Honey Balsamic Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Slow cookers aren't just for winter soups: Pull that baby out to use in the summer months, too! You can make the tangy, honey-balsamic sauce in less than 30 minutes, then throw everything in the cooker for a painless, easy dish. ...more

Gluten-Free Vegetable Quiche with Cashew Herb Crust

It may already feel like summer, but we have a couple more of weeks of late spring before the seasons officially change, which means you still have time to make this lovely Spring Vegetable Quiche with Cashew Herb Crust from Dishing Up the Dirt ...more

Whole Grain Rye, Spelt and Berry Scones

I've been reminiscing about last year's berry season in the country, so I did some berry scone baking on Sunday to crush my craving. At first bite, I knew I had to share the recipe on the double. Food blogs were made for sharing recipes like this ...more

What I Learned From My Whole30 Experiment

When I first heard about Whole30, I thought it was crazy and quickly dismissed it as something I would never try. It requires 100% compliance 100% of the time, and there are way too many restrictions: no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no soy, no legumes ...more

This Gazpacho Reminds Me of the Day I Discovered Spanish Food

The first time I ate gazpacho was one of these authentically untraditional (rather unusual and un-Spanish, too) experiences. It wasn't that the gazpacho tasted untraditional (or unusual or un-Spanish). But where I found it—and the spot where I sat ...more

5 Killer Treats to Make for Shark Week

Ain't no party like a Shark Week party, 'cause a Shark Week party don't stop … for seven whole days, and then you have to wait another year, so you better make these finned and toothy shark-inspired treats right now! Shark and Bitten Lifebuoy Cookies ...more
Laurend1985 Right? I think I could personally manage the popcorn and the Bugles :)more

Chickpea Salad Niçoise Is Such a Smart Meatless Twist on a Classic

I'm not sure if it's a result of the Meatless Mondaymovement, but one thing I'm noticing is more and more classic dishes being adapted into interesting meatless variations. In this Chickpea Salad Niçoise from Kitchen Treaty, Kare has done a beautiful meatless version of the classic French Salade Niçoise, which traditionally contains tuna. ...more

Homemade Grilled Jucy Lucy Burgers

These homemade Jucy Lucy Burgers will be the biggest hit of your summer cookout! They ooze with cheese and delicious flavor—what more do you need!? ...more
agoudalife Oh good, it was meant to be. The flavor of the kabobs is out of this world! Let me ...more

Dudefood Tuesday: balsamic marinated spareribs with bacon topping

Finally the weather has turned to sunny and dry! It looks like we are going to have some summer after all. And this time is the best time to connect with my inner and primal caveman ....more

Chocolate, Banana, and Peanut Butter Pancakes

I am starting to roll with these breakfast recipes! But first off, I would like to congratulate Holly W. as the winner to my Little Potato Company giveaway! ...more

Peach Mojitos

We are in in the middle of the summer and things are in full swing. ...more

Tahini Cookies

Some items should really be sold in much smaller containers. For example, chicken bullion cubes, fancy vinegar and cornmeal. Generally, you need just a tablespoon for the recipe and are left with a near-full container of the ingredient ....more

How to set Custom Permalinks for your posts in Blogger

I showed you how to Set and Get your Permalinks for your Scheduled posts in Blogger.Today's post is all about giving your own custom name for your Post URL.Click on the image and navigate to understand the flow. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing this BM ...more

Cherry Bellinis

One of my most favorite cocktails is the bellini. It has everything I love: champagne/sparkling wine and fruit! Cherries have just been calling my name lately and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome a cherry bellini would be! ...more

Potato and Bacon Foil Packets

Flavor-packed potato bites with bacon crumbles baked (or grilled) to absolute perfection with zero clean-up! How easy! With the summer here, I have been obsessed with foil packet recipes ....more

Flank Steak with Basil Chimichurri ~ Guest Post from Dixie Chik Cooks

I’m so excited to feature Shea Goldstein on Amee’s Savory Dish today! ...more

Homemade Real Food Nacho Cheese Sauce

I get really excited...more

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

I wanted to make a fun and easy treat to take with us on our trip to Idaho. My kids and I had a great...more