Bacteria - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When we hear the word "bacteria" I would bet most of us think of it in a negative sense.  "Gross! Stay away or I'll get sick!"  What if I told you that many of our current illnesses are, at the root, caused by an imbalance of bacteria in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract?  That's right, we need bacteria for optimal health, but we need the right balance....more

3 new gluten-free cookbooks to satisfy your baking whims

Whether you need to or just want to, baking up gluten-free goodies keeps getting easier and easier. Check out this new crop of cookbooks....more

Time To Get Fit | Finding Motivation

For as long as I can remember I've struggled with finding and keeping the motivation needed to lose weight. It's always felt odd to me that I could want to lose weight so badly (for years in fact) but have never been able to just make it happen. Since my Meniere's Disease diagnosis I've been forced to realize how long I've taken my good health for granted....more
Ellyn Ferriter Hi there! I did attend zumba and yoga classes in the past and enjoyed them. I've ...more

Extra Thick and Healthy Overnight Oats!

Good morning, beautiful!...more

Baked Oatmeal

I have been addicted to this baked oatmeal recipe eating it every morning for the last 3 weeks straight. It’s that good. I’m not a huge breakfast person, but I know that if I don’t have something to eat it will be a bad start for the day. Eating breakfast is well known to provide fuel for the day and by starting off healthy there is a good chance you will continue on that path for the entire day. For those who are breakfast people, this recipe is great!...more

Warm Red Potato Salad

This Warm Red Potato Salad just came to me at the very last minute….and ended up being really delicious!  I originally was making basic baked red potatoes in the oven…...more

Caribbean Jerk Alfredo Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles

 Ever since I found zucchini noodles, I have to eat them at least once a week. I can eat an entire plate full and not feel bloated like regular pasta would leave me feeling. The problem with slowly eating more and more "raw" food is that right now I am the ONLY one in the family that does. So when I fix "zoodles", I make a dish similar to it for the family (or at least for my husband)....more

Bacon Crusted Mini Quiche with Home Fries

Good Day All!  Well lets get right to it why don't we?  Today's meal is a prime example of me playing with my food.  I decided to do something for breakfast or brunch this time around.  So I came up with Bacon Crusted Mini Quiche with some Home Fries.  This meal is packed with protein and the necessary carbohydrates to keep you going throughout the day.  You could even serve this family style and show off your skills.  You should try it.Home Fries ...more

Healthy Blueberry Lemon Curd Tartlets

I absolutely adore lemon curd.  Let me get nostalgic on you for a minute, just so you can see where I'm coming from....more
Jen, I will definitely be making these in the near future. They look incredible! Thank you for ...more