Cooking with Kids

Cooking with children is an adventure into creativity, mathematics and just plan fun.Chocolate chip cat cakeclick here to visit blog post  ...more

M&M’s® Cookie Bars

Fudgy cookie bars loaded with M&M’s®! I love cookies.  But I looooove COOKIE BARS more…Why I wouldn’t love them? They are easier to prepare, no chilling needed and less clean up....more

You got pretzel on my bagel! You got bagel on my pretzel!

It’s a pretzel-bagel/bagel-pretzel. Either way it’s yum-tastic....more

Like Buttah(scotch)

Butterscotch is my errything, and you can expect to see it’s delightfully burnt sienna self popping up from time to time as the mercury begins to dip. But what isbutterscotch exactly? And what makes it different from caramel and toffee, you ask?...more

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm all about the Pumpkin!  Let's bake pumpkin stuff!  These soft Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are so perfect to bake, (and eat) right?  We love these anytime of year and trust me, they don't last long, not even an hour. They are crazy good!...more

Crispy Baked Onion Rings

Ham and Cheese Rolls

Snack on these classic rolls with bell peppers and… without frying ’em! They call these rolls by different names. But I’d like to call them Ham and Cheese Rolls. Because. It’s. Simple. Need I say more?I came to know about this food when i was in college. I think that was the time when it became a popular menu on parties/gatherings....more

Brunch Spice Cake

This is a lovely spice cake that is super easy to make. A cinnamon and nutmeg sweetly spiced cake with plenty of moistness and a crumb topping. Great for brunch yet equally good served up as a dessert cake with a twist.

Strawberry Swirl White Chocolate Cheesecake

White chocolate and strawberry paired in thick and creamy cheesecake.  Yesterday I shared with you the pizza cupcakes I made for my little boy’s birthday.  The yummy-ness is close to perfection but the sweet tooth in me screams and protests that I still have to make something sweet.  What is birthday without sweets? Right?   Again, it ain’t cupcake.  Neither layered cake. ...more

Foodie Friday - Beet Muffins

This is a very old recipe found in Great Great Grandma's recipe box Beet Muffins moist and with a wonderful sweet and earthy tasteClick here for recipe...more