Healthy Blueberry Lemon Curd Tartlets

I absolutely adore lemon curd.  Let me get nostalgic on you for a minute, just so you can see where I'm coming from....more
Jen, I will definitely be making these in the near future. They look incredible! Thank you for ...more

Lightened-Up Chorizo Fiesta Skillet for Breakfast or Dinner

On our way home from a trip, Aldo and I stopped at Bob's Diner in Manchester, Vermont, for breakfast. I had a bacon-sausage-home fries breakfast skillet with two eggs on top, and it was THE. MOST. DELICIOUS. BREAKFAST. EVER. They served it in a small, cast-iron skillet with free coffee refills and genuine smiles from the server. I love it when small-town places end up having amazing food. ...more
quirksandtwists Thanks - yes, much healthier but still so good!more

Recipe: Healthy Turkey Meatball Subs

It’s no secret that we’re fans of the almighty sandwich. Whether we’re noshing on Grilled Salmon Burgers,Asparagus Melts, or Mediterranean Wraps, we get excited when we’re handed two slices of bread with deliciousness stuffed in the middle....more

Mini Hamburgers con Pan de Coliflor

Hamburgers con Pan de Coliflor! a esto yo le llamo unos "Hamburgers Milagro", porque introduce a través de una receta muy particular y deliciosa la coliflor, odiada por casi todos los niños y adultos durante mucho tiempo. Su momento de reivindicación ha llegado con esa receta, pues vamos a quitar el pan convencional y lo vamos a hacer nosotros mismos con colifor, siiii coliflor!!! A que suena increíble? Y está realmente impresionante, tengo un testigo en casa que ha cambiado su parecer respecto a esta verdura....more


My favorite fermented food hands-down is kimchi. I grew up eating it, and it goes well with almost everything. Not only that, there are so many amazing health benefits in eating fermented foods like kimchi. They promote digestion because of the healthy bacteria like lactobacilli and probiotics, aid in weight loss, boost immunity, and some studies show that they prevent cancer. [Read more]  ...more

Healthy In A Hurry

Eating healthy when living a busy life is tough!  So how do you do it?  If you're trying to keep up with a full schedule - whether its managing your home, caring for loved ones, growing your career, or finishing your education - its even more important to fuel your body well.  You're expending energy (and likely experiencing stressful moments) balancing everything and your body needs proper fuel to have a strong immune system to continue with diligence and excellence in each arena of your life....more

Health Benefits of Echinacea

Feelin’ a little down? Cold season finally caught up to you? Echinacea might be just what you need!Along with being a beautiful flower, Echinacea is also an herb used to help treat the flu and colds, and helps to strengthen your immune system....more

On the Go? Read This for Tips & Tricks to Stay Healthy

Getting your workouts in and ...more

Reflections on body image

***LENGTHY, WORDY POST WARNING!****"You have focus issues", said The Husband, when I showed him my last blog post. True enough, dude, but give me a minute here - I am just starting to teach myself how to take decent photos....more