17 Tasty & Some Low Calorie Cocktails Too (YES!) for World Cocktail Day

Celebrate with a vodka, gin, Prosecco, bourbon, tequila based cocktails today! -PJ Gach...more


  Where do I even start with this drink? It's so crisp and refreshing, definitely something that you'll want to have on hand in the summer time....more

White Peach Sangria

Summer is around the corner and I relish in my favorite warm weather cocktail - S A N G R I A! White, red, doesn't matter. I enjoy experimenting with different flavored wines and fruit combos. Sharing my recipe for White Peach Sangria. There is not a standard wine for Sangria. However, for a white Sangria, pick a zesty, aromatic wine. I used this Riesling for this particular recipe......more

Make These Blackberry-Thyme Jam Mimosas for Brunch!

One of our favorite brunch drinks is a good mimosa. Though it's usually made with orange juice, we put a little twist on ours by swapping the OJ with blackberry-thyme jam. (Life hack: We made our own jam (which is super easy), but if you are in a rush, simply taking some blackberry jam that you have on hand and heating it until it is a thinner consistency will work, too. ) ...more
Clearissa Thank you so much! :)more

Strawberry Thyme Gin Sour

 Hello, friends! The weather has been incredible lately, with the exception of a rainy day here and there. I am so ready for this sunshine! It makes me want to grill steaks, eat fresh corn on the cob with chive butter, plant lots of delicious garden herbs, and hang out with the puppies and my fiancé in the yard. And there is nothing more refreshing at the end of a gorgeous sunny day than a delicious, crisp cocktail on a summers evening with the smell of grilling meat wafting across the deck while I type up a new blog post!...more

Honey Vanilla Latte

Strawberry Basil Margarita

Fresh ingredients from the garden!Gluten-free!Low-fat!Low-calorie!This is how I’m justifying drinking this all the time. Frankly, if you took out the tequila you could drink this for breakfast. Right? Right....more

A Juicing Guide for Beginners (without breaking the budget)

You know how important it is to eat your vegetables right? What about drinking them?You’re right, it is super important and I am about to tell you why with a beginners guide to juicing. Why not try the challenge of drinking one juice a day for 7 days and see how different you feel....more

What a Food Blogger Dinner Party Looks Like

Food bloggers Brita and Sara collaborated on a fabulous spring dinner menu and hosted parties in their respective homes on the same night. They then shared their parties/menu on their blog. I went to Brita's party—here's a peek at how it looked! ...more
This looked so much fun! :)more

A great wine fir this summer : #Gragnano

This weekend the sun was here and so were some spring weather and warmer temperatures. We have always preferred red wines over white one ( it's a matter of personal taste of course) and drinking robust and bold reds with quite alcohol content when the weather is heading towards summer it's not ideal. So we have tried and highly recommend for your al-fresco dining this amazing red wine from the Sorrentina Peninsula in Southern Italy. Gragnano DOC - Terre del Gragnano from a well known winemaker Iovine....more