what works for me. When I lived in my student town, there were different possibilities to subscribe to organic veggie boxes. To me, the biggest disadvantage was that it was a monthly subscription. Where I live now, there's a very similar system, but you can decide each week if you sign in for next week's box. I like that system a lot—but when I got pregnant, I jumped off, too tired to work out weekly menus based on what was in the box. ...more

Pickles 5 Ways

As Alton Brown says, “If you’ll just take a little time to learn a few basic procedures, not only the whole produce section, but the whole world, will be your pickle … and good eats.” It’s true: Quick pickles all sort of follow a pattern. You’ll be pickling pretty much anything you want in no time at all! ...more

#Foodie Fridays-Week 10

Week 10? ...more

Skating Fridays

Double Salchow!Double jumps have always been a dream of mine. I've always wanted to be able to land one cleanly in real life (I land triples and quads in my dreams... seriously) ....more

Baked Chicken Recipe: South of the Border Beer Can Chicken

Send to Kindle Who says you need a grill to make beer can chicken? Well, they lied…you can make beer can chicken right in your oven. This south of the border baked chicken recipe is loaded with Mexican spices, and beer, to get your taste buds tingling and your tongue wagging ....more

Gluten-Free Biscuits on my Birthday

Did you miss it? It was my birthday yesterday.It kinda sucks having a birthday on a much to do, so little time to celebrate.I did, however, get breakfast in bed yesterday morning compliments of my oldest daughter....more

Secretly Healthy 87 Calorie Brownies!

Have you ever wished you could have a huge, luscious, rich, gooey, chocolatey brownie for under 100 calories? If you just screamed yes and began licking your computer screen then A. Stop, that's disgusting. B ....more

Jackfruit Fajitas with Avocado Cilantro Cream

My boyfriend and I are getting married in less than two months and he just recently saw a whole new side of me…that would be the side that comes out when I visit an Asian market. I didn’t even realize this side existed, but a few weeks ago we were out shopping and I was hoping to get in a visit to an Asian market. Specifically, I was looking for the main ingredient for this dish ....more

The Adventures of New Puppy Mom

I feel like the Summer has already decided to leave. It was incredibly wet and short for us Canadians (well Winnipeg folks). I am not greeted by sunshine in the morning, the grass is wet, random leaves are already on the ground, etc. ....more


Thanks to all of you who offered tips on how to produce non-mushy rice. ...more

Double Chocolate Olive Oil Sea Salt Sandwich Cookies (Vegan, Gluten Free)

I’m in Montana. This is a completely different world to me, where the sky goes on and on and on. The air is dry ....more