Quick & Easy Sticky Buns

Well I owe a big thanks to my mom for this recipe. Well not for the recipe, but for the craving. Yesterday she happened to mention to me that she had a sticky bun and it was soo delicious. They’ve been on my mind ever since. So less than 24 hours later I started searching the net for a good recipe, but couldn’t find one.So I headed into the kitchen anyway and here is what we came out with…(you won’t be dissapointed)...more

Easy Fried Donuts

So, I'm sure you have ALL seen Kim K's pictures this week.. You know, the ones that were supposed to "shut down the internet". Well, lucky for you, they didn't shut down the internet, unless of course you have dial up.. You're probably still waiting for the pictures to load.  These pictures really inspired me!  If you noticed, she had her body COVERED in oil.  So, that got me thinking.. I know of a far more beneficial way to use my oil, and that of course is FRYING DONUTS!!!...more

Day 15 NaBloPoMo; Empty Fridge = Good Thing?

How on earth can an empty fridge equate to a good thing?It took a few times before I caught it, but I was standing there in front of a near empty fridge trying to plan our next meal the day before payday ... and it felt good that I didn't have to throw food out.WoW! About three payday's in a row, I bought what I needed and followed through with all my meal plans....more

Skilet Corn

Ever since we ate this I have not eaten ‘normal’ corn again.This is a sweet delicious twist on regular old corn. It gives your corn such a better flavor. It’s slightly creamy, but nice and thick and is so easy to make. Try it out. Fall in love. Make this for your upcoming holiday dinners and put away that old corn because your family is going to love this. Click here for the recipe:   http://gofryyourself.com/category/sunday-funday/ ...more

How to Cook a Spaghetti Squash in a Microwave

Love spaghetti squash but hate the amount of time it takes to make it in the oven?...more

Sweet French Blueberry Crepe For Dessert

Such a versatile dish – crepes. One can eat it with practically any filling – from sweet fruity conserves to salty meat slices; it can also be eaten by itself, without any filling. I personally prefer it plain – the floury buttery taste of the crepe is enough to excite my taste buds!...more

Recipe: Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

Right now in this moment, Sausage and Broccoli Pasta is my favorite pasta dish. It’s got some good veggies, a little zip from the sausage and crushed red pepper flake, and its not too heavy. It strikes a good balance of being a cheat food (hello, pasta), but not going way over the deep end (yes, you, mac and cheese). ...more

Easy Cassoulet: A NaBloPoMo How-to

I had it written all down in my little blog planner. Do a how-to post on visiting Maine like a real Mainer. But then I played video games with the husband. Next thing I know it's 5pm on Sunday night and while I have Veteran's Day off, I feel like I'm falling behind on blogging. After more video games and grocery shopping today, I decided to make a cassoulet from one of my Publix recipes....more