FREE Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops

No, I'm not giving away Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops. I call them "Free" Coconut Raspberry Ice Pops because they are gluten FREE, lactose FREE and completely vegan....more

Vegetable pie with a flakey gluten free pie pastry

Eating gluten free doesn't have to mean restrictive or limited in flavor.  You don't have to have pizzas that taste like cardboard or never have a cookie ever again.  Eating gluten free is just another way of looking at creating recipes. Finding a good gluten free flour is paramount in most recipes, whether you want to try and blend your own flours or buying a preblended flour from the store.  I have always blended my own flour because I want to make sure I have contol over everything in my recipes and what I eat (for the most part)...more

Recipes: Chicken Piccata

I am in the mecca of Italian restaurants now that I have moved to New Jersey.  Who doesn't like Italian? If you don't, we need to have a serious discussion....more

Broiled Grapefruit

 Several years ago, my husband and I were staying at a Bed & Breakfast that offered this dish with our morning coffee. I was instantly hooked! Never a huge fan of the tart grapefruit, this recipe helps balance its flavor and makes a sophisticated breakfast in just minutes.Broiled GrapefruitIngredients:1 lg pink grapefruit1tsp Grade B maple syrup...more

Gluten-Free Southern Peach Cobbler

You say peaches, I say juicy....more
Well, all is not lost! Your timing is perfect to make one right away with peaches at their peak!! xomore

Homemade Rosemary Aioli + 2 Secrets to Aioli Success

Aioli. Aye – oh – lee. If you’d rather, you can just say “mayonnaise”. Or mayo. After all, that’s basically what aioli is, mayo with a fancy French name....more

Sweet and Spicy Plantains

This side dish has everything- this one is spicy, savory, healthy and flavorful! I really enjoyed finding another substitute for mashed potatoes, and this one is super easy!...more

Diet Chocolate Cake With Buttered on Frosting

This diet cake, while more expensive than your average chocolate cake, will last a life time and not add a single pound to your waistline.  A true bargain if you ask me :-) The creamy frosting is buttered on.  Looks good enough to eat.  On auction this week with no reserve.  To enter into my ebay gallery and possibly bid on this or another painting visit my ebay gallery.  Margaret Aycock ...more

Vegan Burger Patties for Meatless Monday

For your next Meatless Monday meal, put together these delicious Vegan Burger Patties. Whether it’s meat-free or not, this this burger ranks right at the top of my list. Filled with veggies and plant-based protein with a lightly crisp exterior and a moist interior that won’t fall apart on you, this one is a must try!...more