April's Green Smoothie Challenge: 5 Recipes to Get You Started

Just in time for spring, the gals from Simple Green Smoothies are launching their 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. To get you started, here are five smoothie recipes that pack tons of vitamins and minerals in to one delicious drink. So break out the fancy blender that’s been gathering dust in your kitchen cabinet and good luck with the challenge! Image: Courtesy of the Little Epicurean ...more
Love the Simple Green Smoothie challenge. I think that this will be my 3rd or 4th time doing ...more

5 Spins on the Shamrock Shake: From a Decadent Layer Cake to a Boozy, Frosty Cocktail

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means it’s Shamrock Shake season. If you’re too embarrassed to hit the McDonald’s drive-through—you may have food blogger cred to maintain, after all—we’ve rounded up six recipes to help you get your fix. From boozy to healthy, BlogHer’s food bloggers have you covered. There are even recipes for Shamrock Shake-inspired cupcakes and a layer cake. ...more
that cake looks devine! as a child, i adored shamrock shakes so i might just have to give that ...more

Coquito: Holiday Egg Nog in the Caribbean Tradition

My memories of childhood holidays involve bachata music, the smell of coconuts, and coquito -- Caribbean egg nog. ...more


Earth Day is right around the corner! There is no better way to celebrate than with this Casa Noble Jalapeño and Guava Martini we created using fresh organic ingredients, here’s to you Mother Nature!...more

Peachy Keen! 4 Peach Flavored Cocktails to Celebrate Spring

Cruzan Rum’s newest addition, Cruzan Peach Rum is perfect for spring time parties. ...more

The Perfect Cocktails for Tax Day!

Photo credit: NotedPokerAuthority.com Buh-bye to your hard-earned cash! Yup, today's the day to send a big fat check to the I.R.S. How do you get over the sadness of a depleted bank account? How about raising a glass and saluting the fact that you were able to send your stuff in with a minimal of hysterics....more

Wine Tasting Party: It's fun and easy

Have you ever been to a wine tasting party? Want to know how to throw a wine tasting party? You don’t have to know wine to have a good time at this party....more

Power Packed Smoothie

PROTEIN PACKED SMOOTHIEPosted by Let's Have Mixture in Breakfast, Smoothie ...more

thirstyGirl Beer Review & Recipe: Alchemy Ale with Burgers

Lately, thirstyGirl reviews have been mostly focused on wine, and I wanted to change things up a bit. I went to my local grocery store and picked up a bomber I had never tried. Today thristyGirl beer selection was Widmer Brothers’ Alchemy Ale. ...more

Valcalepio Blogger Tasting! Vinitaly 2014


Wineducation: Wine in a Book

I love wine, but like many things that I proclaim to love I don't know all that much about it.  Being a busy Mama I tend to find something I like, in this case a Merlot or Petite Sirah, and keep moving without taking the time to figure out exactly what it is I like about it.  The web is a great place to research and gather information like little eggs in a wire basket, but I do enjoy a tangible item that I can hold, mark my place, and add notes if I feel so inspired, so to fulfill those needs I turn to a good old fashion book. ...more

White Riesling Sangria

THE NITRO-coffee with a serious KICK!

Always searching for a new coffee experience in Shanghai, I saw a story about Sumerian Specialty Coffee and decided that we just had to go.  So, we set off walking and ended up on a familiar street, Shaanxi Bei Lu, where we go for the best bagel in Shanghai-Egghead Bagels....more