How to Make Perfect White Rice Your Kids Will Love!

Ok so I've tried different ways to make rice but this has to be the simplest way I could ever do it. As a kid, we ate rice every day except for Friday. What was the philosophy behind that? I don't know. But it was every day. ...more

Cheesy Chicken Lasagna Rollups

Let me just say these were even better today re heated for lunch than they were last night. I know you typically don’t thick of having chicken in your lasagna, but these were so creamy and cheesy we absolutely LOVED THEM....more

Recipe of the Week: Pasta With Mascarpone, Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Spinach

When I opened up my refrigerator the other day, I saw that we had a package of fresh chicken, just hanging out, waiting to be cooked. Usually my husband uses it for his daily lunch meals, but this package seemed neglected. I jumped on Pinterest (my go to source for recipes, amongst other things) and found this great recipe, sitting on my Recipes to Try board.Today was the day for this recipe to move boards!...more

Three Easy Gluten Free Halloween Snacks

Amber @ Mama's Blissful BitesAnd….BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but I sure hope these awesome snacks do!...more

Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

This is my first week with Team NutriBullet and part of our commitment for our marathon team is to blast at least once a day. What is a blast? That is what NutriBullet calls their smoothies, because you’re not blending you’re blasting!...more

Mexi Melts

Last night was once again TACO TUESDAY, and I know, you’re probably thinking, how many Mexican dishes can these girls make? Well, how much time do you have?! We LOVE Mexican, so the possibilities are endless.  Alison & I actually BOTH made this last night.  Yes, it’s really THAT good!check out the recipe here!

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!!

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!! ...more

Death by Chocolate

Every year, I am the one to hand out the treats to trick or treaters.EVERY YEAR!...more

5 Easy Halloween Treats

5 Easy Halloween TreatsHalloween Dirt CakeCandy Corn PunchHalloween Trail MixCandy Corn and Peanut Rice Krispies...more