I like to think of myself as a morning person. From the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning, I am up and running.…Now, the difficulty is actually getting my feet to hit the ground. ...more

S'mores Bites

I woke up this morning to the animals hooting and hollering at the zoo.  I don’t know what happens at 5:30am EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING but they must find some joy with waking up the neighbors at this horrible hour. is it feeding time? mating time? Whatever it is, it happens like clockwork down to basically the exact minute.they also get pretty loud at night when the weather changes… maybe they sense a storm rolling in?...more

Pumpkin Persimmon Walnut Pound Cake

I wanted to share this recipe with you before Thanksgiving but I didn't have a chance to between work and cooking. And it's still Fall so pumpkin recipes are still in season, right? Because I love me some pumpkin and two months just isn't enough time to get them all in.Anyways this isn't just pumpkin. This is pumpkin with persimmons and walnuts.Ever since I made that Bourbon and Brown Sugar Sauce with pecans, I've been adding nuts to everything I make. And this pound cake is no exception with walnuts in the batter and in the brown sugar and bourbon sauce that you drizzle over the top, making this pound cake scrumptious....more

The English Did It Again With ‘Toad In A Hole’

What an adventurous (for lack of a better word) name. It takes one with a truckload full of imagination to make an intellectual guess at what this dish looks, tastes, or even smells like. In fact, it looks, tastes and smells world apart from how it’s been (unfairly) described. Most fortunately....more

Amaretto Almond Delight Cake


A Very Grinchy Cookie

Funny story about these cookies. I really wanted to put a red heart in the middle to be like the Grinches little heart (you know the one that grew 3 sizes) but I could not find red hearts anywhere! So I used red food dye to dye some white ones hehe, I was very committed to this bit.The cookies themselves are basically a red velvet cookie, or a green velvet…….. Grincy velvet? Whatever you want to call them they are tasty, just don’t eat them all in one sitting or your tummy may grow 3 sizes, or do, it’s probably worth it....more

Holiday Alphabet Sugar Cookies

My toddler son, Yaya, has been really into letters lately and what better way to learn the letters than to eat them as cookies!...more

My Famous Recipes... NaBloPoMo Day 8

Today's prompt: What recipe are you known for amongst your friends and family?We have lots of food allergies in our family. So, over the last 8 years, I have become an expert at allergy free cooking and baking. I'm of the mindset that people shouldn't feel badly for my kids or me for not being able to eat certain foods. I'm also a firm believer that kids (and grown-ups!) should have yummy foods that bring comfort and happiness....more