Ana Paula Cafe Pacheco

I´m a mother, I´m a daughter, I´m a cook, teacher and a gipsy in my heart. Will cook for love, for change, social revolution.I´m  tough as a espresso, soft and warm as brownie, indulgent as a Frozen Capuccino.Healthy e delicious foods with all the cultures I love inspiring my meals.My spices may come from the Brazil, France, Ireland,Canada, places I have lived and worked as a cook, artist and teacher.Seasonal, fresh and organic  ingredients from everywhere ! ...more

Sausage, Cabbage, and Bean Skillet Meal

Tonight has been such a productive night, and it's such a relief for me to have it all done. Upstairs has been a bit (more like a lot a bit) of a train wreck. It's been my craft room, construction room, and storage room all at once. It's been making this blog kind of sink to the back of my mind a bit because that room was originally my blogging room. (Opps!)...more

Valentines Day Toddler Crafts and Healthy Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

I love baking and I love eating baked good. This being said, sometimes it can be challenging to eat my favorite foods and keep my wasteline - especially during pregannacy. Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, McKinley and I decided to make our Valentines Day gifts with a  healthy twist this year. We made handprint "I love you" cards to send her grandparents and aunts: ...more

The Most Nutritious Thing You Can Eat

A new study points to watercress as being the most nutritious thing you can eat. This study out of William Paterson University looked at 47 different fruits and vegetables based on their nutritional content of calcium, fiber, potassium, protein, vitamins, etc. Watercress was the only food item that scored a whopping 100 points! It's true....more

Butternut Squash Risotto

What do you mean this delicious meal has only 5 ingredients and takes just 25 minutes to prepare (mostly hands off might I add)! I am all about a quick and easy meal, like most people I have a hectic schedule. So, last thing I want to do on a long weeknight is make something that has too many ingredients and takes too long. ...more

Recipe: Best-of-Both-Worlds Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Do you remember being a kid and yearning for the day when you could eat cake for breakfast? Well, nine-year-old you is going to be very, very happy today.Behold Carrot Cake Oatmeal, a grown-up way to satiate your childhood craving for treats at breakfast! Grown-up you will love the wholesomeness of oats, carrots, and walnuts, and your inner child will be satisfied with the sweetness of coconut and maple syrup.It’s the best of both worlds, breakfast edition....more

Savoury chickpea muffins

Everything was all white this morning (my punishment for making silly puns is that I now have the Bill Withers song ‘Lovely Day’ stuck on repeat in my head: ...more

Five Delicious Winter Spices To Help You Kick Up Creativity In The Kitchen

When the dark days of winter hit (which I am in right now), it's time to dig deep and get creative with your spice drawer. I admit, I can get carried away with my spice addiction, but how else can you quickly and easily transform something like basic beans and rice in mere seconds? It's all part of a well-run pantry. ...more
I love that you included the health benefits!  Smoked paprika is my current favorite.  We use it ...more