Quick chicken sandwich

Dear readers,No better choice to satify your appetite in no time. A delicious chicken sandwich, made of succulent chicken breast shallow fried in extra virgin olive oil with just a few spices.Served over warm slices of sandwich bread made of soy and other variety of grains from the wheat family. The tender and juicy strips of chicken topped with crisp lettuce, asiago cheese, chopped olives, and balsamic vinegar dressing. Quick bite, amazing flavor, just right!...more

A foodie's take on freezer meals

Cutting to the chase on freezer meals: Except in limited cases, no. Just, no.First you should know who you're dealing with though....more

roasted rack of ribs

Roasted rack of ribsSucculent pork ribs roasted with garlic and our signature spices (cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, adobo, and ground black pepper)....more

Steamed Minced Meat & Tofu with Salted Egg

This dish can be created for Halloween parties, with the help of some imagination.Read more from 'Steamed Minced Meat & Tofu with Salted Egg'....more

The Way Overdue Fried Nian Gao

It was a dish meant for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, but due to work commitments, I never had a chance to get down to preparing it until now....more

Der Berliner Currywurst Möchte Ich Noch Gerne!

Currywurst is what you must try to grab a bite of when you are in Germany, especially Berlin. I had my first authentic taste of Currywurst in Berlin all by myself. The weather, I remember, was cold, and the sausages turned cold within a minute. Nevertheless, the lingering curry taste was memorable and the spiced ketchup helped to warm up my lonely heart....more

Lee Trotman An Overview Of Amusement Park Visits And The Very Best Rides In California

31 Day Fat Loss Heal -- A Overview Some individuals satisfy their real really like before they begin a career, and remain with them for the duration....more