Smack Your Mama Chicken Patties Sneaky Style

Here’s a great way to utilized your leftover chicken from the baked chicken you made yesterday!  It’s also a great moment to sneak some veggies into your kids. We eat these without buns, but I’m sure they would be great with a GF or Paleo bun. They also go great in a lunchbox. Enjoy!...more

Roasted Fig Hazelnut Quinoa Salad

It's the new year, which means many people are searching for that "new you." It's a quest that often times comes with healthy food resolutions; resolutions to eat less of the bad stuff, more of the good stuff, cut out the gluten, increase the water, become a vegetarian … the list goes on. ...more
Fay33 Mmm. It is! I hope you give it a try!more

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake made with juicy pears and drizzled with chocolate on

Best Grain-Free and Low-Carb Brownies EVER

These brownies are sinfully delicious! They are moist, delicious and decadent and oh, they are grain-free, low-carb and flour-free too! This recipe will please every chocolate lover and even the pickiest of eaters. They are full of flavor sans the grains, processed sugar and expensive flours! You have got to try them for yourself!...more

Where can I find a Gluten Free Meal Plan?

  Gluten Free Meal PlanWe are glad to offer our free gluten free, dariy free meal plan to evey one and while you are there check our delicious recipes. Keep checking back, we will have our grain free meal plan up soon....more

Sunbutter Fudge

For those of you that are sensitive to nuts here’s a great treat that is low in sugar and high in protein. I bring this to parties when I want to bless people with a fantastic dessert item. It’s gone quick and no one can believe it’s so simple and so low in sugar. It’s adapted from The Spunky Coconut’s Sunbutter Fudge recipe. It melts fast out of the fridge, so don’t leave it out too long or it turns into fudge soup!...more


Everyone is in the mindset starting off the new year with a clean slate, and I keep seeing a ton of posts about salads, workouts, and detoxes which are great. I love the idea of being motivated with new exercise routines and clean recipes. In keeping up with the trend, I was going to post a carrot ginger salad recipe. But tonight's a "school night" for me and I go back to work tomorrow after 2 and a half weeks of vacation....more

Healthy Bratwurst Chowder

We LOVE watching football.  We have spent a lot of time in the last year focusing on eating healthy. That means that a lot of our old football food stand-bys were no longer fitting into our diet.  I had to get imaginative with new recipes.  Out of all of the new recipes that I have created this is my hubby's favorite new football food.  With lots of veggies and no "cream of" soups this chowder is a healthy touchdown!...more