6 DIY Mason Jar Ideas

I love mason jars. Not only are they the epitome of the South, but they're reusable for, well, pretty much anything. Here's a great downloadable PDF of my favorite 6 DIY mason jar ideas....more

Chocolate Cherry Gooey Bars

“Soft-baked chocolate cherry gooey bars are heaven sent.  Packed with cherries, walnuts, and marshmallows, this is a marvelous bar!” I’ve been on a health kick long enough!It’s time to go into a sugar coma.  That’s what will happen if you eat all of these bars yourself!...more

Summer Wedding Cupcakes

Just as in fashion trends come and go the same is true in the world of weddings. Each year, new trends excite and inspire many brides.Trends for 2014 weddings lean towards individual style and a flair for the unconventional. While Cakes are still a popular centerpiece choice for  the reception, cupcakes have become a favorite for many brides....more
These are adorable!more

Guilt-free Nuts & Seeds Toffee Squares

Remember these granola bars from JK Gourmet? My first bite of the nuts & seeds flavor was heavenly....more

Coconut Surprise Breakfast Bake

Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies

I'm pretty certain this is one of those recipes that will be made time and time again in our family and handed down from generation to generation. We're talking chocolate cookie perfection here, everyone is going to love them and want to share this recipe for years to come. So are you dying to try them yet? Well get your gallon glass of milk ready and let's make some cookies!Ingredients:...more

Patriotic Pavlova

Summer is officially here and my baking reflects that fact. I love all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that summertime brings almost to my doorstep. I wish I had a garden, I don’t, but farmer’s markets and roadside stands are all around....more
shellybean70 The secret to meringue is not to overcook it, then to turn off the oven and let it ...more

Weekend Brunch: French Toast Muffins

My French toast muffin recipe. Putting a spin on ordinary French toast, I decided to make small portable portions for brunch.  Regular French toast is made by covering bread with milk and eggs then frying. This variation will work great for your next breakfast gathering or to enjoy with friends and family.  If your family is like ours we enjoy breakfast at any time during the day. ...more
This looks so yummymore