Holiday Bacon Cheese Straws

I look at store-bought puff pastry dough as the Alice in Wonderland of the bread world! Small or big (and everything in between)...  just like Alice!...more

Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Thins

s'more cookies: a trial run

My friends are having a "Tapas-style" dinner party next weekend- though there's no suggested type of cuisine- we're each supposed to bring a little appetizer or dessert. Driving around the other evening with my window down the scent of fire wafted in and a little lightbulb told me "s'mores cookies." I did some googling and found a recipe here -- since the idea of baking marshmallows in the oven seemed a little precarious, I decided to do a trial run. ...more

The Days Feel Longer Now

Not yet a week into a two week stint with my husband gone for work. The days feel longer now. Yes, it’s getting dark at 5 p.m., yes, I haven’t been feeling well, but it’s his absence that makes it hard....more

Yummy Baked Chicken Enchiladas To Pull Out One-By-One

The term ‘enchilada’ has its roots from the Spanish word ‘enchilar’, meaning ‘to decorate with chilli or pepper’. The making of a proper enchilada dish therefore entails the wrapping up of some spiced meat, usually in corn tortillas, and then baking them in a spicy tomato sauce....more

Ginger Cookies

Today is National Cookie Day!So I did my research, like good bloggers do, and found out a little bit about the origin of the cookie 'cuz you never know when you might need to have that bit of information.According to one source, the word cookie came from the dutch word koekje, meaning little cake....more

'Comfy Cozy' Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Cookies

Who doesn't love sipping on creamy, hot chocolate covered with melty marshmallows?  YUM!  Doesn't it just give you that comfy, cozy feeling, all snug-like-a-bug-in-a-rug?  ...more

Mini Cranberry Bundt Cakes

Mini Cranberry Bundt Cakes...more

Apple Raspberry Crisp

Original recipe can be found at

Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

Today I wanted to share one of the desserts that I had baked for my daughter's Korean Dol celebration called Strawberry Crinkle Cookies.  By far one of my favorite and easiest cookie recipes! Only 4 ingredients needed, super easy and quick to put together, and the kids love helping with this sweet treat....more