‘French Toast’ Pudding

    French toast has always been a breakfast favorite in our home and so has bread pudding – easy, quick and yet yummy. We love to eat it warm from the oven or cold if we have some left over – tastes good either way. Also most of the ingredients are readily available in the kitchen....more

Cherry Ripe Slice

It’s cherry season in Australia. I know that because it’s my husbands favourite fruit and for the other 6 months of the year when there are no cherries he’s constantly asking “when’s cherry season?”, yea he’s a big fan.He’s also a big fan of Cherry Ripes. Cherry Ripes are actually Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, it’s essentially a cherry and coconut centre covered in dark chocolate.This slice is also an amalgamation of those flavours, so it’s guaranteed to keep your cherry loving fans at bay as well. Eat em up!...more

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Lollipops

Warm cinnamon roll.Gooey apple pie filling.Sweet icing.Lollipop stick for the perfect appearance.It doesn’t get much better than this dessert!!These were fun to make and even more fun to eat. Plus these are stable as ‘lollipops’ so its perfect for a party!Who doesn’t love their own cinnamon roll AND apple pie.. on a stick?! Click the link or copy/paste into oyur browser for the recipe!!http://gofryyourself.com/cinnamon-roll-apple-pie-lollipops/...more

Freezer Meals. It's not for the easily stressed.

Over the weekend I made freezer meals. And about D.I.E.D.It's one of the things that you are so proud of after the fact, but in the middle of chopping, dicing, cooking, straining..............you look at yourself in the reflection of the microwave and literally say: What the Hell. ...more

Kimberlys Guide to Ice Cream, Part 0 - start easy

It's November, so I am going to talk about ice cream - when it  starts getting dark before 5pm, ice cream seems like an easy way to increase happiness when lacking sunlight.. ...more

Mint choc-chip cupcakes

This recipe makes me so joyful and nostalgic. Mint choc-chip ice cream brings back so many memories of my childhood. Of family beach holidays, sticky fingers from the ice cream drips, hot summer afternoons, my grandparents house and running furiously down the street after the ice cream truck. These little gems taste EXACTLY like the ice cream, one mouthful and I was hooked on these cupcakes. I ate more out of the dozen then I would care to admit, but theres a delicious creaminess and sweetness to these cupcakes that just keeps you coming back for more....more

Easy Salted Caramel

I loooooovvveee salted caramel. I love baking with it, I love making it and I love eating it by the spoonful. Caramel is one of those really fun things to cook, you get to watch it bubbling away turning into the most decadent, sugary goodness and this recipe only takes about ten minutes, no candy thermometer required....more

The Original French Cheese Soufflé

How to Sculpt Santa Claus Cupcakes

Christmas time seems to bring out my inner child. I remember waiting for Santa Claus is Coming To Townto  air every year (this was prior to VHS and DVDs). I could not wait to see Fred Astaire (he happens to be in another favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn) narrate the show as a mailman. The cupcakes above are inspired by both..Enjoy the video »...more


What says Thanksgiving dessert like a good ol’ pumpkin pie? I don’t always love eating sweets, but I have zero problem polishing off a piece (or 5) of pumpkin pie. It’s the only kind of pie I like. [Read more]...more