Sunday Prep: What’s on the Menu?

As I have mentioned before, Sundays are my active rest day along with my prep day for the week. I take the day off of heavy exercise and give my muscles the relaxation they need as well as plan for a week of healthy and nutritious meals. Success is nothing without planning!!...more


This recipe is great for anyone who isn't comfortable about tasting liver because the strong taste of the olives and spices mixed with ground beef in the meatballs hides the flavor and texture of liver really well. [Read more]...more

Sunday meal prep tips: winter edition

Last spring I published a post on weekend food prep tips for healthy meals all week.  The post provides ideas for which foods can be easily prepared, cooked and stored in bulk and then assembled into a variety of healthy meals in the following days....more

Banana kale strawberry smoothie

Happy 2015!  Another year gone by, another new one to tackle.  I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions this year but am always inspired by everybody’s renewed interest in health, nutrition and wellness after the holidays.  The media is bursting with fitness tips, exercise routines and weight loss recipes.  You can’t watch TV without seeing ads for home exercise equipment.  The gym is  packed (albeit temporarily, thankfully!)....more

Midlife Mom Jan.24 diary entry.

 Well,here I am once again.I actually slept last night,and for once wasn't awake at 4 AM Planning my life's journey.Lately,I have been in favor of simply not stepping on the scales  At all,this way I won't be saddened,I reason.Besides,I could have more serious problems. My house badly needs reorganization,I am reminded as I quickly shut my closet door,as it's contents threaten to spill out on the floor.Do you ever feel a sense of urgency;like the feeling that you have so much to do that your private time is encroached upon?? I suggest simply shedding this feeling like a coat you don't want to wear.In fact I have learned to do this kind of thing all the time. I kissed my husband goodbye as he set off for work(goodness he's starting to look old:Do I look that old??)Never mind.I have invented a smoothie recipe guaranteed to reverse aging.Here it is: Chop fresh pineapple,blueberries(as many or as little as you want),ground cinnamon,ground flaxseed,skim or 1percent milk,honey to taste,into blender.Hold onto lid as you blend unless you want the contents all over your cupboards.(I already did this).This drink has amazing powers,lowers cholesterol,provides protection against diabetes And heart disease,as well as breast cancer protection.So drink up.Cheers! Picture at top of blog....more

Fig & Goat's Cheese Honey Tart

Mummy's Fast & EasyFigs are in their peak now!...more


There was a point in my life when I didn't like beef jerky. I was clearly insane. I just didn't like the way they smelled, so I decided I won't like them. I honestly thought they smelled like dog food, which isn't a too weird of a thought since many dog treats are made from dried meats. It wasn't until I tried some good quality beef jerky at a farmers market in NYC that I was totally hooked. It's a perfect snack anytime, and so portable for hiking, on flights, road trips, anywhere. [Read more]...more
stephliebold Oh wow, that's awesome! I guess that's what people had to do before ovens and ...more

Recipe: Amazingly Cheesy Asparagus Melts

Let's be honest: asparagus is pretty amazing.First of all, because it grows so quickly and doesn't require pesticides, it is a naturally organic food. It's also high in fiber and packs in only 27 calories per cup. But the real clincher? Asparagus is high in glutathione, an important anti-carcinogen and the most potent anti-cancer antioxidant available.And did we mention that it's simply delicious? Because, you know, it is. Steam it and then toss it in fresh lemon juice for a delicate, invigorating side....more
Thanks, Hope McCain! We think you are going to love it! Let us know how it turns out!more