Get Enough Leftovers for Days From Braised Hickory Brisket

I often get inspiration for recipes by wandering around a grocery store. For example, a few gorgeous veal shanks behind the butcher counter prompted me to make osso buco awhile back. During the past few visits, I have been eyeing huge slabs of beef brisket. Since I don’t have a smoker, it took me a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted to cook it. Beef brisket is normally a pretty tough cut of meat, but can be made fork-tender by cooking it slowly....more

Making Your Own Velveeta Is Easier Than You Think

Editor's note: The #Cheesepocalypse is nigh, at least that’s what everyone’s been saying on Twitter. It turns out that there is indeed a shortage of Velveeta—and just when the Superbowl is a few short weeks away. Kraft Foods has confirmed that its supply of Velveeta is low. But don’t despair, we’ve got this DIY Velveeta recipe from our archives, so you don’t have to go without. --Jane ...more
I am excited to try the homemade Velveeta! A lot of my friends use Velveeta, but I'm a "real ...more

5 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen in 2014

This coming year, I'm hoping--like many people--to make better use of my money, and the kitchen is a great place to start saving.  These tips were helpful during 2013, and are still good for 2014:  1. Plan Ahead Image: Various Brennemans_via Flickr ...more
moonsoar Yes, meal planning really helps keep us on track, too :). Price books are great when ...more

Re-Growing Green Onions

I heard you could re-grow green onions from your grocery store leftovers. It sounded easy enough, almost like magic.Well, I've had people tell me things are easy before and it doesn't always turn out to be true for me. This, however, actually was super easy, so I'm sharing. Here is what you do:...more

Quick Homemade Pickles

As part of my ongoing quest to make everything on my plate I recently started to make my own pickled cucumbers. We had been given a huge bag of organic cucumbers, maybe 2 or 3 kilos, and it was about 30 degrees outside so I needed to move quickly to preserve them or they would wither and be wasted. I had never made pickles so I did a quick search for recipe ideas, then threw together a quick brine and hoped for the best. ...more

Trip Tip: Cool Ways to Pack a Cooler

Image from Can't I Just Orbit?...more


 Easter is right around the corner and I've deci...more

Make Sweetened Condensed Milk At Home & Save!

Making sweetened condensed milk at home is really easy, and it tastes every bit as scrumptious as store bought!  And oh, did I mention that making it at home it costs only pennies?...more


I feel like I've been dieting my entire life. Even when I say I'm just eating "clean and healthy" the reality is that I'm on a yet another diet. Ugh!  ...more

Asian Stir-Fried Brinjals

A brinjal is a type of plant in many disguises, simply because it can also be called an eggplant (English/American), an aubergine (European), a melongene or a guinea squash. Asians usually identify them as brinjals, which in turn usually refers to the longer, slimmer breed....more


This week I had some extra breakfast sausage lying around (not literally) and decided to mix that with some sweet potato. Super basic, incredibly easy and very nutritious. For more egg recipes visit the recipe or 21DSD recipe page....more