Peaches and Cream: A Healthy Version

I love peaches. Just the word "peaches" makes me think of summer orchards in the country, full of plump, sweet peaches, ready to be picked and eaten. I consider myself one lucky girl when it comes to peaches, since I live in Georgia and near South ...more

5 Ways to Make Quick Pickles

As Alton Brown says, “If you’ll just take a little time to learn a few basic procedures, not only the whole produce section, but the whole world, will be your pickle … and good eats.” It’s true: Quick pickles all sort of follow a pattern. You’ll be ...more

How to Make the Perfect Cobb Salad

Many of the fresh summer veggies that are usually spilling off my kitchen counter at this time of year have yet to make an appearance, because it's been so darn cool this summer (at least where I live!). But has that stopped me from creating ...more

5 Healthy Breakfasts You'll Love

Do you hate eating breakfast? Then don’t come over to my house. This meal will often have me making 12 servings of oatmeal, two or three dozen eggs, three loaves of whole-grain bread, a one-kilo tub of yogurt, or 24 whole-grain waffles, plus ...more

3 Ways to Transform Traditional Pesto

One of the most simple, delicious sauces is a classic pesto. Traditionally, pesto genovese, which is named after its originating home in Genoa, Italy, is a simple sauce made from nuts, cheese, garlic, basil, olive oil, and salt. While pine nuts are ...more

Pumpkin Spiced Brown Rice Crispy Treats with Pepitas

There are several kids in our neighborhood who cannot eat the traditional Halloween candy. I learned of this several years ago when they came trick-or-treating at our house and as I was filling up their bags, one of the little girls, with a quivering voice and eyes welling up, said, "I can't eat that." Ever since I have made a special treat just for them on Halloween. ...more
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How to Make Perfect Caramel Apples

Have you ever made Homemade Caramel Apples? I'm not talking about dipped apples made with those cute little caramel squares that you buy in packages in the supermarket. I'm talking about REAL, honest-to-God caramel apples that you make from boiling-hot-sugar that's sticky and gooey and oh, so delicious. ...more
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Pumpkin Curry Soup With Coconut Milk

Curry Pumpkin Soup from Life's Ambrosia ...more
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Halloween Snack Roundup

Happy Halloween!I don’t know how you all plan to celebrate, but we’re having a couple friends over to play games. Board or video, I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see how every one feels!...more

Beer Mac n Cheese Soup

If you haven't noticed...I tend to obsess over the weather a teeny tiny bit...This past Monday we were in short sleeves and could have even worn shorts, if you wanted to.Personally, the season of shorts has long passed me tan is gone and my skin is already looking pasty....more

Slow Cooker Carnitas

I’ve planned to post a slow cooker carnitas recipe on this blog for at least a year. After three failed attempts, using...more

Third Year Blogging Anniversary

I am celebrating my third-year blog anniversary today, November 1st and answering all your questions about Recipes for our Daily Bread and the Roark family. Why I blog? ...more

Hello Kitty Con 2014 Preview

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty. To celebrate,...more

Mamidi allam pachadi- Mango ginger relish

This Mango ginger relish is our new found addiction. Ever since my neighbor and friend gave me a bowl of her freshly made, lip smacking pachadi, I have not been able to stay away from it for long. I seem to have this with idlies, dosas, rice and everything you can think of ....more

Monthly Rewind - October {Iron Bowl Ticket Giveaway}

October was fun filled! I started the month in Munich, went to the Southern Food Bloggers Retreat, saw Bon Qui Qui in concert, Alton Brown in concert and went on the Bon Appetit Grub Crawl in Nashville. I'll be sharing all about the Grub Crawl on the blog very soon ....more

25 Deliciously Healthy Low-Carb Recipes from October 2014 (Gluten-Free, SBD, Paleo, Whole 30)

It's time for another round-up of Deliciously Healthy Low-Carb Recipes I spotted in the past month! I don't know about you, but I'm more than a little bit excited that the calendar has flipped over to November....more

$1650 Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

Tweet #1650ChristmasCashGiveaway Thanks to some amazing bloggers we were able to come collectively together with a ...more

Sloppy Jane Tex Mex Bowls

I really wasn’t sure what to name this deliciously...more