Skinny Spinach Baked Ziti

This has been a crazy week of weather in North Texas. Just last week it was 27 degrees and snowing/icing, and two days later it was 70 degrees and sunny. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and it still entertains me when we have such drastic weather changes! But hey, I’ll take 70 degrees in February any day.                                           ...more

Pasta with Lemon, Garlic and Roasted Tomatoes

This is another one of those ridiculously easy recipes that tastes like you ordered it in a restaurant.  The thing about Italian cooking is that the simplicity of it allows you to enjoy the ingredients; everything is highlighted rather than muddled or muted.   This is a great dish for entertaining. ...more

The maniac's guide to meal-planning: part 2 of 4

This is the second post of a four-part series on meal-planning like a boss–even when life’s crazy....more

Amazing Lentil Benefits, Simple Cooking Methods and Yummy Recipes

Lentils, the Mega-Nutrient, Down Home Superfood...more

7 Days of Love and Chocolate

My heart belongs to these recipes and each one has been made to share with those I love.We all want to share love, be loved, and be in love. Our hearts and minds desire this above all else. Why else would we stay up all night or get up extra early, or go a certain path hoping to run into that one, that special one....more

Hey ladies! I’m Cassandra Bodzak, creator of Go Sweet and Skinny, Inc...

  I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the blogher community. I plan on posting blogs regularly but thought my first should be a little info about me, who I am, and what I do!...more

Cooking Lesson: Sauteed Kale with Garlic, Pine Nuts and Currants

By this time of the year my body is really craving something green.  If you don't know about kale yet you need to - 1 cup raw has about 40 calories, enormous amounts of vitamin K, C , B6 and is a great source of Calcium.  I say this all the time: leafy greens are freebies, with almost no calories, so much nutrition, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.  The type of kale you use doesn't matter.  In the video (see below) I used curly kale, which I like to use for sautés, but feel free to experiment with purple kale, lacitino kale or any kale you would like....more

Snow Blizzard Smoothie

Snow and ice outside my window and all over TV news seem to be in accordance with this white smoothie. Snow Blizzard Smoothie is very simple and healthy morning breakfast drink or afternoon snack. It can be a nice change after all those spinach-kale-green smoothies or berry-pink smoothies....more

The Best Lasagna you will ever eat in your Life

If I had to choose my ‘signature’ dish, I wouldn’t be able to, but this recipe would definitely be a consideration.  First thing I should point out, I don’t put a béchamel sauce like traditional lasagna recipes.  I personally find it makes the lasagna too heavy.  Trust me this is healthy and with a few wise choices this meal is (almost) guilt free....more

Lentil Quinoa Burgers with a Buffalo Dressing

I really like the way these burgers came out. It took some time to put this recipe together but that said it is now complete. They are full of healthy ingredients and do a good job of staying together which is a plus. ...more