Coconut Pound Cake

The weather has finally cooled down here in Georgia and I’m taking advantage of it while I can. My oven is on and I’m ready to bake!...more

8 Natural Appetite Suppressors

How do you deal with cravings?  Cravings for foods that you know will cause weight gain and poor health are difficult to deal with and cause many to give up on their weight loss journey. There are all sorts of methods people use to suppress their appetite when trying to change to more healthy eating habits. Some people use natural appetite suppressors while others use over the counter diet pills or prescribed pharmaceutical products. Diet pills and pharmaceutical products are not ideal as they can have harmful side effects and are not realistic for the long term....more

London Fog Granola with Hazelnuts & Apricots

   It's summer, so what better topic to ...more

Protein-Packed Cookie Dough Dip

Do you ever have those times when something or someone keeps popping up in your life? Recently, I had that happen with cookie dough. Seriously, it was haunting me!! I don't know if my sweet tooth was just getting the best of me, but I was either noticing cookie dough more or cookie dough was really haunting me. It was everywhere ... cookie dough ice cream, cookie dough Oreos, cookie dough frosting and then I had a conversation with someone about eating cookie dough! ...more

Mediterranean Tomato Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette

 Who doesn't love Mediterranean dishes? Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores will eat everything Greek.My favorite has always been Stuffed Grape Leaves. I can eat a whole can of them or I will eat a whole plate at a Greek restaurant....more

Maple Bacon Baked Beans

This is one of those dishes I hardly ever make, but when I do, I always surprise myself at how many servings I can eat, which explains why I hardly ever make them.Baked beans, when made the way I think they taste best, rank right up there with desserts in the sugar department. Why is it that something so savory is so sweet? And why do I love that flavor so much?...more

Ceviche, Seviche, Cebiche, Sebiche

Here’s the perfect summertime dish you can “cook” without getting near the stove: Ceviche....more

Roast Salmon and Vegetables W/Mustard Sauce

And my obsession with all things salmon continues... ...more

Gluten Free Vegan Waffles with Blackberry-Basil Maple Syrup

You do not need to adhere to a vegan diet to enjoy these light, crispy on out the outside, tender on the inside, waffles. The first time I ever served them, only one person at my table was on a plant-based diet. One of the meat-eaters remarked, “these are so light and buttery, almost like a pastry from a shop”....more