Summer Vegetable Salad with Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing

Summer and salads just seem to go together so well, don't they?  It's the time of year we anxiously await those fresh crispy vegetables and ripe, juicy fruits.  This summer vegetable salad with creamy roasted garlic dressing embodies just that....more

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How To Make Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes!

What a perfect and luxurious way to start off a Sunday morning, with a tall stack of delicious, gluten free pancakes, topped with figs, plums and whipped, thick cream! Yes, a true indulgence but it really is a very easy recipe. If you love pancakes and you really need a great gluten free pancake recipe, then you need this one!   ...more

Foodie Friday - Ribbon Meatloaf

Foodie Friday Ribbon Meatloaf another health makeover from Grandma's recipe box.  This versionis Gluten Free and made with lean turkey.From Our Table To Yours...more

Banana Pudding - GF, Dairy-free, Soy-free

I have been obsessed this past week with banana pudding. And not just your ordinary banana pudding, but a dairy free banana pudding.It just so happens as I was putting my carton of Silk coconut milk in the fridge the other day, I saw a recipe on the back for banana pudding. This is what started my crazy banana pudding search. I decided to try the recipe and I opted for Splenda instead of sugar, because I wanted a refined sugar- free pudding.Now I don't know if it was the Splenda, or if I stirred it too long or at too high a temperature, or maybe this is what it's supposed to look and taste like. But according to the reviews it got, I think either I messed up somewhere along the way or those reviews are all falsified! Because my coconut milk banana pudding didn't look anything like the photo! Gasp!...more

bacon and egg potato salad

There’s still a few weeks left of summer....more

Easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Noodle Dish

This easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Noodle dish is an everyday meal that doesn’t take long to cook, is healthy and tastes wonderful!...more

Chicken Milanese with Arugula Salad

Chicken Milanese is a dinner that both my husband I love - although being English, he calls arugula "rocket." Love it.  I have been making this recipe for years and we never seem to get sick of it....more

Everyone's Been Making French Fries Wrong: Here's the Easy Method

Traditional French fries are cooked twice, and not so healthy. Imagine my surprise when I learned that frying only once with very little hands-on effort would result in magically crisp-tender fries—and use about a third less oil! ...more
glutenfreegigi Thanks for the compliment, I'm working on my photography.  These are super good ...more


Lastly, I saw these adorable mini peppers at the farmers market, and they were so pretty and begging to be stuffed so that's what I did (sounds dirty, but it's the truth). Making cheese out of cashews is one of my favorite dairy-free tricks and it tastes so good on its own as a dip or in an appetizer recipe like this one. I've been enjoying this finger-food snack all week long so I know it lasts at least for that long in the fridge. [Read more]...more