Egg-free brownies

  Do you have a little, or maybe a not-so-little-any-more person with an egg-allergy?My little boy, Emi, gets a strong reaction to eggs in cake or cookies, so I have to modify my recipes to get around his sensitivity in this regard. ...more

Royal Icing Cross Stitch Butterfly Cupcakes

Cross stitch with royal icing might be time consuming, but the finished design is unbelievably rewarding. I have cross stitched flowers on sugar cookies, and thought it would fun to create a cross stitch pattern on cupcakes. ...more

Slow-Cooked Chocolate Lava Deliciousness

You already know ...more

Rhubarb Rose Water Crisp (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Rhubarb Rose Water Crisp (Gluten-Free, Vegan)05/19/2014...more

Focaccia Via Amazing Yeast

I’ve been reminding myself since I have arrived in the UK: there’s such a huge oven here in the apartment, how can I do it such injustice?...more

The Mystery of Flower Paste Orchids

Orchids are wonderful flowers for wedding sprays, they are available in a plethora of species (around 25,000- 35,000) and colours. Due to the versatility, mysterious beauty  of flower paste orchids they add that special touch to any cake and/or cupcake. They are popular in wedding cake sprays balancing a tranquil balance to your design. The orchid above is a Degarmoara orchid, it belongs to the Miltassia spices. As I have mentioned in previous......more

Zlevanka - Sweet Croatian Cornbread

Zlevanka is a sweet cornbread from northern Croatia. The batter is very thin and it is poured into a large baking sheet, so that it comes out thin. It can be sweet or savory. There are many different version of this dessert. Some people like to eat it served with a homemade plum jam. Nuts, fruit or spices can also be added to the mixture. Zlevanka is not only a dessert, but it can be a great healthy breakfast, accompanied with a glass of milk, or a delicious afternoon snack. Read more......more

Peach cake - no eggs, no gluten, no dairy - 1st birthday party idea

Small and sweet peaches will be perfect for this delicate and light peach cake. No dairy, no egg, no gluten recipe: all the ingredients are 100% approved for a baby 1st birthday or for a vegan diet.  Simple and healthy ingredients: For the full recipe and details, please check:...more

Corn Free Baking Powder

Most commercial baking powders are created using cornstarch, so many of you have been asking for our house made recipe of corn free baking powder. This is a super simple recipe and can be kept in an airtight glass jar until ready for use.Ingredients:1/4 Cup Baking Soda1/2 Cup Cream Of Tartar1/4 Cup ArrowrootPlace ingredients into a small bowl. You can either whisk or use a flour sifter to thoroughly combine. Makes 1 Cup....more

Vanilla Crazy Cake