Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie and Ice Cream - Happy St Patricks Day!

This is absolutely delicious and perfect for St. Patricks Day.. I promise your kids are going to LOVE this one.  No food coloring, no added sugar, nothing artificial.. Just plain wholesome yumminess that is kid approved.  The spinach is for Color - You will NOT be able to taste spinach at all.. Only Mint & Chocolate along with a frozen banana that gives a rich creamy texture all while keeping it vegan and dairy free.  Makes a yummy breakfast or a delicious guilt-free dessert....more

Healthy Protein-Packed Shamrock Shake

 Today is your lucky day! (Even if it's not St. Patrick's Day.)...more

Oven Baked Spicy Sweet Potato Hash

Last night I was craving nothing but breakfast for dinner. Specifically spicy hash browns. I had about 6 sweet potatoes in the pantry that needed to be used so I decided to make a sweet potato hash with them. Originally Schoen was going to eat left over turkey taco lasagna for dinner, but as soon as he smelled the potatoes cooking in the oven he said "I want what you're having!". ...more

cooking stinging nettles

Stinging nettles are quite amazing plants, full of qualities both medicinal and nutritional, but who cares when their blistering touch burns like judgment and brings you to tears?...more

Gluten Free Match Almond Muffins

Hi there!  And so the green posts continue, in hopes to entice spring to stick around for a bit.Green tea and coconut become soft and deliciously chewy to create this unique muffin.  Matcha is finely ground green tea and it gives these muffins their beautiful hue as well as adding a punch of healthful antioxidants....more

Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash

Ever since Karen from 2 teaspoons posted this Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash<...more

Mounds Bar Mocha

I realize that most of the nation had a snow day today. Watching headline new this morning I was told by the media that forty eight of the forty nine states in the continetial United States have snow on the ground this morning (I'm assuming Florida is the one with the beach day today now that they have dried out from Saturdays floods)...more

No-Bake Energy Bars

It's the weekend and I like to make a batch of my NO-BAKE ENERGY BARS. Due to certain nut allergies, I cannot eat packaged granola bars, energy bars, etc. Plus, I eat as clean as possible so I like to know what is in my food. They're perfect for snacks, before a workout or a quick breakfast with a glass of milk and piece of fruit. Or, if no time for that, wrap some up for an on-the-go breakfast. ...more

I Miss My Skinny Jeans

A quote keeps coming back to me as I think about my Countdown to 30 experience and my personal goal to lose 15 lbs by my 30th birthday.  I believe Kate Moss claims it as her motto and it goes like this: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  I do want to be healthy and fit first and foremost, but a huge motivating factor for me is that I want - NO, I NEED - to fit into my skinny jeans again! ...more

Everyone needs a Best Foodie Friend

Learning how to shop for high quality food while trying to maintain a reasonable family budget can be a daunting task.  Finding time to prepare good food while juggling the other responsibilities of motherhood can be a challenging enterprise. ...more