Pumpkin French Toast

 I loved this pumpkin french toast....more

Broccoli Cheese Soup

So when my husband was heading to Florida for the weekend I was so excited to make Broccoli Cheese Soup and eat it all.weekend.long. mostly because I figured it was something he didn’t really like. BUT when I told him this he informed me he DOES like the soup and would eat the S*** out of it. Oh OK....more

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

3 ingredients.3 steps.1 amazing appetizer!This is one of our absolute favorite finger foods. Don’t ask me what took me so long to share this recipe with you guys, but you will be so glad now that I did.Check out the recipe here:http://gofryyourself.com/easy-stuffed-mushrooms/...more

Gingerbread Puppy Chow with Rudolph Noses

I can't believe I am going to say this, but I want some snow.Really!!!???This is the only time of year when I totally enjoy the white stuff.  It just completes the Christmas scene....more

5 Minute Appetizer - Sun Dried Tomato Feta Spread

So let me tell you the story behind this Sun Dried Tomato Feta Spread. This past summer (which feels like AGES ago, sadly),  my fiance Aldo and I went to a free outdoor concert to see Nickel Creek and Secret Sisters. The concert was at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn. We sat next to a couple that does outdoor concerts the right way – they brought a ton of picnicking food with them....more

All I Want For Christmas Is A Stuffed Pork Belly That Crackles!

Nothing beats the smell of crackling roast pork at home, during Christmas, with rosemary and basil fragrance roaming the air. It compliments the jingles that play continuously on the radio and the end-of-year festive aura that lingers everywhere....more


It’s time for a new authentic Taiwanese recipe, guys! Over time, the more I cook for myself, the more I find myself going back to the dishes of my childhood. Since I was the oldest kid, I got the brunt of a more traditionally Taiwanese upbringing—including the palette. So now, my comfort foods are these dishes instead of the mac&cheese, pasta, ribs, and pizza that my brother would be seeking out today....more

Holiday Rice Krispies Treats

It’s “Tips Tuesday”! So today I'm sharing an easy tutorial for you and the little ones to enjoy this holiday season. My children recently had a fun and festive Christmas party with a few of their friends. One of the desserts we served, that the kids and their parents absolutely loved, was rice krispies pops. Since I was busy getting the activities and other details for the party together, I knew I needed the dessert process to be quick and easy, and it was just that!...more

Indian cottage Cheese fried/Tawa Paneer