Vitamin C Packed Onion Soup With Toast

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Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Sage (Latin: Salvia), with over 700 varieties growing in diverse areas of the globe, has been valued since ancient times for both its healing properties and culinary applications.Folklore about the ‘healing herb’ abounds. It was believed that:...more

Everyone needs a Best Foodie Friend

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10 Frugal Seed Starting Tips

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5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

By Jennifer Szohr Morning. Sigh. Let's get ready for another work day by fueling our bodies with awesome and nourishing food! Breakfast kick-starts my day! (Okay, maybe it's the coffee—but good food can't hurt either.) I thought I would share five easy and quick recipes that are also good for you. ...more
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Organic Chicken | Sweet Potato | Zucchini | Poached Egg

Gluten Free Chicken and Rice By Jennifer Szohr, March 4, 2015 ...more

This Vegetarian Mediterranean Wrap Might Just Be the King of All Sandwiches

All hail the sandwich, the King of Lunchtime.Is there anything better than a sandwich? Consider its simple perfection: between two slices of bread, you can put just about anything you like.Cheese. Meat. Veggies. Put ‘em on the sandwich.Sandwiches are portable. No need to bring a fork and knife into the equation; just dine with your hands. They’ll feed a crowd or just you. Their versatility is unmatched....more