Black Bean Hummus

Roasted poblano peppers, a touch of cumin and squeeze of lime are blended with fiber rich black beans and garbanzo beans to create this unique and flavorful hummus.  ...more
This sounds delicious! I cannot wait to try this recipe. I am a hummus fiend. =) Normally I am a ...more

For My Sistahs: Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat: Tips On Living A Healthy And Holistic Lifestyle

"Go hungry, you gotta watch what the media feed youAnd don't be a poisoned animal, eaten eitherIt's harder than it sound, 'cause nowadaysPut that swine in everythingThe white sugar so addictive, it's pure 'caineThey got pork in the toothpaste, soda in the Sunny DJello brand gelatin is laced with the lecatinIn Africa, they starvin', over here the food hurt youCows goin' mad and the chickens crunk with bird flu"...more
habibwt CherishCaddell8 #enjoy !! ...more

Pear, Vanilla & Blueberry Super Smoothie

  Breakfast, lunch, dinner.... anytime really... Smoothies (when they are done right) can be nutrition packed mouthfuls of deliciousness. It actually takes a bit of practice to get the perfect smoothie... and I don't just mean one that tastes good (anyone can do that... Wendy's can do that), I mean the perfect balance between tasting good and being good for you!...more

Delicious Mornings

Once you have conquered mornings, you need substance to help sustain or build your energy! These 2 recipes are my go-to breakfast that I pair together when I am on the run and need to eat. This shake and cookie is easy to make for your morning or snack. Pineapple Strawberry Protein Smoothie  ...more

Apple Caramel Oatmeal Cookies

 Apple. Caramel. Oatmeal. Cookies. Really, no other explanation is needed. ...more
Oh my Samantha! I so love cookies so much and your recipe looks so delicious. I can't wait to ...more

10 nutritious back-to-school snack ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s September already.  Time for a good old fashioned life update!Well, here it is: I’ll be going to grad school.  Again.  I’m trying to be all calm, cool and collected, but the truth is I’m freaking out a little!...more

healthy cooking vegetables ...more

Japanese Tofu Salad

Very simple, light, healthy and yummy Japanese tofu salad, with homeade sesame dressing. Great for simple lunch , dinner or sides....more

Foods and Snacks You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t

Foods and Snacks You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’tSeptember 1, 2015...more

Best of August - Recipes in Review

It's been another great month of wonderful eats!  August brought a lot of great new breakfast recipes since I went through a big slump in how I start my morning and was craving a change from my usual.  Better than fabulous new ways to start my day, August was also filled with sweet family and friends staying with us most weekends, meaning I don't have many pictures to share.  It would kind of creep you out if your hostess was photographing you as you ate, wouldn't it?  ;)Breakfast...more