Really good Banana Cake

The best ever banana cake recipe, so moist and fluffy this is a real family favourite.  And its so easy its a great recipe to get the whole family helping in the kitchen. Make this cake to share with others or with yourself....more

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes because cake.  Cupcakes because chocolate. Cupcakes because I love you.I’m almost 99% sure that this recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes is not authentic Mexican at all really, and that you’d be hard pressed to find it anywhere south of the border. However, these little buggers channel all those wonderful flavors that we love about Mexican food :chiles, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate....more

Mocha Cappuccino Fudge

The Holidays are over and a new year has started, but that doesn't mean the sweets are disappearing.I am on a fudge run! Ok, this might seem like something new to you because I haven't shared any fudge recipes but I have been baking fudge at home.Yes, I made fudge and haven't blogged about it. Does that make me a bad food blogger? I'm sharing it now so that counts for something, right? {smiling}....more

Gerolltes Kräuterbaguette (Rolled Pesto & Pistachio Baguette)

Just a simple bread recipe, kneaded and rolled up. Stuffed with cheese and nuts. For those of you who enjoy savoury tasting breads, this would be a whole new flavour to attempt at home....more

Upgrade Your Quiche w/ this Quinoa Crust!

Weeknight dinners – sometimes they just aren’t things I want to invest a lot of time & money into.  I’d rather save our decadent meals for the weekends when we can actually take the time to prep them, and make them properly.{sipping a glass of wine in the kitchen while doing so}...more

Grandma's Parmesan Chicken

Before she passed away in 2011, my mom found a recipe from Hellman's that she just adored.  She kept telling my sister and me that we needed to make it, and actually got quite obsessed with us making it.  We, of course, heard her, but didn't rush to make it. In what turned out to be the last meal she was able to eat (she had Cholangiocarcinoma), she asked me to make this chicken for her.  After I made it, I fell in love with it.  It unbelievable how juicy the chicken becomes, and the topping is just creamy, parmesan-y goodness....more

Scallion and Jalapeno Cornbread

Well, we are back! Wow. What a fabulous three weeks – Christmas at home with my family, CBH and I tied the knot {!!!!!!!!} and we spent a wonderful honeymoon in the West Indies. {Don’t worry – more wedding details to come – although you can find a few on Instagram at #happilyeverhillier }...more

CCHMC: Coconut Cream Honeycomb Mountain Cake

Who ever thought that coconut, honeycomb candy and whipped cream would make such a good team? Well let me take this moment to tell you, they do, especially paired with buttery delicious cake!The recipe for the CCHMC: Coconut Cream Honeycomb Mountain Cake is can be found here....more

Gluten Free Almond Cookies

 These Gluten-free and Sugar free Almond Cookies are a healthy treat and were quite a decorating adventure!Recipe for Gluten-Free Almond CookiesEnjoy!...more