Sushi gets really expensive, especially for my family. My daughter is a total nut job when it comes to the stuff and a quick sushi restaurant meal easily turns into a $50+ hit to my wallet. ...more

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes

Valentine’s Day is tommorow but the lovey-dovey recipes have been popping up in the blog world for weeks now. Well I am jumping on the bandwagon and posting one of my own today. I revived a heart-shaped pancakes mold for Christmas and well, I thought it would be the perfect inspiration for a Valentine’s Day recipe. I made these pancakes “heartcakes” the first time in December and then had to hold myself back from posting them so I could use it as my V-Day surprise for you!...more

Mini Cauliflower Crust Pizzas

Pinterest is always a good source of recipes (assuming you can get the links to work...), and sometimes when I see something circulating for awhile, I have to breakdown and try it. These cauliflower pizzas are one of those things. If you want a great way to sneak in some veggies, this is definitely the recipe for that. If you're looking for a traditional doughy or crispy pizza crust, these mini pizzas probably aren't going to satisfy you....more


My love for all things baked runs deep and true.  I've been asked several times to start focusing on entrees and I have...juuuuuust haven't gotten around to posting them.  Not sure what my mental block is on that. Anyway, here I am again, posting another baked treat. ...more

Pumpkin Muffins with Brown Sugar Pecans (gluten free & egg free)

Pumpkin Muffins with Brown Sugar Pecans (gluten free & egg free) ...more


During the holidays, my grandmother would spend hours baking treats with so much care and love - I did not inherit that trait. I looooove to bake, it's incredibly therapeutic, but I'm more of a quick-n-dirty kinda gal and love to work off of recipes I already have....more

The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet for Autism

The GFCF Diet for AutismKnow someone with Autism? Then you have probably heard about the Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet. Working with special diets and nutrition is my full-time job, so I get many questions about this so-called “Autism Diet”.When people learn I have a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, one of several Autism Spectrum Disorders, the questions really start rolling in! I love that!...more