Quick & Easy Turkey Gravy

This Easy Turkey Gravy is rich and delicious but simple enough for even the novice cook. ...more

Italian Caper Deviled Eggs

What's better than a deviled egg? Another deviled egg. They should always come in pairs, right? My new goal in life is to come up with enough recipes to make a deviled egg cookbook. You read it here first. No stealing my idea. Mine. Dibs. Shotgun. I called it first....more

Savory Make Ahead Stuffing

This savory potato stuffing recipe is an old fashion family recipe, updated with a few healthy twists......more

Snickers Pie


Habanero – Einer Der Würzigsten Chili Der Welt

Genau. Diese Pflanze kann nur mit einem Wort beschrieben werden sein – scharf, scharf und scharf. Es gehört zur Familie Gattung Paprika und stammt aus Mexiko. Jetzt ist es auch sehr beliebt als eine Zutat für würzige Gerichte in den anderen südamerikanischen Länden sowie in ganz Europa....more

6 Tips on Meal Prepping

The key to any successful eating plan is preparation! When you set your self up with healthy options and plan ahead, you cut down on decision making and will stick to your plan easier. I am the first to admit that I do not like spending a long time cooking my food. Sure I like to cook because I know that I am feeding my body right, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend hours every day the kitchen- nor do I have the time. The questions I get asked the most pertain to how I manage to always have a healthy homemade lunch at work, or how I stay so loyal to my eating philosophy....more

Honey Pecan Coffee Cake

There is something about the holiday season arriving that make me want to bake up a coffee cake. This coffee cake features a warm honey glaze and toasted pecans, which make it hard to resist. It's safe to say it has comforting flavor perfect for this time of year. Recipe at  http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/11/25/honey-pecan-coffee-cake/...more

Fake Bake | Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking

Bake sales? Cookie swaps? Birthday Parties? Ugh, baking. Who has time for that sh*t? In our newest Slacker Mom episode, Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking, learn how tofake bake like a pro.Fake Bake with Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking ...more

DIY Red Pepper Hummus

Looking for your next holiday party dish? This red pepper hummus makes the top of my list. Making your own hummus will save money and ensure healthy high quality ingredients. With a few simple ingredients and a blender it’s quick and easy - and crowd pleasing!...more

Lightened Up Cranberry Orange Loaf

Bright and fresh, this orange cranberry loaf is a welcomed change of pace in the season of cinnamon and pumpkin spice....more

Cooking Guru S4E7: Baking Brie

SIMPLE BAKING BRIESponsored by Marin French Cheese Company: marinfrenchcheese.comPrep Time: 1 minute Bake time: 15 minutes Serves: 4-6Ingredients:1 Marin French Cheese Baking Brie Kitcrackers, fruit slices, bread, chips, jams etc. for serving...more